Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Creating a Culture of Engagement Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Creating a Culture of Engagement - Article Example Workplace culture is reflected on how workers dress, the time they report to work, how their lunch break is spent and how they solve internal and external issues. Workplace culture unifies employees as they are allowed to form their opinions about the culture of a workplace. Involving employees unifies the entire organization including the management. Workplace culture starts at the top with the company owner and upper management. The unity makes employees feel like they are involved, and they are part of a team, making them more concerned for the success of the entire business, not just their individual accomplishments. Workplace culture increases marketability. Workplace culture is a part of the brand build for your business, and it will make an impact on how individuals are being hired and what type is attracted to the company. People seeking jobs tend to look for companies that fit their kind of lifestyles, for instance, flexible hours, casual dress codes, other work opportunities or companies with extra amenities like gyms. Companies with well-defined cultures are well recognized as better places to work, making them be known among prospective employees (Reid & Hubbell, 2005). A good understanding of a workplace culture improves productivity Workers who understand their workplace culture have a better understanding of their goals and often fulfil the needs of their managers, fellow employees and customers. Theyre invested in their work and demonstrate loyalty. Employees who work for companies with healthy workplace cultures may be more productive in their work. Training the employees in the workplace enables them to gain the knowledge that is required for them to grow. This program will lead to the increase in team spirit between workers and supervisors leading to the improvement of retention rates. The correlation between workplace culture and organization commitment has been very

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