Sunday, June 2, 2019

SMS or a MESS Essay -- miscellaneous

SMS or a MESSAs the technology is breeding over, mobile services and its performance has entered day-to-day bustle. Once a luxury has become an acute inevitability. The positive influence is that it is affordable, best means of communication and contact, messaging service, encompassing range and its inning & size. All is fine until it knocks our door heavily. But, irony is that we use the technology not because of its adequacy. Instead our dimensions are diminishing and degrading with the way we are bestowing it.As you backside see the above discourse, none of the words are complete except Hi, and some of them seem to be senseless. Its a cruel truth that SMS-Short pass on Service is growing from Short to Shorter and Shorter to Shortest. And what are we conceding in all this is a big question.What triggered me to write all this were two scenarios.a)My tutor during a conversation said an examination answer sheet comprised of some short forms that are used in SMS.b)After this, I ke pt watching all the mails I vex and some of the chat sessions I had with my family and friends.If we could provoke further, the results are alarming. An examination paper with short terms instead of formal, complete answers and our normal day-to-day conversations are no more in complete forms. SMS was the term introduced for the mobile services with restricted display. But, what is actually stopping us in using the complete, sensible, flawless and meaningful sentences a...

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