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American Diplomacy in Vietnam Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

American Diplomacy in Vietnam - Term Paper Example The diplomatic interests in Vietnam dates back to after the Second World War, when the Americans quickly moved to block the spread of communism in the South East Asia region. Japan was strategically located not only for trade interests, but its deviation from the larger Asian political and trade dynamics meant the country was not prone to the communism ideologies that were spreading fast in the Asian region. Japan was thus used as a strategic location to help in curbing the spread of communism from Russia and China, towards the South East Asia region. 2 This implies foreign diplomatic approaches in the Indochina region by the Americans were mainly designed to curb the spread of communism in the region, rather than to promote trade; the Asian countries were a bit poor, and with little trade links with the outer world as Schaller argues. The American interests were therefore based on blocking communism in Indochina region, rather than policies to help in developing Vietnam and other So uth East Asia region. ... oes not elaborate on how the ethical and moral concepts were being evaluated in this case, the actions of supporting a Junta in a country deep in civil crises raised doubts over the national interests of the American government in Vietnam. Kissinger critically elaborates American interests and their conflict with moral authority, which led to involvement of the American armies in the Vietnamese war, and critically tries to investigate the policies under President Nixon after inheriting the war in 1969. The conflict with moral principles is observed in serious critics that resulted after the war to challenge this mission.3 However, Kissinger notes that the Americans were fighting a vague war, and no ultimate answers concerning American interests have been clearly outlined.4 All the same, the article does not provide elaborate response by other nations involved in this crisis in the Indochina region. The article critically takes the Vietnam War on a moral approach in describing reasons behind American involvement in the war, and its affects. In addition to the interests that the American government had in Vietnam, the war presented a case of a badly prepared army in a foreign land to fight for unknown causes. After the collapse of the South Vietnam in April 30 1975, although having achieved a resounding victory over the battle field, the Vietnamese were holding Unites States over promised reconstruction aid amounting to over $ 4 billion.5 Though the Vietnamese people had worn the war, there was still a bargain to make in pressing the United States government to inject funds for reconstruction. The aim of this aid by the United States government could be read suspiciously. Either the government had some interests to promote in Vietnam, to which they had promised massive

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