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Patchi Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Patchi - Research Paper Example Therefore, the Global Strategy and Competitiveness of the company is being highlighted in the paper. Introduction Patchi was a company that originated from the Middle East in Lebanon. Since then, it has expanded to around five continents and excelled in business. Patchi has created its unique name after being originated in 1974 and has 130 branches worldwide. Patchi is a brand name that has created its own goodwill by attaching the unique idea of chocolates to celebrations and love. This is quite similar to the way the De Beers created a market for diamonds by relating them to love. Yet, the idea has created a permanent place in the hearts of the people and hence, Patchi has attracted vivid brand loyalty. Patchi has outstood as a producer of premium and best quality chocolates. The idea has been exacerbated from not only the consumption of chocolates but to create an emotional attachment as well. Thus, Patchi deals not only in chocolates alone but also in gifts that range from a vari ety of occasions such as weddings, new born babies, graduations and other special occasions and celebrations. The outlets have the best quality chocolate that has been hand manufactured and adorned in a special manner so as to create a special aura. Thus, the market segmentation for Patchi is quite different from that of the regular chocolate segment. There are people throughout the world who consume chocolate merely because of their association with taste. But Patchi is a distinct name in the chocolate market and is usually associated with celebrations, presents and happiness. It is however, a fact that the chocolate is a non-durable consumer product that prevails in a very competitive market system. There are many buyers and sellers of chocolates and big names such as Cadbury, Nestle and Hershey’s stand as tough competition. Thus, this paper would focus upon the global business and competitive strategies adopted by Patchi so as to survive in the market. Industry Situation H istory Chocolate, which is enjoyed today by millions of people all over the world, is one of the oldest inventions of mankind. It is actually a natural product obtained from cocoa seeds that are processed and manufactured so as to meet the taste requirements of people today. The first cocoa plantations were done by the Mayan Dynasty that dates back to 600 A.D (Chapter 1). These beans were high priced and were used as articles of trade as well as to make a drink called â€Å"chocolatl.† This beverage was very famous at that time. It was made by crushing the cocoa seeds and adding honey or vanilla spices (Chapter 1) so as to enhance its taste. Christopher Columbus is also said to have taken some cocoa seeds with him merely because of his curiosity (Chapter 1). Thus, in 1520s this drink was introduced in Spain but with the added element of sugar in it (Chapter 1). The first chocolate factory was set up after the Industrial Revolution in Bristol in UK by Joseph Fry. Other factori es that developed within a short period of time included, Rowntree, Cadbury and Hershey. Thus, the chocolate factory became a profitable business for the people at that time. The chocolate was enjoyed by the aristocracy as well as by the general public. Moreover, the Industrial Revolution meant more jobs for people and hence, the chocolate factories provided ample employment and better working conditions. Development It had then been realized that chocolate had

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