Tuesday, January 28, 2020

We Can Never Can Tell Essay Example for Free

We Can Never Can Tell Essay It’s funny how things always turn out different than how we expect or want them to. It becomes funny eventually but for the most part, it’s hard. In some cases, painful at first. I am always caught saying â€Å"we can never can tell†. Sometimes, it’s just my excuse and sometimes, I just like saying it because it sounds nice but there is truth to it. Whoever knows what will happen next? Whatever is â€Å"next† – the next time, next person, next tragedy, next tear, next smile. We can plan, predict, speculate, estimate†¦ but truth is, we really can never can tell. Otherwise, where’s the fun in that?†¦ is what they say. Honestly though, don’t you sometimes wish to know what’s next for you in life? Much more, where are all of these life struggles and adventures leading us to? Where am I going to end up? With who? It’s not like you want to impatiently fast-forward to the end of your life but you just want to know if in the end of all these crisis and drama, everything is going to be alfckingright just like what they always tell you when you’re shitfckin depressed. You just want to know if having to struggle today means having a bright future tomorrow or will it be a recurring struggle, or worse, an endless pit of struggle. It’s not fair nor is it right to question life and its purpose but wouldn’t that be nice? A little bit of assurance would be nice. Lucky are those who have their future stable and planned out perfectly fine even before they were born. Trust fund babies, children or relatives of influential people, political dynasties, celebrity children, children of multimillionaires, even those who were born with beautiful genes, because that actually makes their lives easier (feel free to disagree). ***Please don’t refer or send me a copy of The Purpose Driven Life because somebody already did, thank you. On a semi-irrelevant note (depending on how you comprehend it), I have learned that the lack of choices makes you a better person or to put it more rationally, makes you better at what you do. Giving yourself choices is tempting yourself to easily quit one decision and move on to the other instead of making things work; whereas when you’re stuck with only one, you have no other choice but to move forward, make it last, make it work, therefore you strive to be better. Having choices opens up opportunities for comparison, and comparison never leads to contentment and happiness, from what I know. Having a job while knowing that there are still hundreds of available other jobs will make it hard for you to value and stay in your current job (pardon my confusing sentence). You will always wonder what the others has to offer and how you could be wasting your time doing what you think you don’t deserve, instead of working hard to succeed in it and make things better. Having a girlfriend while knowing that there are still hundreds of available other girls who could be sexier and more attractive than her will make it hard for you to be faithful and contented. Especially when you’re fully aware that you’re a good-looking sonuvabitch who thinks you can have any girl you want. You will always wonder if there is someone or something better for you hence disregarding the notion that you may actually have in your hands the best choice. Am I right or am I right? Choices are fallbacks. It’s easy to quit, to let go, to turn around, to give up, to not try hard, when you know you have a fallback that conveniently catches you anytime, everytime. Contentment is inversely proportional to our number of choices (and I realized that just now). The more choices, the harder for us to be contented†¦ and happy. Feel free to disagree.

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Music and Poetry Essay -- Musical Poet Poem Poems Music essays

Music and Poetry The poetry of William Wordsworth initiated the Romantic Era by emphasizing emotion, intuition, and pleasure rather than form and affectation. His poems set the stage for John Keats, a central figure in early 19th century Romanticism. The fundamental themes in the works of both poets include: the beauty of nature; the consanguinity of dreams/visions and reality and yet the tendency of dreams to mask reality; the intense emotions brought about by beauty and/or suffering; and the transience of both sensation and human life. Although William Wordsworth and John Keats wrote poetry with entirely different senses of purpose, they came together in the worship of a song that each found in nature. Both Wordsworth and Keats were able to internalize their own experience and then re-externalize it in a piece of poetry – â€Å"The Solitary Reaper† and â€Å"Ode to a Nightingale† respectively – describing the effect of a stirring song each encountered in a natural se tting. William Wordsworth’s poem â€Å"The Solitary Reaper† reveres the song of a young Highland lass who is â€Å"reaping and singing by herself† (3). The poem is written in four stanzas of eight lines each, with a steady iambic tetrameter as its meter. The poem has a fairly steady rhyme scheme of ababccdd, though it varies in the first and third rhymes of the first and last stanzas. The poem has only eight enjambed lines. By making twenty-four of the thirty-two lines of the poem endstopped, Wordsworth allows the reader to read each line slowly. This consequently works to relieve any sense of suspense or moments of tension within the poem. As seen in Wordsworth’s â€Å"Nutting,† a lack of endstopped lines can allow emotion to build and inspire a sense of frenzied passi... ... Keats’ â€Å"Ode to a Nightingale† in crucial aspects. Both poems preserve a moment of intense beauty, allowing readers to experience the impact of deeply beautiful music within the rustic, natural setting beloved by both poets. Wordsworth and Keats preserve the beauty this music, using unforced and expressive language – vox audita perit, litera scripta manet . Thus, each poet’s experience becomes one that is lastingly present in his mind, inspiring a sense of rustic, melodic tranquility. The â€Å"spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings† - which Wordsworth saw as the heart of poetry – stimulated by each poet’s experience, allowed them to pen powerful poems. Both Keats and Wordsworth convey and then amplify the intense emotion that each encountered in his experience, as each poem combines, arguably, the two most powerful forms of communication: music and poetic verse.

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Absolute and Comparative Advantage Essay

An individual, a firm, a region, or a county may develop an area of specialization naturally, but frequently choices must be made to determine what to produce for exchange or trade. Producers should concentrate on the activity in which the)- have an absolute advantage. An absolute advantage is the ability to product a good or service using fewer resources than other producers use. In the United States, this situation occurs when one region of a country is more suited than another for producing certain pro ¬ducts. Florida can grow oranges using fewer resources than Iowa, where heated green ¬houses would be necessary. Iowa has vast, flat acreage and can produce corn much more efficiently than could Florida. Thus, Florida specializes in oranges while Iowa concentrates on com. and the products are exchanged through the marketplace. When each of two parties has an absolute advantage over the other in producing a particular good or service, it is easy for both to decide their areas of specialization. But what happens when one party’ can produce both goods and services more effi ¬ciently than a second party? Should the party with the absolute advantage produce both products for itself? Although this party has the advantage in producing cither good, it should specialize in producing the good in which it has a comparative advantage. Comparative advantage is the ability to produce a good or service at a lower opportunity cost than other producers facc. 1’his means lerting the other party produce the good in which it has the lower opportunity cost. Total output will be greater, and exchange will allow both parties to have both goods. Suppose a woman can make $100 per hour as a marketing consultant. Part of her work includes preparing reports for her clients. Suppose that in addition to being a first-class consultant, she is more efficient at word processing than anyone she might hire to key the reports. Thus, she might be able to key in one hour what it takes an assistant two hours to do. As a result, she reasons that, instead of hiring an assistant to do the work, she should do it herself. Is she right to do her own keying as well as consulting? If she docs her own keying, she still must take an hour each day from her consulting to do so. The opportunity cost of keying is the S100 she could have earned consulting. The opportunity cost of consulting is the S20 she must pay an assistant to key the reports. Therefore, if she hires an assistant, she can devote her hill time or consulting. I led gross earnings will be $ 100 greater per day. After paying the assistant $20 for two hours work, she will still have additional net income of $80 per day. Thus, the marketing consultant is bcucr-off specializing full time in the service for which she has the greater comparative advantage.

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Child Abuse The Cause And Effects - 1775 Words

Child Abuse: The Cause and Effects That Lead to Homelessness Child abuse, when hearing the word the first thing that comes to mind is a negative and horrific image. Our faces cringes and our hearts fill with sorrow, but what exactly is child abuse? well according to the state of Ohio Child Abuse is the abuse that represents an action against a child. It is an act of commission, generally abuse is categorized as follows: Physical abuse, Neglect, Sexual abuse, and Emotional abuse. According to the definition, there seems to be a different types of abuse with different meanings. There is a great number of child abuse in the states today. The Administration for children and families states that the national rate of child fatalities are 2.04†¦show more content†¦Which is usually due to not knowing where to go or whom trust. She was not able to disclose any cases for me in regards to confidentiality. Sherrie did advised me that although there are many children who do suffer abuse and runaway from home will find a safe haven which is usually a organization privately owned or a funded government agency. A non profit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio which was Founded by James N. Gamble of Procter Gamble in 1924, City Gospel Mission helps the homeless and hurting break the cycle of poverty and despair, as their motto quotes â€Å"one life at a time.† They have made it their lives mission to make sure that they will end poverty and homelessness in the greater Cincinnati community. City Gospel Mission has Help over thousands of people here in the tristate get back to a normal life from drugs, poverty, homeliness and incarceration. I have had the pleasure of talking with Carol Posthuma who is in charge of the Jobs plus department in helping ex convicts find employment after they have been released from prison. She shares that not only does City Gospel help to recover lives from certain situations but they help on a spiritual level. Carol advised that they are not the only organization that helps adults and children from homelessness. Private small organizations and churches come together and take part as well. Physical abuse can start from an early age, and the government