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Why did Harold Wilson win the 1964 Election

In 1951 Winston Churchill's Conservative party, won the general election, and this would be the start of 13 years of Conservative rule spanning three prime ministers. This rule was ended in 1964 by Harold Wilson’s reunited Labour party. In this essay, I will look at the factors which led to the Labour victory.Whilst in power the Conservative government made many mistakes, a key example of a Conservative mistake would be the 1957 Suez crisis in Egypt, when its leader (Nasser) wanted to nationalise the Suez Canal, an important trade route from Northern Africa and Middle East for France and Great Britain, which would force any ships using it to pay large taxes. This led to Sir Anthony Eden having to take military action to secure the canal, and stop the nationalisation.However he could not just invade the Suez Canal, so instead he hatched up a plan with France and Israel secretly. This plan involved Israel invading parts of egypt and France and Great Britain acting as peace keepe rs, securing the Canal for themselves. The plan went off militarily perfect and the Canal was secured. However, Great Britain did this without the consent of the US and UN.The US, perhaps seeing this as Imperialism, threaten to halt economic aid unless Eden was to withdraw his troops from Egypt, of which GB was reliant on, so reluctantly Eden was forced to remove his troops. Meaning a failure to stop the nationalisation of the Suez canal and leading Great Britain isolated on the world scale, and Anglo-American relations at a low. It was now clear that GB was no longer a dominant power in the world, and could not do much without the support of the Americans and would have to stop its Imperialism.However it is likely that the crisis would have had a much less domestic impact, as the labour opposition were unable to capitalize on this Conservative failure without looking unpatriotic and Harold Macmillan was quickly able to mend Anglo-American relations in his time in power, leaving lit tle lasting effect. This realisation of the UK losing its world power status, however was accepted by Harold Macmillan, who is quoted saying â€Å"The dinosaur was the largest beast, but it was inefficient and therefore disappeared. The bee is efficient, but it is too small to have much influence.The British Empire was a dinosaur and didn't last. Britain's most useful role is somewhere between bee and dinosaur. ’’ This meant that Macmillan saw that Great Britain had to strike up a role powerful enough to have an influence, but know when to let things go and when to not get involved, it would no longer have to play the role of world policeman like it did in times of empire. This was a success of the Conservative government in acknowledging this and Macmillan viewed it as a defeat, but one from which the country could learn from like Dunkirk in 1940.Britain did learn from this, as it reduced its defence budget (which was 10% of its GDP), one significantly higher than ot her similar european countries and pushed towards decolonisation of its empire. Another key mistake of the Conservative government was its abuse of the economy, resulting in stop go economics which is expanding economy with low interest rates and rising consumer spending meaning the economy overheats with wages and imports exceeding productivity and exports meaning the economy has to go through a ‘’stop’’ phase or need for slowing down or deflation through higher interest rates and spending cuts.This lead to investors being unsure on what the economy would do, and therefore did not invest as much as other more stable economies and therefore Britain economic growth being much lower than countries like Japan, Germany and France that had only years before been devastated by World War II.This stop-go economics was caused by the government not being able to decide on a budget, and them being too often used as short term measures to buy votes in general election s, for example before elections the conservative government would reduce taxes and after they won the election, would be forced to raise them again and policy lagging behind events. This in the end led to the failure of the government to develop policies that encouraged consistently performing economies, resulting in ‘’Stagflation’’ meaning the economy felt both the impacts of industrial decline and inflation.This would have led to the people feeling worse off, and when it comes to elections, its not foreign policy that wins, its whether the government has made them richer or poorer than counts, and if it has made them poorer, it is unlikely that they will vote for that party again. Macmillian’s plan to improve the economy was to get Great Britain into the European Economic Community, or EEC, which would later become the European Union.This would make it easier to trade with Europe, increasing exports, something that was in deficit as at the time Br itain had a balance of payments issue, exporting much less than imported. This could have worked, but Macmillian failed to get entry into the EEC because France’s President De Gaulle vetoed against GB’s entry, because he felt that it would be an awkward member, and that it already had strong ties to America and the Commonwealth, and did not want them getting involved in his EEC.However it is also argued that De Gaulle vetoed against GB because he was still spiteful of the jokes made to him by British and American Generals during World War II and the occupation of France by the Nazis. In the end, this failure to gain entry, meant that Macmillians one stop pill for curing the economy was scraped and GBs balance of payments issue was not resolved. This was criticized a lot by the labour opposition, and faith in Macmillian was decreasing both in his party and the public, meaning it was likely this lead to increased numbers of labour voters.The 60s were a much more liberal decade than the 50s and a lot of the people we starting to get more left wing in their political views. Events such as the Ally Pally Potheads Rally and emergence of Hippy culture and the cultural revolution showcased this shift in beliefs. The Labour party were able to take advantage of this shifting in the spectrum, by having Roy Jenkins promise to make society much more ‘’Civil’’ by removing the death penalty, legalizing abortion and homosexuality over the age of 21 and reducing media censorship.This would have gained a lot of the younger voters and showed that the Labour Party was able to keep up with this revolution in the British culture, unlike the Conservative Party which was unable to fully understand why scandals such as the Profumo Affair and Vassal Spy Scandal were so interesting to the media and general public, leaving the conservatives looking out of touch and out dated. The Labour party was also much stronger in 1964 than it was in previouse lections. Harold Wilson was a much stronger leader than Gaitskell, and a more skilled campaigner. The split between the party of Bevanites and the Gaitskellites ,which once meant that Labour had many conflicts in ideology and therefore policies in earlier elections which caused weakness post atlee, was reduced giving the Labour party clearer directions for the future and more direct policies to vote on.This meant that the Labour party had a much better chance for winning the election than previous ones, regardless of the conservative mistakes. In conclusion, It could be argued that ‘’thirteen years of conservative misrule’’ was a factor in the Labour victory, especially since the conservatives failed at optimising the economy and dealing the the balance of payments issue and inflation, which lead the people to feel worse off, and it is how well off the people feel under a government that decides elections.But the labour party were not able to capitalize on other failures such as the Suez Crisis meaning the victory cannot all be blamed on the conservative misrule as the labour party were a much stronger and more focused opposition that was adapting to the times much better than the Conservatives this election, winning them the majority of the younger voters and therefore the election.

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College app Essay

1. Obtain applications. Applications can be obtained online at college websites; downloadable and electronic applications are now available at most college websites. In fact, most colleges now prefer that applicants complete their online application (as opposed to the printable paper application), as it is more efficient for them and for you. Application fees may be waived by some schools if you use the electronic applications. However, if you would like to complete the application by hand, you may obtain a printable version online or by calling, writing, or emailing to request an application and information. Some applications are available in the Career Center (check with Ms. Roth). NOTE: Students are responsible for completing and mailing their college applications, essays, and processing fees to the college to which they are applying. All of your application â€Å"pieces† do not have to be mailed at the same time. As materials are received, the colleges will create â€Å"your† file. After submitting applications, you will want to follow up with each college to make sure that they have received all â€Å"pieces† of your application so that they can begin to evaluate your application. 2. Schedule a Senior Interview with your Counselor. Counselors will be meeting individually with you to discuss your post-graduation plans and to discuss how they can help you with the process and with your plans. If you are applying Early Decision or Early Action schedule a conference in SEPTEMBER. 3. Complete your Activity Sheet, Counselor Recommendation Brag Sheet and Parent Brag Sheets. Pick up the brag sheets and an example of an Activity sheet from your school counselor, Career Center or on Family Connection in the Document Library section. 4. Students must complete an Annandale High School Transcript Request and Release of Records form at least three weeks prior to the college’s application deadline in order to give our student services staff ample time to process your transcript and/or letter of recommendation. This form can be retrieved from Ms. Garman in the Office of Student Services or in the Family Connection Document Library. Once completed and signed by you and your parent, the form should be returned to Ms. Garman along with the following for each college you’re applying to: The college’s Secondary School Report Form (if required), a typed copy of your Activity Sheet, an AHS envelope address to the college’s Office of Admission and TWO stamps. If applying to more than 3 schools a $5. 00 fee is required for each additional school. Once the process is completed, your information will be mailed from our office to the colleges to which you’re applying. 5. Obtain teacher or counselor recommendations. Students should refer to each college’s application to find out how many recommendations are required, if any. Not all schools require a recommendation. For Teacher recommendations, students must give the teacher one self-addressed, stamped envelope for EACH school to which they are applying. The teacher will then mail the recommendation directly to each college. Again, Please be sure to give them at least 3 weeks notice on getting a letter of recommendation out. We recommend that Juniors ask their teachers if they’d be willing to write them a letter of recommendation for college at the end of their Junior year. For Counselor recommendations, students should fill out the Counselor Recommendation Brag Sheet and attach a typed or written Activity sheet or Resume of Activities. In addition, the student’s parent or guardian must fill out the Parent Information Sheet. Please be very detailed when filling out these forms. When finished, these forms should be given to your counselor at least three weeks prior to the college’s application deadline. Please note that your counselor will not write a letter of recommendation until these forms are received and a senior meeting has been held. 6. Register for all admissions tests†¦SAT I, SAT II, ACT, and TOEFL. Fee waivers are available for students who receive free or reduced Lunch. Please ask your school counselor for a test fee waiver. Colleges require that student test scores be sent directly to them via Collegeboard (www. collegeboard. com) or ACT (www. act. org) or TOEFL (www. toefl. org). You may send your scores free of charge to a maximum of 4 schools if they are sent within the designated window of opportunity. You will have to pay a fee for any additional scores sent. 7. Begin Scholarship searches NOW! Do not wait until you have been accepted to college to begin your search for money! A good place to start would be scholarship database in Family Connection under the â€Å"College Tab† if you don’t know where this is, see Ms. Roth in the Career Center. 8. Keep organized. Put each school’s materials in its own folder and create a check list for each application. Identify deadlines!!! Remember that application deadlines and financial aid deadlines are often times different dates. 9. Don’t succumb to Senioritis! Don’t stop working after you have been accepted; you have been accepted to a college provided you finish out your second semester satisfactorily! Colleges are not afraid to change their mind on their decision to accept you. 10. RELAX! DON’T STRESS OUT! If you are, please see your counselor or Mrs. Roth in the Career Center for help with the process.

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EXAMINING CURRENT ASSESSMENT PRACTICE Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

EXAMINING CURRENT ASSESSMENT PRACTICE - Thesis Example signed contests that highlight understanding of concepts taken up, completion of projects related to the concept to apply the knowledge derived from it, and written tests or examinations demonstrating student retention of the concept and application of the skills learned. Most teachers put a lot of effort and thinking in designing their tests. Since its goal is to evaluate how much the students have learned from their lessons, teachers may come up with various strategies in their tests. Math tests are usually perceived to be easy to create because it entails some problems to answer and there is just one accurate answer expected, however, math teachers know that the process is equally important as the product. They have to ensure that students are correct in the process they go through to come up with the answers. What makes it more complex is the fact that Mathematics is a hierarchical discipline where concepts build on previous concepts and more often than not, need full understanding before proceeding to the next, more complicated concept. (Ruthven, 1987). In learning writing, what is referred to is handwriting or expression of thoughts in print. The more basic handwriting skills assess a student’s fine motor competencies. Writing as an expression of thoughts is a higher level of skill. â€Å"Children construct their understanding of written language in a developmental sequence that is observable and very similar in all children† (Brewer, 2001, p. 276). Assessment for writing skills is different for handwriting and expression of thought. Vygotsky came up with the concept of the zone of proximal development (ZPD). He defined the ZPD as the distance between a child’s independent problem-solving level and that obtained under adult guidance or in collaboration with more capable peers (Wertsch, 1985). Wells (1997) cautioned us, however, that a ZPD is formed not just within an individual learner, but in the interaction between the learner,

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Blooms Taxonomy Higher Order Thinking Skills Essay

Blooms Taxonomy Higher Order Thinking Skills - Essay Example The article is quite relevant to my classroom work. After acquisition of knowledge, I need to teach my students to take it to other levels of understanding, applying, analysing, and evaluating. This way, education will be relevant to them and to the entire society. In addition, this type of learning provokes students to innovate new ways of doing things and stop depending on others for intellectual knowledge. Having taught for many years, sometimes I do not need to carry teaching guidebooks to my lessons. This is because during my college years, my lecturers used Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) related educational objectives teaching methods, which have influenced my teaching skills greatly. I particularly recall an incidence when our general subject lectures tested our HOTS. Each of us received a copy of 150 words with information on a certain national anthem of a country in Africa. The first step was a test on how well we can vividly remember the words. The lecturer divided us into groups of three and we were supposed to do a presentation to the class. After thirty minutes, many students could memorise the Anthem. Next, it was required of us to give meaning to different words in the anthem. The lecturer helped us on the complex words that we could not comprehend and later gave us instructions to write an article of something we believed in to determine if we could apply the knowledge learned in real life. We satisfied the lecturer that we could really apply what we had learned and he proceeded to ask meaning of different phrases in our articles. The whole setting was exciting and the entire group of student’s mood was set up. We even wrote new articles in different contexts of things we believed in, after which we evaluated the new articles describing their purpose and their relevance in real life. When in class with my students, I have learned the importance of applying Blooms higher order of thinking skills. My students are alert at any given tim e and their level of understanding is quite high. For instance, when I was teaching a topic on angles and elevations, I encouraged the students to think beyond basic formulas. The purpose of any kind of learning is to enable the student to gain knowledge. After a week of thorough learning on this topic, I wanted to know how much my students had absorbed. Therefore, I called for an impromptu maths class to review this topic. Students were required to recall a wide range of materials in relation to different angles that exist and the formulas for their calculation. According to Saint Paul Public schools, â€Å"Knowledge represents the lowest level of learning outcomes in cognitive domain† (Saint Paul Public Schools). At this point, I took advantage of giving the students examples other than those given in classes to test if they could transform the materials from one form to another. Students could solve given problems with the knowledge, theories, and concepts of angles learne d in class. Satisfied that students could remember and apply what I had taught them, it was time to analyse if the students got the deep meaning of the topic. One of the question I recall asking is â€Å"what is an obtuse angle.† The questions continued until I was quite sure that most of the students, if not all, were well versed with the topic. Later on, students formulated their own questions on the topic, some that included real life problems. For instance, one bright student’

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(Institutional Affiliation) FORMAL REPORT COMPARING THE USE OF THE Essay

(Institutional Affiliation) FORMAL REPORT COMPARING THE USE OF THE IDEF METHODOLOGY TO UML - Essay Example 1). On the other hand, UML is a modeling language that is most suited to the generation of computer-executable platforms/frameworks that encode important elements of software engineering projects. This paper will seek to compare the use of IDEF to UML by focusing on their applications, nature, and techniques employed in their development. This comparison will be done on the basis of credible and reliable literatures, written and published by authorities on modeling languages and techniques. Key Words IDEF; UML; graphical modeling methods; enterprise engineering projects; modeling language The Approach/Rationale of both Methodologies a) IDEF According to Bernus, Mertins, & Schmidt (1998, pg. 17), the rationale for IDEF is to support modeling activities that are fundamental to system analysis, design, improvement or integration. b) UML The approach/rationale for UML is to act as the dominant, publicly accepted, and uniform objected oriented visual modeling language, and as a foundation object description language for the offshoot unified enterprise modeling language (UEML) that has been put forward by IFAC/IFIP (Bernus, Mertins, & Schmidt 1998, pg. 17). The Stages of the Systems Development Life Cycle that each Addresses IDEF methodology addresses documentation, design, integration, analysis, understanding, planning, and improvement (Fowler & Scott 2000, pg. 46). Based on the Waterfall model of the system development life cycle (SDLC), these functions fit into four stages of the SDLC: preliminary analysis, system analysis and requirements definition, systems design, integration and testing, and maintenance. On the other hand UML methodology is limited to the systems design phase. During the systems analysis phase, object-oriented analysis (OOA) is performed; its output is a conceptual model that is comprised of one (sometimes more) UML class diagram, a user-interface mock-up, a group of use cases, and a couple of interaction diagrams. This conceptual model is sub sequently used as an input in objected-oriented design during the systems design phase (Lankhorst 2005, pg. 63). The Techniques used for modeling the Processes/Functions of the System (including the similarities and differences between the techniques and their strengths and weaknesses) a) IDEF Techniques IDEF is based on three modeling constructs/viewpoints/techniques which define its approach/rationale. These are: i) IDEF0 Function Modeling Method This method was created so as to represent processes or activities (consisting of partially sequenced groups of activities) that are usually executed in a systematic and uniform manner. IDEF0 defines a function as a group of activities that takes specific inputs and, using some mechanism, and based on certain controls, converts the inputs into outputs (Noran 2008, pg. 41). These ICOMs (inputs, controls, outputs and mechanisms) can be employed in the modeling of relationships between a wide range of activities (Kim 2003, pg. 3). IDEF0 mode ling generally begins by defining a context diagram (Kim 2003, pg. 3). This is representative of the system’s overall purpose and its interactions with external environments (Kim 2003, pg. 3). Usually, IDEF0 models consist of a hierarchy of connected diagrams that are decomposed systematically hence encoding semantic data at lower modeling levels. The systematical breakdown brings not only detailed but also wide-scope representations of system or environmental activities (Bernus, Mertins, & Schmidt 1998, pg. 29). ii) IDEF1x Data Modeling Method This method was created to define data models that symbolize both the semantics and structure of data that is found in a target system

Hinduism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Hinduism - Essay Example To overcome the fear they turn to religion. This is evident from the statistics that show that those who are religiously active have lower mortality rates and lower levels of anxiety and depression. There seems an inherent human drive to believe in something transcendent, unfathomable and otherworldly, something beyond the reach or understanding of science (Henig, 2007). This paper will discuss the origin and belies of Hinduism and compare it with the beliefs of Christianity. Matter will be drawn from academic literature available. Hinduism is not a religion but a concept, a way of life that encompasses many religious thoughts and views. Its origin is in such remote past that it cannot be traced back to any particular individual. Some scholars are of the opinion that Hinduism must have existed even in circa 10000 B. C. and the ancient scripture Rig Veda was composed well before 6500 B. C. (Das, 2008). In fact even the term ‘Hindus’ is not found in any text. It was in traduced by foreigners to refer to people living across the river Indus around which the Vedic religion has believed to be originated. Unknowingly, many Hindu concepts were absorbed by everyone like the worship of the formless God. In fact the British coined the word Hinduism and to them Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism were all part of Hinduism (Ninan, n.d.). Hinduism has remained the most enduring concept and culture in the world. India is a land of diversity and is generally believed that the main religion is Hinduism. Hinduism is not really a religion; it is a way of life. It upholds the principals of virtuous and true living. The Hindu faith has no hierarchy, no organization, no founder, no structure and no central administration (HAWA, 2005). Anyone who believes in the omni-present, omnipotent and the omniscient non-dual Absolute, is a Hindu. Various names have been given to this Absolute –

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Find an article about weather (within the last 2 years 2012-2014) and Assignment

Find an article about weather (within the last 2 years 2012-2014) and summary the article - Assignment Example However, with plate movements, comes climate change. This can explain the reason it has become challenging to predict weather and in this case El Nià ±o and La Nià ±a. Global warming in turn is causing melting of the ice sheets, movement of the magnetic pole and the following rise in sea level could bring about an effect on the distribution of mass on the Earths surface (278). This paper seeks to relate the themes of movement, Human-Earth –relationship, and weather in relation to geography. The fickle El Nià ±o of 2014 written by NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory will be the article under analysis. Science Daily recently did a feature article on the prediction of another El Nià ±o occurrence in the west America region in 2014. This article is based on information from journals, other organizations such as NASA and as well as universities. According to the article, there were high hopes of another cycle of El Nino in the region, which is mostly a dry area. Earlier in the year hopes were raised as from February through to May when a chain of larger atmospheric west wind burst triggered an earlier series of Kelvin waves (NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, para 1). The situation was short lived though as the warming of the eastern equatorial Pacific by the Kelvin waves dissipated, interfering expectations for an El Nià ±o this year but these latest Kelvin waves have appeared, reviving hopes for a late arrival of the event. Measurements of sea surface height are a prime indicator in predictions of El Nià ±o and La Nià ±a which have become a part of the long-term, changing condition of global climate (NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, para 2). Climatologist Bill Patzert is convicted that it is too early to be certain for sure. However, he would not be shocked if the current Kelvin waves are the signal for this much-hoped-for El Nià ±o (NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, para 4). One of the themes of Geography, Human-Earth -relationship, seeks to explain the

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Cover letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 26

Cover letter - Essay Example Gaining education from some of the most reputable institutes in the world like the University of La Verne also enabled me expand my knowledge and concepts pertaining to marketing. Besides routine academic activities, my activities outside college premises have always focused on building healthy relationship with my community. To this effect, I volunteered in many game tournaments and also served as a host in many soccer tournaments. As far as my short-term and long-term goals are concerned, I have planned them according to my personal and professional interests. For example, my short-term goal is to earn a position in the marketing department. This will allow me to gain invaluable information about my field and grow intellectually. My long-term goal is to work for some high profile social or economic organization at an executive position. I believe that a position in the marketing department can become a valuable part of my educational and professional career because it will allow me to exercise the skills I have gained so far in my desired field of

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Todays Marriages and Families Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 210

Todays Marriages and Families - Assignment Example The magazine photo that I selected has a young girl roughly four years old reaching her arms out to her father while the mother is seated next to her. I deemed this as a structure-functional perception. It appears like the family brought up their child responsibly, provided emotional security and support. Nevertheless, it also might be the attachment theory since the child appears to develop more attachment to her father rather than her mother (Bruhn, 2005). Â  I am always interested in how the number family members in my house are from my mother’s side, which is my grandmother. The only data collection techniques, which can be used, are interviews and questionnaires (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2011). I asked my mother, my mother’s brothers and my mother’s sisters. I discovered that my grandmother has 15 children. I did not discern that I had so many uncles and aunts. Â  The age group, which is rising as a proportion of the U.S. populace, is the elderly, 65-plus years (Bruhn, 2005). For the following two decades, million Boomers will stop working. There will be roughly 10,000 new retirees included in the Medicare and Social Security rolls every day. Individuals are living longer due to U.S.’s advance health care system and clean food (Schwartz & Scott, 2012).

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Comparing Gotma to Siddhartha Essay Example for Free

Comparing Gotma to Siddhartha Essay Siddhartha and Govinda both begin their journeys searching after the same goal, to find themselves and attain nirvana. They travel many of the same paths but each thinks differently in their situations. But while Siddhartha eventually reaches Nirvana, Govinda does not because he never learns to absorb what is around him and learn from life like Siddhartha does but mistakenly tries to find peace through other peoples lives. Even from the beginning you can see distinct differences in the mind set between Siddhartha and Gotma, one as a thinker and one as a follower. Siddhartha had grown uneasy in his state as a Brahmans son. The riches of his lifestyle babied him too much and blocked him from the real world. He wanted to go off on his own and experience and find himself. Siddhartha is a Scientific thinker, his brain is always wanting and explanation and continues to ask questions and at this point his maturing mind is starting to doubt the Brahman and Hindu ways. The repetitious ways of the daily prayers and rituals seemed an unreal way to finding nirvana. Something that never changes cannot lead higher, it always stays at the same level. So when a group of samanas passes through town he joined their lead, wanting to experience their lives and to learn from them. Everyone was shocked at his decision; Govinda knew not what to say, and Siddharthas father became enraged at first thought, but later admits something very important to Siddhartha. You will go to the forest and be a samana. If you find salvation in the forest, come and teach me salvation. If you find disappointment, then come back and let us once more sacrifice to the gods together. His father has never reached the goal he has sought after his whole life, even now as an old man, and he understands that Siddhartha must leave for himself. The next morning Siddhartha leaves early and finds his friend, Govinda, waiting to go with him. This is the first true sign of Govindas misconception of how to find himself. Govinda only goes because his friend thinks it will be good. He did not think over in his mind and decide if it was truly right for him. So they wandered and learned from the samanas. Siddhartha had learned self-denial and meditation but started to doubt if they were progressing anywhere in their search for salvation. The Samana teachings were nothing more than trickery, magic and self- control all of which can be taught. None of these qualities would lead even a step towards salvation because you are never learning something new; it is purely a way to keep your mind occupied and content. He even compares drunkenness to the samana teachings. It is just another escape, a way to leave yourself and forget all lifes pains. Even their samsara leader had never attained nirvana so how would they ever get there either following him. Word comes of a great man, Gotma, who had reached nirvana. Surprising to Siddhartha, Govinda decides to seek out the illustrious one. Although Siddhartha has his doubts he is curious and travels with Govinda to listen to the Buddha. After hearing the teachings of the Buddha the simple and accepting Gotma immediately joins as his disciple. But Siddhartha comes to a realization here. He knows that the Buddha has reached nirvana but sees the difference between teaching and experience. The teachings of the Buddha were not for him, they were for the suffering, the weak, a comfort zone which numbs people from the harsh realities and allows them to live in a false contentment. Even the Buddha himself knows this; he is just trying to help the masses that are not as clever as Siddhartha. Siddhartha now sees that experience is the only way to gain knowledge and goes out into the world to try it all. For many years of his life after he tries many new lives. From Kamala, a young courtesan, he learns about Physical love. He learns to become a merchant and indulge in the pleasures of a wealthy life. He lived on many years like this and grows old and worn but finds it is all a false happiness. After everything he obtained he is still discontent. The women, clothes, wine; all do nothing for the mind. He abandons it all and runs away into the forest and falls asleep beside the river, wishing to die. Here he meets Govinda again for the first time since he had joined the Buddha. And Siddhartha saw that Govinda had not changed. Govinda was still blindly following in Buddhas steps, doing the rituals and living under his ways. Vasuedeva the ferryman is very important to developing Siddhartha. He never tries to teach Siddhartha but hints at where to look. Vasudeva says that it seems as though the river has spoken to him and suggests that he stay with him beside the water. It is through Vasudeva that he realizes the symbolism of the river to life. Life is always flowing, changing but always there and continuing on. Even later on when Siddhartha gains and loses his son he again sees the cycle of life in the river. In grief for his loss he cries into the river and catches a glimpse of his reflection. In it he sees himself, his father, and his young son. Siddhartha sees the pain that his father must have felt when he left as a boy is the same as when his own son ran away. Although he tried otherwise, the same trials and pains he left behind are recurring again and again. He finally sees the true cycle of life. Siddhartha comes to realize that the whole world, everything, is one. We are born of our mothers, live our lives and eventually die, then decompose in the dirt. Trees grow up from the dirt and produce fruit, which is eaten by man and animals alike. The air we breathe is recycled and breathed back in by plants. Everything is made of the same particles that have been around since the beginning of time. The world is constantly changing: destroying, creating, and reforming every molecule into something new. So we are a part of that, apart of everything. Rebirth is made within yourself and what you choose to change. Siddhartha experienced many lifestyles all of which he learned from and his decisions to move forward and change was his renewal. And in the end he comes to see that you must let go of your self and your needs completely and love and appreciate everything because it is all one. Govinda appears once more when he asks the ferryman, now Siddhartha, to take him across the river. Once Govinda realizes it is Siddhartha he presses him to know too how to Nirvana. Siddhartha tries to explain that you cannot search for nirvana it must come to you. Nirvana is not one thing but everything you experience in life and if you are trying only to find nirvana everything around you will be missed and wisdom and understanding cannot be found. But even after Siddharthas speech Govinda did not understand, he still could not comprehend what Siddhartha was trying to convey. Nirvana cannot be reached only through writings and other teachings. These things can lead you down the path but it can bring you only so far because it is all feelings and discoveries that others have achieved through their own life. Writings can only convey part of the message because you cannot produce in words your experience and have another understand every aspect of the way you felt. That is how your mind dealt and reacted to that situation. Can you tell someone exactly how good jamoca almond fudge ice cream is? They can tell you how it tasted to them, but can they interpret the exact sense it will have on your tongue? Can you truly understand how much you would like it unless you have tasted some yourself? Some may think its too strong, some may not like almonds, some might like vanilla better, and everyone will have their own opinion and slight difference. Life is the same way. Govinda never reached his goal because his whole life he was searching in others lives. First he followed Siddhartha with the Samanas then leaves the samanas by his own choice, only to follow another. And in the end he comes back to Siddhartha with one last desperate plea to try and understand. He never learned anything about himself because he was blinded by the belief that someone else could show him how. Everyone must decide for himself or herself what they do with their life, for following only leads you down another minds path away from your own awakening.

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Railroad Westward Expansion from 1860 to 1890

Railroad Westward Expansion from 1860 to 1890 The history of America is grounded in the concepts of immigration, expansion, and economic empowerment. European settlers along the East Coast developed a new doctrine called the manifest destiny that would guide their path. This ideology posited that the United States was destined to expand across the continent, displacing the indigenous communities. The project to join the East and West Coast was pursued on different fronts. Development of the railroad network spearheaded the process as it opened up new lands, connected major cities, and also enabled agricultural and economic growth (Borneman 14). The railroad not only served as a means of transport but also marked the route for the dissemination of inventions, culture, and knowledge gained over the years. Although the railroad is mainly recognized for enabling agriculture, transport, and industrialization, it also played a significant role in facilitating administration. The settlers often faced violent resistance from the natives (Wolmar 18). In fact, several Red Indian communities openly attacked and even sabotaged settler activities to scatter the expansion. Thus, there was a need to set down rules of engagement (Wilhelm 40). The railroad played its role by opening up transportation into the interior allowing for the colonizers to establish administrative frameworks. Mapping out the rail routes also required collaboration with the native tribes. Therefore, settlers negotiated and signed treaties with native chiefs in their respective territories. For instance, the native tribes of Osage, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Pawnee occupied the plains of Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska. The government negotiated a battery of treaties largely dealing with the transfer of land either of settlement o r rail tracks. Famous ones include the Sturges Osage (1868) and Drum Creek Treaties among others (Wilhelm 46). After signing the agreements, administrative posts would be established mainly along the railroads. With time, the posts turned into settlements and small towns. These small rural towns served by the railroad attracted increasingly larger populations that transformed them into cultural hotspots and centers of learning (Hagger 29). Around the 1870s, Cincinnati and St. Louis had attracted a significant population including workers and farmers (PBS Map). Individuals from different cultural backgrounds mingled and interacted to form a unique culture. Various types of food, music, folklore, literature, language, dressing, farming, buildings, and relationships all combined to create the American identity. By 1890, over ten cities with populations of over 100, 000 people had emerged on the westward expansion route along the railway tracks (PBS Map). Cities also served by waterways experienced more rapid growth economically and population-wise (Borneman 191). With time, these cities and rail transport became core elements of the American identity. The westward expansion also tallied with increased agricultural and industrial inventions. Some of the key discoveries in the century included the reaper (invented 1831), the combine harvester (1834), and the steel plow (1837). These implements were essential to agriculture and allowed the expansion of the railroad to spread and disseminate the technology. For instance, the McCormicks reaper was bulky and required to be transported from Virginia where it was manually assembled into the farmlands located further westward in the states of Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Ohio (Borneman 119). Railroads offered the best method to transport them. Increased agricultural output resulting from the enhanced technology further increased transportation needs. Laying rail tracks was considerably cheaper than digging out roads and or water canals (Wolmar 14). As such, inventions and railroads had a mutual relationship in that the new creations distributed by the railroad further increase d demand for transportation. Furthermore, increased agricultural production spurred invention of more efficient industrial processes to serve the growing masses. This necessitated the railroad to connect not only major farming areas that supplied raw materials but also industrial cities. Many industries in the food processing sector would emerge driven by inventions in that direction. The mass production of steel, glass and other products stimulated other industries. For instance, availability of steel allowed for new approaches in architectural designs, more so, in multi-story buildings. Buildings such as the Trinity Church in Boston and the Philadelphia City Hall were designed and constructed in the 1870s. The railroads allowed for convenient transportations of construction materials such as steel and bricks. Consequently, inventions in the architectural industry and building and construction would follow the rail tracks westward. Although New York introduced the skyscrapers, the invention would be mastered in Chicago in the 1880s and 90s led by pioneer architects such as William L. Jenney (1832-1907) and Daniel H. Burnham (1846-1912) at the Chicago College of Architecture and the Arts (Hagger 101). As the rail extended further westward, so did the skyscraper design. By 1890s, other cities such as St Louis and San Francisco had their skyscrapers as the railroad connected the East and West Coasts. To summarize, one can say that the railroad has played an integral part in the growth of America. Specifically, between 1869 and 1890, it hastened the westward expansion that allowed the creation of more settlements in the Midwestern plains all through to the West Coast. The rail route also served a significant role in designating administrative posts and even urban settlements that later evolved into the major cities. The majority of the factors that make America what it is today including technology, democracy, and a vibrant culture can all be linked to the railroad network created by the westward expansion policy. Word count: 870 Works Cited Borneman, Walter, Iron Horses: Americas Race to Bring the Railroads West. New  York: Little Borneman. 2014. Print. Retrieved from Hagger, Nicholas, The Secret American Dream: The Creation of a New World Order with the  Power to Abolish War, Poverty, and Disease. New York: Duncan Baird. 2013. Print.  PBS Map, Westward Expansion 1860-1890. WGBH Educational Foundation. 2010. Accessed.  23 Feb. 2017. Wilhelm, Robert, The Bloody Century: True Tales of Murder in 19th Century America. Night  Stick Press. 2014. Print. Wolmar, Christian, The Great Railroad Revolution: The History of Trains in America. New  York: Public Affairs. 2013. Print.

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Physics of the Heart Essay -- physics heart

In the US, heart attacks kill more people than any other single cause. Many of the deaths are caused by electrical disturbances in a damaged heart that cause it to fibrillate (Pool). Despite current overwhelming interest in the operations of the human heart, for most of history the human heart has been regarded as a "forbidden organ too delicate to tamper with" (NOVA). In fact, it might have remained so, were it not for World War II where military doctors, faced with massive numbers of injuries ushered the world into our current medical trajectory. Your body has about 5.6 liters of blood. All of this blood circulates through the body three times every minute. In one day, the blood travels a total of 12,000 miles (NOVA). Rhythmic contractions of the heart pump blood occur in response to electrical control pulse sequences. Active cells in the sinoatrial node in the heart trigger a sequence of electrical events that control muscle contractions, which pump the blood. Scientific interest in the heart goes back centuries. Some of the most basic understandings about the operation and specifically the electrical currents of the heart were discussed during the May 17, 1888 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Professor J.A. McWilliam of the University of Aberdeen. The following conclusions were based on his studies of mammalian hearts in cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, hedgehogs, and guinea-pigs. * An all or nothing approach to heart contraction o If a stimulus was strong enough to excite contraction, it produced a maximal contraction * The application of interrupted currents induces fibrillar contractions which can be recovered from even after long period under the combined influence of artificial respira... ...n that prevents the heart from immediately contracting again. Bibliography 1. "Cactus Picture" March 16, 2005. 2. Campbell, Neil A. (2002) "Biology" 6th edition. Benjamin Cummings. San Francisco, CA. 3. Kay, Ian. (1998) "Introduction to Animal Physiology" Springer-Verlag New York Inc. 4. McWilliam, J.A. (1888) "On the Rhythm of the Mammalian Heart" Froceedings of the Royal Society of London, Vol. 44, pages 206-208. 5. NOVA. " Cut to the Heart† PBS Online 1997. 6. Pool, Robert. (1990) â€Å"Heart Like a Wheel† Science, Vol. 247, No. 4948, pages 1294-1295. 7. Putnam, Jeremiah L. "Heart Diagram" Professor of Biology. Davidson College. 8. Schmidt-Nielsen, Knut. (1997) "Animal Physiology: Adaptation and environment" Fifth Edition. Cambridge University Press. New York, NY.

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Kate Chopins Desirees Baby :: Desirees Baby by Kate Chopin

Desiree's Baby is a short story written by Kate Chopin. It is set in 19th century Louisiana. The story starts with Madame Valmonde going to visit Desiree and her baby. She thinks back on her memories of Desiree as a baby: "It made her laugh to think of Desiree with a baby. Why it seemed but yesterday that Desiree was little more than a baby herself." This quote tells us two things. The first is that Madame Valmonde must have known Desiree as a child and is either a close family friend of even a member of the family herself. The second thing is that Desiree is young. The word "baby" could either mean childlike or physically young. Desiree seemed to be a normal child and had had a normal childhood. The third paragraph tells us more about Desiree's background: "She had been purposely left by a band of passing Texans." This makes us think that she he had been abandoned at a very young age outside Madame Valmonde ´s home. We can also tell from paragraph five that "She was nameless." No one knew what her name was or what her family background was like. It was all a rumour. Eighteen years after this, Armand Aubigny fell in love with Desiree. From the fifth paragraph of the first page we can tell that Armand was very proud of his family name. "What did it matter about a name when he could give her one of the oldest and proudest in Louisiana?" This is a very old fashioned point of view. To Armand, his name was everything. There is a very strong social contrast between the nameless Desiree and Armand. Signs of racism become apparent in the book on page 67: "Young Aubigny ´s rule was a strict one, too, and under it his Negroes had forgotten how to be happy." Armand must have treated them very harshly and made them unhappy. His home is described as being sad looking and quite dreary. The second paragraph of page 67 gives the reader a description of the type of home Armand owns. There are muslins, a couch decorated with laces, there are also slaves. Madame Valmonde ´s first reaction to the baby was one of shock and astonishment: "This is not the baby!" Theoretically this isn't very significant because babies tend to grow very quickly and their outward appearance can change very fast. The eighth paragraph on this page gives us a hint at why Madame ValmondÃÆ' © was so startled when she first saw the baby. "Madame Valmonde had never removed her eyes from the child. She lifted it and walked with it over to the window

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Essay --

The Discourse on Inequality by Jean-Jacques Rousseau Jean Jacques Rousseau though a philosopher in the eighteenth century sense, was not what would now be called a ‘philosopher.’ Nevertheless he had a great deal on influence on the philosophical workings of his time and indeed of every subsequent period that followed him. Not only this but also he exerted his influence in the fields of literature, politics etc. Irrespective of the credibility one attaches to him as a philosopher, one cannot over look his influence as a primary social force. Rousseau was a philosopher that appealed to one’s good sense, one’s heart and so for this purpose has been termed as a Romantic philosopher. Others have accredited him with producing facts and ideas that are entirely non-human but nonetheless have been derived from human emotions and other related aspects of an individual’s life. He has also given rise to a political philosophy of sorts, which is a far cry from the absolute monarchies that prevailed in that time. However experts point out that this philosophy is only a weak attempt at democracy and so has been termed as ‘pseudo-democratic’ by many of them. Those that consider themselves true reformers have been divided into two groups; one that follows the ideals of John Locke and the other that associates itself with the premises presented by Rousseau. Therefore it has been often suggested that Hitler is an outcome of Rousseau whereas Roosevelt and Churchill belong to Locke. Though his literary career started rather late and was full of eventualities, Rousseau’s second essay a â€Å"Discourse on Inequality† (1754) remains largely popular to this day. This is because it consists of ideas that were unheard of at the time. However it must be noted t... ...ecause of the Industrial Revolution. Since having more ensures a certain position for an individual in the society thus it brings about social inequality in the environment. The above analysis shows that Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Discourses do consist of some valid and thought-provoking ideas. One is forced to consider the very institutions that one blithely takes for granted and in the process realizes that these man made institutions are responsible for bringing about social inequality in the society. Thus one can say that the argument which suggests that Rousseau’s theory is correct in assuming that institutions bring about inequality and serve to trap the modern human race. Bibliography 1. Ritter, Alan (Ed.). Rousseau's Political Writings: Discourse on Inequality, Discourse on Political Economy on Social Contract. New York: WW Norton & Company, 1999.

My favorite musical institution Essay

Founded in 1964, Victoria Conservatory of Music was established to impart the enthusiasm of music into its students who understood music and arts. At the same time, it was geared towards ensuring that brilliance in performance is achieved. The initial location of the Conservatory was at the old Union Hall in city center Victoria close to Centennial Square. The Victoria gave it the use of Craigdarroch castle in 1968. The castle provided an amazing ambiance for concerts and lessons. When it became too crowded, the Conservatory was again relocated, this time to the annex of St. Ann’s Academy near Beacon Hill Park (Gorst, 2005). This musical institution is registered as a not-for-profit society which caters for learners from all echelons of life. Originally, the school started with just a few students numbering forty though the number increased quickly hence allowing for new programs to be created with great enthusiasm. It also meant that the size of the home would have to be bigger than initially it was. It was made possible by an intermarriage of ideas from the Royal Academy of Music in London with other novel ideas. Students poured in from the other provinces around as well as other lands as the faculty gradually expanded. Another supplemental site had to be found to cater for the larger population of students. This was found on the Broughton Street. By 1968, the student body had grown to number over four hundred students and thus still more room was required to accommodate the growing demand. Mayor Hugh Stephen’s offices provided a quick and an immediate solution to the problem. In 1978, a larger building was found by the help of the then BC Cabinet minister, Hugh Curtis. The building however was still not large enough as the rate of growth of the student body was substantial and this requires much quicker change and expansion more so given that the rapid growth of the number of students started forcing instructors to teach some students out of their homes. Problems to do with larger home were only solved when the historic Metropolitan United Church (whose original part dates back from 1890) was acquired in 1997 and the search for bigger home was over. The building had to be changed and fitted with other structures to fit the needs of various faculties of music. Along the course of preparing the building to be fit for the new functions as music school, venue for performance and the community’s cultural centre two factors had to be put into consideration which posed as challenges to the modernization of the building. First of all, while modernization was being carried it to be taken into account the fact that the building had a history that starts from way back in 1890; hence considerable amount of caution was necessary to preserve its history details. Secondly, extensive modifications were also required to make it serve the new roles as musical school. For this reason, the building needed to have teaching studios, classrooms and office. In addition, the plumbing and the electrical systems needed to be updated, upgraded and structural reinforcement done. These tasks were systematically carried out and the building was ready for use in 1999. With its considerable size, the building offers two hall concerts, one of which is large and the other one the size of recital. The two rooms both have proven acoustics and they have studios in addition to other facilities are well designed and put in place to offer a state-of-the-art structure to match the highest ambitions of the Conservatory. This is far better considering the over two thousand students that the conservatory caters for. In the present state of service to the community, the conservatory offers a wide range of professional programs, programs for children, community school, summer programs and programs for music therapy. These programs are presented in a packaged well mixed with blend of education, career training, therapeutic courses, and performance which give a mix of amazing experiences for the students of the institution (Braid, 2005) As a registered institution, Victoria Conservatory of Music had an aim of becoming a center of brilliance for music through education, performance and music therapy. The mission for the institution is to enhance people’s lives by way of music as a local center of excellence open to all and accessible to everyone that desires to develop a meaningful link with music. Students from the institution have continued to exhibit exemplary performance out of the class (Gorst, 2005). Currently, there are over hundred teachers in the faculty of music of the VCM (Victoria Conservatory of Music). They are responsible for training the students in numerous musical instruments. They also give thorough training in different other areas which include music therapy, theory and composition, voice and children’s programs. The institution has vastly proficient faculties which engage in performance, conduct, compose and then record. The students that are presently studying here come from different regions including others who come from abroad. The mix of students is well balanced with infants and adults both pursuing different areas of their interest. The young group has interest in getting a music education as opposed to the senior people who mainly come to the institution to rediscover their skills and improve their lives. Among the accolades one would walk out of the institution with are: – Diploma in music or in Jazz studies, Certificate in music foundations and private reading is also available. The institution also offers individual lessons as well as master lessons in addition to lessons in conducting (Gorst, 2005). The Victoria Conservatory of Music gives one an opportunity to gain knowledge in disciplines and instruments of varied assortments. These include woodwinds, history of music, voice, piano, jazz, guitar and many more. While one is offered a chance to train in the mentioned areas, there are opportunities for performance in choirs or recitals, in ensembles as well as in orchestras. For this reason, there are a number of people who have sailed high in various areas and uplifted the image of the institution both in Canada and elsewhere. Some students of the institution have and still perform on Debut. Debut is the first CD for the conservatory to ever produce. It is not only that but they have also performed to significant approbation with the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, the Conservatory’s Opera Studio, and in recital. The promise shown by such achievements for the future of the institution and of music is worth being treasured by anyone that is music loving especially fine music. In the year 2006 the institution celebrated the music award for those who had been recognized nationally. Shika Card won the coveted Orchestra-Standard Life Competition which earned eight thousand dollars worth Standard Life Scholarship. In the same year she received the 2006 Gold Medal for Theory, an award from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. This prize is awarded to the topmost theory scores for all students in Canada who sit for the ARCT exams. The previous year, 2005, had seen about sixty students recognized with prizes at the 29th Annual Awards day which is held every year in recognition of students who exhibit magnificent demonstration of stupendous musical abilities (Wood, 2006) Ensemble Sine Nomine is one of a number of vocal and instrumental groups that operate under the sponsorship of the Victoria Conservatory of Music. The recording includes an eclectic array of selections encompassing those from Gregorian chant stretching to the thirteenth century organum hymns done by Hildegard von Bingen. There are also early motets that were done by Dufay along with others (Braid, 2005) Opera studio The opera studio of the conservatory was formerly opera workshop but more functions with gradual improvement in quality of productions have made it achieve substantial acclaim as part of the whole Victoria Conservatory of Music. It was initially directed by Selena James who helped the workshop show a build up of high quality annual productions beginning from the mid seventies which got loyalty in following. The concept of the workshop was farther expanded in 1992 to incorporate support courses and have more extensive programs backed with intensive coaching in movement, portrayal and ensemble performance. The opera studio has a mandate to expose young singers with advanced training especially those who sincerely desire to pursue a career in professional opera. This wonderful organ of the institution has produced people of renown in the profession of music. Such figures include Richard Margison- an internationally known singer, Benjamin Butterfield who is also an internationally known singer not forgetting Ingrid Attrot as well as other upcoming professionals. Carey Newman, Duncan Stewart, and Ken Lavigne all count as some of very strong emerging forces in the profession. Previous productions incorporated Benjamin Britten’s Albert Herring, Mozart’s The Magic Flute and The Marriage of Figaro, Kurt Weill’s Street Scene, Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi, as well as John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera (Wood, 2006) The same as the stage standard operas, Opera Studio have specially made works mainly for its student productions. In March 2001 it presented the world premiere of Eyes on the Mountain, based on three stories commended by Canadian writer Jack Hodgins, with music and libretto by Conservatory alumnus Christopher Donison. Eyes on the Mountain received national press coverage and very encouraging reviews. Conservatory Faculty associate, May Ling Kwok along with former Head of Strings Sydney Humphreys perform two Beethoven Sonatas for Violin and Piano, the â€Å"Spring† in addition to the â€Å"Kreutzer† on this CD. The Opera Studio has produced an exciting variety of productions which include Street Scene by Kurt Weill of December 1992, Tales of Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach, November, 1994, and The Magic Flute by Mozart in 1995 among others (Wood, 2006). The conservatory has continued to demonstrate exemplary performance by bringing up many students who have become well known professionals (Slavin, 2004). The institution is headed by the Board of governors and those of departments who foresee the smooth operating of the whole system for common goal and objective of enriching people’s lives with music. Board members include: Benning ric, Clint Nickerson, Sandy Stedman, Dr Catherine Like, Marianne Alto-Bond, Dr Anthony Nadolski, Wes Wraggett, George Easdon, Rick Stolle, Tim Francis, Ruth Currey, Carolann Steinhoff and Shaun Dolman (Gorst, 2005). References List: Braid, R. (2005). Victoria Conservatory of Music. Simon Fraser University, 100-150. Gorst, J. (2005). Victoria Conservatory of Music’s History. Giles Publishers. 120-140. http://victoria. tc. ca/Resources/music. html Slavin, R. (2004). Major Development in Victoria School. 67-80. Wood, R. (2006). Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Opera Studio. University of Victoria, 40-69.

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Compare main job roles and function in two organisation Essay

Bolton College Principle & Chief Executive: College is to develop a strategy which keeps the College at the forefront of educational innovation and outstanding achievement and which maintains its position within its local community as a key. The Principal will be expected to lead and develop the management team and staff, maintaining at all times. She manages all the department of the college but she have less chain of command. Principle get all feedback from two source i.e. Vice principle (curriculum) & Vice principle (Finance & Resources) Responsibilities of Principle: Provide effective leadership to the College in fulfilling its mission. Determine the College’s academic and other activities. Organise, direct and manage the College and lead the staff, providing inspiring and motivating leadership to those engaged in teaching and training. Vice Principle Vice principals aid the principal in the overall administration of the college. It is often Vice Principle duty to handle matters such as student discipline, parent conference meetings, asset inventory and ordering, school improvement planning, bus and lunch supervision, and teacher observations. Additionally, Vice principals frequently serve as testing coordinators, training staff on procedures related to standard assessment, as well as accounting for testing materials. Most importantly however, in the event that something happens to the principal, such as an extended leave of absence, the vice principal would act as the interim principal. Because of this, many see this position as a stepping-stone to the larger role of principal and is often used as such in Bolton College. Organisation structure, roles and functions (Tarmac) Managers – organise and plan their departments to exceed the expectation of internal and external customers. They work closely with other managers across the company to promote a range of benefits, including; continuous process improvements, improving accuracy, reducing the need to repeat work and driving up efficiency year on year. Supervisors – work with managers to ensure that operators apply procedures and practices consistently. This involves using best practice to create value-added services across the business. Operators – are responsible for day-to-day operations of the business. This is the level at which a university graduate might enter the organisation in order to learn all aspects of the business. The role requires accuracy, efficiency and a high level of individual responsibility. The Operations function at Tarmac is key to overall business performance. This is where a number of processes come together to make the products and services to satisfy customer needs. However, the Operations function needs the support of services in: Finance – to manage the flow of money across the business. Finance managers produce financial and management accounts not only to ensure legal compliance but also to contribute to the strategic decision-making process by forecasting financial performance. Budgets enable Operations to have the resources (raw materials, equipment and people) to carry out processes. Human Resources (HR) this includes planning and forecasting staff requirements and managing recruitment and selection. The HR team ensures that managers apply HR policies and procedures consistently across the business. The development of staff is a key priority within the Tarmac business. Without the right people, Operations may not be able to achieve targets. Additionally, Tarmac also needs the services of: Marketing by understanding customer needs, the marketing function can inform the overall business strategy and ensure that the Tarmac image and brand reflect its high quality. Procurement is the acquisition of goods and/or services at the best possible price. Within Tarmac this function secures cost effective contracts and establishes long term partners to ensure business continuity. IT services install equipment and applications, manage  databases and computer networks to provide the business with strong and effective information and communication channels. M2, Job and Personal specification for Administration. Job description: Job title: Administration Assistant Location: Wallsend Salary:  £13500.00 –  £14500.00 per year Main task: Providing full administration support to a team, including typing of letters, and contract agreements – ideally with experience of Audio typing Recording of invoices for payment Use of both Microsoft Access database and Excel spread sheets Communicating with clients via phone and taking detail information First point of contact for all visitors and callers to the business, including taking and recording accurate phone messages Filing and archiving experience Responsibility for all office machinery and supplies, including refilling photocopiers and fax machines Ordering supplies and stationary on a regular basis Scanning of documentation as requested The role of Administration Assistant is offered on a permanent basis – working full time office hours Mon- Fri Salary  £ 14,000 free parking provided Personal specification: Experience of Microsoft packages, including Word & Excel Excellent communication skills both written and verbal Ability to work as part of a team Accurate keyboard skills Ability to adapt to the challenges of a fast paced commercial business My current Skill & Knowledge: Organised Good communication skills IT skills for data entry Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel are required Maths skills BTEC Level 2 Business What I need to develop: Vocational qualifications in accounting (NVQs/SVQs) or BA in Accountancy Accountancy skills Experiences Time Management — managing one’s own time and the time of others Critical Thinking — Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, Negotiation — bringing others together and trying to reconcile differences. Questioning

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Act of Kindness

Helping out with everything around the house and my ill little brother is the biggest act of kindness I would think I have done. It is also my responsibility so be aware of the situation my family is in and to try and help out. My father as a farmer he works long hours in the hot sun, that is during summer, and cold days in the winter. My mother only works during the summer, as a farmer as well that is, I know the hardest season but it’s well paid for us mid-class citizens.I know how hard it is to work in the fields, since I have worked with my parents before. Working as a farmer is very hard work, dealing with the sun is not fun, but we all need to find a way to make money and maintain our home. I always try to help out with the house chores, and help my parents out a little. Wouldn’t you, do the same? Seeing my mother stresses because bills can’t be paid, and my father coming from work exhausted, I always do my best to make them be conferrable at home. I have f ood for my father when he comes from work, I clean do laundry.I try to not cause my mother anymore stresses, by trying to be a good daughter that one day she’ll be proud of. I help out my mother with my younger brother who suffers from muscular dystrophy. He is 15 years old, and now that he is older his muscles are getting weaker and his ability to walk long distances are just decreasing. I help him sidewalk is a big step, and he is always afraid he will fall so he needs our motivation and I try to be there for him. Making him laugh spending time with him it all helps out.Now that he can’t really get out and go to the park he needs company and I’m always there with him, when my parents are just too busy. I have had 4 older brothers pass away from muscular dystrophy, I’m pretty sure that’s a lot for a mother to go thru. So I’m always one step ahead of my mother and helping with everything. We all can help out and be kind. It’s not so m uch about being kind, but being humane and taking responsibilities. Helping the homeless by giving them a sub that one day, you might have saved them from starving.I’m just trying to say that any little act of kindness can go a long way and make a big difference. It is not that difficult to state a straightforward ‘thank you', and even it can genuinely alter the prospect of somebody else's day. My older brother, Arnold, once said to me that, â€Å"It acquires more power to glare than to smile. † I've acknowledged that only by behaving respectfully with the citizens around, you are able to genuinely create the more positive ambiance around you. Act of Kindness reallyThis is a story on an act of kindness I did for this girl I didnt know to well. One day as I was walking home from my old school I saw this girl, she looked like a complete nerd someone I wouldn't normally talk to. She was walking home looking really sad, kind of like she had no one to talk to. I walked over to her and introduced myself and she also told me who she was; she said her name is Abby. She was carrying books in her hands and it looked heavy I asked her if I could help. She nodded and told me I was more then welcome.I walked her home that day. I asked her if she would like to hang out sometime to call me and gave her my number, a few weeks later we were best friends. Months down the road she found out she was pregnant, this took me by surprise since I didnt even know she was dating anyone. The guy who got her pregnant walked out and hardly never came around. I could tell by the look on Abby's face that she was pretty scared. I told her no mater what ill always be ther e for her if she ever needed anything.The hardest part for her was to tell her parents she was pregnant. Her parents are the strick ones, that go to church every sunday and doesnt allow their daughter to have a boyfriend or anything. So trying to explain to her parents that she had got a boyfriend and had sexual intercorse with him behind there backs was going to be a tough situation. She didnt tell anyone for three months that she was pregnant,but it got down to where she had to say something since she was starting to show.Abby asked me if i could be there with her when she telled her parents on Thursday; I told her i could and that id be there Thursday at four o'clock. Thursday came and I went to her house and as soon as she anwsered the door she started freaking out with panic. I told her to calm down everything will be fine and that if she wants me to tell her parents i would. She appreciated it and told me to tell her parents for her. As we started walking closer to her parents I told them that Abby had something she wanted to tell them.Her parents started getting worried and asked what this was about. I then told her parents that she was scared to tell them about hows shes pregnant. Ive never seen anyones face look so furious in my entire life, They asked me to leave so they could talk as a family. Later that next week Abby's parents called me and asked me to come over for dinner and talk with them about something. I agreed and told them id be there shortly. As I rushed to get dressed all I could think about was what they wanted to talk to me about, I began to get nervous.As I arrived and walked to the door my stomach dropped and then i knocked on the door. Abby's parents answered the door and we sat down to eat. After we got done eating Abby's mom started to tell me how when i met Abby, abby wasnt in the best state of mind. I told them how i already knew and how i talked her out of a bunch of things before and they thanked me. They both thanked me for b eing such a great friend to Abby, and to this day I help take care of Abby's daughter.

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The apocalypse

I was on Brewers lane when I heard a slight whisper over here† I scanned the area, the area where only yesterday me and my mates were chilling, took another glance. Stood there is the mist was my best mate Joana. He was shocked at seeing me, shocked that Vive been walking about the streets fine and haven't encountered any of them things. â€Å"Haven't you seen any things†. My heart thudded. â€Å"What things†. Knew at that point we were in something big together, I couldn't lose him, and we've been best mates since first school.As I said that I saw a dark staggered shadow eve across the back of the churchyard. It moved with such jolt, instantly panicked and froze on the spot. It was like something out of the movies, like something that shouldn't be real. Like something that couldn't be real. Me and Joana went to explore the churchyard to see what this was, as it was the only life we have seen today. We opened the gates the hinges squealed as we pushed to gate to. We stumbled down the pathway, legs like jelly, a place that would normally be so calm, was now so terrifying. Let the bitter saltiness of the sweat that dripped down from my forehead rolled over me eyebrow down my cheek and dribbled into my mouth. The gargoyles on the church seemed as if they were real and were about to pounce on you. Every gravestone glistened; it was as if all the people buried were stood up like an army in formation replacing the gravestones. All the flowers were dead and rotting, there was no color in sight. Just the dark grey of the church and the mellow green tinge of the trees.I heard a wild growl from round the shaded corner, mine and Jonahs hearts started pumping, and we turned around to and got ready to sprint. We took one last look and this demonic shadow was running around the corner except this wasn't no shadow it was what we call walkers of TV programmer and games. I looked at its face; flesh was hanging off around its cheek, I could see inside its eye s the whole eye was white with a hint of grey. Blood around its mouth and teeth were rotten and yellow.

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My passion for helping people and studying with the best to begin a Essay

My passion for helping people and studying with the best to begin a new professional life in Public Relations. Kimberly Warfield - Essay Example For this reason, I believe that Public Relations is one field that I will be most successful at. Since my children have become self sufficient and are getting the hang of things as far as their lives are concerned, I have finally decided to come back to studying for a career path. I know I can bring a change to my life as well as that of my family and for this reason I have decided to take this move. As my father had fallen ill during the 4 years of my education at the undergraduate school, I had to bear a difficult time there. I worked full time and attended school in a part time capacity. I also took care of my younger sibling all this while – which essentially made me into a stronger person. I always wanted to go back to studies but at that time my concentration was bent on completely towards the needs of my family and nothing else. As far as my personality traits are concerned, I have been a community leader f late and have continued to devote myself whole-heartedly to the cause of the Middleburg Community Center and facilitated in raising funds for the underprivileged individuals and families so that they could go to schools. I also work in the capacity of a volunteer for The National Infertility Association and this is my sixth year for RESOLVE. This has basically been made possible due to my own infertility condition that I had to go through before I became a mother of twins. God has His way of rewarding people and I do not feel left out in any way. I am most contented and satisfied and all my enthusiasm is in line with achieving a career path for my own self in the times to come. Since my networking is strong and I can easily connect with different types of people and not to forget the thirst of attaining education more and more, I would request the said authorities to consider my admission in the Georgetown University, Washington DC for the

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Effective Management of Culturally Diverse Workgroups ' Essay

Effective Management of Culturally Diverse Workgroups ' - Essay Example An ideal organization has all sorts of employees including low socio-economic individuals, high socio-economic individuals and individuals of diverse cultures. Cultural diversity poses negative and positive impacts to an organization. Consequently, it is necessary to highlight the challenges, main issues and the context of working with low socio-economic culturally diverse teams. Every person tries to rise above poverty and financial challenges. Employees categorized under low socio-economic populations have a distinct approach to responsibilities known as collectivism. It is a term that describes a team that has several characteristics such as disregard of self-interest, high cooperation levels, economic and social equality. The factors usually overshadow economic and social freedom (Cross, Bazron, & Isaacs, 2010). Collectivism is a cultural system existing across all human cultures but at varying degrees. It is most pronounced in low socio-economic settings. Employees exposed to a high degree of collectivism tend to come from developing countries that are yet to break away from traditional work processes. Individualism is the opposite of collectivism. It is associated with developed countries that have maximized on capitalism as a way of forging better business and social interactions. Individualists put more emphasis on personal interests and skills when performing duty. The atmosphere at the workplace is very competitive making individual employees take up personal roles and perform their best in order to gain recognition. The employees benefit from incentives, job promotions and other similar rewards. Collectivism works in a different way. There is very little competitive atmosphere at the workplace and some employees take advantage of the collective responsibilities to evade or not complete tasks (Cross, Bazron, & Isaacs, 2010). An organization that promotes competition, offers incentives and rewards

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Gender sex paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Gender sex paper - Essay Example y, a ninth-grade student, describes herself as "a pretty good guitar player" and "an excellent math student who cant understand chemistry." She says shes "wild and extroverted" with friends in her band, yet is "shy and quiet" at school. Peggys self-description reflects. This was one of the greatest social experiments research came across with because it was a real interaction with a real girl that was not aware of her social stratifications or gender roles. She was with the boys in the toy’s section but was very oblivious to â€Å"how a girl† should act. Society has defined gender roles including the concept of ‘cult of domesticity.’ Women and men have defined social roles, which confused transgender people because they fail to understand their identity. The question remains- how do LGBT and transgender fit into this category? Gender roles is an intriguing subject that takes into account of several aspects. One can argue that gender roles emerge from culture due to various reasons. Cultures adhere to gender roles because they assign responsibilities to each gender based on family needs. For example, women in eastern cultures have to follow the cult of domesticity. The cult of domesticity is a generic phrase for women to stay at home, clean the house, cook the food, and raise the children. In this model, the men are the bread winners. The cult of domesticity is a generic phrase for women to stay at home, clean the house, cook the food, and raise the children. In this model, the men are the bread winners. The idea of gender disparity in school, government and overall progression of women is clearly hindered in these cultures. I saw both cases in which girls independently paid for themselves whereas some men took the initiative to pay for their significant other, showing strong sense of â€Å"breadwinner.† Identity is absolutely essential for transgender because they don’t have the epistemic feel to belong. Imagine an individual who cannot belong. This

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Statement of purpose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Statement of purpose - Essay Example Working as a creative artist for an events management company and then as an accounts executive in an advertising agency, my career prospects have been hopefully bright. This experience has inspired me to further my knowledge of the complex business world by pursuing an MBA course of study with greater emphasis on international business strategy. I fervently hope that the level of expertise and intelligence obtained from an MBA program of study specifically from California State University, Los Angeles, could help me become a professional business executive capable of successfully piecing together the vast puzzle of literature on the subject of international business to arrive at convincing solutions. I am confident I have a highly appropriate academic background as shown by my current level of education to join the community of scholars in your prestigious MBA program. While in college, I participated in diverse extra and intra-curricular activities that allowed me to develop my creative capabilities in designing and executing highly ambitious marketing campaigns. Further I am also interested in marketing research that has a broader applicatory significance in multicultural societies. I was attracted by the very seminal and the broader perspective-centric nature of the contents of the MBA program of study at the California State University, Los Angeles. To be sure it’s not only an academic qualification that I am interested in. In fact I am looking for a significant experience in an enriching academic environment. In other words what I have been fundamentally attracted towards in the CSU, Los Angeles is the very curriculum content based on enhancing the student’s analytical skills in competitive business environments. I am sure my ambition to be a marketing manager with particular emphasis on brand management strategy would go a long way despite the

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Contemporary Issues In Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Contemporary Issues In Marketing - Essay Example Marketing has over the years emerged as a prime business concept and pertinent organisational function. It has been observed that marketing is a key towards attaining desired level of success for every company. With the emergence of 21st century, technology has started to play a vital role for the organisations to prepare their marketing mix related strategies and also their overall product assortment (Brown, 2001). In the 21st century, the traditional approaches related to marketing have started to depict their limitations owing to the fact that companies have quite less amount of direct contact with their existing as well as prospective customers. The aspect of information which is quite readily obtainable through the advent of internet has made consumers to become more passive as well as homogenous. Therefore, companies are increasingly finding the need to devise strategic initiatives to retain their customer base. Customer need identification has become one of the leading strategies incorporated in marketing to derive competitive advantage. Companies are also attempting to create inimitable marketing strategies to lure the customers towards their offerings which would in turn enable them establish their brand recognition in the market (Kamei, 2000). In order to comprehend the changing scenario in marketing in the 21st century, Tesco Plc has been selected.Tesco was founded back in 1919 as a m arket stall in London’s East End. From its foundation to till now the company’s business has attained tremendous growth in its global operations. Presently, the company functions in fourteen markets of Asia, North America and Europe. It employs over 500,000 people and serves 10 million customers worldwide in a single week (Tesco Plc, 2012). The company’s headquarter is located in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Tesco is committed to offer the best shopping experience to its diverse range of customers. Moreover, the company is determined to serve its varied customers, communities and partners in best possible way (Tesco, 2012). At present, the company is regarded as one of the largest and successful food retailers operating in the United Kingdom along with its operations in more than 2318 stores located across the world. The company sells more than 40,000 food items in its distinctly located superstores. Additionally, the company is also engaged in clothing and no n-food product activities (University of Exeter, 2004). The 21st century has witnessed drastic socio-economic changes along with information technology changes. These changes help various organisations to overcome a few of their limitations related to business operation and provided organisations with numerous opportunities to expand their business and earn substantial profit. These changes along with the globalisation and liberalisation process have drastically influenced the business doing processes including marketing. The changes brought new ideas and terms in the marketing sector such as E-Commerce and have reasonably influenced marketing ethics as well as the concept of brand and brand development have got tremendously popular among the organisations and widely distributed customers. E-Marketing Marketing is a broad concept, apart from selling and purchasing of tangible or intangible (services) goods, it comprises all those activities that are related with selling and purchasi ng of goods and services. The present marketing concept significantly varies from those of the traditional concept. The recent development in the marketing segment has given a birth to E-Marketing, relatively new term which has increased the scope of marketing and has provided business and customers a convenient way for interacting with each other. Electronic marketing or E-marketing essentially refers to utilisation of marketing techniques through electronic media, particularly

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Addictions and interventions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Addictions and interventions - Essay Example The following treatment plan and recommendations will be instituted to help make this possible.The type of therapy that will be best suited in aiding Linda to recovery is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. The reason this is the best option for Linda is that it will not only help her to recover the quickest, since this type of therapy is the most rapid in producing results, it is the best use of time and resources, as this sort of therapy is a very direct approach, and it is not open ended in the way that other therapies are, such as psycho-analysis (National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, 2009). Another reason that Linda will benefit from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is that it will enable her to think differently about her circumstances, even if they cannot be changed (National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, 2009). For instance, she lives in a poor part of town. While she may not be able to change that immediately or even at all, Cognitive-Behavior Ther apy will assist her in learning to view her circumstances differently. The results of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are long term. This is due to the fact that the client will understand how and what to do in order to make things better, and then they will be able to apply it, even after therapy has ended. (National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, 2009). Linda and I can work together, and she will feel involved in her treatment, which will give her the incentive to want to do better. As far as having others involved in working on the case, I would prefer to work with Linda alone, since it is vital that she and I establish a relationship where she is comfortable opening up to me and expressing her feelings. If too many other professionals are involved in her case, it would be to her detriment because she would not have the chance to form a bond with me that would allow her to feel comfortable enough to work with me in improving her life and setting goals. Cognitive-Behavior therapy is most effective when sessions involve only the client and the therapist, not multiple professionals (National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, 2009). There will be a number of things that I will need to know about Linda in order for the use of Cognitive-behavior therapy to be best effective in helping her to recover. One thing that I will like to know about Linda is what she'd like to get out of life. Knowing this bit of information will enable me to help her set goals and come up with different strategies that will help her to achieve those goals. Secondly, I will like her to tell me a little about herself and what makes her feel the need to engage in using drugs. Knowing her reasons for why she feels the need to engage in this behavior will enable me to better know and understand her, so I will be able to tailor the therapy sessions to best suit her needs. Finally, I will ask her how she feels about herself and her current circumstances. Knowing about these things will enable me to help her to set goals o either change her attitude or change her world. Though I'd love to focus on every aspect of Linda, this would be impossible due to time constraints and limited resources. So in order to make the best use of the time and resources that are available to me in dealing with this case, it will be advantageous for me to focus on aspects of her life and character that are of vital importance. Two major areas that deserve the utmost attention are helping her to establish goals on fighting her addiction and helping her to think of herself and her circumstances in a different light. When it comes

Lifting the Corporate Veil Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Lifting the Corporate Veil - Coursework Example In addition, the Salomon decision entrenched the notion of advantageous benefits which are granted to shareholders in the form of limited liability. The dicta of Salomon has been endlessly restated and quoted in many cases; it appears to exist as an â€Å"unyielding rock†4; especially since it has now been incorporated into the Companies Act 20006. The courts have endlessly been faced with circumstances under which certain exceptions to the Salomon rule have been necessary and thus permitted. However, the courts have taken care to retain the power to ignore the Salomon principle in order that its flexibility be preserved and in most cases this has led to the preservation of the corporate veil. The narrow approach which is contained in the Companies Act embodies the view that the company’s rights, property and liabilities belong to the company only. The wider view claims that the company’s members are prohibited from having any effect on or being counted in relati on to the legal obligations and obligations of the company.5 The existing statutory exceptions to the lifting of the veil are rather difficult to determine with a great amount of certainty;6 the concept that Salomon is a fundamental principle results in it being set aside with difficulty and even some reluctance on the part of the courts.7 As Lord Diplock claims, the statutory basis of the corporate veil is preserved, so that â€Å"any Parliamentary intention to pierce the corporate veil would be expressed in clear and unequivocal language†, however the lack of such clear language could still have the potential to allow the courts to pierce the veil in specific circumstances by way of a â€Å"purposive construction’ of Parliament’s intention†.8 However, the case of Tunstall iterates that it is important to remember that the â€Å"purposive instruction† must be evident, because it is not readily implied (542). 9 Other additional statutory provisions also provide the opportunity to lift the veil under specific circumstances, such as the taxation of group companies. It is often argued that such provisions do not lift the veil exactly; they instead impose supplementary obligations on subsidiaries and are termed ‘piercing’ the veil rather than ‘lifting’ the veil. Alleged fraud additionally grants the justification to lift the veil – this is indeed understandable. The Insolvency Act 1986 operates to allocate personal liability to directors or shareholders if it appears that the company has been formed for fraudulent activities,10 if evidence of director misconduct is evident, or if the company directors have been negligent by not winding up the company if it has little or no prospect of carrying on. Such provisions contain the potential to be defined and applied broadly, yet the danger of this is arguably small under the circumstances. The existence of such statutory provisions emphasize the major t emptation and potential of company members abusing of the corporate veil, and the courts have appropriately recognised and established the need to eliminate as far as necessary this possibility, and thus temptation. In the decision of Merchandise Transport,11 the court declined to retain the corporate personality of the company separate from its members where it had been discovered that the subsidiary company had been formed as a mechanism to avoid specific formalities when acquiring a favourable licence. Additionally, a facade has been revealed where a company had

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Porters 5 Forces Essay Example for Free

Porters 5 Forces Essay 1) New Business / Threat of New Entrants Changing Conditions in PESTEL, Product, Service differences, brand identity, access to distribution, necessary resources, learning curve, inertia of existing markets. Expected retaliation, switching requirements, scale economics and experiences. Capital requirements. Example: Upcoming smartphone known as the OnePlus One from a completely new firm. Cheaper than other firms such as Samsung, Apple and HTC but the quality is just as good, if not better. 2 + 3) Bargaining Power of Suppliers and Customers Concentration Number of Buyers, Switching costs esp Relationships, Control of information, Forward and backward integration, threat of Vertical integration, availability of substitutes. Importance to others performance. Brand identity, marketing and purchasing incentives. Alliances, relationships and expectations. The ability of suppliers to change the firms performance. Eg Samsung has increased costs now that their suppliers went on strike. Likewise the same thing refers to consumers, but I cant of an example off the top of my head. 4) Threat of Substitutes Sideways competition, Comparative price/performance, backing by rich competitor. Comparative technological life cycle. Benefits no product features. Theres tons of substitute products in the smartphone industry of all ranges in price and quality, so that one is self explanatory. 5) Rivalry amongst Competitors Aside from the other four forces, the nature of rivals also determine the intensity and degree of rivalry. Competitors with different values, vision,  mission, strategy and operational effectiveness, combined with different perceptions and abilities of their senior managers will influence not only the degree of competition but also its patterns. The intensity of competition is also elevated when; there are severally equally strong players such as Samsung vs Apple Few chances for differentiation They all know whats coming up and they all copy each other. Galaxy Gear, Moto 360, Apple iWatch (Rumored)

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Aida Model Essay Example for Free

Aida Model Essay Every day were bombarded with headlines like these that are designed to grab our attention. In a world full of advertising and information – delivered in all sorts of media from print to websites, billboards to radio, and TV to text messages – every message has to work extremely hard to get noticed. And its not just advertising messages that have to work hard; every report you write, presentation you deliver, or email you send is competing for your audiences attention. As the world of advertising becomes more and more competitive, advertising becomes more and more sophisticated. Yet the basic principles behind advertising copy remain – that it must attract attention and persuade someone to take action. And this idea remains true simply because human nature doesnt really change. Sure, we become increasingly discerning, but to persuade people to do something, you still need to grab their attention, interest them in how your product or service can help them, and then persuade them to take the action you want them to take, such as buying your product or visiting your website. The acronym AIDA is a handy tool for ensuring that your copy, or other writing, grabs attention. The acronym stands for: Attention (or Attract) Interest Desire Action. These are the four steps you need to take your audience through if you want them to buy your product or visit your website, or indeed to take on board the messages in your report. A slightly more sophisticated version of this is AIDCA/AIDEA, which includes an additional step of Conviction/Evidence between Desire and Action. People are so cynical about advertising messages that coherent evidence may be needed if anyone is going to act! How to Use the Tool: Use the AIDA approach when you write a piece of text that has the ultimate objective of getting others to take action. The elements of the acronym are as follows: 1. Attention/Attract In our media-filled world, you need to be quick and direct to grab peoples attention. Use powerful words, or a picture that will catch the readers eye and make them stop and read what you have to say next. With most office workers suffering from e-mail overload, action-seeking e-mails need subject lines that will encourage recipients to open them and read the contents. For example, to encourage people to attend a company training session on giving feedback, the email headline, How effective is YOUR feedback? is more likely to grab attention than the purely factual one of, This weeks seminar on feedback. 2. Interest This is one of the most challenging stages: Youve got the attention of a chunk of your target audience, but can you engage with them enough so that theyll want to spend their precious time understanding your message in more detail? Gaining the readers interest is a deeper process than grabbing their attention. They will give you a little more time to do it, but you must stay focused on their needs. This means helping them to pick out the messages that are relevant to them quickly. So use bullets and subheadings, and break up the text to make your points stand out. For more information on understanding your target audiences interests and expectations, and the context of your message, read our article on the Rhetorical Triangle. 3. Desire The Interest and Desire parts of AIDA go hand-in-hand: As youre building the readers interest, you also need to help them understand how what youre offering can help them in a real way. The main way of doing this is by appealing to their personal needs and wants. So, rather than simply saying Our lunchtime seminar will teach you feedback skills, explain to the audience whats in it for them: Get what you need from other people, and save time and frustration, by learning how to give them good feedback. Feature and Benefits (FAB) A good way of building the readers desire for your offering is to link features and benefits. Hopefully, the significant features of your offering have been designed to give a specific benefit to members of your target market. When it comes to the marketing copy, its important that you dont forget those benefits at this stage. When you describe your offering, dont just give the facts and features, and expect the audience to work out the benefits for themselves: Tell them the benefits clearly to create that interest and desire. Example: This laptop case is made of aluminum, describes a feature, and leaves the audience thinking So what? Persuade the audience by adding the a stylish look, thats kinder to your back and shoulders. You may want to take this further by appealing to peoples deeper drives giving effortless portability and a sleek appearance and that will be the envy of your friends and co-workers. 4. Conviction As hardened consumers, we tend to be skeptical about marketing claims. Its no longer enough simply to say that a book is a bestseller, for example, but readers will take notice if you state (accurately, of course!), that the book has been in the New York Times Bestseller List for 10 weeks, for example. So try to use hard data where its available. When you havent got the hard data, yet the product offering is sufficiently important, consider generating some data, for example, by commissioning a survey. 5. Action Finally, be very clear about what action you want your readers to take; for example, Visit now for more information rather than just leaving people to work out what to do for themselves. 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