Sunday, August 11, 2019

Britvic plcs 2011 annual report,1)Critically evaluate the information Essay

Britvic plcs 2011 annual report,1)Critically evaluate the information contained in the Chairmans Statement - Essay Example According to his statement and the financial report, the company has made a record of both revenue and volume growth in 2011 in the international market (Gibson 201). This growth is evident in the French and an international territory which contributes to the company’s overall growth of about 4.3%. This growth brings the company to the current 138.1 million Euros. The statement indicates that there was a growth of revenue for Britvic in the year 2011 to 14.6%. That means that the current revenue position in the company according to its financial statement is 1.3 billion Euros. The chairman’s stamen indicates the underlying revenue excluding that of the French territory in the previous financial year. It was a notable achievement for the company given the situation of the cost of raw materials. Their cost was high in this particular year, but Britvic recorded high revenue. The chairman also congratulates the company on its progress quoting that there was a weaker consumer environment in comparison to the previous years. The GB revenue of the company in 201 was 2.7 %, which indicates a growth of 11.3 % from the previous two years. There is an association between growth and the strong carbonates performance of the company (Gibson 2010). The chairman’s report attributes the continued success of the company to its strategy of supply chains, distribution channels and innovation. His statement also indicates of the company’s strategy of business efficiency as being one of the contributors to its success. Britvic also operates in Ireland, though operations in this region have been difficult. In 2011, the company was able to launch new brands in the market like juicy drench and Mountain Dew. The two brands have been a success in the market because consumers are purchasing them. Difficult macro trading conditions in the market led to a decline in revenue by 9.6 % (Gibson, 2010). The chairman explains how the

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