Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Statement of purpose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Statement of purpose - Essay Example Working as a creative artist for an events management company and then as an accounts executive in an advertising agency, my career prospects have been hopefully bright. This experience has inspired me to further my knowledge of the complex business world by pursuing an MBA course of study with greater emphasis on international business strategy. I fervently hope that the level of expertise and intelligence obtained from an MBA program of study specifically from California State University, Los Angeles, could help me become a professional business executive capable of successfully piecing together the vast puzzle of literature on the subject of international business to arrive at convincing solutions. I am confident I have a highly appropriate academic background as shown by my current level of education to join the community of scholars in your prestigious MBA program. While in college, I participated in diverse extra and intra-curricular activities that allowed me to develop my creative capabilities in designing and executing highly ambitious marketing campaigns. Further I am also interested in marketing research that has a broader applicatory significance in multicultural societies. I was attracted by the very seminal and the broader perspective-centric nature of the contents of the MBA program of study at the California State University, Los Angeles. To be sure it’s not only an academic qualification that I am interested in. In fact I am looking for a significant experience in an enriching academic environment. In other words what I have been fundamentally attracted towards in the CSU, Los Angeles is the very curriculum content based on enhancing the student’s analytical skills in competitive business environments. I am sure my ambition to be a marketing manager with particular emphasis on brand management strategy would go a long way despite the

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