Saturday, February 1, 2014

Case Study In Coporate Finance

GENESIS HEALTH VENTURESBackground coevals wellness Ventures of Kennett Squargon , Pennsylvania , was shit in May 1985 to meet the health cover involve of the of age(p) population . It has over 350 nursing homes and assisted living communities click across 16 states in the U .S . These facilities tend to to a greater extent than 7 .5 million patients (above the age of 65 ) and represents health c be spending of about 90 millionIn addition , the friendship provides and sells work like pharmaceutical contend , medical supplies and equipment , home infusion therapy rehabilitation services and wellness programs p It currently runs at 90 occupancyBy 1999 , the guild had started experiencing monetary difficulty . In evidence 2000 , it was already in negotiation concerning capital restructuringKey IssuesThe key issues areThere is a lot of competition in this market . contemporaries health Ventures ends up competing with non-for-profit organizations . These organizations do not pay tax and are able to observe a lot of money to bring because individuals are encouraged to take place donations so that they can whoop it up tax shieldsA redistribution of the merchandising efforts emergencys to be done so that Medi electric charge patients can be the highest number of patients , followed by cloistered Clients and thence Medicaid patients . Otherwise , the per diem amounts need to be adjusted . Medicare and Medicaid patients impart up the bigger luck of the clients of Genesis wellness Ventures . In situation based on Exhibit 6 , they make up more than than 50 of the clientele with Medicaid representing 39 , Medicare 14 and nonpublic clients 47 Medicare patients make up just 15 in volume flat though Medicare patients are aerated the highest per diem 294 ) and are the most useful market . On the other spend , Medicaid clients who are int! imately 40 of GHV s clients are being charged the lowest (only 111 . Private patients (49 in volume ) are charged 154 (Exhibit 5Another issue is that a profit-making enterprise like Genesis wellness Ventures should not be providing services likes sub- needlelike medical services at a lower cost than hospitals or traditional acute care centers . It makes it run at a going awayRisksThe company is operating(a) in an labor that experiences labor shortages and therefore increased salaries . Because of this , it is undemanding for labor shortages to tinge profitability of healthcare providers like Genesis Health VenturesBecause the persistence is so volatile , Genesis Health Ventures should not quality fixed-fee contracts because it could end up running at a lossDue to the dependency on political science regulation and the government snub towards lower re-imbursement rates (so that they can scale clog health care expenditure , it is too easy for Genesis Health Ventures to end up running at a loss . Some legislation result in trading trading operations like GMV having to pay fines , payment withholdings or to be nonimmune to criminal charges or exclusion from the programRecommendations and detailed support for recommendationsThe company needs to do some Cost Accounting so that it can determine its most profitable lines and concentrate more efforts there so that it can generate more...If you want to repair a full essay, order it on our website:

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