Tuesday, January 28, 2020

We Can Never Can Tell Essay Example for Free

We Can Never Can Tell Essay It’s funny how things always turn out different than how we expect or want them to. It becomes funny eventually but for the most part, it’s hard. In some cases, painful at first. I am always caught saying â€Å"we can never can tell†. Sometimes, it’s just my excuse and sometimes, I just like saying it because it sounds nice but there is truth to it. Whoever knows what will happen next? Whatever is â€Å"next† – the next time, next person, next tragedy, next tear, next smile. We can plan, predict, speculate, estimate†¦ but truth is, we really can never can tell. Otherwise, where’s the fun in that?†¦ is what they say. Honestly though, don’t you sometimes wish to know what’s next for you in life? Much more, where are all of these life struggles and adventures leading us to? Where am I going to end up? With who? It’s not like you want to impatiently fast-forward to the end of your life but you just want to know if in the end of all these crisis and drama, everything is going to be alfckingright just like what they always tell you when you’re shitfckin depressed. You just want to know if having to struggle today means having a bright future tomorrow or will it be a recurring struggle, or worse, an endless pit of struggle. It’s not fair nor is it right to question life and its purpose but wouldn’t that be nice? A little bit of assurance would be nice. Lucky are those who have their future stable and planned out perfectly fine even before they were born. Trust fund babies, children or relatives of influential people, political dynasties, celebrity children, children of multimillionaires, even those who were born with beautiful genes, because that actually makes their lives easier (feel free to disagree). ***Please don’t refer or send me a copy of The Purpose Driven Life because somebody already did, thank you. On a semi-irrelevant note (depending on how you comprehend it), I have learned that the lack of choices makes you a better person or to put it more rationally, makes you better at what you do. Giving yourself choices is tempting yourself to easily quit one decision and move on to the other instead of making things work; whereas when you’re stuck with only one, you have no other choice but to move forward, make it last, make it work, therefore you strive to be better. Having choices opens up opportunities for comparison, and comparison never leads to contentment and happiness, from what I know. Having a job while knowing that there are still hundreds of available other jobs will make it hard for you to value and stay in your current job (pardon my confusing sentence). You will always wonder what the others has to offer and how you could be wasting your time doing what you think you don’t deserve, instead of working hard to succeed in it and make things better. Having a girlfriend while knowing that there are still hundreds of available other girls who could be sexier and more attractive than her will make it hard for you to be faithful and contented. Especially when you’re fully aware that you’re a good-looking sonuvabitch who thinks you can have any girl you want. You will always wonder if there is someone or something better for you hence disregarding the notion that you may actually have in your hands the best choice. Am I right or am I right? Choices are fallbacks. It’s easy to quit, to let go, to turn around, to give up, to not try hard, when you know you have a fallback that conveniently catches you anytime, everytime. Contentment is inversely proportional to our number of choices (and I realized that just now). The more choices, the harder for us to be contented†¦ and happy. Feel free to disagree.

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