Sunday, August 4, 2019

GCSE Business Studies - Starting a Business - Business Plan - Sporting

GCSE Business Studies - Starting a Business - Business Plan - Sporting Glory Business Plan a) Name: Sporting Glory b) Address: High Street, Sutton, Surrey. c) Limited Company/Partnership/Sole Trader: Sole Trader - Will go public (PLC) if business is successful. d) What does your business do? The business will sell quality affordable sports clothes and equipment through a retail store. e) Date you started trading: The business will start trading early 2003, depending on how quickly the business is set up. f) Aims: To sell quality sports clothes equipment that is affordable, covering a wide range of sports and customers needs. g) Products/Services offered: The business will offer sports clothing and equipment manufactured by big well known sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Umbro etc. h) The Market: The market will be the sports market and the business will be targeting teenagers and young adults who want to be fit and have the latest sports and trendy gear. The market is very big as many other business selling similar products are already established and running smoothly. Therefore competition will be hard to put off as it consists of well known and accepted shops such as All Sports, JJB Sports etc. i) Personnel: The entrepreneur/businessperson will be Murtuza Husain (myself) who has thought up the business idea and is also investing his personnel money into ...

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