Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Acoustics and You Essay Example for Free

Acoustics and You Essay The article is about waves; it clearly points out the importance of wave particles and energy to the survival of life on the planet with respect to the importance of sound waves; it includes the various applications to which sound waves have been put to use by man. The first and most important is communication, sound waves form the basis of our daily human interactions without which man would be reduced to mere inanimate objects strangulated in the wilderness of oblivion. The emphasis is on acoustics, the science of sound waves in relation to speech and hearing, engineering, physical acoustic and noise. The article spells out the areas of life where acoustics is applicable. It details the use of this science as a career to make a living. An understanding of these applications is an eye-opener to the opportunities that lie latent in this field. Indeed, one can make a fortune from such a carefully-thought out career. The points are well outlined by the author; his thoughts are simply and logically arranged in such a way that it is easy to understand for everyone. The presentation is really good. REFERENCES Acoustics and You. Accessed from http://nature. skku. ac. kr/~acoustic/acou-and-you. h

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