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Question: Discuss About The International Of Business And Information? Answer: Introducation The basic principle of interpersonal communication is about listening other peoples point of view and to express my operations on the subject clearly. I have used interpersonal skills and communication skills during the group discussion which was held in my college. I have used my communication ability to define the topic which was given in the group discussion (Aesaert et al., 2014). It is an important thing to listen carefully as it helps a lot to speak among the other members by understanding their point of view and requirements. I am satisfied with the experiences which I have learnt through the communication program. Teamwork skills Reading skill is the most primary way to acquire knowledge. I have applied my reading skill in gaining knowledge for the academic documentation. For an example to write an academic document I have collected several data related to the subject and also I have collected different ideas on that topic (Hashim, 2015). I have collected all these information by reading several articles, books and internet sources. Communication language Team work is an important part of making any project and presentation and the main advantage of making any presentation through a team work is that several types of ideas and opinions are collected in a single platform to get the compact presentation (Seena Pillai, 2014). I have also made a presentation with my team on a topic in my college. I have first defined the issues then in the presentation I have defined the solutions of the corresponding issues. My team members helped me a lot by providing several opinions. Creation and delivery of effective oral presentation I have created a presentation which assessed the concepts related to the behaviour, management, privacy and legal aspects which are important parameters in case of an ICT domain. Ethics and law are the parameters which create the righteousness in the employees of the ICT organisation. These generate the responsibility and the code of conduct among the employees. Privacy is also important from the security point of view. The social aspects should also be taken care of as this keeps the hood environment in the ICT domain for the employees. I have implemented all these concepts in my assessment for the ICT domain. Importance of ethics codes of behaviours and societal, privacy and legal issues within the ICT I always believed that the most important thing in communication is to understand the individuals or peoples requirement and thinking. I have also learnt a lot by communicating with students of different universities and the staffs of ICT domain. The communication develops when we work together with the community and the students who are actually working with the people of community. Understanding of the common work practices The organisational process in ICT is important for the better production of the system. I have used my communication skill for acquiring knowledge and data for the better completion of the ICT processes (Button, Harrington, Belan, 2014). I have understood first about the issues which are mainly defined in the ICT domain. Then I have tried to get the solutions by reading and listening and this helped me a lot understand the ICT projects. Use of ICT in improvement of organisational processes ICT can be successfully implemented in the advancement of the organisational processes. Information and communication technology is applicable for the advancement of the organisations growth and it can also help in more advanced communication and keep people in touch in case of long distances. Evaluation of applications and emerging technologies to communicate and collaborate There are different types of communication and collaboration technologies which are also important in terms of completing the unit. One important technology is the Web 2.0 which is used for the digital literacy for better understanding related to the ICT environment (Siddiq, Scherer Tondeur, 2016). I have also used this Web 2.0 technology for communicating with the people and it helped me a lot also. It actually helps to create and share some content with simple graphic and interface. Another important technology is the mobile technology for showing several real time video and assessment for the employees in the ICT organisation through virtual platform. I have also used mobile technology for the better understanding of the subjects which are also important for better communication through this way. The most interesting thing of the communication technologies is that it makes the whole system easier to understand and to make people understand about several ICT technologies. It also helped me a lot in communicating with other people and to increase ethics and communication skills among the employees in the ICT domain. The interface is one of the things which can be more advanced in order to make people more interested and comfortable in communicating among them and to lkearn about new ICT technologies. The thing is to make the system more advanced by making the system more popular among people. That will only be possible when the technologies related o the communication will be more available to them. References Aesaert, K., Van Nijlen, D., Vanderlinde, R., van Braak, J. (2014). Direct measures of digital information processing and communication skills in primary education: using item response theory for the development and validation of an ICT competence scale. Computers Education, 76, 168-181. Hashim, J. (2015). Information communication technology (ICT) adoption among SME owners in Malaysia. International Journal of Business and Information, 2(2). Siddiq, F., Scherer, R., Tondeur, J. (2016). Teachers' emphasis on developing students' digital information and communication skills (TEDDICS): A new construct in 21st century education. Computers Education, 92, 1-14. Button, D., Harrington, A., Belan, I. (2014). E-learning information communication technology (ICT) in nursing education: A review of the literature. Nurse Education Today, 34(10), 1311-1323. Seena, S. T., KG Pillai, S. (2014). A study of ICT skills psychology library professionals in the Kerala University Library System. Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS), 61(2), 132-141.

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