Friday, June 21, 2019

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 159

Summary - Essay ExampleTheir intention was to prevent the sale of cotton until the intervention of the government authorities to increase the prices. As a result, the Klan warned the warehouses and other stores to stop operating, pending decisions from the government (Zerzan, n.p). In this regard, it is apparent that the Klan had campaigned for economic restoration and improvement of welfare.I think the Klan received enjoyed massive leap out in the Southern where its leadership had influence among the citizens. Economic and social issues were the motivations of the people to join the movement, enabling the group to gain prominence among the low-income workers. For instance, some veterans wanted compensation after the World War 1 after observing the treatment of soldiers from other countries. This implies that the Klan consisted of a diverse membership that had a common agenda with diverse implementation modes.However, the unforesightful living standards, social injustices and ine quality were among the elements that causes friction within the group. This is because some members thought that the Klan focused on political and economic issues without considering their personal welfare. For instance, the poor white sympathizers did not want their black counterparts to join the movement. They thought it was a way of empowering the black to stop working in the plantations. This caused friction between the dickens groups, leading to racist battles. The moral intolerance in the groups dissolved their missions, which weakened the labor movements across the country.The article further indicates that the other aspect of the Klan was its contribution towards eliminating gangs of organised crimes. This was evident in Oklahoma and Indiana, where criminal cases were enhanced to terrorize the locals. The radical nature of the members led to the establishment of civil movements and labor

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