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How to be an effective manager Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

How to be an effective tutor - Research Paper ExampleResearch objective How to be a manager that leads in business? Introduction Manager as the name implies is the one who manages or directs a company, industry, brass section etc. Manager is the person responsible for achieving goals by lollting the work done through other people. The task of manager includes planning, directing and monitoring the work done by subordinates and take corrective measures when and where required. The primary(prenominal) quality a manager must have to lead in business is the base knowledge and familiarity of all areas and divisions so that he/she can take away the workers and can check if the work is being done seemlyly or not. Manager apart from realizeing the discussed roles and responsibilities, need to primarily look after achieving the goals and objectives of the organization while increasing the profits. The role of manager in an organization is to reach and exceed the set expectations while ensuring that every team member achieves respective objectives (Koontz, H. & Weihrich, 2006). key functions of manager Managers are important for business so that they can coordinate and direct the activities required to achieve its goals and targets. They play a vital role in determining the future of a firm or society at large. Their function is to focus on people and their performance so that desired topic can be achieved. And to achieve success in their strides Manager needs to design a line of merchandise of military action from the available alternatives and verifying if everything occurs in conformity to the plan adopted in order to make orderly arrangement of individuals and group to secure unity of action. For this Managers at all the levels in an organization perform these functions but the amount of time spend on these activities depends on specific organization. Some of these functions are Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling (Marquis& Huston, 2008). Planning may be be as the process of setting goals and strategies to accomplish a goal. It is a systematic step and preparatory activity done by manager which determines the future course of action. Manager while planning forecasts and decides in advance about the action to be pursued in future. In this process relevant facts are collected, analyzed, and action plan is then decided for future. While planning, the manager takes into consideration the available resources of the organization so that optimum utilization can be done. Manager decides the trounce available alternative and evaluates future contingencies in order to achieve predetermined goals of organization or business. Through planning Manager lays down objectives, policies, procedures, rules, programs, budget and strategies for proper and efficient functioning of business or organization. Planning is thus an intellectual process where in manager chooses the course of action from the available alternatives. It is the most basic but continuous function of manager. After planning is done, manager needs to organize the workforce and material as per the plan. Organizing is done in order to get result. Manager must synchronize human, physical and financial resources with skilled and efficient workforce in order to get results. By organizing manager divides the work amongst the employees and coordinate their efforts to achieve goals or objectives of the business (Marquis & Huston, 2008). Once planning and organizing is done, manag

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