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Graduation Speech I Am Proud - 904 Words

Welcome all graduates, family, friends, and more. I am pleased to be able to speak with all of you today in an achievement that almost a hundred and fifty people have achieved over the last thirteen years of school. We have finally made it to the end of the first chapter of our lives. We all will now start the beginning of the second chapter in our lives. We will explore new areas that we have not been able to explore before, and be on our own for the first time ever. I want to tell all my experiences through my high school career to all of you, and how it affected me. Freshman year is beginning. Holy cow, what have I gotten myself into now? Well, let’s just say it was the beginning of four years I will never forget. Meeting one of my favorite teachers freshman year, Mr. Henderson, was a journey, because he understood me so well. Having him again junior year made it even better. Sophomore year was another great one, meeting another one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Sweet. She also understood me, and I could talk to her if I needed help with something. I also had her my junior year, which made it pretty good. Junior year, I also met Mrs. Thiesen, my english teacher who was another one of my favorite teachers. She gave me great wisdom, because of the religion we both share, and helped me greatly with english, because I had always struggled with english. During junior year, I also started a relationship with a boy, who I am still dating to this day, and he means the worldShow MoreRelatedGraduation Speech : Graduating High School1034 Words   |  5 Pagesfor me there was a lot of ups and downs, but it got easier once I took things more serious and not as a joke. Having that feeling of knowing that your family members are proud of you is an amazing feeling and having my grandmother explain to me how she felt on my graduation day was heartwarming. The day of graduation I was a nervous wreck, but it was all worth it in the end. Graduating changed my life in a lot of different ways that I wouldn’t have expected but only for the better.. Preparation toRead MoreAnalysis Of Sherman Alexie s Indian Education 1330 Words   |  6 Pagestheir race, background, beliefs, or anything looked at that makes them stand out from others. I was introduced to a short story called â€Å"Indian Education† by Sherman Alexie about a boy named Junior and the struggles he faced throughout school because he was Native American. I was also introduced to another short story called â€Å"Graduation† by Maya Angelou about a young woman named Marguerite Johnson who was proud of her background being â€Å"Negro† even if it included some unfairness. Throughout history discriminationRead MoreGraduation Speech By Maya Angelou1566 Words   |  7 PagesFebruary 18, 2016 Graduation Graduation is a ceremony that almost every single person is familiar with, thus building the connection of the reader. Graduation is an important transition in one’s life. It represents an accomplishment and signifies moving on to something better, more important and the pathway to use one’s knowledge to achieve one’s life goals. It calls for a celebration along with a grand commencement among family, friends, and peers. Maya Angelou’s, â€Å"Graduation†, is about a youngRead MoreWalden University And My Future802 Words   |  4 PagesI am finally at the end of my journey and my graduate degree from Walden University is almost in my hand. Walden has asked me to give a speech at the graduation ceremony. When I was asked to do this, I was not sure what I would say. I spent some time thinking about my past year at Walden, and all of the things that I learned. I went from not knowing what to say when I was originally asked to having an abundance of things I could say about Walden. My future is bright thanks to Walden UniversityRead MoreSpecial Speech On Special Transition891 Words   |  4 Pagespresence alone supports us in every way possible as we are going through a special transition today. Now, I will start my speech. ----- A milestone. What is a milestone? Today, we are going to experience a milestone. A life milestone that all of us, in the future, will look back to and talk about how things were back then to the current lives we live in, the things we regret and the things we are proud of. We will someday, remember what this moment meant for us. But that doesn’t answer what a milestoneRead MoreMy Dad Had A Chronic Breathing Disorder842 Words   |  4 Pagescap and gown before his graduation. â€Å"I remember there were times I felt, I’d never see this day† he proclaimed. My dad had a chronic breathing disorder. Our family doctor has said he probably has died in his sleep many of times and didn’t realize it. It was a scary thing. I hoped I’d never have to be with him alone because I didn’t want him to croak on me. I was too young to see that. I heard those type deaths replayed in the minds of the child all through their lives. I definitely didn’t want theRead More Graduation Speech Essay560 Words   |  3 PagesWhen they were trying to find someone to give this speech they first asked the most intelligent, smart person they could find. But she turned them down. So then they asked the most beautiful, lovely, attractive person they could find. She also turned them down. Next they asked the nicest, sweetest, kindest, most sincere person they could find. Then I decided it would be rude to turn them down three times in a row, so here I am. How many people here like tomato soup? Come on, raise your hand ifRead MoreGraduation Speech : My Fellow Brothers And Sisters854 Words   |  4 PagesGraduation speech My fellow brothers and sisters. High school is reaching its end, We are no longer children of the school. We will all still remember the blood that flows through us as tk trojans. We take pride in our tradition. As we move to the next step in our lives whether it be college or elsewhere i pray that it takes us to a good future. For the athletes i hope you had the best seasons possible. Im sure we have all had a rocky road throughout high school or even in elementary. But i amRead MoreThe Day Of My High School Graduation Speech1512 Words   |  7 Pages When we were younger, I believe we all once wished to become adults fast so that we get to do things on our own. As for me, I have never imagined that I would graduate from high school. I didn’t expect myself to go that far and of course I have never thought about where I am today, a college student. Therefore, the moment that I graduated from high school meant a lot to me. It was the moment that made me be the best out of me, and the moment that helped me coming back to the reality. Read More Graduation Speech Essay1115 Words   |  5 Pagesfaculty, family, friends, on this exciting day, I speak to optimism, laughter, and grins. As I was gathering input for this graduation speech, several people suggested including a profound quote offering â€Å"encouraging advice to the young graduates†, and then there were others who said, â€Å"eh don’t worry about it, no one listens to those anyway.† Fortunately, I was actually able to take from both suggestions and found a happy balance. You see, I won’t tell you today to: â€Å"Dare to dream† or â€Å"Find

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