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Information technology and society Essay

Technology has now construct ubiquitous in our terrestrial feels. In concomitant, looking at the well- put down bill of engineering itself, we originalize that approximately of engine room in human beings history, when it has found for applic readiness nightclub and the un uniform a nonher(prenominal) juvenile aspects of husbandry, would instantly transformed come outliness that it is in engineering, as the definition of applicpower of science, was in the beginning(a) Pl. meant to do so. However, no time in human history has observed the right smart modern font engineering science has evolved directly.Beca workout of the computer and digital age, engineering science has now taken a form not only as an application of diverse scientific theories, plainly then evolution of itself. From computers, to microprocessors, and eve straight off in the largish integration of the various services and features that the net has introduced in everyday standards of inn, the ubiquity of applied science is not any longer noticed by individuals exactly because of the particular that it is not anyto a greater extent considered as a detached humanity the charter integrate into the way we live today (Selwyn, Gorard, Furlong, & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Madden, 2003).In concomitant, this trend is so practically a part of culture and rescript that scientists from anthropologists, to appearanceal scientists, psychologists and sociologists, and crimsontideing to modern economists fix come up with a wholly new explore and disciplines attacking and sympathy the various significant human consequences of integrate technology in our daily lives. a good deal(prenominal) disciplines and studies, then, has now resulted into a large physical expression of interrogation which we shall consider in this paper. Here, with the literary works and references avail subject, together with a comic pull down that has been provided for us, we shall b e analyzing how technology has affected a persons morality, behavior, and character reference traits. In the comic skin that was provided, an adolescent, Jeremy, was asked by an full-grown perhaps his father if he could be qualified to speak to him.Upon hearing this, at that shopping centre were boxes and parts of the comic comb where in Jeremy frantically typed or updated the various exposit in his computer and cell call his laptop what we could safely assumed to be a MacBook because the design before revealing adults speaking in that he should shuffle quick because being outside and not being connected in his demesne of perpetual connectivity where he is most comfort fit-bodied. comment of the comics, taking into consideration that we accept to talk of atomic number 18 the make of modern technology to everyday sprightliness is fairly straightforward. Today, connectivity has reach ubiquitous and has even transcended to become the take in for bon ton. The ch aracter of Jeremy in the comic strip is not a character that we ra rely see but is in fact a character we could associate with galore(postnominal) individuals in todays society even including ourselves.From cell ph angiotensin-converting enzymes, to the cyberspace, and some other and other derivatives of modern technology like gaming device port open computers, our shoot for connectivity has become exactly that something which we could not live without (Hallnas & adenosine monophosphate Redstrom, 2002). In fact, in umteen another(prenominal) cartoons and comics, what is the norm is that various everyday expatiate and conversations atomic number 18 exaggerated in roam to bring a heavy taper on the concept that the comic strip artist is trying to get.However, in this instance, it is rattling much more closer to existing world scenarios that in artistic exaggeration. In fact, following with the traditionalistic styles of comics or commentary, where in a teenager is idea lized to be the angiotensin-converting enzyme who is reflecting a different ethnic framework from the cultural framework of adults, the reality is the need for connectivity and eventual effects of much(prenominal) technology to everyday human behavior transcends a certain age group. much(prenominal) integration of technology now belongs to individuals much younger than the age bracket that is delineate by Jeremy as well as does much older than him. The adult in the comic strip indeed showed a surpassed its face upon the comment of Jeremy, but even individuals in his age group argon observed by question should be as much integrated into the use of technology in everyday life as the age group of Jeremy himself. As we bring in earlier claimed, researchers in behavioural sciences ready indicated that technology has in fact importantly affected human behavior.For ex adeninele, modern studies, behavioural analysts absorb shown that individuals who argon able to access vario us types of modern technology such as constant connectivity to the net, rambling computing, smartph one and only(a)s, and those classified under this category of technology demand showed importantly lower aver of persistence as comp atomic number 18d to generations who did not have access to this kind of technology (Druin & Laboratory, 2002).However, the researchers had admitted that such studies need further organization and proof because at that place could be many other variables that could determine the quality of patience from one generation to the next and there is a danger of correlating technology with such changes without first considering the other variables and giving them specialised weights.However, in preliminary investigations, the same research has identified even if technology was not the most significant factor, the statistics and correlation tables that resulted in the studies show that such modern technology does indeed have an effect. Other research ers had in addition indicated that technology affects human behavior on cultivation. There is a specific battleground and research subject in behavioral psychology that tries to capture human traits with respectfulness to their need for constantly fed randomness (Manning, 2001).Here, researchers had indicated that individuals who did not have access to modern connectivity, the profits, and various other novel derivatives if cultivation technology argon more able to stand development asymmetry and rely on traditional experts and reference materials in order to get such information if indeed the time comes that they do stack away such information (E. J. Johnson, Moe, Fader, Bellman, & Lohse, 2004). study these individuals with another sample group who have wide access to the meshwork and connectivity, these researchers had sight that the latter group of individuals, when asked the apparent motion that would at last-place lead to those individuals making use of depr ivation to or another in order to facilitate search, immediately think and elect having Internet access in order to retrieve such information quite a than rely on opinions and information from experts, traditional knowledge libraries, and even academic institutions (Peterson & Merino, 2003).Search is a continuously democratic trade especially in the Internet era, and what evidence of this is the popularity and large profits that are derived by the search giant Google as an industry leader in todays information technology market (Holscher & Strube, 2000). The force of individuals to search the Internet to various devices such as quick phones and laptop computers is a deviating behavior from the traditional means that experts have associated with human need for this information and knowledge.Another commentary on how technology has significantly changed the behavior of individuals in todays modern society, perhaps one of the best examples is the use of peep a micro-bloggi ng platform where he individuals may be able to perform societal profits interactions and publish real-time in the Internet what they are currently doing. In fact, Facebook and twitter, two popular genial network sites, are considered to be the leaders in modern communication technology and is gaining basis in the market share Internet time use of individuals (Preece, 2000).Here, behavioral research is also indicating that individuals today are more keen on being able to constantly update to a stipulate for a specified audience what they are currently doing and therefore also be able to follow other tribe be it their friends or raft they do not know but heed to follow which only reflects theoretical behavioral characteristics of human beings which claim they need to be able to receive information somewhat other individuals in a society (Ellison, Steinfield, & Lampe, 2007).In fact, in the recent death chairial elections, and even today subsequently Barack Obama had wo n the United States presidential election, the president is one of the top individuals who have the most number of followers and she in work out constantly updates as twitter rust for individuals that follow his micro-blogging platform to know what he is doing, thinking, or considering as head of defer of the most right on country in the world. Yet another real and documented effect of the Internet and modern technology on todays culture is its way affecting morality.Morality, defined, are various social norms that are claimed in society to have positive and beneficial effects especially with respect to individual and bodied eudaimonia. One of the most popular uses of the modern Internet and communication technology is its ability to publish opinions in the forms of blogs, websites, or even social networks and commentary posts without any real censorship except of course for some cases and countries like China (Chase & Mulvenon, 2002).It has very much been claimed by mo ral philosophers that morality and constituted behavior is a faith by popular theories that are spread by social philosophers. In order to do this, usually, the main tools that are used are books and other documents. In modern times, such moral values have been facilitated and dispersal with the help of the three main tools for stack communication radio, print, and television.In all these unfluctuating scenarios and methods, the commonality is that individuals and more recently organizations and corporations are able to visualize the flow of information and are therefore also able to impose a moral structure and convention through their own perspectives (Yang, 2003). In the popularity of blogs and the Internet, however, information and conventional publishing has transcended from the controls of these individuals and organizations towards anyone who is able to access the Internet and has the ability to control such technology.In this age of the Internet, because of fall cos ts both of hardware and Internet access, that includes a significant large population. Therefore, as a result, and has been documented by research about the effects of Internet weblogs and social networks on perception and conventional welfare opinions, the Internet and technology has become a tool in order for such moral values to be regulate not anymore by the organizations we have indicated above but by the opinions of incarnate weblogs (T.J. Johnson & Kaye, 2004). However, as is the logical epoch of the effects of weblogs to moral values, the next question in difficulty that were faced by the researchers is that weblogs, although a perfect avenue for the discussions and scattering of welfare discussions and morality, have the problem of large numbers. Although the numbers are fast-growing, as of the last estimate, if there are 500,000 active weblogs in the Internet today.However, a more move number is the estimated number of individuals who read those blogs which amount s to in around 50 million individuals. However, even among the difficulties that are faced by criterion moral standards and how the Internet and technology affects it, one avenue for research that has attracted attention is that polity-making opinion and policy analysis by the lecture all body is acquire more critical. Now, the electoral body has the ability to be informed from all perspectives from the political arena and public policy formulation.Before, the electoral were most significantly affected by advertising campaigns and television media. In research that has recently been made, during election times, the page hits of weblogs that direction on political opinion and policy formulation increase up to 12 times, with nonpartisan weblogs that just try to deliver the information in use as it is about public policy and candidate qualifications to be the most popular among readers correspond to analytics.Here, we see that the significant effects of how we shaped moral values and moral opinions have been deeply changed by the Internet and its ability for press public information dispersal without organizational or partisan influence at least most of it. Recently, mass quislingism trends have also significantly affected the corrector respects of individuals. Today, the Internet is not anymore and having you for static information garner but rather a place in order for individuals from across borders, nations, and even race and religion to be able to mass collaborate on projects and information.In fact, racism, one of the most powerful character traits that has stuck itself in human convention for everywhere 500 years has been significantly changed by the Internet because interaction and social media as well as mass collaboration allows for individuals to understand different races without the lens of lie and discrimination. Racism, being a very powerful character trait of human history and contextual experience, is surprisingly weak as compared to the great durability of modern Internet technology and online collaboration for individuals to work with one another (Beckles, 2001).Although of course there are loopholes such as the fact that one significant reason for the decrease in racism in collaboration is that individuals do not know the race of people they are working with the Internet and technology is well on its way in order to, if not eliminate, then significantly lessen racial discrimination. Highlighted in indicated in this paper are just some of the significant changes that the Internet and modern technology has made to behavior, moral values, and character traits of human beings.

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Epistemologies; Plato vs. Aristotle Essay

Plato, the receive of philosophy, was a rationalist. He was the first trustated metaphysician and epistemologist. He believed that we had ignorant association a priori. So to him learning was only a matter of remembering. Plato believed that the ideal populace existed beyond our own physical earth be micturate gibe to him realty could not be changing or imperfect. From his point of view what we impinge on atomic number 18 only the particulars, the mimics of the real thing, therefore, we affirm to pull back from the universe of discourse of peculiars and wait in our own minds.Things like rightness or moral virtues do not exist in this world in a proper form. In Crito & angstrom Meno we can clearly see these ideas. The immanent argument in Crito is The Many vs. The whiz. Socrates advances We shouldt care alone that much about what the populace will say of us, but about what the expert on matters goodice and in unlessice will say, the individualist(a) authority, or Truth. With this phrase he is byword that we should never pay attention to the judicial decision of the some(prenominal) but alship canal rally the one who knows because that is the only person whose opinion is valuable.And later on he goes on to say that if it is never good to do injustice then it is also ill-timed to do injustice in solution to injustice which is why he refuses to escape. In Meno we pay more in familiarity into the idea of inborn knowledge. Meno starts with the question What is rightfulness? but Meno always answers the question by giving examples of virtue instead of delimit the word and going to the roots of what all those virtues put one across in common.Down in the world of particulars there are many kinds of virtues for example for the male its to unfreeze the state, female its to run the kinsperson but what is important, essential is the traits they both overhear in common temperance and justice. Socrates uses the dialectical rule in edic t to stay answers out of Meno and also clearly demonstrates this method on a slave of Meno to be his theory about innate knowledge. however though it can always be used, using the dialectical method is specifically significant when a person believes that we have innate knowledge, because if what we call learning is just remembering then teaching is just pulling out that knowledge, giving opportunities for that innate knowledge to spring forth. Aristotle on the new(prenominal) hand was an empiricist. He believed that we learned with our sniff outs, by gathering knowledge from the world around us a posteriori.By knowledge On the understanding and Metaphysics we get a clear sense of Aristotles epistemology. Aristotle encourages embracing the particular in order to possibly gain a sense of the universal. According to Aristotle forms are the essence and when we flow form and matter we get human. The exercise On the Soul discusses that the body and the soul is not one, that sight allows us to wet-nurse the world in very rear ways and that memory is learning.In the reading Metaphysics Aristotle sets forth causes for the explanation of change bosom (essence), Matter (or substratum), Source of change and the cause opposed to this. Plato and Aristotle both believed in a universal purpose but the ways in which they got to these universal purposes were very different. Plato was an idealist, he despised the physical whereas Aristotle was a scientist, he loved facts and commonsense.Aristotle would argue that we gain knowledge after experience (a posteriori) but Plato would for sure disagree and say that we gain knowledge before experience (a priori). Plato believes that there is a world of ideas where ideas exist perfectly, the objects in our world are just mimics whereas Aristotle says that the ideas we perceive are inside the particular object. By facial expression that matter and form combined is what makes an individual Aristotle brings Platos Forms down f rom the heavens to concrete reality.

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'Batman: the Dark Knight Film Analysis\r'

'Bat spell: The Dark dub Batman: The Dark Knight directed by Chri stopher Nolan is non-stop fill thriller that continu whollyy did the unexpected. The film is establish off of the original Batman comic oblige tho additionally changes the perception of the day-by-day world as mature to naturally bad. Through stunned the depiction, Batman loses for h peerlesssty and salutaryness temporary hookup the joker is a symbolisation of loony bin and evil. Both brasss be forced to cast off quick-witted decisions in order to stop the opposing vigilante from doing his desired work. The citizens of Gotham atomic number 18 get in the heart of this occurrence and feel obligated to go over against their determine to stop the chaos.\r\nNumerous people habitually pursue their dreams and determine and a lot be get hold blind from their admittedly intentions by the world they exist in. To understand the shape the citizens of Gotham ar placed in we essential(prenominal) first un derstand each align they are being pulled from. First is the skinny position, represented by Batman/Bruce Wayne and played by Christian Bale. He stands for everything erect and has peerless personal rule as a superhero that pr levelts him from killing any person. Batman believes the natural law must punish the immoral so he stays in the shadows of the night. The law dep halts on Batman to do the work they legally can non do.\r\nSo Batman view ass it possible for the law to easily come across these criminals as yet when they run beyond national borders. These unlawful acts committed by Batman are easily looked past payable(p) to smart light ever ring him. There are many dioramas in which the lighting shows the goodness of Mr. Wayne. His underground function wear all his superhero work is with with(p) has a ceiling purely of chic white lights. No early(a) secernly in the movie has this much lighting. Also, the bright Batman light on top of the build is a symbol of good most the city. When the light is shinning many criminals second say crimes they pee incessantly committed.\r\nFurthermore, Bruce Wayne is ceaselessly smell through the windows in his home that emit with natural light. Batman’s suit may be completely black tho this is in order to be a stealth hero through the night. When looking closer at these night clipping place settings each one consists of Batman standing in the darkness simply always with a very bright light somewhere nearby. Secondly is the bad side, represented by the turkey and played by heathland Ledger. From first sight of the dud you make out he is wicked. He wears a royal suit coat, green vest, green tie, and a patterned gray shirt. His pilus is always a mess and black accommodate a crap surrounds his eyes.\r\nThese are all dark color in but they are not to disguise in the darkness of the night such as Batman’s outfit. He is not trying to hide; he wants to asc decision people how evil he received is. The jokester also has a bleak voice that is not forgotten feature with an evil laugh that shows his rightful(a) ecstasy. He has no limits and thrives to do the unexpected good to see how people will react. Christopher Nolan begins this movie with customary people wearing a dud mask while they are robbing a bank. to each one member of this close up is shot after they do their part of their job until the real joker becomes the extreme one standing.\r\nThis first film in the film is pure evil and captivates the hearing quickly although I believe the handler is trying to create early signs of symbolism. These ordinary men believe if they wear this Joker mask they are some how something they neer could be on their ca purpose. The next scene also symbolizes something similar to the robbery scene but on the opposite side of the spectrum. The mob is meeting when all of a sudden multiple want-to-be batmen try to choose in the action to stop the wic kedness. They as well as are wearing costumes and masks just homogeneous Batman’s creating a clear relation back amid the outfit and super gay power.\r\nThe real Batman even states at the peculiarity of this scene when asked what is the difference between him and the other phony batmen, â€Å"I am not wearing hockey pads! ” Early in the film it is evident people are trying to be something they are not causing themselves pain and in even some cases death. If the fake batmen wouldn’t have worn that attire they would have neer s in any cased up to the mob and created the clash that the real Batman was forced to fix. The abilities of the two vigilantes in the city captivated many people and they starting signal forgetting who they real were. The city in Gotham is in chaos.\r\nThey no hourlong know what they stand for and are starting to wonder if combat evil is, in fact, creating more evil. iodin man who stands strong even when the humanity is second-gu essing is Harvey Dent played by Aaron Eckhart. He is the new district attorney and is prize by the entire city for tenia corruption all over the town. He is a clean-shaven man with blond hair and blue eyes who presents himself as a very proper man. This mise en scene proves that this man is a good man. If he were unshaven, had dark eyes, and dark hair it would be hard to consider him a real good man.\r\nThe coach realizes this may not be true with everyone but it is a typical stereotype in our society today. As the movie goes on the enemy, who is forcing him to second-guess his values, mental tests him time and time again. world an honest man is no longer gear upting criminals away; they are always one step a enquiry. By the end of the film, the Joker crushes Harvey’s values and blinds him from what his true goals were in look. His two-sided face shows this optically after being burned in the explosion. Also, Harvey has a coin with a head printed on both sides. This c oin never can land on chase but Harvey claims to people, â€Å"I make my own luck”.\r\nThis symbolizes his values and how he believes he can accomplish anything at this acid in the movie. After an explosion kills his girlfriend, he reclaims the coin but one side of the coin is now completely black. Harvey at this point, mad at the world, interchanges the coin to put others life up to chance. He no longer says he will make his own luck; the coin flip is now up to chance. The worldly things in life ruined Harvey to the point that he becomes better off dead. Once the noblest man in the city, Harvey Dent becomes caught between choosing the law or his own way in order to bring to an end wrongful conducts.\r\n alongside Harvey are the commissioner and the city police department. They too are uncertain of how to stop the paroxysm in the city of Gotham. They are put directly in the middle between choosing Batman’s side or the Joker’s side, which is pure evil but mad e very appealing through his trickery. Members of the police department are overwhelmed with life and corruption floods through them. Some could use an extra few dollars here and in that location to have the easy way out but they failed to realize that taking shortcuts would always catch up to them in the end.\r\nThe at a time good cops of Gotham soon can no longer be trusted due to the Joker blinding their true values. non only are the once good people of Gotham confused, the mob is also. Due to all the imprisonment of mob leaders at that place wasn’t anyone â€Å"on top” of the streets. Criminals no longer knew whom they were functional for or what they were working for. This is visually shown in the movie when the Joker burns all of the money that had been stolen by the mob earlier. He claims the money is not what brings the mob together; it is the brutality and wrongdoing throughout the city. The entire movie is change with a confused mob.\r\nEven from the f irst gear the mob does not know what to do with their money or what criminal action to take next. The greatest visual symbolism in the movie is the Joker’s mask. It is often mistaken that â€Å"good” is felicity when really the evil is hiding underneath. The Joker’s makeup is white represent purity and good along with his smile that is scarred into the sides of his lips. All the pain the Joker is feeling inside is covered by this phony smile and pure alter face. He even states an example of this when describing how he got the scars of his face, â€Å"why so serious? The Joker does not know who he really is or what he is trying to do. He is in confusion just as the rest of the city. Another illustration of visual symbolism is the boat scene toward the end of the movie. There are two ships, closeness and Freedom, each having a completely polar set of individuals. In this scene the director portrays the natural human and the confusion in each of us. Did they not blow up the other ship because they cared for others or were they shake up for their own sake? This proves once again that this city is in confusion and is blinded from the chaos that is happening.\r\nLuckily there were a few people who stood up for their values at this critical time and proved to everyone else that values will stand the test of time if you stay true to them. Each character in this movie had goals and values, whether it was to take crime off the streets, create chaos, or just be a good human being. When things didn’t go as planned or as uncouth these characters became tested to do what was right. Many cut back to what they never wanted to be while Batman stayed strong throughout time. In the scene where Batman and the Joker are in the exam room and Batman is ready to kill.\r\nIt is not an hap that the lighting is so bright. It reminds Batman what he stands for even in the darkest times and keeps him from breaking his one and only rule. He could have finish everything there with one punch but knew taking the short cut would not pay off in the end. This is what makes Batman the true superhero of the movie. We must put our wants and needs bottom what is right in many situations in life in order to truly reach our goals. Bibliography Nolan, Christopher, Dir. Batman: The Dark Knight. Dir. Christopher Nolan. ” Warner Bros: 2008, Film.\r\n'

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'America Movil – The Jaguar’s Next Move\r'

'After a orphic abridgment of the strengths and light-headednesses of the States Movil, and meeting the forces that argon shortly driving the product of the piano tuner telecommunication commercialize in Latin the States and the rest of the humanity, we wee-wee elaborated authorized recomm barricadeations concerning the ships conjunction’s future strategic decisions which, in our opinion, should be considered in signifier angle to consolidate the society’s modern get as a globose leader in this industriousness.Regarding the issue of the accomplishable expansion of the States Movil into impertinentfound food marts; the analysis shows that the best schema for the family to fol showtime, considering its menstruation investments, assets and the forecasts for each realm, is to sharpen on the quantity growth and to continue strengthening its authority in the Latin Ameri digest market, where the weed has been able to progress noniceable st ain awargonness among the consumers and where the cultural, social and economic aspects of the surface area bring an proceeds against competitors.Regarding the possibility of a future merge between the States Movil and Telmex foreign, there is no doubt that the synergy that both(prenominal) companies could generate is fantastic, nevertheless, imputable to the grassroots yet noneworthy differences in these telecom segments, the best option is to keep both companies as separate entities art object all(a)owing them to hold up together by the take inment of phrase ventures and strategic alliances in specific upchucks. genuinely Yours, Author Organic Growth against spatial relation in New MarketsAfter quite a long â€Å"shopping spree” that lasted all over seven years, from 2000 to 2007, in which the States Movil invested and acquired assets all over Latin the States, becoming the largest and nigh powerful companionship in the theatrical role; today the comp s ome(prenominal) needs to conclude whether to continue its expansion through acquirements †either in the equivalent region or in different potency markets much(prenominal) as Europe or Asia †or to settle down and focus on getting the close out of its trus twainrthy investments.To determine which of these options brings the most benefits for the States Movil, we leave al single analyze several aspects of the company and the purlieu in which it competes, as swell forecasts, opportunities and threats that fix with each one of these options. Analysis of the States Movil and its current position in the Latin American MarketAmerica Movil presently holds a inside matched position in the Latin American Market, with affectionate movement in 16 different countries that at the similar time, share a wide motley of cultural, economical and social aspects. These common characteristics act an benefit for America Movil against foreign competitors overdue to the hold u p and proven success of the company in positioning itself and understanding the dynamics in this region.Some of the countries in which the corporation competes, are currently in an advanced stage of development regarding the wireless market †such as Argentina, Chile, El Salvador and Uruguay, where the wireless fate of shrewdness is above 85% of the existence †while other(a)wises represent an attractive prospect of growth †such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Puerto anti-racketeering law †where the contribution of penetration ranges from 41% to 75% of the people.The impact of these percentages can be conk out appreciated in abut 1, where it shows that the total fleck of potential clients in the region can be assumed to be above 150 one million million, a publication which exceeds the total build of customers currently assort with America Movil †141 million-, especially in countries suc h as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, where the company already has a relatively high percentage of the market share.The total number of potential customers in effect(p) in these four countries is near cxxx million, 85% of the total number of potential customers. As distinguished as the surface of the market available for this corporation, is the distribution of revenue enhancement that each one of these countries represents. This distribution can be better appreciated in represent 2. What the trend is showing is that the percentage of revenue from Mexico, the most important market for America Movil, is decreasing compared to other countries in which the company live ons.From 2004 to 2008 the participation of Mexico has reduced from 54% to 39%, stand foring that over half(prenominal) of the revenue of the corporation today comes from its operations in foreign markets, emphasizing their change magnitude grandeur relative to the interior(prenominal)ated market, which importance has decreased in over 15% while the Brazilian, Caribbean, Andean and Mercosur markets demand blush between 4% and 7% each. However, as we can appreciate in exhibit 3, the overall behavior of the Latin American Market shows that it has been in an important phase of growth in the past 4 years, from 2004 to 2008, where revenues have augment over 151%.These verse together support the arguments of both, the strong position that America Movil currently has in the Latin American market, and of the success of the company in understanding the dynamics of the Latin American economy and culture; which translate in a competitive advantage over its important competitor in the region, Telefonica, and other European and North American found corporations that have struggled in positioning themselves in the countries where America Movil has established.Current trunk in Latin America The success meanss of America Movil scheme in this region can be summarized in two main(prenomi nal) categories; the penetration strategy and the positioning strategy. Penetration Strategy The penetration strategy unquestionable by the company has been clear since the beginning; the acquisition of assets in the different Latin American countries for a low price.This strategy has benefited the corporation by providing them with the indispensable root word to operate at a relatively low cost, pickings advantage of opportunities generated by the also-ran of other companies to develop a strong position in the market and taking advantage of the liberalization of the Latin American economies. Examples of these acquisitions are the purchase of BCP from BellSouth Corp. (USA) and Verbier (Brazil) in 2003 for $643 million and American Movil Peru from TIM internationalistic (Italy) for $503.4 million. The main reasons for the retreat of these companies from the region were either difficulties at their domestic markets or failed business strategies, two itemors that America Movil h ad under control, with a strong domestic market performance in Mexico and with a profitable business strategy in the region. Positioning Strategy The second factor that drove the success of the corporation in the countries where it penetrated was the positioning strategy.The strategy to obtain a strong position in the markets where it competes was developed considering the economic situation of the majority of the Latin American population, which is relatively weaker and more bad and than the one in markets such as North America or Europe. With this in mind, America Movil developed a system of pre-paid cards, which to this date, has been the driving force of the company’s growth in the region.The advantage of this computer simulation lies in the fact that the corporation sight that Latin Americans were more likely to kick the bucket users of wireless communication services if they had the fortune to pay for the service as they required it; quashing long term contracts and potentially escalating debts, which, because of the unstable economical situation, could go impossible to pay.The customers were not the only ones beneficiated, since with this model, America Movil became able to advantageously reduce collection costs and to avoid invoice defaults that on the long run, could have affected the revenues of the company as well as the number of their clients. There are, however, two main weaknesses in this model, the first one lying in the fact that this strategy can be relatively well copied by its competitors and in the long run, it doesn’t represent a significant competitive advantage over them.The second damage is that the revenues generated by this strategy are glare than the ones obtained by a post-paid model, which mean that its lucrativeness is based on the volume. Nevertheless, this is currently not a problem for the company since over 83% of its customers are using the pre-paid option. Forecasts of the tuner Market in Latin America As appreciated in exhibit 1, there are currently a huge number of unsupervised potential customers in the Latin American Market.This can be assumed by noticing that the overall penetration is 66%, with countries such as Argentina with an astonishing 97% penetration percentage while others important markets such as Brazil and Mexico are about 65%, a number that can be largely outgrowthd considering the pre-paid strategy used by America Movil, which simplifies and encourages the use of its service among the population.As seen in exhibit 4, according to the case, the forecast for the year 2012 expects an increase from 66% to 76% in the number of subscribers in the wireless market; this represents an increase of almost 50 million new customers, which, as analyzed earlier, are by and large expected to come from four countries: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, which combined, have a population of unsubscribed potential customers of almost 130 million, while all of the other c ountries barely reach 22 million.This selective information can help the company focus their efforts in the markets mentioned before, while maintaining a relatively stable growth in the others, think mostly not in attracting new customers but in increasing the profitability of each one of them. Analysis and Forecasts of the Wireless Market in the rest of the universe of discourse After analyzing the benefits of focusing on the natural growth of the company, it is also important to consider the option of expanding further into new non-natural markets for America Movil.The options available are the Asian, European and the place East/Africa and North American Market, where the company currently has a small operation. The main advantage of the Asian market is unquestionably its size; as the continent with the bigger population, over 3,879,000,000 according to the World telamon’ estimates of 2006, and over 10 times the population in South America; it’s definitely the most attractive market to consider. Nevertheless, there are two main barriers that might decrease the attractiveness of trying to penetrate in this market; the competitors and the enormous cultural differences between Asia and Latin America.The disputation in Asia represent a huge threat for newcomers, since is the domestic market of mainland mainland China Mobile, the largest wireless corporation in the world with over $275 billion in revenue and the financial power to overwhelm any new entrant. In addition to this, the fact that, as in Latin America, America Movil is knownized with the economic, social and cultural aspects of the population, China Mobile has a huge advantage and experience with the Asian culture.Europe is also another(prenominal) important market to consider, and the one that America Movil has been closer to penetrate in; however, the same problems arise, with the presence of Vodafone, a British corporation with over $152 Billion in revenue and the advantage o f competing in a market in which the company is more familiar with. This in addition to the fact that, as stated in the case, Europe doesn’t depend to be ready to plainspoken to competitors from the new world, which mean that America Movil is overtaking to have more trouble keen with its acquisitions strategy.Finally, North America doesn’t seem to be an attractive market due to its saturation and low expected growth of only 1. 2% and in the diaphragm East and Africa America Movil may end up making the same mistakes do by European and North American Corporations in Latin America, which is a weak positioning strategy. These are the reasons why the most feasible strategy is to focus on the organic growth, since the strengths that the company has in Latin America, specially the knowledge of the market, can become weaknesses when trying to expand to new markets where strong competitors already have the advantage of experience and economic power.Merger between America Movil and Telmex worldwide The rapid technological changes in the telecommunications industry and the emergence of new receiveers, combined with the reducing of traditional entry barriers and the rise of secondary service providers are forces that currently represent a huge threat for both America Movil and Telmex International. This is the reason why, taking advantage of being part of Carlos Slim’s Holdings, both companies should be able to establish synergy in the markets where they compete in order to offer a combining of services that would be more difficult, if not impossible, to provide by separate.Nevertheless, due to the significant differences in issues such as the infrastructure and strategies required to operate, a merger could not be the best option, however this doesn’t mean that both America Movil and Telmex International are not able to develop joint ventures or strategic alliances while working in specific project that might, in the long-term, increa se their profitability, competitiveness and presence in the Latin American Markets.New trends in telecommunications such as the triple play which offers voice, date and video are rapidly acquiring popularity and obtaining an important share of the market, if Telmex International and America Movil can combine these with the wireless service, there is no doubt that they volition obtain an important advantage in any of the countries where they establish.Cited Works Rullan, Samantha. America Movil, The devising of a Mexican Global Latina. 2008. INSEAD The phone line School for the World America Movil. â€Å"2008 annual Report. ” 2008. 29th April 2010 <http://www. americamovil. com/docs/reportes/eng/2008. pdf>. World Atlas. Continents of the World. 2006. 29th April 2010 <http://www. worldatlas. com/geoquiz/thelist. htm>.\r\n'

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'Commerce as the optional subject\r'

'When I was in the 9th grade, I took up commerce as the facultative subject for the sheer reason of exploring it anticipating a race in a non-science field. My uplifted School results card declared my excellency of commerce over science and I took that as a clue to address up commerce in secondary college &type A; to later pursue it in my undergraduate degree. I secured a number 1 Class with a specialization in Financial & ampere; Management Accounting.\r\nDuring my long time as commerce undergraduate, I came crossways various options for a choice of career and perceived Management to be a challenging, versatile, innovative & evolving preference of some(prenominal). though it attracts a multitude, wholly a handful are able to make a watch and I want to be amongst those few.\r\nHaving finished undergraduate studies, unlike many of my batch-mates, I did not opt for a job that would train me in all back office support or bare minimum accounting practices; only to end up doing a clerical job for the sole purpose for earning m one and only(a)y. I decided to continue my studies to shape up my career and choose Healthcare Management. I joined the Symbiosis International University to riposte up my professional studies.\r\nThe Healthcare industry is one, which affects peoples’ lives & lands towards the building of any nation in a holistic manner. Also, globally one can categorize the Healthcare effort as one with a spicy a potential for growth, development and world for a better living in times to fall out. The Business Week magazine publisher cites that â€Å"since 2001, the health-care industry has added 1.7 million jobs”, which is quite a high number when compared to other industries., a leading finance & investment funds oriented website says that â€Å"A latest piece of work by global management consultants McKinsey predicts that Indias healthcare industry will reach a staggering USD 190 billion m ark in less than two decades”.\r\n line of business opportunities in the Indian Healthcare Industry are like diamond mines in an unclaimed terrain. Early claimants get the utmost benefits. In this industry, I have discover various opportunities that can be take me places. To blend my knowledge of finance with healthcare I studied Health policy at Bajaj Allianz, India’s leading redress providers. Further, I worked with a healthcare consultancy & a cardiac care set-up as a part of Project use teams. Presently, I’m associated with a first-rate speciality Ophthalmology Institute as jitney (Administration & HR).\r\nBut, I have come to a conclusion that to succeed in this super specialized industry, I regard additional education to build a better career. This is the reason why I look ahead at young horizons for enriching experiences to polish my know-how on Finance. I call back I have the dedication, resilience and proclamation required to do justice to my aspirations. I am confident that these traits would help me to contribute to the challenging and intellectually stimulating milieu of (NAME) University.\r\n'

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'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A Story of a Little Girl, Mary Frances Nolan\r'

'Betty Smith isnt well cognize for her more works, but the one book that roughly e trulyone has heard round, is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. In this allegory she give tongue tos herself to be an root of great depth and knowledge; she gives us a peek into the complex homophile soul. This book gives great insight into demeanor; it shows why many people hit to become more or lessone break down and how some people are equal to ladder up to a better lay in life even though there are tremendous betting odds and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn touches everyones hearts.\r\nIt is about a little girl, Mary Frances Nolan (also known as Francie), growing up in the poorer part f Brooklyn with a drunken, relation waiter for a father. This father in some way always makes her feel so surplus and â€Å"normal”. She lives with her severely realistic mother, her father, and a brother(Neeley) who is privileged as the â€Å"favorite kidskin”. Francie is treated poorly throughout a im because she is so different and independent.\r\nFrancie always unbroken to herself and was the silent studious type, which deepened the division between herself and the other of the At a very young age Francie learned how of import funds is as well as the division in society caused by money as well as upbringing. Because of this division and Neeleys favoritism, Francie becomes the sole provider for the family aft(prenominal) the her fathers death. She goes to work straight after commencement exercise from grade school and never gets to book the pleasure and luxury of a steep school parchment, but that doesnt stop her from her inhalations.\r\nHer dreams of piteous up in the world, to a step up were you dont have to worry about where your following meal comes from; a place where money doesnt necessarily make you voluminous. This may expectant like a ridicules dream considering that today a high school diploma is mandatory for veryone. At this point in time; however, very few people, without wealth, were competent to get a higher education or even be able to go to high school.\r\nYet nobody can stop Francie from completing her dream. This fantastic book cuts right to the heart of life. It show the true American dream; the dream of higher education and a better and equal way of life for everyone. The novel tells this dream through one surplus girl who realizes that she can be and do better. If you dont read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn you will be denying yourself a rich experience of the true American dream.\r\n'

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'The Vampire Diaries: The Fury Chapter Eleven\r'

'Elena watched Mr. Sm solelywoods rifle bounce across the grass. She enjoyed the face on his face as he spun or so, flavor for what had grabbed it. And she felt the fl ar of Damons grace from across the pool of light, fierce and sulphurous the like the pride of a wo opus chaser for its cubs first kill. hardly when she glimpsed Stefan lying on the ground, she forgot everyaffair else. W gibee fury likewisek her breath away, and she started toward him.\r\nâ€Å"Every railway railway carcass waive! vindicatory stop everything, up decent w here(predicate) you ar!”\r\nThe sh prohibited was borne toward them along with the sound of tires squealing. Alaric Saltzmans gondola nearly spun expose as it glum into the staff parking surge and screeched to a halt, and Alaric leaped from the car approximately onward it stop moving.\r\nâ€Å"Whats moreoverton on here?” he demanded, striding toward the custody.\r\nAt the sh place, Elena had pulled patronize automat ic whollyy into the shadows. Now, she looked at the mens faces as they daily rounded toward him. at any rate Mr. Sm bothwood, she recognized Mr. Forbes and Mr. Bennett, Vickie Bennetts father. The separates must be the fathers of the other qats whod been with Tyler in the Quonset hut, she theme.\r\nIt was oneness of the unidentifiedrs who answered the question, in a drawl that couldnt quite hide the skittishness underneath. â€Å"Well right off, we however got a elflike tired of waiting any longer. We opinionated to speed things up a bit.”\r\nThe skirt chaser growled, a low rumbling that rosebush to a chainsaw snarl. All the men flinched back, and Alarics look showed white as he maintaind the animal for the first meter.\r\n in that respect was another sound, dafter and continuous, coming from a inscribe huddled adjoining to one of the cars. Carolean Forbes was whimpering everywhere and over, â€Å"They verbalize they entirely precious to converse to him. They didnt testify me what they were going to do.”\r\nAlaric, with one eye on the wolf, gestured toward her. â€Å"And you were going to permit her externalize this? A young lady friend? Do you realize the psychological ravish that could do?”\r\nâ€Å"What most the psychological change when her throat gets ripped forth?” Mr. Forbes re dark, and there were shouts of agreement. â€Å"Thats what were demented close.”\r\nâ€Å" then(prenominal) youd better worry rough getting the right man,” Alaric utter. â€Å"Caroline,” he added, go toward the girl, â€Å"I want you to venture, Caroline. We didnt get to block up your sessions. I jockey when we left glowering you apprehension you recognized Stefan. further, are you absolutely po amazeive it was him? Could it collapse been soulfulness else, a few(prenominal)body who resembled him?”\r\nCaroline straightened, bracing herself over against the car and facelift a t ear-stained face. She looked at Stefan, who was precisely sitting up, and then at Alaric. â€Å"I…”\r\nâ€Å"Think, Caroline. You start out to be absolutely certain. Is there soulfulness else it could pass been, like-â€Å"\r\nâ€Å"Like that guy who c eachs himself Damon Smith,” came Merediths vocalization. She was standing(a) beside Alarics car, a slim shadow. â€Å"You consider him, Caroline? He came to Alarics first party. He looks like Stefan in some ways.”\r\nâ€Å"Like that guy who c all in all in alls himself Damon Smith,” came Merediths voice. She was standing beside Alarics car, a slim shadow. â€Å"You remember him, Caroline? He came to Alarics first party. He looks like Stefan in some ways.”\r\nâ€Å"Yes… it could keep been, I suppose. Everything drop deaded so fast… plainly it could take a crap been.”\r\nâ€Å"And you sincerely heapt be reliable which it was?” Alaric express.\r\nâ€Å" No… not absolutely sure.”\r\nâ€Å" in that location,” said Alaric. â€Å"I t middle-aged you she needed much sessions, that we couldnt be certain of anything yet. Shes still very confused.” He was walking, carefully, toward Stefan. Elena realized that the wolf had withdrawn back into the shadows. She could see it, plainly the men in all likelihood couldnt.\r\nIts disappearance sterilise them more aggressive. â€Å"What are you public lecture about? Who is this Smith? Ive never seen him.”\r\nâ€Å" exclusively your daughter Vickie probably has, Mr. Bennett,” Alaric said. â€Å"That whitethorn come out in my beside session with her. Well talk about it tomorrow; it displace wait that long. Right now I gauge Id better sign Stefan to a hospital.” There was discomforted shifting among some of the men.\r\nâ€Å"Oh, certainly, and while were waiting anything could happen,” began Mr. Smallwood. â€Å"Any time, anywhere-â€Å"\ r\nâ€Å"So youre unless going to take the legality into your own work force, then?” Alaric said. His voice sharpened. â€Å"Whether youve got the right suspect or not. Wheres your evidence this male child has supernatural powers? Whats your proof? How much of a fight did he even put in up?”\r\nâ€Å"Theres a wolf slightly somewhere who put up visual soul of fight,” Mr. Smallwood said, red-faced. â€Å"Maybe theyre in it together.”\r\nâ€Å"I dont see any wolf. I saw a dog. Maybe one of the dogs that got out of quarantine. only if whats that got to do with it? Im telling you that in my maestro opinion youve got the wrong man.”\r\nThe men were wavering, hardly there was still some interrogation in their faces. Meredith spoke up.\r\nâ€Å"I think you should know that thereve been vampire attacks in this county before,” she said. â€Å"A long time before Stefan came here. My granddad was a victim. Maybe some of you book hear about that.” She looked across at Caroline.\r\nThat was the end of it. Elena could see the men exchanging aflutter glances and backing toward their cars. Suddenly they all seemed keen to be somewhere else.\r\nMr. Smallwood was one who bank checked cigarette to say, â€Å"You said wed talk about this tomorrow, Saltzman. I want to hear what my son says the next time hes hypnotized.”\r\nCarolines father collected her and got in his car fast, muttering something about this all beingness a mistake and zip taking it too seriously.\r\nâ€Å"Are you all right? Did they hurt you?”\r\nHe locomote away from Alarics supporting arm. â€Å"Somebody hit me from behind while I was talking to Caroline. Ill be all right-now.” He duck soup a glance at Alaric. â€Å"Thanks. why?”\r\nâ€Å"Hes on our side,” said mediocre, joining them. â€Å"I told you. Oh, Stefan, are you in truth okay? I thought I was going to clear there for a minute. They werent seriou s. I mean, they couldnt sincerely rush been serious. …”\r\nâ€Å"Serious or not, I dont think we should stay here,” said Meredith. â€Å"Does Stefan really need a hospital?”\r\nâ€Å"No,” Stefan said, as Elena anxiously examined the cut on his foreland. â€Å"I just need rest. Somewhere to sit mow.”\r\nâ€Å"Ive got my keys. Lets go to the history room,” Alaric said.\r\nBonnie was feeling around the shadows apprehensively. â€Å"The wolf, too?” she said, and then jumped as a shadow coalesced and became Damon.\r\nâ€Å"What wolf?” he said. Stefan turned slightly, wincing.\r\nâ€Å"Thank you, too,” he said unemotionally. But Stefans eyes lingered on his brother with something like puzzlement as they walked to the school construct.\r\nIn the hallway, Elena pulled him aside. â€Å"Stefan, why didnt you notice them coming up behind you? wherefore were you so weak?”\r\nStefan shook his headway evasively, an d she added, â€Å"When did you feed last? Stefan, when? You always misrepresent some excuse when Im around. What are you act to do to yourself?”\r\nâ€Å"Im all right,” he said. â€Å"Really, Elena. Ill be given later.”\r\nâ€Å"Do you promise?”\r\nâ€Å"I promise.”\r\nIt didnt give to Elena at the act that they hadnt agreed on what â€Å"later” meant. She allowed him to lead her on down the hall.\r\nThe history room looked different at night to Elenas eyes. There was a strange atmosphere about it, as if the lights were too bright. Just now all the students desks were shoved out of the way, and cinque chairs were pulled up to Alarics desk. Alaric, whod just entire arranging the furniture, urged Stefan into his own padded chair.\r\nâ€Å"Okay, why dont the rest of you take a seat.”\r\nThey just looked at him. After a moment Bonnie sank down into a chair, only if Elena stood by Stefan, Damon continued to lounge middle(a) betwe en the group and the door, and Meredith pushed some cover to the center of Alarics desk and perched on the corner.\r\nâ€Å"Well,” said Elena.\r\nEveryone looked at everyone else. Elena picked up a piece of cotton fiber from the first-aid kit shed grabbed at the door and began dabbing Stefans head with it.\r\nâ€Å"I think its time for that explanation,” she said.\r\nâ€Å"Right. Yes. Well, you all seemed to have guessed Im not a history teacher…”\r\nâ€Å"In the first five minutes,” Stefan said. His voice was quiet and dangerous, and with a jerky Elena realized it re approximationed her of Damons. â€Å"So what are you?”\r\nAlaric do an apologetic gesture and said almost diffidently, â€Å"A psychologist. Not the couch kind,” he added hastily as the rest of them exchange looks. â€Å"Im a researcher, an experimental psychologist. From Duke University. You know, where the ESP experiments were started.”\r\n â€Å"The ones wh ere they make you guess whats on the card without sounding at it?” Bonnie asked.\r\nâ€Å"Yes, well, its gone a bit beyond that now, of course. Not that I wouldnt love to test you with Rhine cards, especially when youre in one of those trances.” Alarics face lit with scientific inquiry. Then he cleared his throat and went on. â€Å"But-ah-as I was saying. It started a couple of long time ago when I did a authorship on parapsychology. I wasnt trying to strain supernatural powers existed, I just precious to study what their psychological effect is on the people who have them. Bonnie, here, is a lawsuit in point.” Alarics voice took on a lecturers tone. â€Å"What does it do to her, mentally, emotionally, to have to deal with these powers?”\r\nâ€Å"Its awful,” Bonnie interrupted vehemently. â€Å"I dont want them anymore. I hate them.”\r\nâ€Å"Well, there you see,” Alaric said. â€Å"Youd have made a great case study. My puzzle wa s that I couldnt shape anybody with real mentalal powers to examine. There were plenty of fakers, all right-crystal healers, dowsers, channelers, you appoint it. But I couldnt find anything authorized until I got a tip from a friend in the police department.\r\nâ€Å"There was this woman down in southerly Carolina who claimed shed been bitten by a vampire, and since then she was having psychic nightmares. By that time I was so used to fakes I anticipate her to turn out to be one, too. But she wasnt, at least not about being bitten. I never could parent she was really psychic.”\r\nâ€Å"How could you be sure shed been bitten?” Elena asked.\r\nâ€Å"There was medical examination evidence. Traces of saliva in her wounds that were resembling to human being saliva-but not quite the same. It contained an anticoagulatory agent similar to that comprise in the saliva of leeches…” Alaric caught himself and move on.\r\nâ€Å"Anyway, I was sure. And that was how it started. Once I was positive(p) something had really happened to the woman, I started to look up other cases like hers. There werent a lot of them, but they were out there. battalion whod encountered vampires.\r\nâ€Å"But youve never actually seen a vampire,” Elena interrupted. â€Å"Until now, I mean. Is that right?”\r\nâ€Å"Well-no. Not in the flesh, as it were. But Ive written monographs… and things.” His voice trailed off.\r\nElena bit her lip. â€Å"What were you doing with the dogs?” she asked. â€Å"At the church, when you were waving your hands at them.”\r\nâ€Å"Oh…” Alaric looked embarrassed. â€Å"Ive picked up a few things here and there, you know. That was a spell an old mountain man showed me for fending off evil. I thought it king work.”\r\nâ€Å"Youve got a lot to learn,” said Damon.\r\nâ€Å"Obviously,” Alaric said stiffly. Then he grimaced. â€Å"Actually, I figured that out right after I got here. Your atomic number 82, Brian Newcastle, had heard of me. He knew about the studies I do. When Tanner was killed and Dr. Feinberg found no blood in the body and lacerations made by teeth in the neck… well, they gave me a call. I thought it could be a big crumple for me-a case with the vampire still in the area. The unaccompanied problem was that once I got here I realized they expected me to take care of the vampire. They didnt know Id dealt only with the victims before. And… well, maybe I was in over my head. But I did my best to dislodge their confidence-â€Å"\r\nâ€Å"You faked it,” Elena accused. â€Å"That was what you were doing when I heard you talking to them at your house about finding our divinatory lair and all that. You were just winging it.”\r\nâ€Å"Well, not completely,” Alaric said. â€Å"Theoretically, I am an expert.” Then he did a double take. â€Å"What do you mean, when you heard me talking to them?”\r\nâ€Å"While you were out seek for a lair, she was sleeping in your attic,” Damon assured him dryly. Alaric opened his mouth and then put across out it again.\r\nâ€Å"What Id like to know is how Meredith comes into all this,” Stefan said. He wasnt smiling.\r\nMeredith, who had been gazing thoughtfully at the jumble of papers on Alarics desk during all this, looked up. She spoke evenly, without emotion.\r\nâ€Å"I recognized him, you see. I couldnt remember where Id seen him at first, because it was almost three years ago. Then I realized it was at grampss hospital. What I told those men was the truth, Stefan. My grandfather was attacked by a vampire.”\r\nThere was a little suppress and then Meredith went on. â€Å"It happened a long time ago, before I was born. He wasnt gravely hurt by it, but he never really got well. He became… well, signifier of like Vickie, only more violent. It got so that they were afraid hed harm himsel f, or soulfulness else. So they took him to a hospital, a intrust hed be safe.”\r\nago, before I was born. He wasnt badly hurt by it, but he never really got well. He became… well, sort of like Vickie, only more violent. It got so that they were afraid hed harm himself, or somebody else. So they took him to a hospital, a place hed be safe.”\r\nâ€Å"I know. I could have… but I couldnt. The familys kept it a secret so long-or essay anyway. From what Caroline wrote in her diary, shed obviously heard. The thing is, cypher ever gestated Granddads stories about the vampire. They just thought it was another of his delusions, and he had a lot of them. Even I didnt believe them… until Stefan came. And then-I dont know, my learning ability started to put little things together. But I didnt really believe what I was mentation until you came back, Elena.”\r\nâ€Å"Im surprised you didnt hate me,” Elena said softly.\r\nâ€Å"How could I? I kno w you, and I know Stefan. I know youre not evil.” Meredith didnt glance at Damon; he might as well not have been present for all the acknowledgment she gave him. â€Å"But when I remembered seeing Alaric talking to Granddad at the hospital I knew he wasnt, both. I just didnt know exactly how to get all of you together to prove it.”\r\nâ€Å"I didnt recognize you, either,” Alaric said. â€Å"The old man had a different name- hes your mothers father, right? And I may have seen you hanging around the waiting room sometime, but you were just a kid with skinny legs then. Youve changed,” he added appreciatively.\r\nBonnie coughed, a pointed sound.\r\nElena was trying to groom things in her mind. â€Å"So what were those men doing out there with a stake if you didnt tell them to be?”\r\nâ€Å"I had to ask Carolines parents for liberty to hypnotize her, of course. And I reported what I found to them. But if youre thinking I had anything to do with what happened tonight, youre wrong. I didnt even know about it.”\r\nâ€Å"Ive told him about what weve been doing, how weve been look for the different Power,” Meredith said. â€Å"And he wants to help.”\r\nâ€Å"I said I might help,” Alaric said cautiously.\r\nâ€Å"Wrong,” said Stefan. â€Å"Youre either with us or against us. Im grateful for what you did out there, talking to those men, but the fact carcass that you started a lot of this trouble in the first place. Now you have to conclude: are you on our side-or theirs?”\r\nAlaric looked around at each of them, at Merediths steady compliments and Bonnies raised eyebrows, at Elena kneeling on the floor and at Stefans already-healing scalp. Then he turned to glance at Damon, who was tip against the wall, dark and saturnine. â€Å"Ill help,” he said at last. â€Å"Hell, its the ultimate case study.”\r\nâ€Å"All right, then,” Elena said. â€Å"Youre in. Now, what about Mr. Smallwood tomorrow? What if he wants you to hypnotize Tyler again?”\r\nâ€Å"Wait,” said Stefan. â€Å"There shouldnt be a dance, not if theres any way to encumber it. Youre on good terms with the principal; you can talk to the school board. involve them cancel it.”\r\nAlaric looked startled. â€Å"You think somethings going to happen?”\r\nâ€Å"Yes,” Stefan said. â€Å"Not just because of whats happened at the other public functions, but because somethings building up. Its been building up all week; I can feel it.”\r\nâ€Å"So can I,” Elena said. She hadnt realized it until that moment, but the tension she felt, the sense of urgency, was not just from inside her. It was outside, all around. It thickened the air. â€Å"Somethings going to happen, Alaric.\r\nAlaric let out his breath in a soft whistle. â€Å"Well, I can try to change them, but-I dont know. Your principal is dead set on keeping everything looking normal. And it isnt as if I can give any acute explanation for wanting to shut it down.”\r\nâ€Å" savour hard,” Elena said.\r\nâ€Å"I will. And meanwhile, maybe you should think about protecting yourself. If what Meredith says is right, then most of the attacks have been on you and people close to you. Your associate got dropped in a well; your car got chased into the river; your memorial service was upturned up. Meredith says even your little sister was threatened. If somethings going to happen tomorrow, you might want to leave town.”\r\nIt was Elenas turn to be startled. She had never thought of the attacks in that way, but it was true. She heard Stefans recluse breath and felt his fingers tighten on hers.\r\nâ€Å"Hes right,” Stefan said. â€Å"You should leave, Elena. I can stay here until-â€Å"\r\nâ€Å"No. Im not going without you. And,” Elena continued, slowly, thinking it out, â€Å"Im not going anywhere until we find the Other Power and stop it .” She looked up at him earnestly, speaking quickly now. â€Å"Oh, Stefan, dont you see, nobody else even has a chance against it. Mr. Smallwood and his friends dont have a clue. Alaric thinks you can fight it by waving your hands at it. none of them know what theyre up against. Were the only ones who can help.”\r\nShe could see the resistance in Stefans eyes and feel it in the tenor of his muscles. But as she kept on looking straight at him, she saw his objections evenfall one by one. For the simple soil that it was the truth, and Stefan hated lying.\r\nâ€Å"All right,” he said at last, painfully. â€Å"But as concisely as this is all over, were leaving. Im not having you stay in a town where vigilantes line around with stakes.”\r\nâ€Å"Yes.” Elena returned the pressure of his fingers with hers. â€Å"Once this is all over, well go.”\r\nStefan turned to Alaric. â€Å"And if theres no way to talk them out of having the dance tomorrow, I think we should keep an eye on it. If something does happen, we may be able to stop it before it gets out of hand.”\r\nElena tilted a dubious eye toward Bonnie. â€Å"Well… it would mean abstracted the dance itself-for those of us who could have gone, I mean.”\r\nBonnie drew herself up. â€Å"Oh, who cares about wanting a dance?” she said indignantly. â€Å"What on earth does a dance issuance to anyone?”\r\nâ€Å"Right,” said Stefan gravely. â€Å"Then its settled.” A cramp iron of pain seemed to overtake him and he winced, looking down. Elena was immediately concerned.\r\nâ€Å"You need to get spot and rest,” she said. â€Å"Alaric, can you drive us? Its not that far.”\r\nStefan protested that he was perfectly able to walk, but in the end he gave in. At the boardinghouse, after Stefan and Damon had gotten out of the car, Elena leaned in Alarics windowpane for one last question. It had been gnawing at her mind ever since Alaric had told them his story.\r\nâ€Å"About those people whod encountered vampires,” she said. â€Å"Just what were the psychological effects? I mean, did they all go crazy or have nightmares? Were any of them okay?”\r\nâ€Å"It depends on the individual,” Alaric said. â€Å"And with how some contacts theyd had, and what kind of contacts they were. But mostly just with the personality of the victim, with how well the individual mind can cope.”\r\nElena nodded, and said nothing until the lights of Alarics car had been swallowed by the snowy air. Then she turned to Stefan.\r\nâ€Å"Matt.”\r\n'

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'US Economy\r'

'The Jan aura release of the closely current tornado became available showing that the 4th keister GAP was 4. 1 . While with new-fangled administration regulation they lowered the first quarter GAP to 2. 5 part. However, following the report testament include a statement about my snobby prediction for the remainder of the 2014 fiscal year using sets of very complex variables and skilled opinions. Unemployment Rating: The unemployment consecrate in the fall in States as anticipated by the IIS Federal representation of Economic Analysis is just about 6. 7 part as of the stolon of the 2014 in February as exhibit on the graph visualise above.This flake s estimated using the be given for persons in the unite States that have been actively flavour for job opportunities as a partage of the confinement force. This number has been gradu exclusivelyy decreasing since July 201 2 and provide continue to decline as the job foodstuff continues to expand with new technol ogies and education. Although, during the holiday seasons the unemployment always goes down, except as soon as they end, such as after Christmas and thanksgiving the number increases by about 2 percent. The number of federal employees in 201 2 decreased to almost 22 million jobs which is . portion less than the year before. Due to the fact that these numbers are only compiled every five years, this . 5 percent decrease is quite shocking to umteen people. These employees include policemen, nurses, and teachers along with many more. While the number of unemployment among the youth continues to increase, the percentage of adult men and women without wellness insurance will also continue to establish with the execution of Obama care. Unemployment Rate February 2014 Month/Month grade/Year National 6. 7% +0. 1 Florida 6. 2% 0. -17 As shown in the chart above, the unemployment rate of Florida is demonstrated versus the rest of the United States. Governor of Florida, Rick Scott procl aimed that Florists statewide unemployment rate for May 2013 dropped to 7. 1 percent, the last rate since September 2008. Florists rate was down O. 1 percentage point from Aprils rate of 7. 2 percent and continues to fall below the national average, which went up to 7. 6 percent in May. As Florida continue to duration itself from the national unemployment rate it is clear that the state regimen will succeed in growing opportunities for Florida families.Due to the fabulous successes that Florida communities had experienced, Florists unemployment rate is well below the national average. egregious Domestic reaping (GAP)I The pure(a) domestic product (GAP) measures of national income and output for a given countrys economy. The gross domestic product (GAP) is equal to the total expenditures for all final goods and operate produced within the country in a stipulated period often. The Gross Domestic crop (GAP) in the Lignite States was worth 15684. 80 one thousand thousand US do llars in 2012. The GAP value of the United States represents 25. 30 percent of the world economy.GAP in the United States is reported by the The World Bank Group. From 1960 until 201 2, the unite states GAP averaged 5725. 9 apply Billion reaching n all time high of 1 5684. 8 USED Billion in declination of 2012 and a record low of 520. 5 USED Billion in December of 1960. At the beginning of the first quarter of 2014 the GAP was 2. 4 percent due to the recent authorities sanctions to promote businesses and services locally instead of internationally. Although, the US Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis states that the United States represents 25. 30 percent of the worlds economy.The increase in real GAP in 201 3 primarily reflected positive contributions from personal custom expenditures (PACE), exports, residential fixed investment, nonresidential fixed investment, and private inventory investment that were partly actuate by a negative contribution from federal government spe nding The deceleration in real GAP growth in 201 3 primarily reflected a deceleration in nonresidential fixed investment, a larger decrease in federal government spending, and decelerations in PACE and in exports that were partly offset by a deceleration in imports and a smaller decrease in state and local government spending.\r\n'

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'About Time Essay\r'

'When introducing his moderate, author Adam firedog tells us that he is background signal out to â€Å" dilate the grandest conception of the universe we human beings have been fit to imagine and explore. At the same time bosom our most intimate and most individualised recognize of the military personnel †the very frame of human life. ” â€Å"This halt is about time, both cosmic and human. ” For those interested in the complex journey of humanity through the cosmos, brusk does not fail in his quest to guide the unique web of ‘time’ into a go of understandable perception.\r\nThat is if you can take a part solved deposit and write a have that connects the proverbial dots of known science and cultural anthropology with the partially understood theories of cosmology and related sciences. Mission well-behaved by brusk. Upon first receiving this book, I was hopeful that click would present the material of thousands of years of science in a unique and interesting way; setting his writing apart from the hundreds of other astronomy books I’ve read.\r\nSee more: Strategic Management dish up Essay\r\nFrank, being a seasoned generator and astrophysics professor, did not disappoint. Frank takes you on a conversational journey, filled with real life examples, both personal and historical, to share his view of some of the most many-sided ideas being considered in our galaxy today. The first hardly a(prenominal) chapters are a review of compound science related to our galaxy, but Frank quickly dives into a discussion of how culture has been affected by the world around it.\r\nFrom there Frank draws a picture show from intricate ideas and theories of how society fits in the larger puzzle of cosmology. All while focusing on the metre of time. If you are looking to take your perspective of cosmology to a new and deeper level, allow Adam Frank to steal some of your time and read his book â€Å"About Time”. Fra nk will certainly have you viewing your society, history, and clock in a whole new perspective. Not to mention lay you on the forefront of scientific theories and cultural improvement being considered in the world of cosmology.\r\n'

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'Odysseus As An Epic Hero Essay\r'

'In the bilgewater of the Odyssey, Odysseus was put through adult maley a(prenominal) ordeals through which we fancy his moral and physical peculiaritys. after(prenominal) evaluating such characteristics we base command that Odysseus is a gr feast expansive hero. We foot gather up that not only is he professional to most mortal men, he also shares many of the same desires, therefore fulfilling completely the technical requirements of a â€Å"hero”. Odysseus has brainwave about his proclaim sine qua non and destiny, but lives intertwined with the Olympic Gods. He also shares many of the same desires as the common man, but has much(prenominal) insight and strength to obtain them. Lastly, the story of Odysseus is tragical, and involves two love and death, which then shows his true strength.\r\nWhen Odysseus ventures out on his journey, he is told by Athena that he is articled to be great, and through the whole war he knows that. When the war is finished he con tinues his journey nursing cornerstone to his wife, his mother and his son. On his journey home he is faced with several obstacles put in aspire by the Gods to prevent his harvest-time. The whole time he was detained from retuning to Ithaca he told himself that he was meant to return home; that it was fated to him. When he was trapped on the Island with Calypso, he told her that he was supposed to return home, and that he would do it no matter what stood in his way. Through these acts we provoke see that he had his own opinions on his destiny, but that he was closely intertwined with the Olympic Gods.\r\nSecondly, Odysseus shares many of the same desires as the common man, but he has more insight and strength on how to obtain them. Odysseus wanted more than anything to return home to his family, however, throughout his journey he was constantly held back by the Gods. He was make to observe horrendous things such as see Hades, and shortly after he has to witness individually of his crewmates be eaten alive. This would have been enough for the common man to give up hope and settle in on Calypso’s island. Odysseus, however, never gave up and always found the strength and the wisdom to operate on. This shows that if put in the same position, Odysseus would succeed everyplace the common man because he is heroic.\r\nLastly, the story of Odysseus is alter with both love and death, which is a main characteristic of a heroic tale. While Odysseus is trying to return home he sees a vision of his stagnant mother. She explains to him how she took her own life because she could no longer uncase waiting for him. On top of this painful information, she discloses that his home; his palace has been taken over by unmerciful men who are trying to steal his wife. After learning of this horrible news he continues on his journey even more determined than before. presently after this event, he loses his entire crew to monsters that eat each one alive. He still c ontinues on alone. This proves that even through the tragic events that happen in his long journey he manages to stay hard and make it home.\r\nThrough close evaluation of all events that took place in The Odyssey we can clearly see that Odysseus is in fact a great epic hero. We see that he has insight about his own fate and desires, he shares many of the same desires as the common man, but has greater insight and strength, and at last he manages to survive through several tragic evens simply for the love of his family. Taking these events into consideration we can deduce that Odysseus is a great epic hero.\r\n'

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'Culture as an Important Facet of Society\r'

'A familiarity with stunned refinement is as good as dead. Discuss. A society concord to Thomas, L (1995:25) is fixd as â€Å"a throng of mutually interdependent mass who obtain organized in much(prenominal) a substance as to sh be a green assimilation and feeling of unity”. In opposite delegacys society consists of battalion, and socialization consists of products that hoi polloi cr tuckere. elaboration according to Giddens (2005:45) refers to â€Å"the pattern of humilitary personnel activity and the symbols, which utilise signifi derrierece to this activity”. coating is represented by the art, literature, costumes, customs and traditions of a community.Different floricultures exist in variant parts of the world. The natural environment greatly affects the lifestyle of the sight of that domain, thus shaping their culture. The diversity in the cultures around the world is similarly a chair of the mind baffles of people inhabiting contrasti ng regions of the world. There be some(prenominal) comp wiznts of kind-hearted culture namely; symbols, language, value and impressions, norms, and technology. Symbols be anything that carries a particular beggarlying recognized by people who sh argon a culture. The simplest most free-and-easy things are symbols for examples a wave of the hand send packing be a friendly gesture of hello.However, if not done properly with all the fingers in the honorable position it can be a merciless gesture and a great sign of disrespect. The honking of a car horn is a symbol to grab someones attention to their surroundings. Even something as uncouth as a kiss is a symbol of love and caring. Language is a system of symbols that allows people to eliminate with each other. Language can be terminology or sounds that are spoken or language that are written. For instance some people intrust that dogs communicate with each other through barking, this whitethorn be their own language. set are paganly defined fend forards by which people assess desirability, goodness, and beauty, and that serve as broad guide terms for sociable living. Beliefs are specific statements that people hold to be received. There are several(prenominal) examples of both that can be found by looking at the Christian religion. The Ten Com homodments are a great source. â€Å"You shall pay off no other gods before me”, for Christians this statement is both a belief and a value. â€Å"Honor you father and mother” is a statement that Christians hold true and also one that they set their standards of living by.The other example of value and beliefs is â€Å"You shall not murder” a statement they stand by and live their lives by. Norms are rules and expectations by which a society guides the mien of its members. One example of a norm is not cheating on a test, we all know this is wrong and should not be done at all cost. Technology is cognition that people use to make a wa y of life in their surroundings, which is reflected by material culture an example of this is Plasma TVs you can simply flux these picture perfect TVs anywhere on the wall.It is true to say that no society exists without culture because of the quest facets that culture brings to society which are as follows: The cultural determine of a community give it an identity operator of its own; a community gains a cause and a personality of its own, because of the culture of its people. finishing is dual-lane by the members of a community. It is learned and passed from the older genesiss to the cuttinger ones. For an effectual transfer of culture from one generation to another, it has to be translated into symbols. Language, art and religion serve as the symbolic means of transfer of cultural values in the midst of generations. assimilation is a bond that ties the people of a region or community together; It is that one common bond, which brings the people of a community together . The customs and traditions that the people of a community follow, the festivals they celebrate, the kind of clothing they wear, the pabulum they eat, and most importantly, the cultural values they adhere to, give them together. Culture is seen as a system of brotherly control, wherein people shape their standards and behavior; the cultural values form the founding principles of ones life. They influence ones principles and philosophies of life.They influence ones way of living and thus impact social life. Culture is the Treasury of Knowledge; culture tolerates cognition, which is essential for the fleshly and intellectual existence of man. Birds and animals be founder instinctively with environment. simply man has greater intelligence and learning capacity. With the patron of these, he has been able to adapt him self with environment or modify it to suit his convenience. Culture has made such an adaptation and modification possible and easier by providing man the necessary skills and knowledge.Culture preserves knowledge and helps its transmission from generation to generation through its means that is language helps not save the transmission of knowledge notwithstanding also its preservation, accumulation and diffusion. On the contrary, animals do not have this advantage because culture does not exist at such human level. Culture Defines views; culture defines social situations for us. It not only defines but also conditions and determines what we eat and drink, we wear, when to laugh, weep, sleep, love to like friends with, what work we do, what god we worship, what knowledge we rely upon, what poetry we recite and so on.Culture Defines Attitudes, Values and Goods; attitudes refer to the tendency to feel and work out in certain ways. Values are the broadsheet of goodness or desirability. Goods refer to the attainments, which our values define as worthy. It is the culture, which conditions our attitude towards various issues such as religion, mo rality, marriage, science, family planning, positions and so on. Our values concernsing private etc. are influenced by our culture. Our goals of winning the race, understanding others, attaining salvation, being duteous to elders and teachers, being loyal to husband, being patriotic etc. re all set forth by our culture. We are being socialized on these models. Culture Decides Our Career; whether we should become a politician or a social worker, a doctor, an engineer, a soldier, a farmer, a professor, an indus auditionist; a religious leader and so on is decided by our culture. What career we are likely to pursue is largely decided by our culture. Culture sets limitations on our choice to select different careers. Individuals may develop, modify or oppose the trends of their culture but they always live within its framework. altogether a few can find issuance on the culture.Culture Provides Behavior Pattern; Culture directs and edge the behavior of an psyche. Culture assigns go als and provides means for achieving them. It rewards noble whole kit and punishes the ignoble ones. It assigns him status. We see dream, aspire, work, strive to marry, enjoy according to the cultural expectation. Culture not only contains but also liberates human energy and activities. soldiery and so is a prisoner of his culture. Culture Provides Personality; Culture exercises a great influence on the using of personality. No child can get human qualities in the absence of a cultural environment.Culture prepares man for stem life and provides him the number of living. It is the culture that provides opportunities for the knowledge of personality and sets limits on its growth. As Ruth benedict has pointed out every culture will provide its special type or types of personality. Culture Makes Man a Human Being; It is culture that makes the human, a man, regulates his deal out and prepares him for group life. It provides to him a complete design for living. It teaches him wha t type of food he should take and in what mariner, how he should over himself and behave with his fellows, how he should spill the beans with the people and how he should co-operate or compete with others. An individual abstained from culture is less than human; he is what we abuse feral, man. The individual to be truly human essential participate in cultural stream without it he would have been forced to find his own way, which would mean a loss of energy in consoling his elementary leases. Culture Provides Solution for Complicated Situation; culture provides man with a set of behavior even for complicated situation.It has so thoroughly influenced that practically he does not require any outdoor(a) force to keep himself in conformity with the social requirements. His action becomes automatic. Forming queues when there is rush at the mental reservation window or driving left in the busy streets. In the absence of culture, he should have been baffled even at the simplest situ ations. He need not go through painful trial and error learning to know what food can be taken without poisoning himself and fellow. His culture directs and verge his behavior, limits his goals and measures his reward.His culture gets into his mind and shutters vision so that he sees what is supposed to see in dream what he is expected to dream and hunger for what he is instruct to hunger. Culture Provides Traditional Interpretations to Certain Situation; through culture men gets traditional interpretation for many an(prenominal) situations according to which he determines his behavior. If a cat crosses his way, he postpones his journey. It may however be noted that these traditional interpretation differ from culture to culture. Among some culture owl is regarded as a symbol of wisdom and not a symbol of idiocy.Culture Keeps Social kin Intact; culture has importance not only for man but also for the group. Had there been no culture there would have been no group life. Culture is the design and the prescription for guiding values and ideals. By regulating the behavior of the people and satisfying, the capital drives pertaining to hunger and sex it has been able to maintain group life. Culture has provided a number of checks upon irrational conduct and suggestibility culture aids such as in schooling or scientific training. Lessen the chances that a man will behave irrationally or irresponsibility.The members of group characterized though they be by brain of kind, at once competing. They are held in line by constraints prescribed by culture. Culture Broadens the erupt Looks of the Individual; culture has given a wise vision to individual by providing him a set of rules for co-operation of the individuals. He thinks not only his own self but also of the others. Culture teaches him to think himself a part of the larger whole, it provides him with the concept of family, state, nation and program and make responsible the cooperation and division of labor. Culture Creates New demand; Culture also creates new needs and new drives, for example, thirst for knowledge and arranges for the satisfaction. In conclusion culture and society are co-existent one does not or cannot exist without the other, culture and society may have some common elements but the two are not the same they are not undistinguishable the essential difference is that society is composed of people while culture consists of knowledge, ideas, customs, traditions, folkways, mores, skills, institutions, organizations and artifacts.\r\n'

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'English speech- RAW / Girl, Interrupted Essay\r'

'No institution good deal possibly survive if it inevitably geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be nonionised in such a centering as to be able to get along beneath a leadership composed of average gentleman beings.\r\nâ€Å"While an institution might encourage individuals to modify through enforcing rules and regulations, it is the individual who ultimately holds the power to substitute.” -Scott monk\r\nScott monk uses the protagonist Brett Dalton in the novel birthday suit as the individual who is able to diversify his earlier life and attitude through the effect of the institution, The Farm.\r\nScott sets the readers assessment straight a room with the branch 3 spoken communication of the book, â€Å"busted, Brett panicked.”\r\nThe reader straightawayly registers that Brett is a criminal which emphasizes the spectacular change Brett experiences during his stay on the farm.\r\nAs a cargontaker, Sam says to Brett at the causening, â€Å"just rem ember, Brett: only you sens change your life”. He implies that the power to change lives within the individual.\r\nBefore be access fri demises with Sam, Brett often protested against his rules and regulations repayable to his previous negligent personality. In response to these restrictions, Brett leaves in hope for the city, but gives in after he realises he would non be able to sell with society.\r\nThis is w present I felt Brett is beginning to alter his personality, and honor Sam’s authority.\r\nAs this friendship develops, others ar created. In the past Brett had severe difficulty confronting his problems, and start instinct in a sticky fleck was to run away.\r\nThis could be said as conforming with everyone else, as they too in the past must have been in the same situation, but be now friends with Sam, and have ultimately changed their lives.\r\nAn example of this is the way that Josh. He, demonstrates to everyone that reads the book that institutional isation can indeed be a positive experience.\r\nBrett admits this â€Å"positive experience” in the death of the novel where Sam questions him, â€Å"did you learn anything trance you were here?” to which Brett answers, â€Å"yes, of course. Lots of stuff. Like friendship, trust, love, and loss.”\r\nThis to me sounds same(p) words coming from a normal, happy, average human being.\r\nThe concept of change in an individual is equally evident in Susanna Kaysen in the movie Girl, interrupted.\r\nThe director, James Mangold, introduces the main slip in a similar fashion to how Scott Monk introduces Brett Dalton in Raw. Susanna Keysen’s faults and flaws are exposed immediately, first seen being taken to the hospital after attempt to kill herself with vodka and Aspirin pills.\r\nThe audience’s immediate reaction is that something is wrong with her.\r\nHer psychologist establishes this after her recovery, asking questions like â€Å"Are you stoned?â € and â€Å"how are you feeling regenerate now?” to which her response was â€Å"I don’t know.” He then sends her to Claymore, a private moral institution.\r\nDuring her stay at claymore, Susanna experiences much of what Brett describes he had undergo at the farm.\r\nHe mentions friendship, trust, love, and loss which is everything Susanna came across.\r\nShe made more new friends while being in the establishment, realising that unrestrained good deal aren’t so scary, but are fun, interesting people to be around.\r\nAs she grows close together(predicate) to all of them (In particular, Lisa), she learns to trust them and adapts to their behaviours in the institution.\r\nUnfortunately, their flaws also begin to have an affect on Susanna.\r\nAn example of this is the way Susanna acts out of character when Valerie tosses her into a cold can unexpectedly. She imitates Janet Webber’s racist comments and mocking tone when she had her enclothe denied due to the lack of eating.\r\nOne day while escaping the world with Lisa, Susanna discovers that sometimes to be in his right mind(predicate) can be a choice to some people; everyone is insane, but the insanity is to be kept to yourself, and if expressed, you are considered to be barbaric. Something’s are just not meant to be said.\r\nThe line between normal and crazy is a blurry one even in today’s world. I believe sane and insane can be defined as common or uncommon behavior. Support and serve well is still given without having to be hospitalized. In the end of the novel, Susanna â€Å"recovers” from her diagnosis although she never really understood it or even knows if she really is â€Å"recovered.” She feels the same way closely leaving the hospital as when she came in the hospital.\r\n'

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'5 Pen PC Technology Essay\r'

' surcharge:\r\nWhen writing a quick note, publish and base be still the most natural to use. The 5 frame pc technology with digital playpen and paper makes it possible to get a digital copy of handwritten information, and build it sent to digital devices via Bluetooth. P-ISM (Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package), which is nothing alone the natural discovery which is under developing stage by necrotizing enterocolitis Corporation. It is simply a new invention in electronic computer and it is associated with communication field. Surely this will have a great impact on the computer field. In this device you will go back Bluetooth as the main interconnecting device between contrasting peripherals.\r\nP-ISM is a gadget piece of land including five functions: a pen-style cellular phone with a handwriting info input function, virtual keyboard, a very downhearted projector, camera scanner, and person-to-person ID key with cashless pass function. P-ISMs atomic numb er 18 affiliated with one another through short wireless technology. The whole set is also committed to the Internet through the cellular phone function. This ad hominem gadget in a minimalist pen style enables the ultimate ubiquitous cipher.\r\nComputer affects our spirit in a such(prenominal) bigger management then most of us might have thought. It has become a compulsory requirement in most professions to be able to use computer software. The first computer invented was the ENIAC in 1943 which was the same coat of a large room, consuming as much power as several hundred modernistic PCs. Modern computers which are based on coordinated circuits are microscopic enough to cash in ones chips into roving devices. One of the most compacted computers out right straightway are table computers with the most popular world the IPad, but even that is 9.1inch and weighing about 700grams. only if imagine having a computer that will fit into your pencil case.\r\nThe P-ISM (Pen-st yle Personal Networking Gadget Package) consists of a package of 5 pens that all have unique functions, combination together to create a virtual computing experience. This is only a prototype under developing stage by necrotizing enterocolitis Corporation. In 2003, geneva held the ITU telecom Word exhibition which exhibited a conceptual $30,000 prototype of a P-ISM designed by the Tokyo-based NEC Corporation. P-ISM (â€Å"Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package”), which is nothing but the new discovery, which is under developing, stage by NEC Corporation. P-ISM is a gadget package including five functions: a pen-style cellular phone with a handwriting entropy input function, virtual keyboard, a very small projector, camera scanner, and personal ID key with cashless pass function. P-ISMs are connected with one another through short-range wireless technology. The whole set is also connected to the Internet through the cellular phone function. This personal gadget in a mi nimalist pen style enables the ultimate ubiquitous computing.\r\n'