Friday, June 14, 2019

Women during the Second World War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Women during the Second World War - Essay ExampleThis paper looks at the complaints of comfort women during World War II and their demands for compensation as payment for their sufferings when they were repeatedly raped and were exposed to non-human treatments. At the same instance, the study uncovers the reasons whether the denial of the Japanese government to accept responsibility for the conditions of the comfort women is justified. To establish pieces of evidence to support justifications of both parties, the study uses data gathering through a review of kinds of publications from published sources, both primary and secondary. There are many pieces of evidence found in the literature archives that showed women were in the brothels army camp and n whiz of these directly link the response to the Japanese government. There were also photos found showing former comfort women, now in their 80s standing in protest rallies. On the other hand, there are hard pieces of evidence on the p art of the Japanese government that sustains their position of denial. On the basis of pieces of evidence, the study concludes that the Japanese government did not violate any international law on armed conflict as rape is one of the atrocities of war. A recommendation on further study of the law on armed conflict is suggested to avoid recurrence of the situation in the future.

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