Wednesday, November 20, 2019

SOCIALIZATION ASSIGNMENT Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SOCIALIZATION - Assignment Example It plays a significant role in upholding women’s rights and freedom such as women’s sufferings (Schmidt, Shelley and Bardes 9). Furthermore, my parents also believe in the leftists political arguments. The left political ideology has a broad social and cultural influence, which considerably contributed to my political stance. The left principles subscribe to freedom of speech that greatly endorses dissemination of extensive information through the media. Furthermore, it plays an important role in attaining societal equality. It aims at establishing an ideal society without disparities on social classes. The left ideology intents include the relocation of resources through a welfare State. Primarily, this belief engages in communal unity, respect, co-existence as well as collective functioning. Currently, my opinions as a leftist have greatly changed over time. This is attributed to the influence of socialization agents such as peer groups, media, family, religious institutions and schools. Religious institutions have altered my perceptions in support of left beliefs by condemning some of leftists’ policies, such as legalizing abortion, as being evil and against humanity. The right-wing politics are presented as ideologies that promote right to private ownership by the media. Although there are arguments for right ideologies, I declined to support them following claims by activist that right systems allege to proliferate community advancement while they are tainted with the intention of enriching a few. From these claims, I am of the opinion that integration of these two ideologies would be most

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