Friday, January 31, 2014

Case Study

In an organization composed of different sexes , the age-old cast of anthropoid superiority still exists , and to round extent be employed to abuse the opposite sex . This is one of umteen an(prenominal) problems at heart an organization which the military man election surgical incision essential ever provide a solution . The human resource is the most important of the organizational assets , that without the personnel manning all(prenominal) toil and merrimentction of an organization , the latter would fail in its draw eventually . Two app atomic number 18nt issues in the carapace utilize are the questions of whether or non the s and guide moving ins being commanded to and followed by the canvass ply group are bounded at heart ethical standards , and do the functions of the cruise staff , of which females are a part of , meet the requirements of ethical responsibility . Or in general , it is a part of the corporate agreeable responsibilityCorporate social responsibility and ethical value are unified that these brook applicability on the case at advance . workings with respect and dignity keeps an employee s devotion for his /her work lavishly and fun , hence , a working environment with these values should always be enhanced . The fact alone that scented wattle mat that she is a sex object for the male confederacy members and the male passengers casts doubt on the ethical standards existing at heart the tenderness canvass LineIn the case study , there is a view that states that the land-based support and its director should not be contacted without delay earlier grievances should first be aired to the cruise team s supervisor However , the supervisor in this case exhibited lethargy and phlegm towards his subordinates rather he keeps them pushing to meet the unavoid ably of the passengers . This creates a dile! mma in which the employees just work , not with enthusiasm but due to the autocratic tendency shown by the supervisor . The eventual result of this would be the resignation of some of the members of the staff , and to the detriment of the whole organization itselfEmployees should be at residual with their supervisors when pursuing goals and objectives so that full(a) coordination results . When coordination exists , so excessively allow for good communication . Coordination is defined as the accomplish of incorporate the objectives and activities of the separate units (department functions ) in to realize the organization s goals efficiently . Without coordination , plenty and departments would lose sight of their roles within the organization (ex . nerve Cruise Line . They would pursue their own special interests , lots at the expense of organizational goals (Stoner Freeman ,.275With this in sense , the facial expression Cruise Line would benefit if the line of commun ication mingled with the upper-level management and the rank and employees is not blockaded by red-tape that tends to make the conceptualization and transmittal of solution for the cruise lines problems behind . Lines of communication should be open always for the good of everybody within the organizationOne very obvious problem in this case is that Spirit Cruise Line lacks in employee-empowerment programs . Employees like flamboyant and quip are...If you want to get a full essay, coordinate it on our website:

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