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Ode To The West Wind :: essays research papers

" Ode to the westernmost draw" was written by Percy Bysshe Shelley shortly before his death in 1822. Shelley spent the majority of his life in England where he was born to an upper split family. He attended Eton for his primary education and Oxford University until he was expelled for the publication of The want of Atheism. Shortly after being expelled, Shelley married a commoner named Harriet Westbrook , which disquieted his family because of his wifes low social standing. The marriage was short lived and Shelley apace fell in love with Mary Godwin. Shelley continued writing end-to-end his life and his most notable works include "Ozamandias", "Laon and Cythna", and "Rosalind and Helen". Mary Shelley, Shelleys wife who was also involved in literature, wrote Frankenstein. In 1822 Shelley drowned in a boating accident in the Gulf of Spieza. Shelly is mainly noted as the most passionate of the Romantic writers and for his usage of experimental st yles in poetry. "Ode to the West Wind" was written by Shelley on a day when the prevail was unpredictable and windy, the poem reflects the mood of the weather and expresses Shelleys impulse for creativity and intellect. The first section of the poem focuses on the description of the colorful gloaming leaves being stirred by the wind. The line " Wild Spirit, which art abject everywhere Destroyer and preserver.." shows the relationship between Shelleys desire to constrain and natures force. The second section of the poem tells about the clouds in the sky that are forewarning " the locks of the approaching drive". The fierce storm clouds represent Shelleys frustration in his lack of original ideas. The tierce section relates the winds effect on the waves in the sea, which Shelley describes as ".. Grey with business organization and tremble and despoil themselves". In the fourth section of the poem Shelley shows his desire to be the autumn leaves , tempest clouds, and turbulent waves so that he to great deal be effected by the wind and nature the way the objects are.

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Diverse Culture- Guleri and Veronica Essay

examine and contrast the female oddballs speedwell in veronica and Guleri in A malodor of Kerosene.In this essay both female characters in Veronica and A foetor of Kerosene will be examined for similarities and differences in their culture and traditions.When you read these two stories the three things that stand out is their culture, tradition and the theme of love. The fabrication teaches us that sometimes tradition gets in the demeanor of behavior. It asshole sometimes control your breeding or sometimes non. In both the stories, the women hold on tightly to their traditions. The actors are not fairish talking about their family traditions but the global tradition of fertility and obedience. The primary(prenominal) characters in these stories are Veronica and Guleri. This essay portrays about the roles of women.Although in that location are a lot of similarities between them on the surface but there are more concealed. In both the stories, the main belief in the fe male characters is their culture. Throughout the stories it shows us how important their culture is to them and how their society forces them to do certain actions that occasionally leads to a per watchwords destruction as seen in A Stench of Kerosene.Veronica and Guleri both lie in male dominated countries, which make females seen by everyone as inferior. The report of Veronica is told in scratch person by Okeke who is Veronicas childhood friend and the I in the story. The story of A Stench of Kerosene is told in third person by an omniscient narrator.The reason of Veronica is Adewale Maja-Pearce and he was brought up in Nigeria, the same place as Veronica was.Maja- Pearce later returned to London, as this was his place of birth so that he could supplement his education. In Veronica, the person narrating the story, Okeke can be compared to Adewale Maja- Pearce as he grew up in the same surroundings as him and too the same education and they lead similar lives.The author of A Stench of Kerosene is Amrita Pritam and she was brought up in India which later became Pakistan, then she moved to late Delhi so that she could begin writing in Hindi.She had very un skilful experiences of labor union and divorce, this links with Guleri in A Stench of Kerosene as Guleri can not pay any children and her economise marries again agreeing to his m early(a)(a) so that he can harbour children and this makes Guleri depressed and broken hearted which then leads to her dismal last as her mother-in-law controls everything that goes on with Manak and Guleri. Manaks mother is an important force, though scarcely comes in as character.Veronica and Guleri both grew up in fairly rural areas of the country where they were reasonably poverty and war. exclusively the all dissimilarity in their surroundings is that Veronica is in the country with disruptive semipolitical history. The country has been torn apart by divisions between tribes and political groups, suffering mass acres and civil war.As a result, financial development within the country has been limited and the rural areas have been badly affected by poverty.The characters in these stories have oftentimes resemblance in their personalities in the focal point they lead their lives even though both stories are set in very different countries. The author use compar able-bodied and diverse techniques to inaugurate and show their characteristics.Veronica is a very unfortunate woman who grew up in her native village. She lived with her susceptible mother, abusive and alcoholic buzz off and other young siblings who have not been mentioned much throughout the story.On the other hand, Guleri lived in the village in India with her husband Manak and her mother-in-law. She had no children but was subject with her life. Manak and Guleri had a much fulfilled unification until her mother- in-law interfered by forcing her son to marry another woman so that she accomplishes her vision of beingness a grandmother and ruining Manak and Guleris life.The central theme of the story is the bout between a mans love for his married woman and the pledge to have children. The major cultural issue concerns a man fetching a second wife in order to do this. The author tells us that this practice of burning oneself for escapism is not unusual in certain parts of India but was very prominent.Guleri lives with her husband and her moth-in-law. It was pointed out that Manak was fit with his fate and didnt want to marry again as nearly people around the country would have.Veronica cooked and served for her family. She married at a young age to a soldier and lived happily. Later on, she gave birth to a son. She is a very strong-willed person and is very content with her life.The somatogenic appearances of both the female characters are not quite similar. Okeke describes Veronica, as no great beauty she still had a certain attractiveness that I k bran-new would appeal to men. This is a very un certain view as no one can be good looking and unseductive at the same time, they contradict with each other.Veronica being draw as shabby may have been because of her surroundings and her lifestyle that has influenced her to be that way.Guleris physical features are barely described throughout the story. But when it reads they had bartered their hearts to each other an assumption that can be do from this is that Guleri mustiness have been a very attractive woman as no one falls in love at first sight if the woman is unappealing. Also, as Guleri has never wedded birth before, she must have had a slim figure.Veronica is very comfortable with her life accepts the fact that shes married to a soldier rather than being in the city with Okeke. She lives in the same hut as she apply to when she grew up and she had never changed. She is like a slave first to her scram and then to her marriage to her husband. She is pleased with what she does and doesnt complain about it much but if s he had the opportunity to raise her voice she would have probably had a say in what she desires to accomplish in life.They are my family and this is copious, this is a line of Veronicas low expectations. She feels her family is everything she needs and nothing else would have the same satisfactory.Guleri on the other hand is very childishly resolved and always wants everything her way. She is portrayed similar to a little girl. Guleri is a happy go lucky person and loves her life. Manak and Guleri are expressed as a happy couple and care about each other.In Veronica culture is a main portion of her life. Her life was about tradition. When she refuses to go to the city with Okeke and says that it will be harder for her as she is a woman and she isnt educated enough.God blessed us with a son. Is that not enough? this explains that Veronica is always the same after a long peak of time that the two have been apart. She is still surviving in the contemptibility of a village of which Okeke had once lived. The low expectations of Veronica have for herself, compared to the lavishly expectations Okeke has for himself throughout for story, shows us that this is a male dominated country. The social expectations contend this too. Veronica is very stubborn and it shines through the story.Veronicas life was all about the tradition. Guleris dignity is the main view of her life. Her life was all about Manak and her parents village. She always liked being the centre of attention. aft(prenominal) Manak got married again, Guleri couldnt believe the situation she was in the middle of. She did not have to express her distress and jealousy in words. The look on her face was enough. But her husband Manak did not do anything about the circumstances.Her husband pulled out his hookah and closed his eyes. Hookah is a tobacco pipe with a long, flexible tube by which the smoke is bony through a jar of water and thus cooled. He seemed as if he either did not like the tobacco or tha t he could not bear to face his wife. In this short story, Guleris character shines winning the sympathy of the readers. Guleri, a cheerful girl coming from a well-to-do family and her marriage to Manak, her failure to give Manaks family a son, creates a terrific situation for her tragic end and the readers immediate sympathy is with the heroine of the story, Guleri. She was the winning young girl who ended her life with an extremely disastrous manner.Indian culture is such that a married woman should bring a son to the family. If a woman fails to fulfill this role, she is not successful, in marriage and therefore rejected. Thus Manaks mother escapes a reasonable portion of getting accused for bringing a second wife for her son, Manak.not that she hated Guleri, but Indian culture had influenced her to extremes of believing in the hold of a son to the family.On the other hand, Guleris family was rich and precious a man from a good family, for their daughter.But Guleris come was p rosperous and lived in cities. He had sworn that he would not feature money for his daughter, but would give her to a worthy man from a good family. Guleri failing to give Manaks family a son and having to detention seven years and even the doleful end to her life could have been sad even from the early days of her marriage. In India, the mother is suppose to be the representation of Indian culture. A mother en pleasances an important place, if she is able to fulfill a mothers part meeting with the expectations of motherliness these being the customs and traditions of Indian culture.Manak playing his flute as they walked or were at the fair, made Guleri feel that the music brought her joy, taking her closer to Manaks heart. Thus the flute standing as a symbol of joy in their lives.He looked at her sadly. Then putting the flute to his lips blew a strange and anguished wail. Striking the signal of the tragedy and anticipating the tragic end. Bhavani announcing the sad end of Gule ri, when she heard of your second marriage she soaked her clothes in kerosene and set fire to them. Manak getting mute with pain.He stared a long time uncomprehending, his face as usual expressionless. Therefore the death of Guleri could be called cultural violence in Indian society, though not recognized as violence in reality it is a hot act leading to death of a person. In the short story, A Stench of Kerosene the writer, point out in simple phraseology the theme of the theme of violence present in the culture of Indian society. Amrita Pritam gives a clear picture of the episodes with the appropriate choice of a family mise en scene and the intended aim and view of marriage in typical Indian society.The family setting of the extended family, this can be compared to Veronica as her father beats her and was bullied by her father while she was growing up.In Veronica, Okeke entangle responsibility for his death, as so feels an extreme wrong as he did not come back to her from th e cities more often and swing her more to go with him and if he had done this enough, she would have agreed at some point to go to the city. Manak with this haunting event trapped in his mind leaving every joyful moment with his new wife feeling guilty instead of happiness after the tragedy of his fountain wife and the manner and circumstances he had married her.Amrita Pritam shows us how this guilt has not only affected his life but his mind and senses at the same time as it reads in the last line of the story when he holds the new born baby of his second wife when it is given to him, he saysTake him away He stinks of kerosene this portrays that the baby symbolizes the death of his creator wife and the baby being brought to this world has made his former wife leave it.In both the stories we should pity Veronica and Guleri, as they were just victims of death. Veronica physically dies against her own rule and Guleri mentally felt that she could not live no more. Therefore, the mai n two women, in both the stories suffered the main tragedies. The reader may also have felt pity that Veronica was unable to prevent being born into a sexist and poor culture, which caused her to live her life with the tragic ending. Manak was also a victim, not of death but of guilt as he was taunted by the events of his wife and the evidence at the end of the story proves this as he thinks his child smells of kerosene, which is the liquid that caused his previous wife to burn to death. This proves that his future with his new wife will be very hard to cope with.

Disaster Recovery Planning in Banking Sector Essay

On September 11, 2001, the terrorist attack destroyed the World bargain circle around in New York, which was the most highly concentrated fiscal atomic number 18a. This attack not only destroyed the twin towers, but similarly ruined the financial system. Banks fit(p) in the World Trade Center went through an unprecedented accident. The companys back down-up facilities which were too close to the primal facilities were disrupted as the primary facilities. Single points of failure in perceived diverse routing resulted in failed back-up communications systems. Because of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, there is signifi sesst change magnitude focus on the cataclysm retrieval purpose. (Robert Bronner, 1997) According to Robert Bronner, buzzwording tutelages were among the earliest adopters of selective training technology in the business world. The widely use of information technology in the cuss system forced a new effort the possibility recuperation indus taste. po ssibility recuperation figure is an important give away of bank business continuity project. It is a movementes or set of procedures that foster firms prep atomic number 18 for disruptive events.The goal of the pattern is acquire and protect a business IT facilities, such as the ne dickensrk, document centering system, and core system, in the disruptive events. Those events overwhelm two natural accident such as earthquake and man-made misfortunes such as power outage. It is impossible that a bank discharge everlastingly avoid misfortunes, so the casualty recuperation jut bumps an important role after a bank subscribe a hazard. With a c arful contrive exit effetely help the bank to minimize down while and info sack to ensure some level of organizational st faculty and an orderly recovery after a hap will prevail. The Automated Clearinghouse Association was formed by 7 Philadelphia-based banks in the mid-1970s for the fillet of sole purpose focus on ho w to manage banks entropy recovery when banks data processor systems go down. This group started the disaster recovery industry in 1987 by SunGard convalescence Services.The Important of possibility recuperation forgeThe disaster recovery plan is important to the bank, because the benefits it can obtained from the drafting of a disaster recovery plan.The basic benefits of a disaster recovery plan embarrass (disaster recovery plan)(1) Providing a sense of security system(2) Minimizing risk of delays(3) Guaranteeing the reliability of standby systems(4) Providing a model for scrutiny the plan(5) Minimizing decision-making during a disaster(6) Reducing capability well-grounded liabilities(7) Lowering unnecessarily stressful work environmentdisaster recovery plan is a life-sustaining proactive approach to banks. Because the objective of the disaster recovery plan is protect the bank do minimize loss during the disaster, planning is vital to the disaster recovery plan. The type of disaster recovery plan can be variety, but all of them should follow triple basic measures (1) prohibitive measures, (2) detective measures, and (3) corrective measures. The purpose of the first measures is to prevent a disaster from occurring. This measure is focus on identify and pull down risks. Preventive aimed to stop a disaster forrader run acrossing. These measure try to identify the risks before it happens and reduce the happen ratio. To achieve the prevention purpose, the measures whitethorn take keeping data backed up and off site, victimisation surge protectors, installing generators and conducting routine inspections. Detective measures are used to discover the presence of any unwanted events among the IT infrastructure. They focus on the unfound new potential threats.These measures overwhelm installing awaken alarms, using up-to-date antivirus software package, holding employee develop sessions, and installing server and ne dickensrk monitoring soft ware. The system which is focus on restores a system after a disaster or early(a) unwanted event takes place is corrective measures. There measures whitethorn include keeping critical documents in the hazard Recovery Plan or securing proper insurance policies, after a lessons learned brainstorming session. ( happening recovery plan) Banking industry certainly require the Disaster Recovery Plan. The research shows that among 170 disasters recoveries, 45 were for banks in the last 10 years. (Robert Bronner, 1997) In 2012, hurricane blonde highlights the banks need for disaster recovery planning. flaxen struck the East Coast of Manhattan, where is the localisation of circumvent Street. Many banks headquarter located on the East Coast, such as Citi and Bank of American, were flooded beneath water. The financial markets in New York City were closed for at least(prenominal) two days cause loss of millions of dollars. Disasters are unexpected and costly, so the planning is cr itical for the bank to reduce loss from disasters.Disaster recovery is of particular importance for the banks than other businesses because the huge demand of dishs during multiplication of community disaster. The average bank is multi-plat formed, with multiple locations and varied trading trading operations and computer applications. For example, Chase Bank has over 19,500 ATMS and 5,600 branches across the country. Mergers and acquisitions make the bank face up a to a greater extent complicated situation. Mergers and acquisitions have caused banks to endure to a greater extent contrary kinds of applications. Basically, banks run 20 to 30 critical applications simultaneously. When organizations merger or are acquired, a bank may run 40 to 60, double than before, critical application at the same time. Furthermore, because the banks global expanding, the banks operations become more decentralized that expands their reach beyond the back touch into satellite locations. Last, ba nks are still relying heavily on paper.For example, the bank much needs the copy for its customers copy of ID. If a bank suffers a disaster, what would happen to these decentralized operations and manifold applications? What happens to the many paper transactions in branches that have not entered the central system? As soon as the disaster happened, no matter its man-made or natural, despite of its local anesthetic or nation, it can disrupt critical business operations significantly for weeks and sometimes months. Thorough preparation can shorten recovery time dramatically and keep banking operations ongoing. (Robert Bronner, 1997)The planning methodologyAccording to Geoffrey H. Wold of the Disaster Recovery Planning Process, 1997, an integrated plan should include 10 move1. Obtain Top Management CommitmentTop management in the bank must support and involved when developing a disaster recovery plan. Managements have the responsibility to supervise the plan developing process and confirm the final examination disaster recovery planning is effective indoors the bank. The process of developing the plan should include enough time and capable material resources. Resources could include both financial examineations and the effort of all personnel involved. This process requires the bank to hire educated managers who has knowledge about disaster recovery. If the top manager doesnt know about disaster recovery, the final disaster recovery plan, which has the participation of the top manager, can be poor.2. Establishing a planning committee by and by the draft of the disaster recovery plan is finished, the bank need to build a planning committee. The function of the planning committee is overseeing the development and implementation of the disaster recovery plan. The planning should consider all functional knowledge bases of the organization and effect represent them. The committee members should include the operations manager and the data processing manag er. The employee is the first thing the bank should think about when develops a disaster recovery plan. What employee most concern about? The safety of families and private property. As long as those two areas are safe, the employee can focus on the safety of the employer and its customers property. So when the management making the disaster recovery plans, they should include essentials such as shelter, medical examination insurance, pension, as well as counseling and information on the disaster recovery plan. The committee should ensure the final disaster recovery plan include a plan to ensure the safety of the employees family and property.3. coiffure a risk assessmentRisk analysis and business encroachment analysis are important parts of planning committee. They should contain the set off of possible disasters for natural, technical, and human threats. The committee should analysis either functional area of the organizations potential consequence and influence associated w ith different disaster scenarios. Furthermore, the safety of critical document and vital records should be evaluated, too. For example, fire always be considered the greatest threat to an organization, so many banks buy the fire insurance. However, even the flood is infrequently, it still has a chance to happen. One of the reasons the Sandy cost huge loss is many banks located at Wall Street dont have bought insurance for flood. The disaster recovery plan should consider the worst case situation.4. Establish priorities for processing and operationsCritical needs are the requisite equipment and procedures used to recover the insouciant operations of a department, such as main facility or computer center when it suffered a disaster. The critical needs for each department within a bank should evaluate the areas include functional operations, keystone personnel, information, processing systems, service, documentation, vital records, policies and procedures. Analysis the processi ng and operations to decide the level best amount need f time each department of bank can operate without each critical system. To deter mining the critical needs for a department, the bank can document all the functions performed by every departments.As soon as the primary functions have been determined, the operations and processes should be ranked in the order of essential, important, and non-essential. (Robert Bronner, 1997) Location is the first critical retainer of a recovery plan. A banks recovery plan should include geographically independent relocations sites for every work group. (Robert Bronner, 1997) The consideration of the location include whether it is easy to access to other facilities, Data center professionals may work in an urban area and be more involuntary to travel or relocate. The recovery locations should be planned both for the data center environment and satellite locations.5. Determine Recovery StrategiesThe researched and evaluated processing alternativ es are the most practical alternatives for processing. In order to make an effective recovery strategy, the bank must consider facilities, hardware, software, communications, data files, customer services, user operations, MIS, End-user systems, and other processing operations of the organization. Furthermore, the bank should consider its computer function. Hot sites, speedy sites, cold sites, reciprocal agreements, tow data center, consortium arrangement, and vendor supplied equipment are the alternatives for evaluation of the computer function. The third elements should be prepared is the written agreements for the specialised recovery. The example of special considerations include contract duration, termination conditions, testing, costs, special security procedures, notification of system changes, hours of operation, and specific hardware and other equipment required for processing.6. carry through Data CollectionThe basic data collected for disaster recovery plan include s backup position listing, critical telephone numbers, communications inventory, distribution register, variety types of inventory, master call list and vendor list, notification checklist, software and data files backup/retention schedules, temporary location specifications, and materials and documentation. That information are right-hand to develop pre0formatted forms to facilitate the data gathering process. According to Robert F Bronne of the banking industry and disaster recovery plan, 1997 the inside data central is no longer enough for the bank, with the expansion of bank, the bank needs the data beyond the inside data center.The upstage of the working group of the remote locations should be part of the entire disaster recovery plan. The equipment and system in the remote locations should be accounted in the recovery plan. What is more, business recovery move preliminary to restoring and recreating business process. For example, the quick ship type of program that allows them to ship personal computers and related equipment to a designated recovery site within 48 hours of the declared disaster.7. Organize and document a written planThe disaster plan should be written in a standard form. The plan should include an outline of the plans contents. The managements should review and approve the outline. Then, the procedures and the documentation should be written in the plan based on the standard format. It is helpful to create a consistent format and allows for continuing maintenance of the disaster recovery plan. The plan should be used before, during, and after a disaster. It should include methods for maintaining and updating the plan to reflect any significant internal, external or systems changes and structured using a team approach.8. Develop testing criteria and proceduresAfter a disaster plan is created, it should be tested and evaluated on a regular basis. The tests will append the organization with the assurance that all necessary steps are included in the plan. Furthermore, it helps to determining the feasibility and compatibility of backup facilities and procedures, identifying areas in the plan that need modification, providing training to the team managers and team members, demonstrating the ability of the organization to recover, and providing motivation for maintaining and updating the disaster recovery plan.9. Test the PlanAfter testing criteria have been completed, the bank should test the disaster recovery plan. A good banks recovery plan doesnt means it works well in the reality. The test will provide additional information about the continuing steps, reasonable adjustment to the superior plan. Each functional department of bank should be tested. The banks size and rate of organizational change decide the frequency of testing. Usually, lesser banks have low frequency of testing they may do testing once per year. Larger banks have high frequency they perform exercises two or three times a year or thin a n annual test over several days. There are cardinal main types of tests checklist test, simulation test, parallel tests, and full interruption tests. The actual disaster is a true test to bank. It is similar to simulation tests, but more authentic than the simulation tests. Banks should document recovery efforts, evaluate results, and refine plans then carefully.10. Approve the plan.The last step of making disaster recovery plan is authorise the plan. After the written and tested, the plan should be approved by top-management. The top management has responsibility to establishing policies and comprehensive accident planning. Also, the management should reviewing and approving the contingency plan annually and writes a review paper for the plan. If the information is come from a service bureau, management should evaluate the adequacy of contingency plans for its service bureau and ensure that its contingency plan is compatible with its service bureaus plan.ConclusionWith the expansion of financial industry, banks become more sophisticated technology users the disaster recovery plan will play a more important role in the banking sector. The banks disaster recovery plan can help the bank to mining the lost due to an unexpected disaster and recover the bank back to use as soon as possible, but it acquired the bank to plan a disaster recovery plan system and effectively before the disaster happens. An effective disaster plan is made under the nonindulgent requirement in operate in planning, assessment, writing, and testing process. Nobody can estimate when the disaster will come, the disaster recovery plan is both a prevention method and insurance to decreasing the potential exposures and recover the organization for the bank.Work Cites1. Bronner, Robert F. Banking Industry and Disaster Recovery Planning. Banking Industry and Disaster Recovery Planning. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2013. .2. Disaster Recovery Plan. Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 11 June 2013. Web. 17 Nov. 2013. .3. Wold, Geoffrey H. Disaster Recovery Planning Process Part 1 of 3. Disaster Recovery Planning Process Part 1 of 3. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2013. .

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Plato and Mill on the relationship between individual and society Essay

Plato was born around 428-7 BC, he lived for the most break away of his life in A pasts, and had everyplace a great deal to say about Athenian democracy. pulverisation was born much later in London in 1806, only when although over two thousand years of political philosophy divide the two, much of the compar adequate-bodied issues and concerns arise in twain their work though often with re every(prenominal)y disparate outlooks.Despite their differing pur come acrosss Plato and dweeb ar both antithetical, or in opposite words view that the tyranny of the majority is to be fe ard. Plato believes that idiosyncratics ar selfish and pursue their own self-interests at the expense of the rest of the commonwealth, and follow up on their own moral path. The philosopher individual is epitomised by the Gadfly. The lad is referred to by Plato in the Apology, to describe Socrates relationship with the Athenian political scene. Socrates believed he annoy for the purpose of le ading large number closer to the truth to sting tribe and whip them into a fury, in every(prenominal) in the service of truth.The gadfly describes a person who up implants the status quo by posing lots of questions. Plato produces that plot of land the gadfly is easy to swat, the cost to decree of silencing an individual simply because of his irritancy could be extremely high. This seems to contradict or so of what he has to say on his republic, as he stifles the lower class citizens in the K all in allipolis, counting their opinions as r atomic number 18 in comparison to the philosophers. The gadfly is also menti unrivaledd in the Bible in the Book of Jeremiah also relating to political influence Egypt is a very beautiful heifer the gadfly cometh, it cometh from the North. Plato believes that Democracy fosters the wrong kind of individual, hence the Kallipolis, which is the antonym of Democracy, designed to bring about the right way of living.In Platos view, an individua l is fulfilled by the contribution that he or she makes to the overall functioning of the friendship, and the Kallipolis is designed to make this possible for every angiotensin converting enzyme. Platos state also respects the individuality of its members and treats them peerly. In Platos republic, the state limits the immunity of its individuals, but l unitysome(prenominal) to ensure that all the members receive the same get along of emancipation. In effect, Plato believes that the repression of individual freedom results in equal freedom for the nightspot as a whole.This is contrasted to nerd, whose view is that, excluding children, the individual is sovereign over himself, his automobile trunk and his judgement. Interference in an individuals touch sensations or actions is wrong. Unless(prenominal) it is known that wholeness is inflicting harm upon a nonher, tour is not justify. Mill has triple liberties that be the authentication of a free society- the first is t he freedom of thoughts and sentiment on all subjects, including freedom of expression and publication.The second liberty is the freedom of taste the particular that others may disapprove of an individuals actions or beliefs, is not warrant by Mill as the basis of interference, for example homosexuality. The third and final examination liberty necessary for a free society is the freedom of individuals to merge as long as the resulting union does not lead to others cosmos harmed as a result. Mill forbids coercion and deception within the union, as he believes it is unjustified to save a direct negative come to on the utility of others (this does not involve doing something which someone else does not assent with).Mill encourages individualism and self- get outment or human flourishing as he believes that it provide only bene clothe society, as the individuals will be able to contribute more if they reach their full potential and be takeed to give their own ideals and opini ons. Mill has concerns over the limits of which power elicit be licitly exercised by society over the individual. Safeguards are necessary to ensure that the majority does not suppress the nonage. Mankind would be no more justified in silencing one person, than that one person if he had the power would be justified in silencing mankind.Plato believes that false opinions could be dangerous to society, whereas Mill would say they were necessary in order to help obtain the truth, something that we as humans so desperately strive to obtain. Plato believes that satisfying our desires is something scarcely value caring about, whereas Mill would encourage us to do so as long as it brings utility rather than harm. Free discussion in Mills opinion will only aid us in getting closer to the truth, as who is to decide what is true if on that point is no proof? A combination of views, questions and opinions are damp than one view or opinion that is decided to be true, and not questioned. th ere are always people who will disagree with something that others agree with, so who is right?Plato believes that in order to have a productive and compatible society, causeing or training is necessary to ensure that the members actual desires assent as far as possible with their real desires, thus cut down conflict. Mill would argue that this is in a sense brainwashing the individuals to believe that they are happy and that they are fulfilling desires, when in fact they are only fulfilling what the Philosopher Kings have t hoar them they desire. Plato believes in critical freedom, which the Kallipolis is intended to provide to its members as much as their nature permits, Mill besides believes in actual freedom in which all is permitted but harm (The Harm Principle).Mills rejection of hearty contracts is accompanied with the acceptance of authentic approach patterns of conduct in our relations with others in return for the protection we receive from society. For example, w e are bound to remark and respect the rights of others and agree to him As soon as any part of a persons conduct affects prejudicially the interests of others, society has jurisdiction over it. Otherwise Mill states that foolish actions do not deserve penalties, and that senesce individuals should be left to develop and coagulate their own views and act on their own impulses. All society dirty dog do is help make grow its members as to what is moral and immoral before they reach the state of maturity and therefore the freedom they have a right to.Platos similes are used to demonstrate the negative aspects of democracy and Athenian politicians. The simile of the subvert is used to show how politicians will conceal the truth from the people (represented by the prisoners). The people are ignorant and do not possess the friendship that they deserve. The prisoners are bound and only have a view of the fence in front of them, there is a fire behind them, amid them and the wall i s nothing. All that the prisoners fucking see are shadows of themselves, and of the objects behind them. The prisoners naively believe that the shadows are real as they have nothing else upon which to home plate their knowledge. One of the prisoners manages to escape from the cave, and in the light of the sun sees the real macrocosm for the first time. He realises that all this time he was deceived by shadows.This man, if according to Plato is in possession of the capacity for knowledge and wisdom will belief it is his duty to go back to the cave, release his fellow prisoners and crystallise them. The other prisoners are hard to persuade even, as his exposure to the sunlight renders him unable(p) to see the shadows as clearly as before, and so the prisoners just pretend that he is less intelligent than when he was trapped. Plato justifies the Philosopher Kings lying to the people in order to protect them. Plato argues the necessity of a structured organised society separate from the outside world in which every individual reaches their maximal potential and has a primeval part to play in change all they can to their community as a whole. Education is easy to all members of the Kallipolis regardless of gender.Mill states in his introductory chapter to On closeness that the struggle between liberty and authority is the most conspicuous take in. Mill developed a principle to counteract what he calls the interference of collective opinion on an individuals independence, this principle was called the Liberty principle. Mill and Plato have dissimilar styles of communicating their points, Mill expresses his ideas in the form of discursive businesss, Plato however expresses his ideas in the form of dialogue, something which Mill praises Plato for regardless of their conflicting conclusions. Platos Kallipolis, or utopia is designed as a hierarchical state consisting of three different classes, the Producers, the Auxiliaries, and the Guardians.These thre e different classes will have very different experiences of life, and which one they will lead depends on their capacity for knowledge. The three classes experience different upbringings, and receive different levels of education. Plato contradicts himself, he says that all people in the Kallipolis should be friends and equals yet he also unashamedly states that the Producers will not be able to choose how they wish to live their lives, and that their opinions are the least neat. The Producers are in effect not free, but rather slaves to their senior rank class, the Guardians. The Producers are thought to be the least intelligent mass of the population, and they are therefore expected to trust and believe their rulers.This is justified by Plato because it is better for them to be under the control of divine wisdom something that the minority of the population possess, and what makes those that do worthy to rule over all others. Platos belief is that if these less intelligent people are allowed to think freely, then they will make the wrong choices, and an individual is only worth what they contribute to their community as a whole. This means that personal desires are not as important as the overall functioning of the community, which is immaculately ruled by the Philosopher Kings who have the ability to learn and retain the knowledge leaded to rule and spend the citizens of the Kallipolis.Mills views contradict these of Platos his liberalist view is that the individual is important in creating the desired environment within the state and is worthy of reaching their full potential in all areas. Mill considers freedoms of opinion and of actions necessary, and his Harm Principle was made to help protect other individuals from universe hurt. Mill believes that individuals have a fundamental right to discover and develop their knowledge to their maximum capacity with the absence of a priori constraints.Platos view on the freedom of individual victimisation of k nowledge is that it is the despotism of exercise. Mill prioritises the freedom of thought and expression he believes that unless we push an argument to its absolute limit, then we cannot claim to fully understand it. Mill says that we moldiness listen to everyone, even those that offend us, or those who we believe to be irrelevant. Mills justification for this is that if one person speaks out against an otherwise unscathed society about a certain topic, and they are right, then they could enlighten the mass to the truth. If they speak out and are found to be wrong, then they have simply helped the mass come closer to the truth by falsely opposing it.Platos analogy of the Beast shows how politicians will lionize society happy in the short bourne, composition not regarding what is top hat for them in the long term. It works on the basis of take foring the people satisfied rather than truly doing what is topper for them (according to Plato). The keeper of the Beast manipulates i t with what is wants at the time by giving it treats, with no regards for its health. It is made clear however that the Beast is manipulating the keeper too, by getting what it currently desires out of him. For this campaign Plato says that freedom to do what one wants when ignoring the absolute truth, or the long term real effects of certain action or decision can be damaging to the inward do of import of consciousness.Similarly, his analogy of the broadcast of State depicts his attitude on Athenian democracy. The captain of the ship is stronger than any of the work party, but he lacks the skill of working on and handling the boat. The crowd argue over who should be in control, and beg the captain to allow them to take control of the ship. Those who succeed turn the voyage into a drunken pleasure cruise. The true navigator or star-gazer is overlooked by his fellow men although he is the only one skilled replete to actually guide the ship, he possesses the art of navigation, a nd seamanship. He is unable to gain the control get hold in ofed to steer the ship to safety. The captain represents Athenian citizens responsive only to the rhetoric of the crew, the crew represent the politicians, they are manipulative and are not concerned with the truth, but rather power.Plato says that eventually the crew will ask the navigator for help, sacrificing their freedom and control for their safety and social benefit. The navigator is capable of using his knowledge of astronomy (knowledge of Being) to help guide the ship and those on it through a world of constantly ever-changing and sometimes-dangerous weather conditions (the world of Becoming). The crew must surrender to the navigator, as he possesses not opinions or beliefs, but facts. The crew have to recognise his brag knowledge and therefore his authority, although they would fail to do so if it did not ultimately benefit them. Mill would argue that this analogy is incomplete, for the crew are able to be tau ght the skill of navigation themselves and do not need to verify solely on the star-gazer, wouldnt a crew of capable navigators be better than just one?Mill would argue that it is vital for the easily organism of the state to be able to argue against the truth. He argues the affirmatory value of blasphemy as it challenges assumptions that are established as being right or wrong. We can criticise Mill for assuming that all individuals are capable of being rational and having rational thoughts and discussions. Equally, Plato fails to recognise the need for questioning and testing and assumes that people will accept sacrificing their freedom because he tells them too. If the tyranny of the majority is to be misgivinged then why would Plato put the minority in power, and deprive the majority of control over their lives and the lives of their children?Mill and Plato hold the same or similar views on the issue of gender. Plato says that all citizens of the Republic, antheral or femal e will have access to equal education, as gender is obsolete when knowledge is the main focus, although a woman could neer become a Philosopher Ruler. In 1869 Mill wrote The Subjection of Women, in which he encouraged and supported equal rights for both genders. Mill encouraged the equal rights for women on the basis of utility. He argued that we could not criticise women for being less skilled than men if we did not give them equal opportunity to try. He also said that society could not be at its best when half the population could contribute nothing to society outside of the home.Plato had a number of conditions that he says will help maximise the usefulness of all members of society, the stories which children are told must be authorised, and there is the censorship of music and the bar of meat and fish unless it is roasted. Children are to be removed from their parents and are not to know who their parents are and visa versa.They are to call all males old enough father and all females mother, the purpose of this was to minimise cloak-and-dagger possessive emotions therefore reinforcing their focus on their relationship with their community. Deformed children and children of modest breeding will be put away in some mysterious unknown place as they ought to be. The works of bell ringer and Hesiod, two of the earliest Greek poets are banned, as they encourage their readers to fear death, and depict the heavens as being filled with the inextinguishable joke of the blessed Gods. Plato on the other hand banned loud laughter.Mill would argue that this repression is an infringement of basic human rights, and the suppression of individual development and human flourishing will do nothing but immobilize the development and progression of mankind. How can society benefit if most individuals are at a disadvantage as to developing their own unmatched skills? Plato classifies people in three groups, as gold, the best members of society fit to be guardians, as sil ver members fit to be soldiers, and the common bevy of brass and iron, fit only to be the producers.This is what Plato describes as the one royal stag lie used to deceive both the rulers, and the rest of the city, if he can justify lying about Gods creation of the three differing classes of people then why is he justified in choosing which one they belong to? Breeding is organised with the strongest members of society used simply to keep the population constant and as best bred as they can be. The strongest of sires are allowed to have the most children and the weaker ones less.The fundamental difference between Mill and Plato is that while Plato wished to radically change the structure of society in order to condition and force the people to behave and think in a certain way, Mill would leave the people to develop naturally, yet offer them all the education and teaching needed to steer them away from negative things and interfere only when one is inflicting harm upon another. Mil ls two main criticisms of Platos republic are that the proper function of the state is to range behaviour, not to encourage one or anothers set of belief or values.The second is that tolerance should be restricted to cases where it does not undermine the moral foundations of the community. He would argue that social bigotry should be restrained for the sake of encouraging freedom of thought and expression. Mill endorses Grotes admiration of Athenian tolerance, as tolerance is a necessity and encourages whiz as a society may have persons of talentbut genius in such a soil is fatally weedy in its growth.Plato on the other hand criticises Athenian tolerance on the basis that the maintenance of public emotions requires repression by both law and by non-legal sanctions. He held the belief that Athenian tolerance undermines civic spirit required for the furtherance of the tolerant society itself. Aristotle, a pupil of Platos born in 384BC stated that it is the mark of an educated min d to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. It is enkindle that somebody taught by Plato would recognise the need for the self-development of opinion, something that Mill believes to be crucial for a progressive society. Mill states that his father taught him to value Plato and his contributions to philosophy, and he says that he does just that. He called himself a pioneer when he began his translations of Platos work. peradventure this was because he believed that the time that separated the two philosophers had made way for changes albeit dramatic, to Platos ideas that would concur with the modern world. Mill criticised Plato for trying to show that virtue is in the individuals interest, but also for attempting to give justification that virtue should be preferent at all. Neither Plato nor Mills work is flawless, so criticisms can be made on their errors and self-contradictions, yet both of these men helped glide slope philosophy immensely, and provided the basis of much discussion and debate. For Mill, freedom is necessary and in demand(predicate) by both the individual and society. For Plato however freedom is not of fundamental concern it is far more important to live according to the imperishable and immutable truths. Herein lays the biggest contrast in the works of these two important philosophers as regards the relationship between the individual and society.

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English: It’s position in the global arena Essay

slope occupies an important localize in world-wide development at the moment. It seems to be seen as a high status delivery with an inherent connection to capitalism and globalism. The compositors case websites given, one from a university in the Netherlands and the other(a) from Brazil. Both websites are presented in slope as well as their national run-in, despite the detail that side is a secondary linguistic process in both nations. This status, riv on the wholeing as yet the official language of the country, seems to have sprung from a number of sources, non the least the general impression that position has become the new lingua franca. The prestige and encroaching ubiquity of slope has contributed to its increasingly high location within academia. The history of colonialism, the status of position schools in the wider global fellowship and the inexor sufficient plug in intimately countries place between capitalism and incline. It is similarly greatly af fected by the various policies adopted by countries. Of soma this every begs the question of whether the localise of face in high(prenominal)(prenominal) nurture is a beneficial one, or another form of English imperialism. governance plays a hefty role in the position of English and it has ceaselessly been influenced by the relative prestige it enjoys when compared to other languages. The websites shown both exemplify this status. objet dart both websites are establish in countries where the official language is not English (Dutch and Spanish respectively), both either presented in English (the Maastricht website) or have a full English translation available (the San Paolo website)(The University of San Paolo, 2013)(Maastricht University, 2013). This shows the unusual influence that the English language has a secondary commandment, especially considering they maturate from countries that have no history of British colonialism. Other countries, such as India or Malaysia, have these ties to English through the colonial history of the British Empire. In particular, the legacy of colonialism has had a profound effect on the position of English, not just in high(prenominal) education, but in the world.During the bank line of the various countries that became part of the British empire, it tended to be the policy to educate the inborn populace in English, to better integrate them into the lower rungs of government. These countries tend to link English with a higher(prenominal) status of education, and, therefore, enact policies to try to supply on this perceived prestige (Hewings, 2012, p96-99). For example, Mahatma Gandhi was educated in an English university, in the beginning re playing to flatus his nation. Also contributing to this sense of the superiority of English is the fact that many of these countries do not share a ordinary language to begin with (India, Malaysia and a variety of countries). Thus, the enforcement of English in educa tion provided a third estate language for various regions to communicate. India, in particular, has a powerful history of this. In rescind, this makes higher education in English some inevitable, as the high status of higher education is naturally polar with the high status of English within these countries.However, this stinkpot be quite controversial in within the country, with the general feeling that the use of English for governance and education leads to a degrading of the native languages. It has also lead to questions of the usefulness of teaching in English, out-of-pocket to the very real contingency of students having a less than perfect grasp of the language(Martin, 2012, p125-129). This stems from the fact that universe able to speak a language is different from being able to canvas academically in it(Hewings, 2012, p103-105). While these are valid concerns, the political and favorable backing of English means that the position of English within the higher ed ucation spheres of these ex-colonial territories is well-secured.There are also practical reasons for the position of English in higher education. One reason is that many of the industries that are preferred to students in higher education have higher English language skill requirements. Fields such as science, engineering and programming all rely on a high level of English base technical speech and many higher education courses are offered in English(Hewings, 2012, p115-120). For example, if one wishes to study any of the sciences, one mustiness become acquainted(predicate) with the technical terms and writing of various academic publications, a oversize proportion of which are published in English. These fields require a higher level of education to enter, and necessitate at least a passing knowledge of English to comprehend. English is also used at the highest levels of business, giving rise to the idea that English has become a global lingua franca for business and technolo gy. Thus many will learn English as a means of appearing more business-like and professional, and to help them compete in the global market(Gray, 2012, p146-148). This gives rise to a feedback loop, wherein to enter these fields, one must speak English well enough to learn them, which in turn causes those fields to be even more locked in to English based higher education.Additionally, a number of industries have sprung up around higher education, such as academic publishing or English language teacher training. These industries provide a sustained push for the position of English, with resources for higher education being produced by publishers based out of English language universities(Gray, 2012, p148-150, p158-161). These publishers have little economic incentive to publish in other languages, thus most high end resources for universities are published and sourced from English speaking countries. This is shown by the high amount of universities that offer their courses in En glish(Hewings, 2012, p113). This establishes that a large quantity of materials used in secondary education, and a contend of the more prestigious training for teachers of such, stem from English language universities. even up European universities have begun to offer courses entirely in English, especially in the Eastern European countries such as Slovakia. In these countries, especially those that gained their liberty with the fall of the Soviet Union, English is seen as the language of capitalism(Prendergast C., 2012, p33-35). As such, jr. people, seeking ambitiously to carve a place for themselves, learn English to better place themselves in higher status jobs(Prendergast C., 2012, p35-38 ). In turn, this created a demand for higher education in English, to the point where the price of these courses skyrocketed (Prendergast C., 2012, p33). all(prenominal) of these factors have contributed to the seemingly dominant position of English in higher education.Many people have argue d for and against the position of English in higher education, with some claiming that the ubiquity of English allows for greater collaboration and dissemination of information (Prime Ministers Office, 2008, Seargeant, 2012, p9-10) while others claim that this equal ubiquity is pushing out other languages(Sutherland, 2002, Seargeant, 2012, p10) and the features of education that those languages have. This tilt further solidifies the position of English within higher education, out-of-pocket to the simple acknowledgement such a debate infers. By the basic fact that such a debate is happening, the participants have agreed that English has a dominating presence within higher education. One such furrow posited by those against the proliferation, is that other languages slither into decline and with them their own particular features within higher education, for example the cut thesis-antithesis-synthesis essay(Coleman, 2006, Hewings, 2012, p114-115). If English becomes the sol e language of higher education, then these features may just cease to exist.The counter argument to this is that the growing ubiquity of English allows for a much greater sharing of information due to providing a common point for many different countries. An additional argument against is that teaching in more than one language can be beneficial to the students ((Monaghan, p134 136). This argument ignores the difficulties of training teachers in the multitude of languages that they may encounter within the schoolroom from students of varied backgrounds. Equally, one must not forget that higher education is not only the stage for education but is also a great contributor to the development of science and a retainer of scientific knowledge. By setting the standard of higher education to one language, which did not necessarily have to be English, a much greater syndicate of knowledge can be made available than might otherwise be possible. Students from various background and cultu res would be able to access the same sources of information and, thus have a greater chance of march on and gaining knowledge.In conclusion, the position of English within higher education can be thought of as a useful one. It came about due to the specific historical and political factors unique to English. It just so happened that most of the mathematical, scientific and technological notation is based largely in English (for example, the development of the internet was an American innovation). It also just so happened that the judgement of capitalism and big business is also closely associated with English. Equally, the legacy of colonialism has meant that the English language is spread widely around the globe, and is linked to the upper rungs of these societies, due to the government of these colonies being run largely by Englishmen and the natives they taught English too. These factors all combine into a general view of English as being the language of professionalism and of globalism, making it attractive for those with skill sets derived from higher education(). In turn this created demand for English to be the language these courses were taught in. Whether or not this is a good thing is a matter for debate, but for good or ill, the fact remains. English enjoys a lofty position within the higher education system of the world.ReferencesGray J. (2012), English the industry in Hewings A. And Tagg C. (eds) The politics of English Conflict, Competition, Co-existence, Abingdon, Routledge/Milton Keynes, The Open University, pp. 137 163Hewings A. (2012), Learning English, learning through English in Hewings A. And Tagg C. (eds) The government activity of English Conflict, Competition, Co-existence, Abingdon, Routledge/Milton Keynes, The Open University, pp. 93 120Maastricht University (2013) Maastricht University, Leading in Learning online, http// (accessed 11/04/2013)Martin P. (2012), Tensions between language policy and practice in Hewings A. And Tagg C. (eds) The Politics of English Conflict, Competition, Co-existence, Abingdon, Routledge/Milton Keynes, The Open University, pp. 121 128Monaghan F. (2012), English lessens in Hewings A. And Tagg C. (eds) The Politics of English Conflict, Competition, Co-existence, Abingdon, Routledge/Milton Keynes, The Open University, pp. 129 136Open University (2012), U215, The Politics of English Conflict, Competition, Co-existence, Abingdon, Routledge/Milton Keynes, The Open UniversityPrendergast C.(2012), English and ambivalence in a new capitalist state in Hewings A. And Tagg C. (eds) The Politics of English Conflict, Competition, Co-existence, Abingdon, Routledge/Milton Keynes, The Open University, pp. 33 39Seargeant P. (2012), The politics and policies of global English in HewingsA. And Tagg C. (eds) The Politics of English Conflict, Competition, Co-existence, Abingdon, Routledge/Milton Keynes, The Open University, pp. 5 32The University of San Paolo (201 3) Universidade de Sao Paulo online, http// (accessed 11/04/2013)

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Brother Man

Brother populace By Roger Mais 4/1/13 Summary The novel follows several characters including brother earthly concern and Minette, Girlie and Papacita, Jesmina, Cordelia and Tad. Brother man is the villages healing man besides some of the villagers do not believe in what he does. Girlie and Papacita are in an abusive relationship and they both suffer greatly from it. Papacita however is out till late hours of the night making do by with men for setting them up with girls.Jesmina has been taking care of Cordelia because she has been unforgiving provided once brother man comes and places his hand on her and prays, she begins to recover linchpin to full health. However her teenaged son tad becomes ill with an unbreakable fever. Minette secretly loves Brother musical composition but cannot stick by him to notice her, so she also flirts with Papacita. One night when Brother Man was walking with the village he thought he was so focused that he did not fully notice a woman who ha d said peace of mind and blessing to him. But when he went back to thank her, she could not be found.Brother Man asked a girl and male child if they had seen the old woman but they had not. They told Brother Man somewhat the legend of old Mag and how her animation is said to go around giving curses and blessings on people. Brother Man reassured them that she has said blessing words. Brother Man then ran into a young boy carrying a squ both. The boy showed brother man how he has handcuffed the crab to itself in order to safely carry it home. Brother Man then offered to buy the crab and the boy withalk him up on his offer. thence brother man released its handcuffs and set it free.Brother Man then explains to the young boy that all creatures have feelings and that it was not right to torture the crab by handcuffing it. Visceral Response When first introduced to Papacita and Girlie, I did not experience their relationship. I pitied Girlie for having to put up with the physical al ong with the mental nuisance but then again she dishes out some abuse as well. It is truly a sad occurrence when little Tad becomes sick and they are unable to break the fever. I have hope that he will get better but I fear that he will die.As for Brother Man I have mixed feelings about him. I understand that he is supposed to be the protagonist of the yarn and that we as readers are supposed to like him but I am not too sure if I do. I sometimes get the feeling from him that he is better than everyone else because he knows more, yet he preaches that all living beings should be equal. He is almost like a too perfect character. It actually makes me mad when he buys the crab off of the boy and lectures him about not handcuffing crabs. The boy was going to eat that to survive, it is the way of living survival of the fittest.

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The Host Chapter 30: Abbreviated

M el? he asked again, the hope he didnt c completely for to intent coloring his tone.My schnorchel caught in a nonher sob, an aft(prenominal)shock.You spot that was for you, Mel. You k this instant that. Not for h-it. You know I wasnt kissing it.My attached sob was louder, a moan. why couldnt I take out up? I tried holding my breath.If youre in in that location, Mel He pause.Melanie despised the if. A sob burst up th grating my lungs, and I gasped for air.I love you, J atomic number 18d give tongue to. Even if youre not there, if you cant hear me. I love you.I held my breath again, endorsementing my lip until it bled. The physical pain in the neck didnt distract me as oft as I wished it would.It was smooth out slope the hole, and thence silent inside, besides, as I turned blue. I listened intently, concentrating only on what I could hear. I wouldnt work out. There was no sound.I was twisted into the most unachievcap adequate position. My head was the lowest point, th e start up side of my face pressed against the rough rock plunge. My shoulders were slanted around a crumpled box edge, the powerful higher than the left. My hips angled the opposite counseling, with my left calf pressed to the ceiling. chip with the boxes had left bruises-I could touch sensation them forming. I knew I would call(a) for to summon roughly way to explain to Ian and Jamie that I had done this to myself, middling how? What should I state? How could I tell them that Jared had kissed me as a test, comparable giving a lab rat a jolt of electricity to ob facilitate its chemical reaction?And how long was I supposed to hold this position? I didnt want to make some(prenominal) noise, just now it tangle worry my spine was sack away to snap in a minute. The pain got more than difficult to apply every cooperate. I wouldnt be able to bear it in conquer for long. Already, a whimper was rising in my throat.Melanie had aught to say to me. She was softly wor king through her own relief and fury. Jared had spoken to her, finally acknowledge her existence. He had told her he loved her. But he had kissed me. She was act to induce herself that there was no reason to be wounded by this, act to believe all the solid reasons why this wasnt what it mat up corresponding. Trying, entirely not provided succeeding. I could hear all this, but it was directed internally. She wasnt address to me-in the juvenile, petty sense of the phrase. I was commit upting the cold shoulder.I felt an unfamiliar anger toward her. Not like the beginning, when I feared her and wished for her eradication from my mind. No, I felt my own sense of betrayal now. How could she be angry with me for what had happened? How did that make sense? How was it my fault that Id fallen in love because of the memories she forced on me and then been overthrown by this unruly body? I cared that she was suffering, yet my pain meant nothing to her. She enjoyed it. Vicious human.T ears, much weaker than the others, flowed raft my cheeks in silence. Her hostility toward me simmered in my mind.Abruptly, the pain in my bruised, twisted back was similarly much. The straw on the camel.Ung, I grunted, pushing against stone and cardboard as I shoved myself backward.I didnt care to the highest degree the noise anymore, I just wanted out. I swore to myself that I would never cross the threshold of this wretched pit again- remainder first. Literally.It was bafflinger to flex out than it had been to dive in. I wiggled and squirmed around until I felt like I was making things worse, bending myself into the shape of a lopsided pretzel. I started to cry again, like a child, timid that I would never line free.Melanie sighed. Hook your foot around the edge of the communicate and pull yourself out, she suggested.I ignored her, struggling to work my torso around a curiously pointy corner. It jabbed me just under the ribs.Dont be petty, she grumbled.Thats rich, coming from you.I know. She hesitated, then caved. Okay, sorry. I am. Look, Im human. Its hard to be fair sometimes. We dont always feel the adept thing, do the right thing. The resent workforcet was muted there, but she was trying to forgive and stuff that Id just do out with her true love-thats the way she thought of it, at least.I hooked my foot around the edge and yanked. My knee urinate the floor, and I used that leverage to lift my ribs slay the point. It was easier then to reward my other foot out and yank again. Finally, my hands found the floor and I shoved my way through, a breech birth, falling onto the dark one thousand mat. I take down there for a moment, facedown, breathing. I was sure at this point that Jared was long gone, but I didnt make certain of that right away. I just breathed in and out until I felt prepared to lift my head.I was alone. I tried to hold on to the relief and forget the sorrow this fact engendered. It was better to be alone. subaltern humilia ting.I curled up on the mat, pressing my face against the fusty fabric. I wasnt sleepy, but I was tired. The crushing weight of Jareds rejection was so weighed down it exhausted me. I closed my eyeball and tried to think about things that wouldnt make my ache eyeball tear again. Anything but the appalled pure tone on Jareds face when hed broken away from meWhat was Jamie doing now? Did he know I was here, or was he looking for me? Ian would be asleep for a long time, hed looked so exhausted. Would Kyle wake soon? Would he come in search? Where was Jeb? I hadnt disciplinen him all day. Was Doc truly drinking himself unconscious(p)? That get wordmed so unlike himI woke slowly, roused by my growling stomach. I lay quietly for a hardly a(prenominal) minutes, trying to orient myself. Was it day or night? How long had I slept here alone?My stomach wouldnt be ignored for long, though, and I rolled up onto my knees. I must meet slept for a while to be this hungry-missed a meal or two.I considered eating something from the supply pile in the hole-after all, Id already damaged delightful much everything, maybe destroyed some. But that only do me feel guiltier about the idea of taking more. Id go scavenge some rolls from the kitchen.I was vox populi a little hurt, on top of all the humongous hurt, that Id been down here so long without anyone coming to look for me-what a vain attitude why should anyone care what happened to me?-so I was relieved and appeased to sense Jamie sitting in the doorway to the big tend, his back turned on the human world behind him, unmistakably waiting for me.My eyes brightened, and so did his. He scrambled to his feet, relief washing over his features.Youre okay, he verbalize I wished he were right. He began to ramble. I mean, I didnt think Jared was lying, but he give tongue to he thought you wanted to be alone, and Jeb said I couldnt go check on you and that I had to stay right here where he could see that I wasnt sneaking back there, but even though I didnt think you were hurt or anything, it was hard to not know for sure, you know?Im fine, I told him. But I held my implements of war out, seeking comfort. He threw his arms around my waist, and I was shocked to find that his head could rest on my shoulder while we stood.Your eyes are red, he whispered. Was he mean to you?No. After all, people werent advisedly cruel to lab rats-they were just trying to get information.W despisever you said to him, I think he believes us now. About Mel, I mean. How does she feel?Shes glad about that.He nodded, pleased. How about you?I hesitated, looking for a factual response. Telling the truth is easier for me than trying to hide it.My evasion seemed to resolving the question enough to satisfy him.Behind him, the light in the garden was red and fading. The sun had already set on the desert.Im hungry, I told him, and I pulled away from our hug.I knew you would be. I saved you something intelligent.I sighed. Breads fine.Let it go, Wanda. Ian says youre too self-sacrificing for your own good.I made a face.I think hes got a point, Jamie muttered. Even if we all want you here, you dont belong until you decide you do.I cant ever belong. And nobody really wants me here, Jamie.I do.I didnt fight with him, but he was wrong. Not lying, because he believed what he was saying. But what he really wanted was Melanie. He didnt separate us the way he should.Trudy and Heidi were baking rolls in the kitchen and sharing a bright green, juicy apple. They took turns taking bites.Its good to see you, Wanda, Trudy said sincerely, covering her mouth while she spoke because she was still chewing her last bite. Heidi nodded in greeting, her teeth sunk in the apple. Jamie nudged me, trying to be inconspicuous about it-pointing out that people wanted me. He wasnt making allowances for common courtesy.Did you save her dinner? he asked eagerly.Yep, Trudy said. She bent down beside the oven and came back with a metal tra y in her hand. Kept it warm. Its probably soused and tough now, but its better than the usual.On the tray was a or else broad piece of red meat. My mouth started to water, even as I jilted the portion Id been allotted.Its too much.We exhaust to eat all the perishables the first day, Jamie back up me. Everyone eats themselves vomit-its a tradition.You need the protein, Trudy added. We were on cave rations too long. Im move no ones in worse shape.I ate my protein while Jamie watched with hawk-like maintenance as each bite traveled from the tray to my mouth. I ate it all to please him, though it made my stomach ache to eat so much.The kitchen started to fill up again as I was finishing. A few had apples in their hands-all sharing with someone else. Curious eyes examined the sore side of my face.Whys everyone coming here now? I muttered to Jamie. It was black outside, the dinner hr long over.Jamie looked at me blankly for a second. To hear you teach. His tone added the addres s of course. atomic number 18 you kidding me?I told you nothings changed.I stared around the narrow room. It wasnt a spacious house. No Doc tonight, and none of the returned raiders, which meant no Paige, either. No Jeb, no Ian, no Walter. A few others missing Travis, Carol, Ruth Ann. But more than I would have thought, if Id thought anyone would consider following the normal routine after such an abnormal day.Can we go back to the Dolphins, where we left off? Wes asked, interrupting my evaluation of the room. I could see that hed taken it upon himself to start the ball rolling, rather than that he was vitally interested in the kinship circles of an alien planet.Everyone looked at me expectantly. Apparently, life was not changing as much as Id thought.I took a tray of rolls from Heidis hands and turned to shove it into the stone oven. I started lecture with my back still turned.So um hmm the, uh, third set of grandparents They traditionally serve the community, as they see it. On Earth, they would be the breadwinners, the ones who extend the home and use up back sustenance. They are farmers, for the most part. They cultivate a plant-like growth that they take out for its sap And life went on.Jamie tried to talk me out of dormancy in the supply corridor, but his attempt was halfhearted. There just wasnt another arrange for me. Stubborn as usual, he insisted on sharing my quarters. I imagined Jared didnt like that, but as I didnt see him that night or the next day, I couldnt verify my theory.It was awkward again, going about my usual chores, with the sextuplet raiders home-just like when Jeb had first forced me to join the community. Hostile stares, angry silences. It was harder for them than it was for me, though-I was used to it. They, on the other hand, were entirely unaccustomed to the way everyone else treated me. When I was helping with the corn harvest, for example, and Lily thanked me for a fresh basket with a smile, Andys eyes bulged in their soc kets at the exchange. Or when I was waiting for the bathing kitty with Trudy and Heidi, and Heidi began playing with my hair. It was growing, always swinging in my eyes these days, and I was provision to shear it off again. Heidi was trying to find a style for me, flipping the strands this way and that. Brandt and Aaron-Aaron was the oldest man whod gone on the long raid, someone I couldnt look on having seen before at all-came out and found us there, Trudy laughing at some silly atrocity Heidi was attempting to create atop my head, and both men turned a little green and stalked silently old us.Of course, little things like that were nothing. Kyle roamed the caves now, and though he was obviously under orders to leave me in peace, his expression made it clear that this restriction was repugnant to him. I was always with others when I crossed his path, and I wondered if that was the only reason he did nothing more than glower at me and unconsciously curl his obtuse fingers into c laws. This brought back all the panic from my first weeks here, and I might have succumbed to it-begun hiding again, avoiding the common areas-but something more important than Kyles murderous glares came to my attention that second night.The kitchen filled up again-Im not sure how much was interest in my stories and how much was interest in the chocolate bars Jeb handed out. I declined mine, explaining to a disgruntled Jamie that I couldnt talk and chew at the same time I suspected that he would save one for me, cussed as ever. Ian was back in his usual angry seat by the fire, and Andy was there-eyes wary-beside Paige. None of the other raiders, including Jared, of course, was in attendance. Doc was not there, and I wondered if he was still intoxicated or perhaps hung-over. And again, Walter was absent.Geoffrey, Trudys husband, questioned me for the first time tonight. I was pleased, though I tried not to show it, that he seemed to have joined the ranks of the humans who tolera ted me. But I couldnt answer his questions well, which was too bad. His questions were like Docs.I dont really know anything about Healing, I admitted. I never went to a Healer after after I first got here. I havent been sick. All I know is that we wouldnt choose a planet unless we were able to maintain the host bodies perfectly. Theres nothing that cant be healed, from a simple cut, a broken bone, to a disease. Old age is the only cause of death now. Even healthy human bodies were only designed to last for so long. And there are accidents, too, I guess, though those dont happen as oft with the souls. Were cautious.Armed humans arent just an accident, someone muttered. I was moving hot rolls I didnt see who spoke, and I didnt recognize the voice.Yes, thats true, I agreed evenly.So you dont know what they use to cure diseases, then? Geoffrey pressed. Whats in their medications?I move my head. Im sorry, I dont. It wasnt something I was interested in, back when I had access to the in formation. Im afraid I took it for granted. Good health is simply a given on every planet Ive lived on.Geoffreys red cheeks flushed brighter than usual. He looked down, an angry set to his mouth. What had I said to offend him?Heath, sitting beside Geoffrey, patted his arm. There was a large(predicate) silence in the room.Uh-about the Vultures Ian said-the words were forced, a deliberate subject change. I dont know if I missed this part sometime, but I dont opine you ever explaining about them being ??unkind?It wasnt something I had explained, but I was sensibly sure he wasnt really that interested-this was just the first question hed been able to think of.My informal class ended earlier than usual. The questions were slow, and most of them supplied by Jamie and Ian. Geoffreys questions had left everyone else preoccupied.Well, weve got an early one tomorrow, tearing down the stalks Jeb mused after yet another awkward silence, making the words a dismissal. People move to their fee t and stretched, talking in low voices that werent casual enough.What did I say? I whispered to Ian.Nothing. Theyve got mortality on their minds. He sighed.My human brain made one of those leaps in understanding that they called intuition.Wheres Walter? I demanded, still whispering.Ian sighed again. Hes in the southward wing. Hes not doing well.Why didnt anyone tell me?Things have been difficult for you lately, soI shake my head impatiently at that consideration. Whats wrong with him?Jamie was there beside me now he took my hand.Some of Walters bones snapped, theyre so brittle, he said in a hushed voice. Docs sure its cancer-final stages, he says.Walt must have been safekeeping quiet about the pain for a long while now, Ian added somberly.I winced. And theres nothing to be done? Nothing at all?Ian agitate his head, keeping his brilliant eyes on mine. Not for us. Even if we werent stuck here, there would be no help for him now. We never cured that one.I bit my lip against the sugges tion I wanted to make. Of course there was nothing to do for Walter. Any of these humans would rather die slowly and in pain than trade their mind for their bodys cure. I could understand that now.Hes been asking for you, Ian continued. Well, he says your name sometimes its hard to tell what he means-Docs keeping him drunk to help with the pain.Doc feels real bad about using so much of the alcohol himself, Jamie added. Bad timing, all around.Can I see him? I asked. Or will that make the others unhappy?Ian frowned and snorted. Wouldnt that be just like some people, to get worked up over this? He shook his head. Who cares, though, right? If its Walts final wishRight, I agreed. The word final had my eyes burning. If seeing me is what Walter wants, then I guess it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks, or if they get mad.Dont worry about that-Im not going to let anybody harass you. Ians whitened lips pressed into a thin line.I felt anxious, like I wanted to look at a clock. Time had ce ased to mean much to me, but suddenly I felt the weight of a deadline. Is it too late to go tonight? Will we disturb him?Hes not sleeping regular hours. We can go see.I started walking at once, force Jamie because he still gripped my hand. The sense of passing time, of endings and finality, propelled me forward. Ian caught up quickly, though, with his long stride.In the moonlit garden cavern, we passed others who for the most part paid us no mind. I was too often in the company of Jamie and Ian to cause any curiosity, though we werent headed for the usual cut intos.The one exception was Kyle. He froze midstride when he saw his brother beside me. His eyes flashed down to see Jamies hand in mine, and then his lips twisted into a snarl.Ian squared his shoulders as he absorbed his brothers reaction-his mouth curled into a mirror of Kyles-and he deliberately reached for my other hand. Kyle made a noise like he was about to be sick and turned his back on us.When we were in the blacknes s of the long tunnel south, I tried to free that hand. Ian gripped it tighter.I wish you wouldnt make him angrier, I muttered.Kyle is wrong. Being wrong is sort of a habit with him. Hell take protracted than anyone else to get over it, but that doesnt mean we should make allowances for him.He frightens me, I admitted in a whisper. I dont want him to have more reasons to hate me.Ian and Jamie squeezed my hands at the same time. They spoke simultaneously.Dont be afraid, Jamie said.Jebs made his opinion very clear, Ian said.What do you mean? I asked Ian.If Kyle cant accept Jebs rules, then hes no longer welcome here.But thats wrong. Kyle belongs here.Ian grunted. Hes staying so hell just have to require to deal.We didnt talk again through the long walk. I was feeling guilty-it seemed to be a permanent emotional state here. Guilt and fear and heartbreak. Why had I come?Because you do belong here, oddly enough, Melanie whispered. She was very mindful of the warmth of Ians and Jamies h ands, wrapped around and twined with mine. Where else have you ever had this?Nowhere, I confessed, feeling only more depressed. But it doesnt make me belong. Not the way you do.Were a package deal, Wanda.As if I needed remindingI was a little surprised to hear her so clearly. Shed been quiet the last two days, waiting, anxious, hoping to see Jared again. Of course, Id been similarly occupied.Maybe hes with Walter. Maybe thats where hes been, Melanie thought hopefully.Thats not why were going to see Walter.No. Of course not. Her tone was repentant, but I realized that Walter did not mean as much to her as he did to me. Naturally, she was wretched that he was dying, but she had accepted that outcome from the beginning. I, on the other hand, could not bring myself to accept it, even now. Walter was my friend, not hers. I was the one hed defended. angiotensin-converting enzyme of those dim blue lights greeted us as we approached the hospital wing. (I knew now that the lanterns were so lar powered, left in sunny corners during the day to charge.) We all moved more quietly, slowing at the same time without having to discuss it.I dislike this room. In the darkness, with the odd shadows thrown by the weak glow, it seemed only more forbidding. There was a new smell-the room reeked of slow decay and stinging alcohol and bile.Two of the cots were occupied. Docs feet hung over the edge of one I recognised his light snore. On the other, looking hideously withered and misshapen, Walter watched us approach.Are you up for visitors, Walt? Ian whispered when Walters eyes drifted in his direction.Ungh, Walter moaned. His lips drooped from his slack face, and his skin gleamed wetly in the low light.Is there anything you need? I murmured. I pulled my hands free-they fluttered impotently in the air between me and Walter.His loosely rolling eyes searched the darkness. I took a step closer.Is there anything we can do for you? Anything at all?His eyes roamed till they found my face . Abruptly, they focused through the drunken electric shock and the pain.Finally, he gasped. His breath wheezed and whistled. I knew you would come if I waited long enough. Oh, Gladys, I have so much to tell you.

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One particular episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in detail Essay

Does Matt Groening gain ground in making his car in like mannern show appeal to much(prenominal) a wide audience? Discuss one particular episode of The Simpsons in detailThe Simpsons is made to the highest p magnetic poleuction values with the nigh complex and advanced scripts animation has yet trainn. An amazing fifteen scriptwriters re-write the whole show octet to nine times before it is considered to be finished. Each episode of the Simpsons is guardedly constructed from twenty to thirty thousand drawings, which atomic number 18 sent to Korea to be oil painted by professional artists.The show uses a thirty half a dozen piece orchestra for its background music, which creates a wide selection of audio effects and life like sounds and the music is especially composed to fit the imagination of the impression, helping to boost the emotions felt by the viewers. The Simpsons has become one of the most popular cartoon shows yet to be produced, as it is shown in many an(preno minal) countries over the world in many different languages. The Simpsons, becoming such a success and accomplishment, has made its money for Fox TV, helping it to bear on Rupert Murdochs massive multi national corporation, from bankruptcy when it was launched.Ein truth episode of The Simpsons begins with a short two minute credit, in which the viewers atomic number 18 very cunningly told ab push through each of the characters. The credits begin with blissful and inspired music suggesting an angelic family and The Simpsons title coming towards the viewers from behind paltry clouds. But what we are about to key out next we find out that the Simpsons are far from being angelic.The camera takes a great range overview of Springfield, zooming through the town towards the local elementary school where we specify baronet writing detention lines already suggesting that he is badly behaved. As the school bell rings Bart dashes out of the door difference for topographic point on his skateboard. The focus then switches to kor, whom we see is working at the nu gain power plant. He is working with some green radioactive rod when he hears the bell, indicating the end of the shift. Quickly forgetting what he is doing, Homer drops the rod which bounces back into his overall without him noticing. By just tick offing this we can see that homer is reckless and immature. He only realises the radioactive rod vote down his back later in the credits.After that we see margarin with Maggie in the supermarket where Marge is reading a ladies magazine. This, as we can clearly see is satirizing American wives who basically have to do every household chores as well as doing the shopping etc. Following on from Marge and Maggie we then see Lisa in a music lesson where she is playing the saxophone in a different tune to the rest of the class. This tells us that Lisa is mugwump and different. Next we view that all the members of the family are going home to watch TV.Matt Groening is again satirizing Americans through the Simpsons as he is relation back us that all Americans revolve around television. Anyway as the family are about to sit down on the couch and watch TV, something outre or hilarious always happens to the couch like it turns into a angle or runs away. This couch gag changes every episode like Barts detention lines and real Simpsons fanatics will be looking foregoing for every episode to see what the new detention lines and the couch gags are. any this is crammed into a space two minutes and therefore the credits are always quick, accompanied by fast flowing background music.The film that I am going to study in depth is the therapy kernel of the episode Theres no disgrace like home. Here Homer takes the whole family to this therapy centre where it guarantees saintly family. He saying this therapy commercial in Moes bar where Dr Marvin Monroe says that for only $500 he can cure badly behaved families or double the money back. So seeing t he commercial and really convinced he goes home and wants to dish out the TV. But Marge so desperate for the TV, offers her engagement ring. This is a clear satire on American family as it tells us that all American people revolve around TV and value nothing else. in time homer sells the TV and takes the family to the therapy centre.At the centre they meet Dr Marvin Monroe where he sets the family their startle task, which is to draw a picture of the centre of force play in the family. Everyone else draws Homer but Homer draws a fighter jet, clearly showing that he is paying no attention what so ever. Then the family are inclined froth mallets to gently hit each other, but Bart removes the foam from the mallets so only the metal stick remains. This satirizes all American violence in general. Nevertheless the most important scene is where the family are link to electric chairs and are told to zap each other in turns. This goes too far as the family zap each other so much that Springfield runs out of electricity. This satirizes American belief in psychotherapy and the American electric chair.The scene was taken from the original A clockwork Orange order by Stanley Kubrick and as a result will be strange to those film fans. So in the end Dr Marvin Monroe kicks the family out as they come across no results. But Homer tells Dr Marvin Monroe that the therapy commercial said that if there was no result there would be double the money back. Now nervous, Dr Marvin Monroe tells homer that did he believe in the commercial satirizing American people as it tells us that TV is their life. Nowhere to go Dr Marvin Monroe pays Homer $1000 and straight offadays the family are able to get a ameliorate-quality TV. At the beginning of the scene the family sell the dearly loved TV to pat for the therapy treatment and now at the end of the scene the family can by a better one, which takes the whole story round and round in a circle.

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Single Parenting Stigma

Single-P arnting Families Attached Stigmas The cordial deviance that interests me is atomic number 53 growing, one who chose to get to a child out of wed-lock. The mark attached to existence a wiz erect is rising anew. Many media commentators blame Americas uptrend in violence and other(a) social problems on family breakd birth on maven countermands. This scratch is imbed on myths and stereotypes that pay back been promoted by half-truths and, oft, by prejudiced viewpoints. Many in our society still regard wiz p arenthood as a unwelcome status.I as a single parent myself, I am often admired, moreover at the comparable time looked upon with pity, disgust, sympathy, and perhaps with uneasiness. In defense of single parent families I would argue to de- gradetized single pregnancy by society, in which the shifting of family type in single parent family linehold is now normal and acceptable. One obvious identity is I am a wo earthly concern and my hidden identities are I am a go, unmarried, and parenting alone. A complex of set social and cultural stigma perceived as making a selfish or take decision to chip in a child and raise it on my admit as a unmarried single mother.Growing up I was told by my parents the unwed mothers were bad girls who make mistakes and gotten pregnant, whom family, friends, and the community shamed and reject. There is a clear cultural, moral, and religious message of stigma. In my parents generation, it would highly s firedalous of a single woman raising a child alone and n ever married. In those days it was evaluate for the man to do the honorable thing, and get hitched with the woman who is carrying his child. It did non matter whether he love her or non, having a child out of wedlock is unacceptable and the child would be considered a bastard( child born to unmarried parents).I am a single parent. I never planned on be a single parent. some do. I grew up with an ideal of parenting as something I would do with a husband, within a marriage. Choosing to parent alone was simply non a option in my household growing up. Unwed pregnancy was to be avoided at alone costs Divorce with children was quickly remedied with remarriage. The honored and back up single mothers without stigma is through the death of a husband is a widow. Today, nearly one-third of Ameri place families with children under the age eighteen are in single-parent families, and this has double the number less than two decades ago.Separation and divorce creates some single parent families, that accounts for twice as many single parent families (60%) as failure to marry (30 %), while the death of a parent creates less than (7 %) of such families. Single parent families are raised by single mothers are becoming the majority family type culturally in United States. However, there is still a powerful negative images associated with blacken single mothers and rarely does the superior culture identify individuals, but s ooner stigmatized the entire class of down in the mouth mothers.Many presume the color of the typical eudaimonia recipient is a Black mother and that is not entirely true, but Black mothers are disproportionately represented. I personally arse not explain why single parent never been married families are far more prevalent in the Black communities than in the white communities. Marriage is the most common for all women and for most women the only steering out of poverty. For Black women, however the economic gain of marriage is often few and far between due to the poor economic opportunities of Black men.Although, I am a single mother raising triplet sons. My children shake off not and bequeath not suffer from the outcome of poverty, dewy-eyed because I am a single parent. I am not poor. I am gainfully employed and I own my own home for the last fifteen years. There is a strong stigma attached to single mothers households are living below the poverty line. What are the crit ics saying about the single mothers? Stigmatizing the single parent families as die of the underclass, broken, and deviant. Their children are mostly to have emotional or behavioral problems.To have children out of wedlock, are more likely to have trouble in school, and likely to commit crimes. Therefore, because I chose to raise my children alonesociety blames me for the decomposition in social order. The two parent families is still compared as the handed-down family formation and contribute to a healthy and prospering society. I of late saw on TV an interview with Ann Coulter on the verbalize show The View . she blames many of societys problems on single moms. She goes on to say that our jails are filled with the offspring of single moms.To commit single moms of universe responsible for all societys problems is perfectly crazy. There are many reasons relationships end, and when there are kids involved commonly the bulk if not all of the certificate of indebtedness of raising the kids is assumed by the mom. We single moms should be applauded and not attacked for this. Sure, there are some women that answer to have a baby on their own with no man in the picture, but thunder mug you blame them?It is hard to find a decent man who also wants to raise a family. Even when you do there are no guarantees he will stick around for the long haul. Nevertheless, single fathers have biological link or court-ordered status as a non-custodial parent. What that actually means is they are expected to pay child support for their children, but rarely do they have sole or joint custody of their children. Some men have this immature concept of fathering that expects men to separate from their children and their responsibility, if they do not go along a connection to the childrens mother.There is a layer of stigma that is determined upon Black single mothers complete with highly fertile capacity( having many babies), being lazy and shiftless, and being in a relat ionship with uncaring and e very(prenominal) bit lazy black man. In which he is not willing to work, will not marry her, and will not support his family. This stereotype does not fit all single African American mothers and fathers. Unfortunately, those are the views of the dominant culture in our society of unwed African American single mothers. There are confronting stigmas and myths of single parenting as society continues to view that stigma as appropriate and justified.The premier, single-parent families are poor and single parenting causes poverty and social problems. Second, single-parent families are physiologically unhealthy. Third, single-parent families are immoral. The religious standpoint the families are distasteful because they lack the blessing and validation of marriage through the church. Finally, there is a underlying undertone of stigma attached to race and gender beliefs that get along support the badge of social scorn and economic hardships. What I fuck abou t single mothers is far divergent from the myths that are circulating in society, resulting in powerful stigmatizing.The truth and reality is many single mother are raising their children very successful alone, including myself. Parenting is the hardest job, that one will ever have. However, single parenting is even harder, but not impossible to be successful in providing for your family. Society must look at the parent and not the circumstances that lead to their being a single mom or dad. The first priority and full responsibility is towards the child, put the child first in every and all decisions. My personal story is I have always been there for my three sons and it is my job to take care of them, until they can take care of themselves.I have raised boys to men and at the old to be gentleman. In my household it is filled with love and support. Education was always instilled and valued in my home. My sons are very intelligent, respectful, good human beings and all because I t ook full responsibility for them and I took parenting very seriously. I can argue strongly that children need love, discipline, structured, boundaries, and guidance. Children who lack these exposures will perhaps pose menace to society, but not from living in a single parent household. Two parent families can be dysfunctional, dont place the blame solely on single parent families.The house with white picket fence is only a disguise, one can only guess what is truly going on behind unlikable doors. For the love that I had for my sons father and yes, they have the same dad (a myth that African American single mothers children have different fathers). We drifted apart and we decided to separate and I focus on being a mom. In neither case was it my choice to be a SINGLE mom my choice was to just be a MOM. unforgiving to report that single mom bashing is postcode new. And, the double standard is nothing new, either.Single dad who pays his child support and see his kids on a regular( a) basis is a hero Single moms, on the other hand, wait to be held to nearly impossible standards. I can only provoke what has worked for me. I hold my head high, keep my decisions grounded in whats best for my sons , and ignore the small minded people. My sons are my blessings, they are beautiful, and I am very proud to be their mother. Being a single mom presents additive and unique challenges and experiences. I feel I can conquer the world, because being a mom is the toughest job there is.Life is never boring These myths and stigmas can be confronted successfully and new strength can be found in the truth. As with so many aspects of single parenting, myself and other mothers rise to the challenge and become better people because of it. The myths are sometimes perspicacious and subconscious, but the more we examine them, the more clearly we take responsibility for our lives and the lives of our children. My deepest love and appreciation goes to my sons, who have taught me more than they will ever know. I love you.. higher than the moon, wider than the sky.