Thursday, June 6, 2019

Voyages Essay Example for Free

Voyages EssayPeople dont always reach their goals, the result sometimes ends up being drastically diverse whence what was originally planned. That space has happened many times in transoceanic expeditions in the Early Modern Era. The following either reached their expected goal or resulted in something different then what was expected to happen. The first is voyages of Ming Admiral Zheng He. Zheng He led seven expeditions to the Indian Ocean.The expeditions established the Ming dynastys Indian Ocean trade links. He went on these seven voyages in serch of precious land and traded goods that he would bring back to his homeland in china. His voyages went smoothly, resulting in new finds of land and new trading goods that would be higly regarded in China where is was rare. Zheng He reached his goal and actually recieved higher than what was expected. The second is the Portuguese exploration of the swoop of Africa.The Portuguese were curious about Africa and their goal was to ex plore the west coast of Africa and find rare treasures to trade and to convert the Africans to christianity. When they arrived on the West African Coast their curiosity dissapated and they soon realized they would enslave the Africans and have human trafficking of them go place from then on. Their goal was short and simple, to convert people to Christianity. Instead of reaching their goal they reached a new goal that was not planned. They expected different but were more than happy with the results that happend.

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