Saturday, September 14, 2019

The apocalypse

I was on Brewers lane when I heard a slight whisper over here† I scanned the area, the area where only yesterday me and my mates were chilling, took another glance. Stood there is the mist was my best mate Joana. He was shocked at seeing me, shocked that Vive been walking about the streets fine and haven't encountered any of them things. â€Å"Haven't you seen any things†. My heart thudded. â€Å"What things†. Knew at that point we were in something big together, I couldn't lose him, and we've been best mates since first school.As I said that I saw a dark staggered shadow eve across the back of the churchyard. It moved with such jolt, instantly panicked and froze on the spot. It was like something out of the movies, like something that shouldn't be real. Like something that couldn't be real. Me and Joana went to explore the churchyard to see what this was, as it was the only life we have seen today. We opened the gates the hinges squealed as we pushed to gate to. We stumbled down the pathway, legs like jelly, a place that would normally be so calm, was now so terrifying. Let the bitter saltiness of the sweat that dripped down from my forehead rolled over me eyebrow down my cheek and dribbled into my mouth. The gargoyles on the church seemed as if they were real and were about to pounce on you. Every gravestone glistened; it was as if all the people buried were stood up like an army in formation replacing the gravestones. All the flowers were dead and rotting, there was no color in sight. Just the dark grey of the church and the mellow green tinge of the trees.I heard a wild growl from round the shaded corner, mine and Jonahs hearts started pumping, and we turned around to and got ready to sprint. We took one last look and this demonic shadow was running around the corner except this wasn't no shadow it was what we call walkers of TV programmer and games. I looked at its face; flesh was hanging off around its cheek, I could see inside its eye s the whole eye was white with a hint of grey. Blood around its mouth and teeth were rotten and yellow.

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