Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Company Communication Issue

Company Communication IssueIntro.Since 2013 the company has received reports that whatsoever consumers may not be pleased with Huggies diapers because they felt scary imputable to a supposed chemical burn on the skin. I as the chief communication director have instructed the human race relations department to do a media content analysis in order to determine the real situation or impact.Through content analysis, we will be able to do a qualitative research focusing on the interpretation of some editorials, magazines, websites, blogs, social media, forums, etc. Content analysis is the systematic and objective categorizing of information, in public relations, this is used to measure the amount of media coverage and the nature of that coverage (Wilcox, Cameron, Reber, 2014).Content analysis enables public relations departments to reinforce responsive communication by including some factors such as the percentage of favorable, neutral, negative mentions or so a company, a brand or se rvice, the overall tone of mention, the percentage of articles that contain a get wind message point that some organization wants to communicate (Wilcox, Cameron, Reber, 2014).Body.After a study carried out through different sources, the public relations department took a sampling of media data categorized by type as follows.Conclusions.The problem is that there are reports of some websites that express complaints from some customers that the honeycombs are causing destroy due to some chemical component. Actually, according to the media content analysis made, no conclusive evidence has been found this is really happening. Instead, the findings show that the brand has been gaining the trust of the lowest consumers over time. Kimberly-Clark Corp has been interested in innovation, earning some awards. The brand has educational programs for the use of the product in order to prevent misuse. They enforce the campaign about their passion for helping all babies, especially the smallest and most fragile like premature ones.The findings reaffirm that the company is doing a great positive publicity origin for the brand, raising it to the second level of popularity in the United States. This work is reflected in sales portals such as diapers.com in which consumer feedbacks reflect an 85% satisfaction with the brand.I do not think these complaints will affect the brands prestige or its positioning in the market, I think the brand is strong enough to require with it. I would recommend to the CEO to keep the eyes on these forums so that we follow up the possible increase of these complaints, and can proactively prevent any trauma to the brand. At the moment it is not recommended to invest more than what is done so far in some positive image campaign to counter these rumors. fibre sources pageWilcox, D. L., Cameron, G. T., Reber, B. H. (2014). Public relations Strategies and tactics (11th ed.). Boston, MA, United States Pearson College Div.Huggies snug and drydont us e (2015, February ). Retrieved February 16, 2017, from What to Expect, http//www.whattoexpect.com/forums/february-2015-babies/topic/huggies-snug-and-dry-dont-use.htmlHome. (2013, May 11). Chemical burns from huggies.. Retrieved February 16, 2017, from Baby Center Community, http//community.babycenter.com/post/a45616222/chemical_burns_from_huggies.Huggies launches pull-on diaper. (2011). Nonwovens Industry, 42(8), 12.Huggies continues efforts to diaper babies in needs. (2012). Nonwovens Industry, 43(1), 14.PR, N. (2017, February 1). New Huggies Brand Diaper Innovation to Help the Smallest Babies. PR Newswire US.Kimberly-Clark, Skymark Develop Huggies Four-Pack. (2016). Nonwovens Industry, 47(12), 21.Huggies Pull-Ups get potty training liner. (2015). Grocer, 238(8204), 37.tiffanyg. (2013, July 18). Huggies little movers diapers. Retrieved February 16, 2017, from Diapers.com, https//www.diapers.com/p/huggies-little-movers-diapers-331811?sku=KC-856qid=4105292032sr=1-2PEOPLE. (2015). Car ibbean Business, 43(26), 42.

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