Monday, July 29, 2019

The strategies I will adopt to improve my academic performance to be Essay

The strategies I will adopt to improve my academic performance to be successful in College - Essay Example Some of the strategies that I have put in place to improve my academic performance include; First, time management is an important attribute that cannot lack in my recipe for success in academic success. Time management is an inevitable resource that can work in favour or against anybody. A student should know when to learn new concepts, study the concepts and prepare for exams. Crush programs in student life disorganise expectations. One should know when to party, when to study and have social sessions. Proper utilisation of available time will maximizes brain usage and may even create extra time for personal studies. Bearing all this in mind, I have developed various time management techniques ranging from drawing timetables and writing a diary to keep all my activities in time. Undeniably, performance depends on what has been grasped over a given period. Second, successful academic performance requires availability of learning materials. This ranges from physical, emotional and psychological factors responsible for streamlining success. When attending classes one needs to be physically fresh and clear minded. It, therefore, is important to avail all materials important for physical exercise. Attending to physical training, not only benefits the body but also helps in relaxing brain activities hence beneficial in the long term. Fresh brains have the ability to learn and grasp new concepts hence a strategy towards successful academic life. From this perspective, this will ensure good performance in the long term. A clear organization system plays a significant role in promoting success in all academic pursuits. Learner should know how to save and get countless hours from most of each class. In many instances, students fail to grasp what their teachers say due to inefficient systems. I have come up with various factors including strategies aimed at aligning my system myself to the education

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