Saturday, October 19, 2019

Job description Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Job description - Essay Example responsible for the management of social media sites by tracking and monitoring the companys presence in the social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and others. He or she ensures that only valuable and engaging information is shared to the social sites. He or she monitors the changing social media trends to ensure that the company stays on top of its competition. He or she bears the responsibility for designing and writing protocols, report forms for cases and consent forms used in clinical trials. He or she approves the Ethics committee, develops recruitment strategies for the increment of patient randomization into trials, and manages clinical trials. He or she ensures compliance of the Good clinical practice (GCP) by providing training during start-ups and initiation meetings for the clinical trials. He or she is responsible for the planning and implementation of activities necessary for conducting and monitoring clinical trials. He or she coordinates monitoring of trials by selecting and managing qualified personnel. He or she keeps CVs and training materials for each protocol, and also submits documents that are necessary for initiating the study including CVs and Food and drug administration forms. He or she identifies audit procedures and ensures that only clean data is entered into the clinical database in the appropriate time (Clinical research manager). Social media director can work with the head of human resource department in management of staff within the company. The social media director is responsible for the identification of the companys social media staff and thus may work in the Human resource department as recruitment manager or in the interviewing panel. The human resource department is responsible for personnel activities including the staffing, development, training, rewarding and performance evaluation in every department of the company. The social media director works with the human resource department to ensure that

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