Friday, September 13, 2019

My passion for helping people and studying with the best to begin a Essay

My passion for helping people and studying with the best to begin a new professional life in Public Relations. Kimberly Warfield - Essay Example For this reason, I believe that Public Relations is one field that I will be most successful at. Since my children have become self sufficient and are getting the hang of things as far as their lives are concerned, I have finally decided to come back to studying for a career path. I know I can bring a change to my life as well as that of my family and for this reason I have decided to take this move. As my father had fallen ill during the 4 years of my education at the undergraduate school, I had to bear a difficult time there. I worked full time and attended school in a part time capacity. I also took care of my younger sibling all this while – which essentially made me into a stronger person. I always wanted to go back to studies but at that time my concentration was bent on completely towards the needs of my family and nothing else. As far as my personality traits are concerned, I have been a community leader f late and have continued to devote myself whole-heartedly to the cause of the Middleburg Community Center and facilitated in raising funds for the underprivileged individuals and families so that they could go to schools. I also work in the capacity of a volunteer for The National Infertility Association and this is my sixth year for RESOLVE. This has basically been made possible due to my own infertility condition that I had to go through before I became a mother of twins. God has His way of rewarding people and I do not feel left out in any way. I am most contented and satisfied and all my enthusiasm is in line with achieving a career path for my own self in the times to come. Since my networking is strong and I can easily connect with different types of people and not to forget the thirst of attaining education more and more, I would request the said authorities to consider my admission in the Georgetown University, Washington DC for the

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