Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Literature Review ''stress on international students''

stress on international students - Literature review ExampleA mentally affected individual may become confused, indecisive or negative thinker while an emotionally stressed person can step up frustrated, irritated, panic-stricken, impatient, sadist or depressed (Stress Management, n.d.). It has become a common practise in the UK to take clock time off from work and apply for stress leave by the acute sufferers of stress (Cunningham, 200019). In the Terri Landon case, Terri who was a training in a government activity office, felt unwanted in her workplace and claimed for stress leave and remained on reduced time at work for more than a year without compromising her full remuneration (Cunningham, 200019). The effect of stress is not only approach by an individual but by the entire nation too (Stress The Effects, 2001). As per the BBC report on 25th June, 2001, almost 270,000 people take time off from their regular work due to illness driven by stress giving way to absenteeism which cost the UK an amount not less than ?10.2bn in the year 2000 (Stress The Effects, 2001). Effects of Stress A Costly Affair The long term consequences of stress can be overtly expensive. From giving birth to comport ulcers and rise in high blood pressure to encouraging heart diseases and strokes, the results of stress can be costly (Stress The Effects, 2001). It has a high potential of growing over-indulgencing habits such as overeating, limitless drinking and smoking, all of which are well known for their evil effects on the body (Stress The Effects, 2001). Moreover, illness like insomnia or depression, nervous breakdown and reduced work performance are mostly driven by stress (Stress The Effects, 2001). Further, stress is also considered to be responsible for a womans complete stoppage or severe irregularity of stress or even her capacity to conceive (Stress The Effects, 2001). As per the BBC reports, In the NHS, the government has had to introduce a zero tolerance campaign to t ry to reduce the number of attacks, and amount of verbal abuse heaped on staff (Stress The Effects, 2001). In the ISMA group 2009, Dame Carole Black revealed that workplace stress is as expensive as ?100bn (ISMA). Moreover, as per the Labour Force Survey, Estimates indicate that self-reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for an estimated 13.5 jillion lost working days in Britain in 2007/08 (ISMA). The three best ways of fighting out stress as suggested by Cunningham include the decrease of stress forces, the increasing of ones capacity to resist damage and the understanding of the early signs of stress thereby being alert in win to combat it (Cunningham, 20008). Role of Stress on International Students Both local and international students face a lot of complex situations such as examinations, deadlines, little time management, uncontrollable debts and other cases which lead to undue stress (Stress Management, n.d.). International stude

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