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Msn Entrance Essay Example Essay

â€Å"I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse. † (Florence Nightingale) The reasons that I wish to pursue a Masters of Science in Nursing are many. I have been practicing as a nurse since I graduated with a BSN degree in 2010 from East Tennessee State University. For two years I have worked as a Dialysis Unit Nurse and it has been during this time that my passion for the vocation of nursing has truly bloomed. Through this experience I have learned the value of keeping to one’s dreams and persevering. Despite the fact it has taken me some time to obtain my Bachelors degree it has only inspired me to continue on to get my Masters so I can expand my knowledge of the nursing profession and all that it entails. A Masters degree would also help me in my future career goals and aspirations, which is to be able to assist those in the rural areas of our community. Nursing, in my opinion, is one of the most significant professions that one can be blessed to acquire. To those who pursue this field know it is a career that requires far more than simply an education even though the knowledge acquired from a degree is extremely important and necessary, by grasping rationale of the laws and regulations that rule nursing. A career in nursing requires someone to have compassion, sympathy, and care for others, especially those who are suffering from pain, illness and lack the understanding of what is happening to them or a loved one. It is a career of humanity, and it is this that first attracted me to a Masters degree in Nursing. My philosophy about nursing is that it is a career that one has to work hard for, but also a career that a person needs to have to a natural affinity for. I also believe one must have a commitment to helping others not expecting anything in return but a smile and knowing when you go home you gave your all. The ability to be a compassionate, caring nurse is what I hope to bring to the Masters degree in Nursing Program, gaining the knowledge and experience of the instructors, along with the clinical experiences is what I plan to get from it. In terms of my professional goals and aspirations, my plan is to acquire my Masters degree in Nursing, specializing as a Family Registered Nurse Practitioner. With this degree, I can continue to pursue my dream of offering long term care to those in rural areas and expand it to include a small clinic where I can offer healthcare services such as treatment after examinations, counseling and prescriptions. This clinic would give me the opportunity to have a strong presence within the community, a commitment that is very important to me, and I would be able to offer the best patient service available. I would be able to help others who are in need of healthcare but possibly not comfortable going to a doctor. When treating, prescribing medications, and referring patients I will work in conjunction with local collaborating businesses to help ease the cost to those in need of financial assistance. Thank you for your time to allow me to tell you my heart, give you my vision of future goals and the opportunity to apply to your Masters Program at East Tennessee State University. I will await your final decision with great anticipation.

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Online reservation and billing

1. Project RationaleComputer today is a vital tool for the management of information within the organization. Today, most of the hotels and resorts provide goods and services using computer system. It helps to perform task in an easy way with less time consumed. Some companies become fully automated while others strive for the similar setting. Today, many systems have used an automation process like using computer system, due to the efficient and accuracy. Hotel Reservation System with Billing System and automated SMS is proposed to help the company to reduce some common problems that exist. This system will help the establishment as regards to their online reservation system. The main function of the proposed online reservation system is to help the company to promote, advertise and easy booking for the guest, will also make their operation efficient and effective.The proponents conduct a study towards the topic because we noticed some of the hotels and resorts are using online hote l reservation system while the Cliffside Resort is still using manual reservation. Therefore, the proponents aim to find out how to increase the number of customer using computerize online reservation and with billing system and automated SMS. The hotel reservation system will provide service to online customers, travel agents, and an administrator.Online customers and travel agents can make searches, reservations and cancel an existing reservation on the hotel reservation’s web site. It helps the customer to reserve rooms through the internet, see the available rooms; the rates of it and at the same time the system will automatically total the rate of the reserved room. Administrator can add/update the hotel and the room information approve/disapprove a new travel agent’s account application and generate a monthly occupancy rate report for the hotel. The online reservation system with billing system aims to simplify the manual reservation faster and accurate.The study aims to develop a computerized operation at Cliffside Resort to improve efficiency of its daily business transactions thus, enhancing the quality of service for its guests. This chapter will cover the background of the company and the problems that confront the company in relation to operations.2. Project Description2.1 Statement of the Problem2.1.1 General ProblemHotel customers choose important considerations in choosing a place to stay like location, price/value and service. These are very important because these are the primary basis of a customer to be attracted in that business. Since the researchers found out that manual procedure are still used in processing their billing and reservation transactions, it greatly affects their customer’s need.2.1.2 Specific Problem2.1.2.1 Difficulty in location of guest files: due to the large number of guests’ files, location of guest files during checking in, updating of daily expenditures, receipt generation and checking out is extremely difficult for the hotel employees. Large storage space: the physical files occupy too much space of about two rooms full of storage cabinets. This occupies the hotel’s space that could have otherwise been used for income generation by the hotel. Human and computational errors: many errors enabled by the present system, which is the manual system, due to tedious computations required during data processing cost the hotel management heavily. The hotel billing statement doesn’t provide specific or detailed information regarding on customer’s payment or charges. Complains from guests: due to poor management of documents encouraged by the manual system, several cases were reported where guests complained of overcharging, charging of services not used by the guests. Poor communication: due to poor communication between the departments, guests are often served with services they didn’t order. Difficulty in data analysis: The accountants usually found it difficult to analyze the guests’ data during generation of expenditure bills due to missing of some records. Inefficient monitoring of room’s availability.3. Proposed Project Research3.1.1 General ObjectivesOur goal is to provide software system that helps Cliffside Resort to increase revenue because it saves processing time and helps to provide better management for room reservation booking system. To create a Webpage Development Information System of the hotel; to provide a secured database storage for the hotel information; for fast and accurate processing in promoting Hotel Web Information Development System; and to provide a communication of the guest through Internet.3.1.2 Specific ObjectivesThe study aims to develop and improve the existing manual reservation system of Cliffside Resort. The study intends to carry out the following specific objectives: To enable online booking via the internet. To enable automated data entry methods. Ensure efficient and reliable communication within the hotel. To be able to add and update the admin users, rooms, and services that is only accessible by the administrator. To be able to display the entire guest in terms of information. To be able to provide an easiness of reservation for online and walk-in guests. To be able to impart accuracy in terms of allowing the system in terms of adding of guests, viewing of the available room and adding of bills. To be able to generate cash-in report by month that is only accessible by the administrator. Enforce security measures to avoid unauthorized access to guest records. Enable fast and easy retrieval of guest records and data for fast reference activities.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story ‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’ entails the tale of an old way of life that might respond the contemporary society in some way but not to shape culture of modern generation as a whole. There are some scenes that we can identify as unchanged and timeless such as boys mocking the girls that are beautiful in their eye sights, girls who love fashion to feel themselves attractive to boys hoping to marry one of the finest military bachelors as the most interesting parts of their youthfulness, and some improper behavior like betrayal of trusts, envy and revenge to people just to get even.Other conduct portrayed is irrelevant and not comparable today. The label Lost Generation comes to refer with American and English literary authors who gave most of their lives in publishing works in Europe particularly in France during and after the World War I. Author of this story is included in this label. Though not already applicable to the larger population in this modern times such group’s label, the impact of their literary work genre that has done and influenced the next in line are undoubtedly beneficial especially to the youth.One of the themes of the Lost Generation is women’s complete liberation from cultural nurture such as wearing a much shorter kind of skirt and likewise shorter haircut. In this story, the social freedom of women has been properly demonstrated when Bernice take a stand of embracing her new bobbed hair cut although she was unknowingly betrayed by hair cousin Marjorie at first.Aside from gender independence by showing the much radical fashion of women, it is also obviously showed off in the story activities such as drinking, smoking and dancing to the tune of barely earsplitting kind of music. Prior to 1920’s women on their teenage life doesn’t seem to be like this, which means that F. Scott Fitzgerald along with other Lost Generation authors created a public awareness of feminist liber ation. With relevance to our modern generation, this scene is closely similar as ladies today of the same age in the story are candid and extrovert.They openly drinks smokes and dances loud music wildly. The story ‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’ opens a suggestion of restlessness and intimidation. One of the scenes that offer social impact was when Marjorie gave the statement to her mother Mrs. Harvey that Bernice’s Indian blood holds herself back to become dull, unattractive and boring woman. Such impression although came out not as one of the very important implication in the story, gave a very delicate and sensitive statement of racial and gender issue.On this note, the uneasiness to clearly reveal the topic of American liberation as well as women independence is expressed in this Lost Generation literary piece. R E F E R E N C E S Fitzgerald, F. S. â€Å"Bernice Bobs Her Hair. † F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary. 1996. Board of Trustees of the University of South California. 23 Feb. 2009 â€Å"Lost Generation. † 2009. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. 23 Feb. 2009

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Two-Criteria, Two-Alternative Decision Template Essay

Two-Criteria, Two-Alternative Decision Template - Essay Example It will feature originality of growing organics, herbs and flowers that would attract the large population of Bedrock as people are getting to be health conscious. It has an assurance of flow of customers because of location. The flow of customers generates new needs and new markets. Thus, it creates competences to arrive at ideas to promote its products and services. There is no competition in the farmhouse location and French cooking is a new dining experience Traffic is not much a problem. The extra 15 minute drive to the farmhouse compensates the time between beating downtown traffic. The local critic can become a word of mouth in advertising the place and could be a possible source of capital. [$1,200 x 5 years = $72,000 vs. $600 x 5 years =$36,000] =$36,000. The savings on lease could be devoted to development of the landscape, garden, and open door dining. It will also be a good place for family gathering and children. Besides, option to buy is a good proposition. Option B is recommended because of the originality of ideas that is designed to meet customer demands. It also answers your requirement for a modest capital, a steady flow of customers, and for a quick income. On Option A – the growth potential in downtown area is limited because of the stiff competition that saturates the area. There are other restaurants offering French cuisine which is the attraction of Flintstone restaurant. Because it is in downtown, customers have many choices and establishing a new restaurant in the area needs more attractions to develop interest of customers. It has to do a lot of advertising and promotion to create awareness of people passing by. Cost of operations in downturn area is a big challenge as it is more expensive. Lease in downturn is higher that is complemented by higher cost of supplies and labor. Option A is not a good selection

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Strategic Issues and Options of McDonalds Assignment

Strategic Issues and Options of McDonalds - Assignment Example About 80% of McDonald’s restaurants are being owned and operated by local men and women worldwide who are running the business independently. The primary goal of McDonald’s is to become number one and favorite way and place for customers to eat and drink by providing them their core favorites such as Chicken McNuggets, French Fries, Quarter Pounder and Big Mac (Han, 2008). The strategic direction of McDonald’s is its biggest strength which is the alignment between the franchisees, company and its suppliers and it has been the key to success of the company. It is well-known fact that company’s alignment with its suppliers and franchisees which are collectively known as the System has helped McDonald’s in delivering consistent and locally relevant restaurant experience to its customers worldwide. The business model of McDonald’s enables the company to ensure that it fulfills its promise of delivering best quality products and aesthetic fast food dining and eating experience to its customers. According to Fisher (2011), the business model of McDonald’s is to deliver customers’ experiences that are consistent and relevant to the local restaurant ambiance; the aim of the restaurant is to be a part of the communities that are being served by the country. The primary focus of the company is on low-cost leadership and the idea behind this strategy is that it facilitates their ability for identification, implementation, and innovation so that they are able to meet the changing needs and preferences of customers. The strategic direction of McDonald’s is to focus a customer-oriented approach in which the plan is to provide a common framework for its global businesses that allows the strategy to be locally adopted.  

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Womens Human Rights Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Womens Human Rights - Essay Example This paper is aimed at analyzing the very depth of Canada's women's rights. More specifically, this tackles the history of women's rights in Canada, the benefits that it has given to its populace - both for the men and women, and the comparison of Canada's women's rights versus that of the other countries. The United Nations' Charter protected the equal rights of women. The human rights of women is one of 12 critical areas of concern in the Platform for Action adopted at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing and was further elaborated at the 42nd session (1998) of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (, 2006). Canada was one of the first countries to sign and ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), adopted in 1979. CEDAW introduced a gender component to the rights outlined in other international human rights treaties. It sets international standards for eliminating gender discrimination (, 2006). This human rights of women remains a central foreign policy priority for Canada, both in bilateral discussions and in multilateral forum. Canada has been working so hard make women's human rights a strong focus of the Commission on the Status of Women and the Commission on Human Rights, and Canada has actively promoted the integration of the human rights of women throughout the UN system (

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Strategic Approach for Information Systems Essay

Strategic Approach for Information Systems - Essay Example They are not only faster, but also much more accurate. Thus, large corporations process their financial accounts and supervise resources using information systems as human mind is prone to err. Not only do governments provide welfare and basic civic services using these systems, but individuals also utilize these facilities for everyday activities such as shopping, banking, investing and studying. (Robson, 2003) As days pass and technology progresses, innovative and enhanced information systems are coming into existence. Not every person working in a business requires the same information systems; the type depends on their requirements. Top management focuses on business development and planning, while people working on the middle management level require intricate details about the production and etc. to supervise and control business activities. Based on different requirements, there are six basic types of information systems: Transaction Processing System (TPS) - This keeps track and stores all the critical transactions that take place everyday in a business. This is mainly used by the middle management that takes care of the day to day activities of the business. Management Information System (MIS) - This formulates a report that represents all the information recorded by the TPS. This again is of great help to supervisors who can also use this as a way to present the information to seniors. Office Automation System (OAS) - This system basically helps the employees to become more proficient and productive by providing them with facilities to process information, calculate and create documents more accurately. Microsoft Office is a good example of an OAS. Executive information system (EIS) - It readily provides the senior management with vital internal and external information regarding the business in an interactive manner. Knowledge Management System (KMS) - This system assists the sharing of information among employees in an organized manner. Knowledge, the important ideas that have been extracted from the information, is communicated through this system/network. (Pearlson and Saunders, 2005) Advantages of using Information Systems The usage of information systems has many advantages to it. Firstly, it makes all the work painless as all the complicated calculations has to be done by the computer. Also, financial accounts become perfectly balance as errors are caught in a second on computers. Storage becomes simple as the memory of the computer is too deep and can be extended to whatever size we want. Secondly, paper work in finished off and there is no need for organizations to stock up uncountable files. Information systems are not only proficient at handling the information but also help in decision making. Assessment becomes quicker as the exact scenario is portrayed in front of us in forms of reports. Information systems also provide us with analytical tools that help us in judging a situation more clearly. Thirdly, information systems encourage decentralization of authority - it measures performance at all levels and help us in amending organizational plans and procedures. Most

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Letter - Support Statment Veteran Claim Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Letter - Support Statment Veteran Claim - Essay Example These risks include disease contamination, assassinations or even death. Therefore, in order to protect them against these risks, the US through the Department of Veterans has initiated programs through which the veterans are forced to subscribe to for temporary immortality. The claim is for service connection for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH/ NAFLD), initially characterized as fatty liver and claimed as liver failure/ liver disease, as caused by medication from in-service (US Army) incurrence and/or aggravation of disease or injury due to the prescribed medications taken on a daily basis for an extended period of time for service-connected disabilities. I, _____________ (â€Å"The Veteran†) served on active duty with due diligence from 2003 to 2004 and during this period, I was treated with high doses of Ibuprofen 800mg and other medications for pain relief and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. VA Doctors restricted me from taking medication or adjusting to new medication due to NASH (for example: Ibuprofen was discontinued by Doctor Olesen Miami Hospital, Cymbalta was discontinued by Doctor Racha Washington DC, etc.) and this has been considered as a threat to my general well being. Over the years, I have been unable to perform and live to my expectations due to the medications that I took during the in-service. The side-effects to these medications are visible and their damage is imminent. As indicated earlier on, I have lost weight, my diet has been restructured and my budget has been strained due to the adoption of a new life. My NASH / LIVER Disease was established and recognized by the VA Hospitals in Miami, FL and Washington, DC and my doctors have recommended that my condition is worsening. In regards to risk factors that have affected progressively my liver disease, I have three that include my BMI 31.23 ( > 28 kg/m2), presence of fibrosis in my liver biopsy in 2010, and my current elevated AST

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Experiemental Psychology Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Experiemental Psychology - Lab Report Example itled, Function of the left planum temporale in auditory and linguistic processing, researchers attempted to determine the extent to which processes affecting the left planum temporale are restricted to linguistic utterances, or can be extended to sound forms of right-handed individuals. The study indicated that varying degrees of sensory activation occurred in the planum temporale dependent upon the listener’s active engagement with the process, with the planum temporale being more active to tones when the listener was actively engaged. This is significant for the current study, as it indicates the level and type of word engagement affects the ultimate results regarding word recognition. When considering the implications, one could argue that the individual features of the study contributed to the results not being statistically significant. A possible example includes the uneven gender of the participants, as it’s possible that gender differences affect word recognition to differing degrees. Another reason is that the participants were all Junior level Psychology Students at Purchase. It’s possible that by limiting the study to this demographic, the results of the study were skewed. Another example concerns the difficulty of the word lists used in the study. Past studies have indicated that the right ear advantage was most consistently gained when the study was complex. For instance, in a 1974 study titled Right Ear Advantage for Speech Presented Monaurally D.B. Fry discusses results that indicate right ear advantage was only triggered when a threshold level of complexity was passed. He writes: †¦in a series of experiments with children in the age range 6-12 years†¦the speech materials used was series of digits or series of letter names and the measure of ear asymmetry used was correct recall of the series. While there was a trend towards REA (right ear advantage) for speech in the older children, the effect reached level of significance only for the

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Concept Proposal Beach Bum Gym Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Concept Proposal Beach Bum Gym - Essay Example Apart from these, the gym will also provide playground facility for members who have family and children. All facilities and services of the gym will be developed focusing on two aspects which include motivating the customers and increasing the market share, with core objective of developing a healthy lifestyle for the people. Problem Statement The â€Å"Beach Bum Gym† will be responsible for providing effective fitness service to the people in order to achieve a healthy and fit life. The purpose for this project is to develop a healthy society and generate sense of maintaining fitness for citizens of Hampton. The level of employees required for fulfillment of the project will be almost 10 which will serve the local people who regularly go to the beach. The business project will provide gymnasium facility with up-to-date equipments from quality producers. The members of the gym will be benefitted not only because of gym facility, but also due to enhanced working environment al ong with affordable cost. There are several competitors in the Hampton area which provides standard services. However, this project will not only provide differentiated services with variety of facilities but also will seek to develop a long-lasting social and professional relationship with the customers (Bryman & Bell, 2007). The reason for which people will pay for the services of â€Å"Beach Bum Gym† is that it will provide numerous membership subscription plans according to the preferences of customers. Besides, there will be skilled instructors which will help the members of the gym for accomplishing good consequences without wasting much effort. The idea for the project came from the problem of maintaining healthy life. Presently, obesity is considered as one of the most significant health issues for American people. Obesity not only results in harmful diseases such as diabetes and heart syndromes, but also reduces the flexibility and stamina of body (Verheijden, Jans, Hildebrandt, & Hopman-Rock, 2007). The reasons for which people are unable to maintain healthy lifestyle can be lack of time, increased social responsibility, high pressure of education and job and inappropriate environment for workout (Fitzgerald & Spaccarotella, 2009). Thus, the business project will help to reduce the problems of people which prevent them from maintaining healthy lifestyle. It will provide innovative place for workout, where people can easily make time for gym. Majority of individuals prefer to visit seaside for recreational purposes, and providing gym facility on beach area can attract them to enjoy the gym facility. Thus, the research problem for the â€Å"Beach Bum Gym† project relies on how better it can serve the customers to maintain healthy life as well as increase market share. In order to accomplish the problem, the project will install new advanced tools, recruit trained employees and educate them to motivate and maintain effective relationship w ith customers. As the project will help to accomplish the health objective of members, therefore before staring the workout at gym, every person will be evaluated by the trainers about the desired weight as well as proportion of fat in body. It can help to measure the effort and time that will be required for completing the objectives of the project. The funding requirement for this project will be accomplished by lease agreement, personal capital membership fees and mortgage

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Holger Heyn et al. Distinct DNA methylomes of newborns and Assignment

Holger Heyn et al. Distinct DNA methylomes of newborns and centenarians PNAS 2012 paper and answer the following questions - Assignment Example target points in the experiment not only because they contain methyl groups but also the researchers wanted to strengthen the study through CpG results, because they make the DNA strands which happen to play a crucial role in human aging. In relation to methylation, CpG regions tend to have a high content of methylomes hence were the most suitable for the study. 3. 12- 16 Whole Genome bisulphite sequencing of all the samples: newborn, centenarian and intermediate, was done to identify the methylation status. Also, a microarray of 450000 CpG methylation samples were included in the experiment. WGBS was hence performed for all the samples. For the newborn, fresh cord blood with permit from the parents was acquired for the experiment while for the old age his CD4 positive T cells were used. The intermediate sample was from a twenty six year old. All the three samples were from Caucasian males. 4. The methylation status in the three samples was different but formed a final curve in the results. The centenarian DNA had low methylomes compared to those in a newborns DNA. Moreover, there is very low correlation in methylation of the CpG positions that are near the DNA. The intermediate sample was between the two, meaning is was second in the level of methylation. The CpG that were densely methylated in centenarian sample were located in specific genomic regions such as the promoters and more were on Island promoters than the poor promoters. 5. Alternative methods used apart from WGBS included the determination of the DMRS which are the differentiated methylated regions in the DNA of the two main samples. This method involved checking the total length of identical CpGs in the two samples by counting those that have a continuous consistent flow of methylation status. Moreover, an identified map of CpG that showcases a microarray of the 450000 samples use. The results from the map were then compared to those from WGBS. 6. The six genes from WGBS that were identified as

Night of Scorpion Essay Example for Free

Night of Scorpion Essay Night of the scorpion written by Nissim Ezkiel is an interesting poem and the poet brings about a very appealing contrast between good and evil in it; altogether giving the poem an essence of equality. The poet makes it a trouble-free task for the readers to visualize the scenes with the appropriate use of various imageries. He has also done a marvelous work of adding various different senses into the poem. All the senses, visual, smell, internal feelings and sound have been included. In this poem we can see the scenes vividly with the help of lines like,† †¦to crawl beneath a sack of rice,† and,† Peasants came like swarm of flies. Nissim Ezekiel is able to keep are mind alive and engaged the entire duration of the poem with the help of lines like,† Peasants came like swarm of flies. † When we read this line, we know that it is a simile and it help us to see how the peasants came along. But when think deeper we realize that it also shows us that the narrator does not admire the kind of care that the villagers are showing, he just wants them to leave him and his family alone. The reason the villagers are compared to flies is to show exactly how exasperating they are and that they are not welcome, just like flies. The poet has made this poem complex, which is always a good thing. This can be proved because to describe the scorpion he uses words like â€Å"diabolical† and â€Å"The Evil One† which show it as a demonic creature. On the other hand he also used lines like,â€Å" driven him to crawl beneath a sack of rice† and â€Å"†¦ risked the rain again,† which brings about a contradiction as this line shows that the scorpion is not at all the villain, it is simply scared. Among the many figures of speech used in this poem onomatopoeia is one of them. He has used this figure of speech efficiently, enabling us to hear the constant noises that were made. The poet write that the villagers â€Å"buzzed the name of god† which again stresses on the point that the noise and commotion being made by the villagers was not at all welcome. The poet further draws the interest of the reader by using a figure of speech to convey this message and not doing it directly. He has also written â€Å"They clicked their tongues,† which is another instance of onomatopoeia. The element of smell is brought about because the poet has introduced candles and burning oil in lanterns in his poem as well. Nissim Ezekiel has made the mother’s experience of getting bitten by the scorpion sound excruciating and eternal. He has conveyed this by using some very descriptive writing, example, â€Å"May the poison purify your flesh of desire, and your spirit of ambition,† Nissim Ezekiel successfully built the tense atmosphere by using just a short sentence,â€Å" My father, sceptic, rationalist, trying every curse and blessing,† There is also an instance in which the poet uses alliteration,â€Å" I watched the flame feeding on my mother. This line has also been able to build up the complex nature of the poem because of its dual meaning. We can simply say that the ‘flame’ refers to flame of the paraffin or we can also say that ‘flame’ refers to the scorpion’s poison. The poem ends sanguinely, with the mother surviving and being thankful to god for making her suffer and not her children. After all the tense moments of pain, suffering, torture and fear, the poem has a very touching and warm ending which proves the mother’s love for her children.

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Emily Dickinsons And John Keats Poetry Death English Literature Essay

Emily Dickinsons And John Keats Poetry Death English Literature Essay Death is an unavoidable part of life; and it is true that everyone is well aware of the fact that the circle of life includes both a beginning and an ending. Emily Dickinson and John Keats accept the fact that death goes hand and hand with life, and write about it in their poetry as their own way of dealing with it. While both use death in their poetry they use it in different ways. For Dickinson, both her poems, I like a look of Agony and Split the Lark and youll find the Music, show how death is a way to find the truth of a person. However, for Keats, in his poem Ode to a Nightingale death is feared but also seems to be the better option, compared to the suffering and pain life seems to bring. Both poets use their works to express their feelings and views of death. During the Civil War, Emily and her family, were especially affected because friends of the family were often killed in battle. Death of close friends was a significant feature of Emilys life; many close to her were taken away. This consequently heightened her interest, fascination and perhaps fear of death, which appeared in so much of her poetry, including I like a look of Agony and Split the Lark and youll gind the Music (Tandon 123). Death, the final experience one has, is for Dickinson the best benchmark; it reveals the ultimate truth or reality. In her poems I like a look of Agony and Split the Lark and youll find the Music, Dickinson shows the reader how the real truth of a person is found and seen in death. Here she is wishing pain on another, watching them in anguish in the final moments of life leading to death, doing so just so she can trust them. It is impossible to pretend or fake, so she finds out the real truth through the agony of the dying person. Dickinson turns the agony of death into a positive, because it is one of the few things that an observer can see and trust; to her it is a rare moment of undoubted truth. The detailed specifics of this poem make it clear that she has watched someone in agony, and by her own admission, has enjoyed it, which makes the poem even more disturbing. She doesnt just need tears of agony to trust someone, she wants a Convulsion, a Throe, glazed over eyes, Beads upon the Forehead. These are all symbols of the worst kind of pain, a pain that ends in death. This just goes to show how much Dickinson values the truth. The awful details of the ending of a life are to her valuable details because they are the proof that what she sees, hears and feels are real and true. This truth is a connection for her and the person dying because she can trust them fully, in most ways that she cannot trust others. The second poem by Dickinson, Split the Lark and youll find the Music has much of the same meaning of death. In this poem, the death of the lark reveals the truth, that the bird is in fact capable of sound and music. But the death of the bird comes with a price, after you have found the truth, that it is in fact capable of music, it is dead and can never sing again. Here Dickinson questions whether finding the absolute truth is worth the price of death. She begins the poem in the first stanza by explaining to the reader: By split the lark Dickinson means just that by cutting the lark open, you will easily find the bits and pieces that make the music bulb after bulb. She goes onto say, that if you want to make absolutely certain that it is true you can dissect it. Her description of the scarlet experiment and the gush after gush is the blood of the bird from being dissected and pulled apart. In the last stanza Dickinson also addresses one who, like Thomas, lacks belief and faith in what is true. Thomas in the Bible refused to believe that Christ had risen, that he lived, he lacked the faith in what was true, just like person killing the Lark. In both of Dickinsons poems, death is used to find the ultimate and final truth, something, which to her seems vitally important. John Keats views death differently in his poem Ode to a Nightingale. While Dickinson views death as a way to find truth, Keats fears death and wishes to live vicariously through the nightingale, who is, in his opinion, immortal. If he cannot live as a happy nightingale, Keats claims during the poem that he would like to die listening to the song of the nightingale and escaping the pain of life. Keats explains the pains of life to the nightingale in the third stanza saying: Surrounded by the nightingales song, the speaker thinks that the idea of death seems richer than ever, and he longs to die in the night with no pain while the nightingale pours its soul joyfully out. If he were to die, he explains that the nightingale would continue to sing, but he would have ears in vain and no longer be able to hear. Keats explains that the nightingale was . . .not born for death . . . but is an immortal bird and the reader can sense how he longs to be like the bird, happy in no pain and in no fear of death. Both poets use death in different ways to cope with their own understanding, interest, fascination and fear of it. They invite the reader in to see what death means to them and how they see it should be viewed. While Emily Dickinson views death as a way to find the truth about something or someone, Keats sees death as a fearful event but also a freeing one, which releases a person from the pain and suffering of life. While they are different in the way the use death in their poems, as well as, how the view death, they are both effective in conveying their feelings and emotions on the subject to the reader.

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Strategic Management at Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company

Strategic Management at Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company 1.0 Introduction This material critically analyses the process of strategic management in the areas of nature of competition, the strategy, the strategy process, method of entrepreneurship and resources ofZhujiang Iron Steel Company (ZISCo). The analysis has been done by using some major theories such as gap analysis, balance score card, triple loop learning of ZISCo. Zhujiang Iron and Steel Company (ZISCo) is a Chinese state owned enterprise established in 1997. ZISCo is a steel manufacturer who produces wide range of steel sheets and plates that are used as inputs of various other products. In early 2003, ZISCo faced many problems in the key areas of production, procurement marketing and this has resulted in poor financial performance. In the past ZISCo implemented niche marketing strategy from 2003onwards, ZISCo planned to implement value creation strategy undertook many functional reforms with active participation from all its employees improved its financial performance during 2004 2006. However, in 2007 also ZISCo encountered various challenges, predominantly in the areas of cultural change, knowledge management, and development of organisational competence and learning capability Thus, this material initially analyses the current business strategies of ZISCo to understand the nature of their operations. Subsequently, conducts a PESTEL analysis, Porters five forces and value chain analysis to understand the environment of ZISCo, drivers of profit in the industry at present and the future. In addition, gap and balance score card analysis also has been done to understand the gaps that are existing in the context of ZISCo and to evaluate its performance. Strategic options can be considered to address the gaps that have been identified by the organisation. Therefore, the report will provide an exposure to the strategic options available used by ZISCo and whether they have effectively implemented the strategies. This has been done by analysis of 7S framework triple loop learning alone with an action plan. Finally, the report will suggest the recommendations where its applicable by providing justifications. The analysis of this report was done with the assistance of the case information provided and through industry related information from academic books, journals, websites and other publicly available secondary data sources. 2.0 Process of strategic management followed at ZISCo Businesses vary in the processes they use to formulate and direct their strategic management activities. The model enhances the development of strategy formulation skills by guiding the analyst systematic and comprehensive study of each business situation 2.1 Strategic factors and capabilities 2. 1.0 External environment From the PESTEL analysis Michael Porters five forces analysis it is clear that ZISCo is functioning in a very complex volatile environment which will impact all the strategies adapted by the organisation. Hence, a good understanding of ZISCos external environment will facilitate the organisation to exploit opportunities and avoid threats From the steel industry analysis we can conclude there are many well established key players in the Chinese market the industry has high potential to attract new players in future. Thus, the PESTEL variables in macro environment have major impact on the performance of ZISCo. 2.1.1 Internal environment Analysis of internal environment is a crucial phase to an organisation as it helps to identify the strength and weakness of the organisation. This would mean internal analysis will determine the required skills resources of ZISCo to cope up with competitors capabilities thus measures ZISCos effectiveness to gain competitive advantage According to the value chain analysis the main competitive advantage of ZISCo is technology leadership and implementation of value creation strategy in the steel and iron industry in china. However, through this analysis it is clear focus on quality was very low this is mainly due to the fact that quality department people were ignoring their responsibilities management did not place more care in this department as it does for marketing. 2.1.2Analysis of SWOT From the SWOT analysis key strength of ZISCo is that they have gained competitive advantage over technology leadership as they are the first company to introduce CSP technology in steel iron industry. In addition the other most important strength is their value creation strategy; ZISCo is the first company to implement value creation strategy and one stop shop services to their customers. Thus this will provide a first mover advantage to ZISCo as Chinese market moving toward planned economy to market economy. However, the primary weaknesses of ZISCo are poor quality products are being produced, has liability to pay bank loan interest of US$ 40million annually, and lower bargaining power in purchasing raw materials as a result of signing a contract with a supplier. The quality issues identified would erode companys goodwill among major most important customers; even company may lose its profitable customers for lack of focus in quality issues. Further the non current liability seems to be a huge amount, if proper care is not taken to settle the debt the whole company would go into liquidation. In addition company also faces problems with supplier; ZISCo will directly get affected if supplier does not provide raw materials on time in intended quality. Rapidly changing environment has influenced the performance of the organisation by creating opportunities and threats. The key Opportunities of ZISCo are Chinese economy is transforming towards market economy by creating an advantage for all the organisations in Chinese market and unsatisfied higher demand for container used steel sheets is a big opportunity for ZISCO. The unfavourable key factors that affect ZISCo performance and barrier to growth are slow moving organisational culture (slow change from production orientation to value orientation) , competitors imitating CSP technology and marketing practice very quickly. Further high raw material and electrical cost, the government restriction in steel industry such as limiting the number of employees been recruited and fixed price ranges are also threats for ZISCo 2.2 Strategies adapted by ZISCo Organisation can formulate strategies in three different levels known as corporate level, business level and functional level (Viljoen, J. and Dann, 2003, pg 235). As GISCo is the parent of ZISCo, they have adapted several comprehensive business strategies for their organisation. The business strategy of ZISCo is â€Å"value creation for both customers and company†. In order to follow this business strategy Zhujiang has adapted following strategies. Such as: Changing their niche marketing strategy to mass marketing strategy Pre-emptive strategy Differentiation strategy Cost reduction strategy New product development strategy Informal communication strategy Outsourcing strategy Adapting a new business model strategy 2.3 The performance of ZISCo The rapidly changing external environment has created some significant challenges for management of ZISCo. In order to analyse the overall performance balance score card approach has been used A general conclusion that the overall performance of ZISCO is at satisfactory level can be drawn from the balance score card analysis .However if we take each perspective in to consideration ZISCo has achieved maximum performance in financial and innovation learning perspectives whereas customer perspective and internal business perspectives are at moderate level. Therefore, ZISCo should concern on accelerating order cycling process to make improvements in internal business perspective performance. In addition they should also create possible steps to retain attract more customers by means of customer satisfaction. 2.4 Analysis of External, Internal and Stakeholders inconsistency To be successful, an organisations strategy must be consistent with the requirement of its current and expected future environment (external consistency), its capabilities must be consistent with the business strategy being pursued (internal consistency), and its performance from the existing business strategy must be acceptable to its key stake holders (Hubbard R.B, 2008, pg.167). Hence, an analysis has been done to identify the internal, external and stakeholder consistency of ZISCo According to the analysis of internal consistency of ZISCo it is evident that they have failed to adapt systems those match with their business strategies. This has ultimately created an internal inconsistency within the ZISCo. In addition, ZISCo also has external inconsistency as a result of government regulation on steel industry and changing market in china. 2.5 Gaps in Strategy formulation Gap analysis of ZISCo has been done on the basis of current business strategies of the organisation. Therefore environmental business strategy, organizational performance and business strategy gaps have been identified for ZISCo (Refer appendix diagram8). By analyzing these gaps it can be identified that ZISCo is trying to position its self uniquely in the market. 2.6 Strategic options available to overcome gaps ZISCo was not able to achieve their novelty among competitors due to gaps recognized in formulation of strategy. Thus, there are several strategic options available for ZISCo such as market strategy, generic strategy direction strategy. In order to sustain and gain competitive advantage all 3 options are equally important for ZISCo 2.7 The effect of competitors and stakeholders Stake holders competitors have major role in the performance of ZISCo. The key stakeholders who are exerting more power on ZISCo are government: Government has restricted the number of employees recruited by ZISCo; thus have created a barrier for further business expansions also government is controlling the prices of the steel products thus ZISCo wont be able to use the cost based pricing strategies add their target profit margins. Secondly, the bargaining power of suppliers is also high in the context of ZISCo because ZISCo has entered in to contract with limited number of suppliers. Thus this enables ZISCo to solely depend on them gives high power to the supplier. The other most important stakeholders are employees. They also create an impact on the business strategy adapted by ZISCo by resisting for the required cultural change. As employees have product orientation values it would be very hard to change them towards customer orientations. This would have greater impact in developing overall strategy of ZISCo. ZISCo would have to invest more funds for a long time period in training development since cultural change cannot happen soon as company requires. Finally, like all other stake holder mentioned above Customers also exerts high power in ZISCo because there is an unsatisfied demand for steel products in Chinese industry many market players are there. If a customer is not satisfied with ZISCo, the chances of switching brand are high. Therefore to survive grow in the competitive environment as ZISCo planned it should provide value to its customers. Competitors ZISCo is operating in a very competitive environment in which competitors are adapting to their opponents strategies very quickly. In the case of ZISCo also they have tried to adapt to CSP technology and tried harder to copy ZISCos business model and marketing practices. Thus, there is a possibility competitors can attack ZISCo anytime by imitating their unique innovations soon after the patent rights expire. Thus, this compels ZISCo to continually invest huge amount of funds in research development and in marketing. In addition to the local players ZISCo also faces high international competition in Chinese steel industry due to unfulfilled steel demand in China low costs of labour. These foreign players might have advanced technologies than ZISCo attack ZISCo simply in terms of quality. Thus, it is necessary for ZISCo to carefully understand nature of pressures exerted by both domestic international players and develop the most suitable strategy. 2.8 Implementation of gap Strategic implementation is complex and time consuming but success of an organisation lies on this stage. However good the business or corporate strategy is, it is off little value unless implemented (Hubbard R.C, 2008, pg 349). Therefore, during this phase, strategy makers should consider the question of who implements that strategy, what must be done and how the strategy is implemented (Fletcher, 2001, p.2). Hence, 7S framework has been applied to ZISCo to identify gaps the issues that should be addressed during implementation phase 2.9 Paradigm of operation ZISCo has shifted their paradigm from the conventional wisdom about how things have always been done and must be done to that of emergent strategies From previous paradigm ZISCo achieved efficiency productivity but did not produce products in intended quality that will fit the purpose of customers. Therefore ZISCo has shifted the paradigm from production orientation to marketing orientation by providing more value to their customers. In order to operate in new paradigm ZISCo has changed their market from niche to mass market, changed their organisational structure from functional structure to matrix structure and improved their financial performance through cost reduction 2.10 Recipe issues Recipe can be defined as a set of believes assumptions held commonly throughout the organisation, taken for granted in that organisation, but discernible to the outside observer in the stories of organisation history and explanations of events (Strategic management guide 3, 2004, pg 3). There are several issues have been identified for ZISCo in current paradigm In formulating strategy ZISCo did not define its goals objectives clearly which is critical for any organisation as it guides the employees towards mission vision of the organisation. Therefore, unstated purpose or goal of ZISCo makes the organisation unable to analyse the long term strategic purpose. Even though, ZISCo increased their financial performance by increasing profits through new business strategy still they unable to over come their long term debt. Therefore, this imposes a huge hidden financial risk on ZISCo. Another issue in relation to ZISCo is that cultivating a market oriented culture within the organisation while adding value to the organisation as well. In the past economy of china organisation strategies focused mainly on the production orientation, the value for production orientation already rooted strongly in employees minds is hard to change. Finally, ZISCo is loosing competitive advantage of CSP technologies as a result of competitors are adapting to CSP technology over past 2-4 years. Therefore, loss of competitive advantage (technology leadership) is a critical recipe issue for ZISCo. 2.11 Recommendation justification for ZISCo From the above analysis, I would recommend the following recommendations; ZISCo should implement vision mission in more transparent manner to their employees as it will help the employees to understand the long term strategic direction of the organisation. Thus, ZISCo should develop objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and within the Time limit. ZISCo can transform their organisation as a learning organisation by allowing more innovations, continuous improvement in new product development by investing more in new technology, empowering employees and providing freedom to experiment. ZISCo should adapt to a TQM (total quality management) approach to attend real-time quality issues and invest more in compliance costs (Refer appendix diagram 14) In order to add value for both organisation customers, ZISCo should focus on new management accounting concepts such as extended value chain analysis target costing. These concepts will add value to organisation by reducing costs will add value to customers by providing them the intended benefits or quality(Refer appendix diagram 15 ) The president should also consider changing his leadership style; He should act both as charismatic a transactional leader because the president had performed well in strategy formation but he didnt concentrate much on communicating monitoring the developed strategy. ZISCo can also diversify their product to such as refining metals such as steel alloys. This can be done by merging with a recycling company or starting them self. This might reduce the cost of raw materials and reduce suppliers bargaining power in purchasing raw materials. Further, ZISCo can sell the raw materials to outsiders gain competitive edge. ZISCo can implement Just in time (JIT) system rather than having buffer stocks for raw materials, work in progress finished goods. JIT system would help ZISCo to deliver goods on time will reduce inventory holding costs Further ZISCo should also focus more in managing its supply chain. It should reconsider the contract with suppliers because the present supplier seems to be not reliable enough poor in quality. Thus, management should consider signing contracts with few reliable suppliers (Refer appendix diagram 16 ) ZISCos communication system also should be developed because it seems there is communication gap between top people bottom people ZISCo. Even though, Middle managers are acting as effective communicators between two parties it is insufficient for an organisation that intends to create value. Organisation should extend their one stop shop services in many geographical areas. By doing this they can gain competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction as it reduce the transportation cost and time of customers. Organisation also should concern on their employees by creating carrier opportunity and carrier development to provide a value to their employees by providing them future sustainability. 2.12 Action plan of ZISCo ACTION Measure Person Responsible TARGET (Period Ending) 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Focus on growth strategies Market share, competitiveness President and Middle Management 6% 7.5% 8.5% 10% 15% Improve the CRM strategies Contribution to total revenue and net profit President and middle Management 10% 18% 28% 42% 55% Improve the quality of the final output Quality control measures Department of product quality 15% 25% 40% 65% 90% Create Learning Culture, Continuous Improvement and a flexible organization Innovation efforts, ability to correct mistakes and progress, quick response President and the middle Management 2% 4.5% 7% 10% 15% New Product Development New products developed R D 1% 2.5% 5% 9% 12% 4.0 Conclusion This case analysis has focused on the strategic management process of Zhujiang in the areas of nature of competition, the strategy, the strategy process, method of entrepreneurship resources of Zhujiang Iron Steel Company (ZISCo). The analysis has investigated apparent effects of the issues of ZISCo determined the causes of these consequences by use of appropriate theories. Based on this analysis, justifiable recommendations have been developed, which would redirect the organisation to its required respective strategic objectives. The recommendations for the organisations have been logically presented within a 5 year timeline which enables to generate the favourable outcomes while keeping the environmental changes in focus. At present ZISCo is operating in a very competitive market the competitive advantage of technology leadership is more short time oriented. Thus, in order to sustain in the market a key core competitive advantage is required for ZISCo as company planned the value creating strategy would be the most suitable. Further, the quality levels of ZISCo are inadequate. This is furthering them from their objective of value creation. ZISCo is putting efforts to move from a paradigm of production efficiency to value orientations. However, it is a great challenge to ZISCo as there are many gaps at ZISCo. The analysis indicates though the strategic objectives are appropriate for the environment, implementation of strategy is ineffective. Thus in conclusion it is clear that only by formulating effective strategies an organisation could not achieve its strategic objectives, unless it has the systems, procedures and most importantly willingness to efficiently implement the formulated strategies. 5.0 References Fletcher J (2003) .Strategic management Study guide and plan Edith Cowan University Perth Australia Hill,C and Jones G (1995) Strategic management an integrated approach (3rd)Houghton Miffin, Boston, Toronto Hubbard, G. Rice, J. Beamish, P. [2008] Strategic management Thinking analysis action 3rd ed Pearson education Australia Miller A, (1998), Strategic Management, McGraw Hill, 3rd Edition. New York.Study Guide: Strategic Management Viljoen, J. Dann, S. 4th edition (2003). Strategic Management, Frenchs Forest, New South Wales: Pearson Education Pty Ltd.

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Comparing Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now Essay -- Movie Film com

Parallels in Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   In the interpretation and comparison of Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now there begins to unfold a list of similarities that can be linked to Arturian legend, particularly the quest of the grail. Marlow, or Willard can be viewed as the knight who has been sent on a mythic quest, the specific task being the recovery or assassination of Kurtz, the mythic god-man linked to the Fisher King in Arthurian romance. Conrad specifically modeled his novel on these legends, while Coppola expanded on the concept, using Conrad as a stepping off point and drawing from J.G. Frazer's The Golden Bough and J. Weston's From Ritual to Romance. I will examine the questers purpose for traveling into the heart of darkness, a void in the midst of a burgeoning jungle that has become a fecund waste land. View the quester as he comes in contact with a mysterious god-man or divine king whose own demise has contributed to the demise of the surrounding atmosphere, and how Marlow, and in turn Willar d, deal with this figure, known as Kurtz. Finally I will discuss why Apocalypse Now fails as a recreation of Conrad's Heart of Darkness. top The Task of the Hero In Arthurian legend a certain task is placed, or rather imposed upon the grail hero, whether that hero be Gawain, Perceval, or Galahad. He sets out on a journey with no clear idea of the task before him, except that he, at the bidding of King Arthur, must find the grail, and that he is taking the place of a mysterious knight that set out before him but was killed. The quest of the grail eventually gives way, as the story unfolds, to the knights healing of the Fisher King (the watcher of the grail), who has fallen gravely ill and w... ... sun beats, And the dead tree gives us no shelter, the cricket no relief, And the dry stone no sound of water. Only There is shadow under this red rock, (Come in under the shadow of this red rock), And I will show you something different from either Your shadow at morning striding behind you Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you; I will show you fear in a handful of dust. (Eliot)    Works Cited Conrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness, New York, Penguin Books 1983 Weston, Jessie L. From Ritual to Romance, New Jersey, Princeton Press 1993 Frazer, James G. The Golden Bough(abridged version), New York, Macmillian Publishing Company, 1950 Malory, Sir Thomas. Le Morte d'Arthur, Oxford Press, 1967 Eliot, T.S. The Waste Land and Other Poems, New York, London, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers, 1988      

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Odysseus The Hero :: essays research papers

Odysseus the Hero   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  For a character to be an epic hero, he must possess four characteristics. These four characteristics include the following: (1) he must be high born, (2) the hero must have human weaknesses, (3) he must be brave,and 4) he must be clever. In The Odyssey, Homer’s character Odysseus was an epic hero because he possessed all four of the characteristics.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One characteristic that Odysseus had to be an epic hero was that he was highborn. Odysseus was Prince Laertiades of Ithaca. The goddess Circe knew he was highborn and addressed Odysseus with his formal name “Prince Laertiades…'; (p. 120). When his men feared that he was dead and Odysseus returned to them unharmed, from their hearts they said, “You are back again my prince! How glad we are…';(p.120). Also, because Odysseus had not returned home to Ithaca, many men tried to wed his wife, Penelopeia, so that they could rule his kingdom.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Odysseus was also an epic hero because he had human weaknesses. One of his weaknesses was that he was arrogant. Even after he defeated Polyphemos (the Cyclops) Odysseus stayed longer just so he could taunt him. He “…wanted to shout out again…although [his] comrades…tried to coax [him] not to do it'; (p.110). Odysseus, against his crew’s wishes, shouted, “…Cyclops! if ever a man asks you who put out your ugly eye, tell him your blinder was Odysseus!'; (p.110). Another human weakness of Odysseus was that he had a bad temper. When Eurylochos refused to go back to Circe’s mansion, Odysseus “…thought for a moment that [he] would draw [his] sword and cut off his head…';(p.121). If his men did not stop him, Odysseus probably would have killed Eurylochos and therefore lost a good man because of his short temper. Lust was another weakness of his. For Seven years Odysseus and Circe were lovers. Because he sta yed with Circe, Odysseus prolonged his return home to Ithaca. Odysseus had many human weaknesses.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another characteristic that Odysseus had to be an epic hero was that he was brave. Even though Eurylochos urged Odysseus to not go to Circe and leave the island without his crew Odysseus refused to. He responded to Eurylochos by saying “…as for me, go I must and go I will.';(p.117). Odysseus was a loyal leader, and even though he knew that he faced an impossible task, he went to Circe’s to bring his men back to safety.

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Succubus on Top CHAPTER 16

I rang Bastien's doorbell for the third time and then glared peevishly at the house. Where the hell was he? I was a little earlier than our agreed meeting time but not significantly. I gave the door a petulant kick as I imagined Bastien â€Å"held up† in the arms of some panting housewife. â€Å"He's not here,† said a cool voice nearby. I looked over and saw Dana standing there, a small leashed dog by her feet. It looked like the product of a tragic accident at the cottonball factory. â€Å"Nice dog,† I said. â€Å"My sister's. I'm taking care of him for a few days. You want to walk with us?† No, but I had promised myself the other day that I would pick Dana's brain to figure out how I might aid Bastien, and this seemed as good an opportunity as any. Besides, he'd kill me if he knew I'd passed up a chance for â€Å"reconnaissance.† I fell into step beside Dana and the fluff ball, congratulating myself for the hundredth time on being smart enough to choose cats over dogs. Tutu – yes, that was his name – pranced along daintily, small tongue hanging out. His beady black eyes peered everywhere as he trotted merrily, but otherwise seemed oblivious to the wet sidewalk dirtying his tiny white feet. â€Å"How's your rally going?† I asked after we'd exhausted dog topics. â€Å"Excellent. I'm surprised you haven't heard about it in the news. We're getting a lot of press.† â€Å"Haven't paid that much attention to the news.† She told me the date and time. â€Å"Think you can make it?† â€Å"I think I'm working that day,† I said automatically. Dana gave me a knowing look. â€Å"Tabitha, I get the impression you're not entirely settled on that issue.† You think? I looked away, again fighting the mental battle of speaking my mind versus causing trouble for Bastien. I finally opted for something that sounded vaguely like the truth. â€Å"I just think†¦there's a lot of different ways to look at it, that's all.† â€Å"It's okay to be unsure, you know.† That was astonishing, coming from her. â€Å"Is it?† â€Å"Of course. That's why groups like the CPFV exist. To help you see the truth of an issue.† I repressed a snort. I'd thought for a moment she might startle me with a display of open-mindedness. I let the silence collect again. â€Å"So,† she began after a moment, â€Å"what do you believe then?† â€Å"Er, on what? Homosexuality? Or homosexual marriage?† â€Å"Either.† My opinion was simply that people wanted who they wanted, end of story. There was no regulating love or saying it was wrong. But Dana's views on that were religiously based, and I of all people knew better than to argue the right or wrong of faith. â€Å"I'm just not sure people choose who they're attracted to,† I explained, not exactly attacking her question head-on. â€Å"So, I guess, it seems weird to me to talk about ‘helping' or ‘changing' people who can't really do anything about their natures, regardless of whether that nature is right or wrong.† â€Å"So you think homosexuality is inborn?† That sweet voice couldn't entirely hide her scornful surprise. â€Å"For some people. I think there are those who engage in†¦uh, same-sex activities for the fun of it, but for others, it's biological.† I had a feeling Dana wouldn't describe same-sex activities as fun, but I still felt better at having voiced my opinions. â€Å"You express yourself very well,† she admitted. â€Å"Even if I don't necessarily agree with you.† I laughed out loud, and she looked at me strangely. â€Å"No, I didn't think you would.† We grew quiet again, and I remembered I was supposed to be sounding her out on what she found romantic for Bastien. â€Å"I wish I could choose who I was attracted to,† I said out of the blue, bringing up personal matters in a manner that was out of character for both Tabitha Hunter and Georgina Kincaid. Dana seemed appropriately startled. â€Å"Things aren't going so well with your boyfriend? What was his name? Sven?† â€Å"Seth,† I corrected, feeling only a little bad at dragging him into the cover story. Things with Seth were actually beautiful at the moment, but for the sake of appearances, I kept lying. â€Å"He's okay, I guess, and I like him†¦but he's not very, you know, romantic. â€Å" â€Å"Ah,† she said neutrally. â€Å"Am I crazy? Is that too much to ask? Maybe I should focus on other things.† â€Å"What do you consider romantic?† â€Å"I don't know. Little touches and flourishes here and there. Gestures to show how important you are, how much the other person cares about you.† Irises, smiley-face pancakes. â€Å"What do you think it is?† She shrugged. We were rounding the corner back to Bastien's now. â€Å"I've come to see romance as not quite so important anymore,† she admitted. â€Å"Neither Bill nor I have time for it.† â€Å"Oh.† â€Å"That's not a bad thing. I'd say, more important than superficial flourishes is being able to connect with someone. To talk openly with them and share yourself. To know they're feeling what you're feeling.† â€Å"Oh,† I said again, surprised. Her comments almost made sense. In some ways, they were a variation of Seth's views on honesty in a relationship. Biting my lip, I plunged on. â€Å"And what about†¦you know, attraction and sex appeal?† She gave me a sidelong glance. â€Å"What about it?† I shrugged. â€Å"I don't always feel it around him.† Liar, liar, pants on fire. â€Å"Do I have the wrong ideas about it? What do you think is sexy?† Her answer took a long time in coming. â€Å"I don't know.† Bastien stood by his front door as we approached. He waved a hand in greeting. â€Å"Hello, ladies.† He looked pleasantly astonished to see us together – and getting along. Dana thanked me for the company and returned to her own home after refusing Bastien's automatic invitation to come inside and stay a while. Once she was gone and we were in the car headed to my photo shoot, I gave him the scoop on our talk. â€Å"She doesn't know what's sexy?† he exclaimed. â€Å"She's practically begging for me to ravage her. Hmph. And Bill's not romantic. Well, no surprise there. You think she was lying about saying it wasn't important? Sort of a defense mechanism?† â€Å"I don't know. Possibly. But even if she does miss romance, I think too many over-the-top gestures would throw up a flag. She isn't stupid. Profound conversation might be the way to go.† â€Å"Then the cooking thing is a good idea. Lots of talking there.† â€Å"I guess.† I didn't tell him that I had doubts about the efficacy of that method. Honestly, I wasn't sure what he could do anymore. We'd decided to pull out all the stops for my pictures. He drove us downtown to the Hotel Andra, one of the nicest local spreads, despite its plain exterior. Through some charm I didn't know about, he'd even managed to book us the hotel's one-of-a-kind Monarch Suite on practically no notice. It had more room than we could possibly need, but its true selling point – for me – was an utterly sumptuous, utterly sexy bed. Enclosed in its own romantically lit alcove, it had a deep, royal purple spread and a headboard of gleaming, black wood. The whole effect was dark and sensuous. We shape-shifted out of Mitch and Tabitha upon clearing the door. â€Å"This bed alone,† declared Bastien, â€Å"will sell these pictures. Well, that and your naked flesh. But really, it's a tough call.† He raided the mini-bar and made us improvised Grand Marnier martinis, which I gulped down with surprising eagerness. Suddenly, facing these pictures seemed a lot more daunting than I'd originally believed. â€Å"Nothing to it,† he said, sensing my nervousness. â€Å"Put on something sexy and sprawl on the bed.† I hadn't brought anything in particular to wear, for once willingly opting for shape-shifting. I started with a basic black nightgown. Super short, super low-cut. It seemed like a safe bet. Bastien positioned me on the bed, lying back in a sort of languid pose. He mussed my hair and requested a lazy pout. â€Å"The point here, Fleur ,is to make it look like if you don't get fucked again soon, you're going to be very, very upset. Men go for that.† My apprehension melted away as Bastien took over, directing my postures and expressions, snapping away with his digital camera. We ran the gamut. Some shots I did completely naked, hiding nothing. For others, we found the suggestion of nudity could almost be more provocative. The way the slipped strap of a chemise could nearly reveal a breast. The way a sheer bra and panty set could cover and yet not cover. Nor did we give all of them the just-got-fucked look. In some, I was very elegant, unbelievably perfect in every possible way, not a strand of hair out of place. In others, however, we played up the messy, wild look – â€Å"unplanned,† as Seth would say. We also didn't limit ourselves to the bed, as gorgeous as it was. I posed by windows, by a sofa, by the bathtub, in the bathtub. Both of us, as was requisite for our jobs, had pretty good imaginations for what was sexy and alluring. Nonetheless, we had brought along a few lingerie catalogs and adult magazines for inspiration. We would take breaks to plan, both of us frowning and giving each new pose serious thought. All in all, it was an exhausting endeavor, but Bastien's energy never flagged as he guided me through it all with a professional ease. And honestly, after a certain point, I didn't need his coaching. I knew I was sexy, and it was easy to play that up, especially knowing that Seth would view all of this. When the incubus had filled up the memory card, we finally called it quits. Sprawling on the bed beside me, he called room service and ordered us some professional martinis, since we'd run out of Grand Marnier. They arrived, and we luxuriated in a well-deserved rest, sipping our drinks. â€Å"Thanks Bas,† I told him, touching his arm. â€Å"You're a good friend.† â€Å"Easy to be one when the subject matter is so nice to look at. You're going to have a bitch of a time getting these printed, though. Take them to a store, and you won't get them back.† I'd already thought of that. â€Å"Hugh has a snazzy, state-of-the-art printer. I'll do it there.† I considered. â€Å"Although, he might keep a few too.† â€Å"I wouldn't blame him.† Bastien set his drink down and rolled over to regard me affectionately, face almost serious for a change. â€Å"You're a beautiful woman, Fleur ,and that means something when you can perfectly control your appearance. It's not your physical side – as nice as it is. It's something in here.† He tapped my breastbone. â€Å"Something warm and sensual and lovely that shines out. I'd know you in any body, in any place. â€Å" I curled up against him, happy. â€Å"I'm glad you're here. Even if it's because of the Barton and Dana mess. We're going to fix that for you, you know. I promise. I'm not letting them ship you off somewhere horrible.† A faint, playful smile curled his lips. Affection shone in his dark eyes, affection that was no doubt mirrored in my face. Suddenly, he leaned over and kissed me. Whoa. It wasn't a friendly kiss either, not the kind we so regularly planted on each other's lips in a careless way. This was a deep kiss, an erotic kiss. His lips felt like velvet, his tongue slowly sliding over mine. I was so floored by what was happening that for a moment I couldn't do anything except sink into that kiss and let it send shockwaves through my body. My senses returned to me, and I broke away, sitting up. â€Å"What the hell are you doing?† He sat up as well, as surprised by my reaction as I had been by what triggered it. â€Å"What do you mean?† â€Å"You kissed me. I mean, really kissed me.† He grinned, sensual and provocative. I shivered. When incubi targeted you with that charm, it was bewildering, even for a succubus. â€Å"What's wrong with it? You mean more to me than anyone else in the world. This is a natural step for us. We should have been doing it a long time ago.† I shook my head, backing away. â€Å"I like the way we've always been.† â€Å"Only because you haven't tried anything else. Look, I'm not asking you to run off into the sunset here. We're friends. I know that, and I like that. But you've said it yourself – sleeping with people you don't care about is wearying.† â€Å"Yeah, but†¦I don't think this is necessarily the answer.† â€Å"Then what is the answer?† he demanded. â€Å"Sleeping – or rather not sleeping – with a mortal you do care about?† I climbed out of bed. â€Å"That was harsh. And it's unrelated. I don't want us to be anything more than friends, Bastien. Sex,ll mess things up.† He stayed on the bed, watching me pace. â€Å"Sex will fix a lot of things. It's about time we got some satisfaction that wasn't all business. It'll be therapeutic for both of us. We need it.† I turned away, staring out the window without seeing. â€Å"I don't need it.† â€Å"Don't you?† Only the voice that asked me that wasn't Bastien's. It was Seth's. I spun around, eyes wide. â€Å"Stop that! Change back right now!† Bastien – as Seth – lay back easily against the pillows. He wore jeans and a Whitesnake T-shirt, just as Seth might have. His hair was unkempt. He'd even perfected that cute, distracted smile. â€Å"What's the problem, Thetis?† I stormed up to the bed, wanting to give him the full force of my fury even as I longed to run away. â€Å"This isn't funny! Change back now.† Sitting up again, he slid to the edge of the bed. â€Å"Come on, how have you not seen this coming? This is the perfect solution to all your problems.† â€Å"No, it's not. It's really not.† He stood up and walked toward me, not touching me but coming close enough to make my heart race. I stood rooted, unable to move. â€Å"Of course it is. If you ever want to get Seth out of your system, this is the way to do it. You spend all this time pining for him, wondering what it'd be like to touch him and be with him. Well, this is your chance. This is the only safe way, your chance to do everything you want without hurting him. Do this now, and you could save yourself a lot of grief in the future. â€Å" I shook my head, as my mouth apparently couldn't move now either. Too many conflicting feelings. The entire scene was unreal. Mind blowing. I was still shocked by Bastien's audacity in doing it in the first place. I knew he was rash and bold, but this was crossing the line, even for him. On the other hand, Bastien had mimicked Seth down to the last detail, and seeing him had the effect it always did on me. Everything was the same. Cute and flawless. More intoxicating still was the truth of Bastien's offer. I really could do what I wanted here. It was wrong on so many levels, but I couldn't deny the pull. The perfect temptation. â€Å"I won't cheat on Seth.† â€Å"What's cheating between you guys? You do it all the time.† â€Å"Then I'm not going to be one of your conquests,† I snapped. â€Å"Fine.† He shape-shifted the shirt away so I saw only lovely, bare chest now. He drew my hands forward, resting them on his skin. I discovered it was almost entirely smooth; there were just a few soft and silky golden hairs. â€Å"You do the conquering.† â€Å"I'm not doing any conquering.† â€Å"All right. Then take your hands away.† I stared at where my hands lay on his chest. On Seth's chest. He was warm. My hands matched him almost perfectly. We both had light, barely tanned, golden skin. Take your hands away. That's all I had to do. I just had to move my hands, step away, and leave this ridiculous game behind. I was only a hair's breadth from normality†¦yet I couldn't seem to move away. I knew it wasn't Seth, but the illusion was so powerful, I could easily imagine that this was exactly how it would feel to touch him. Without thinking, I ran my fingers down his chest, down to his stomach. Seth was no bodybuilder, but he was lean and trim from swimming and running. I had seen him in boxers before; the strong muscles were firm and exactly where they should be. Again, a perfect illusion. My hands had brushed this same part of Seth in bed before, but I never allowed myself to sensually explore him, the way I could now. I moved my fingers further, tracing the lines and contours. For his part, he didn't say or do anything. But whenever I looked up, those brown eyes were on me, brimming with heat. They made my body respond with a heat of its own. Would Seth look at me the same way if we were together like this? Somehow, I expected the answer would be yes. I knew Seth viewed sex as a serious matter, despite his characters' casual attitudes. He would treat such an encounter seriously. Also – although I had no proof – I thought Seth would be just as cautious as Bastien was being now, letting me take the lead. Nothing aggressive. My hands slid farther, down to the edge of his jeans where blue flannel boxers barely peeped out. I ran my fingers under the edge, arousing myself further with this dangerous game. Being this close to hitherto forbidden territory was heady. My scouting fingers started to tremble. Never, never would I have let things reach this point with Seth. Not with both of us pressed together. Not with both of us in so little clothing. My common sense would have long since kicked in before something dangerous might happen. But Bastien was right: nothing dangerous could happen tonight. At least not physically. I looked back up. His own breath had quickened. The space between us sizzled. He was so like Seth, I realized. So very much like him. It would be so easy. Easy to pretend. I leaned up and kissed him, again tasting those soft lips, pushing my tongue past them so I could fully savor him. His hands moved around my back, touching silk and bare skin. I was in the same outfit I wore for the last picture: another chemise, this time with a revealing top of ivory lace and a rose-pink silk skirt. I pushed into that kiss, letting it burn me. He kept his hands carefully neutral the whole time, not taking liberties, instead letting me dictate the terms. Reaching around, I grabbed a hold of his hands and moved them over me. I wanted to know what it was like to have him – Seth – touching me. I moved them down to my backside, then over to the sides of my thighs, urging him to push the chemise up. He did, letting silk gather up in his fingers as it slid up, up over my breasts and then over my head. I exhaled as those hands traveled up my body, every part of my skin electric and alive as I stood completely naked now. â€Å"Lay down,† I said, surprised at the rough note in my voice. He obliged, and I crawled onto the bed after him, straddling his hips with my legs so I leaned over him, letting my hair brush his chest as it had that night at Terry and Andrea's. Seth. I had Seth. And I could do anything I wanted. I kissed him again, harder than I had before, as if my mouth realized this could stop at any moment and had to get as much as it could right now. Pulling back slightly, I placed his hands back on me. â€Å"Don't stop touching me.† I returned to his lips, crushing his in return, letting my teeth nibble that soft flesh. All the while his hands roved over me as I'd commanded, coming to rest under my breasts so that he could cup them and stroke them. His fingers trailed to the nipples, which were already standing erect, brushing them lightly at first and then squeezing with greater intensity. I cried out, my own savage urges stoked, and I moved my lips to his neck. My mouth worked fiercely against that tender skin, pressing and biting, as though by leaving a mark I could somehow brand Seth as mine forever. Breaking away at last, I raised myself up slightly on my knees and moved his hand between my legs. He stroked me without being told to, letting his fingers slide over my clitoris, building up the mounting, scorching sensation in my lower body. His fingers moved easily, aided by my own wetness. Greater and greater that swelling ecstasy grew until it was almost agony, but I stopped him before I peaked and could find release. Frantically, I tore at his jeans and boxers, getting them off as fast as I could. I sighed shakily, looking at that long, perfect hardness as though it could keep me alive when nothing else could. I moved myself back down and ground myself against him, rubbing myself against that hardness, letting it finish the job his fingers had started. I came almost instantly, having been already on the edge, and before those spasms could even begin fading, I slid him inside of me, letting him fill me up entirely until it seemed there was nothing left of me in my own body, only him. He was still letting me take charge here, but he wasn't unaffected. His breath came heavy and hard now, his own lips parting slightly with desire, eyes begging me to do more. As for me†¦I was losing myself. I didn't care about anything else but him inside me, as close as I'd ever been able to get to Seth. It still seemed like something had to give, something had to stop us. But it didn't. I became more than a conqueror. I was a ravager, taking what I wanted with no thought of the consequences. I rode on top of him, bringing myself down hard each time, willing him to pierce right through me. My hands held him down as I thrust, not that he was trying to get away. My breasts shook as our bodies moved together, the nipples still hard and sensitive. I heard the slap of skin on skin each time I moved down, forming a rhythm with our ragged breathing. I was drowning in Seth, in his sweat and in his touch. I was liquid and golden, merged into him. My body ached, unable to get enough of him, and I moved harder still. I knew exactly which angle I needed to make myself come, and I didn't even try to hold back the waves and waves of pulsing bliss that racked my body. Small crackles of energy passed between us occasionally – not the usual absorption that occurred with a victim, but the inevitable sharing that happened between an incubus and succubus, two creatures whose bodies were made to collect the power of life. I needed to consume Seth, take as much of him as I could. I had no other purpose. Time passed. My body took its pleasure greedily and often. I said his name over and over, sometimes whispering it, sometimes screaming it, until finally exhausted, I couldn't move anymore. I stopped, nearly collapsing against him. Barely able to work my lungs anymore, I struggled to get the air I needed. He was still inside me, still ready, but I had nearly rubbed myself raw. My throat was dry and painful. Sweat formed a slick coating on me, and I hung over him panting and desperate, an animal who had just sated her hunger with no concern for who lay beneath. He watched me intently, running a careful hand over my damp cheek. Then, at some unspoken signal between us, he flipped me over onto my back to at last finish himself off. Gripping my ankles and putting them over his shoulders, he knelt before me and pushed back inside. A soft whimper passed over my lips. I was jelly now, unable to do anything but lay there and let him have his way with me. My arms spread out carelessly over my head, fingers brushing the black headboard, and I closed my eyes, just letting myself feel Seth taking me now. I was weak and spent, but it still felt wonderful. I opened my eyes and watched him working hard against my body, at last able to give in to his own pleasure. He'd held back for so long for my benefit, waiting until I had satiated my lust. Now he was the greedy one, ravaging me in the way he wanted. At last, he climaxed with a small groan, closing his eyes briefly, holding himself against me as he came into me. When he finished, he slumped forward and pulled out, lying beside me. We stayed like that for several moments, and then he pulled me roughly to him so we spooned, the back of my body pressed against the front of him. Both of us still breathed in heavy, torn gasps as our hearts gradually slowed. I let my cheek rest against his arm. I still shook all over from sex with Seth, with the feel of Seth inside of me and the way he had broken my body with that devastating ecstasy. Then, as one hand tightened on me and his other ran gently over my hair, I noticed something. He didn't smell right. I don't mean to imply that he smelled bad. He didn't. He just didn't smell like Seth. The sweat wasn't the same. There was no fleeting smell of apple, leather, and musk, no unique Seth scent. He smelled like Bastien. He was Bastien, I reminded myself sternly, and with that, the illusion shattered, the spell broke. I wasn't with Seth, no matter how perfect the shape. I was with my friend the incubus. â€Å"Change back,† I whispered. â€Å"What?† â€Å"Change back to yourself.† He didn't ask why, and a moment later, I rested in Bastien's arms. It wasn't Seth, I realized with a dull and terrible emptiness, but it was the truth. We said no more after that, staying in bed together for the rest of the night. Sleep never came for me, however. I lay awake the whole time, staring off into the shadows.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Examine the overtones of Gothic horror in Edgar Allen Poe’s tale The Fall of the House of Usher Essay

The Gothic genre is an English genre that was most popular in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is characterised by an atmosphere of mystery and terror. In order for a novel or poem to be considered as gothic, it must include some of the vital ingredients of the gothic genre. These characteristics include- the use of the supernatural (ghosts/spirits etc), use of dark and vast imagery, the theme of revenge (notably, the dead seeking justice), and a sense of foreboding (giving a hint of what’s to come later). â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher†, by Edgar Allen Poe, can be described as a Gothic novel in that it demonstrates many gothic characteristics, specifically in terms of setting and character. In gothic novels, the setting of a haunted house or castle is often used. It is usually an old, dark and decaying castle plagued by a curse. The motif of a haunted house is used prominently in the â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher†, and indeed the castle is the main setting of the story, and the centre of activity. From the start, we become aware of the dark and desolate nature of the house, as the unnamed narrator provides us with his first impressions. He informs us â€Å"I know not how it was: but, with the first glimpse of the building, a sense of insufferable gloom pervaded my spirit†. This immediately fills us with a sense of foreboding. We get the impression that all is not well in the House of Usher. In light of this, the use of descriptive setting in the gothic novel is a vital tool used to create a sense of mystery and tension. This is especially achieved through the frequent use of negative adjectives such as â€Å"dreary, â€Å"desolate†, â€Å"insufferable† and â€Å"decayed†. The use of foreboding is used frequently in the gothic novel. This involves providing the reader with subtle hints of what is going to happen. Many novels use descriptive settings to create this sense of doom. â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher† is no exception as the reader is bombarded with fateful images of the â€Å"crumbling condition of the individual stones†. This use of the word â€Å"crumbling†, prepares us for the houses and the family’s eventual fate the house’s name is Usher it makes it hard for the reader to recognise the two as different. So when the narrator describes the house as â€Å"crumbling† this is also refers to the state of the family. Because of this use of foreboding, the gothic novel is often criticised for its utterly predictable nature. Interestingly, the unnamed narrator describes the house (an inanimate object), as having lifelike attributes, for example he describes â€Å"the vacant eyelike windows†. This use of personification helps to create a monster-like impression. As a result, the readers already strong fear of the setting becomes stronger. We get the impression that the house itself will generate any terror that is to follow. Descriptions of the house’s interior used when the narrator ventures into the house for the first time describes many secret passageways â€Å"sombre tapestries† and the † Black oaken floor†. This frequent use of the colour black is also an obvious attribute to the gothic genre. Another favourite horror device of the gothic novel finds a person trapped, for example, being hidden away in a dark cell. This is evident in Poe’s tale as Madeline is buried alive in a coffin- this is the ultimate entrapment. When talking of the coffin in which lady Madeleine was entombed in they describe it as â€Å"small, damp and entirely without means of admission for light; lying at great depth†. This use of confinement helps to achieve an almost suffocating effect and is extremely effective in creating fear on the readers’ part. Now I am going to discuss Poe’s use of character in the tale, and examine how it adheres to the gothic genre. Characters in the gothic novel are often very strange and eccentric. This is evident throughout when the narrator describes Roderick’s â€Å"Mad hilarity in his eyes† when Madeleine breaks from her tomb and his intricate song of imaginary things he seems to be in his own world and distances himself from the narrator and therefore the reader. The unnamed narrator’s descriptions of Roderick and Madeline’s physical attributes also helps to create this sense of eccentricity, for example he describes Rodericks â€Å"peculiar physical conformation†. They are described as rather sickly looking creatures with â€Å"ghastly pallor of skin† and â€Å"unheeded hair†. This strangeness of character deems Roderick and Madeline alien to the reader. It is these little eccentricities that stops the reader relating to the characters, making them seem more distant. As a result of this Madeline and Roderick become scary to the reader because as human beings we are instinctively scared of what we do not understand. The setting seems almost cursed with a depression that affects the unnamed narrator as it already has Roderick and Madeleine. The narrator’s whole personality is affected at just the sight of the house â€Å"An air of stern, deep, and irredeemable gloom hung over and pervaded all†. The characters all share the feeling of desolate loneliness even when they are all together this implies the house alters the relationship of the characters. The loneliness is symbolised by the size of the house its vastness is a metaphor for the emotional distance between the characters. DOPPELGANGER In terms of character, the relationship between Roderick and Madeline is highly important. They can be considered as doubles that is a frequent symbol of the gothic or horror novel and film. I argue that Poe was using Madeleine to represent the evil in Roderick this is what causes Roderick to bury her trying to suppress the evil in him, however he is unsuccessful as she breaks through the coffin, this shows that we cannot suppress evil inside us. This itself is a horrific idea. I am now going to examine the use of the double in the story. How are Madeline and Roderick usher similar? There are many examples- for example-As Roderick and Madeline are identical twins they obviously look very alike, they both suffer severe illnesses which affect there daily lives making them house bound this is interesting as they are spending so much time in the house the houses curse seems to affect them greatly even leading to their eventual death! The fact that lady Madeline and Roderick die at the same time could be caused by the fact the people believe that twins can feel what the other is feeling be that mentally or psychically. But there are many examples of them being opposites Roderick is male and Madeline is female she is strong he’s weak this is interesting as it contradicts my original theory. REMEMBER QUOTES. In conclusion to Edgar Allen Poe’s use of the typical traits of the gothic genre is rather obviously used in the fall of the house of usher. These overtones seem to add a sense of the unknown to the novel although gothic or horror novels are known for their predictability it is used effectively making the reader feel isolated from Roderick and Madeleine and closer to the narrator this is interesting as the reader actually knows more about the usher family than the narrator which usually causes the reader to support the person they know more about.