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Trojan War Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Trojan War - Research Paper Example Strauss (2007) has pointed out that â€Å"Some people believe that Trojan war never happened and the beauty of Homer’s description forced people to think that it actually happened† (Strauss, p.1). At the same time, some of the recent researches have concluded that this war might have happened in reality as described by Homer. Strauss (2007) has mentioned about some of the evidences collected by the archeologists recently to substantiate the arguments of people who believe this war was an actual one rather than an imaginary one (Strauss, p.1). This paper briefly analyses whether Trojan War was a real one or an imaginary one. The exact date of occurrence of this war is not mentioned by Homer or any one else. Homer never described anything about the exact timing of this war in any of his epic poems. However, historians do believe that this war was happened around 1200 BC. Strauss (2007) has pointed out that â€Å"The Trojan War which probably dates to around 1200 BC is ju st a piece in a large puzzle† (Strauss, p.3). ... The Iliad is to Trojan War what The Longest Day is to World War 2. The four days of battle in the Iliad no more sums up Trojan War than the D-day invasion of France sums up the World War 2. The Iliad is not the whole story of Trojan War (Strauss, p.5) The Longest Day is a film produced in 1962 about Second World War which speaks about the D-day invasion of France (D-Day is a military term used to represent a day in which a specific battle event occurred or will occur). It should be noted that The Longest Day was produced just around twenty years from the end of Second World War whereas Homer explained the details of Trojan War around five centuries later. In other words, Homer never seen Trojan War and he explained the details about this war from his imagination. It is easy to explain an event if it happened in the recent times, whereas it is difficult to explain an event if it happened long time back. In short, Homer’s explanations about this war primarily came from his imagi nations and therefore one can safely argue that his arguments lack authenticity. Another interesting aspect about Trojan War is the controversies surrounding the Trojans. â€Å"A generation ago, scholars thought that the Trojans were the Greeks. But new evidences suggests otherwise† (Strauss, p.2). Since Iliad was written in Greek language, many people thought that Trojans were actually Greeks. They failed to realize the fact that the Iliad was written centuries later by a Greek person called Homer. Another fact which forced people to think Trojans as Greeks was the names of the persons and gods used in Iliad. All the names used in this poem were Greek names and moreover, their conversations were in Greek language which forced people to think that Trojans were actually Greeks.

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