Wednesday, May 8, 2019

W2 Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

W2 Questions - assigning ExampleIn an accrual based double entry system, every transaction has both a debit and a credit in the books of accounts.The three major divisions in the account narration field are (1) Financial Accounting (2) Management Accounting and (3) Tax Accounting. Financial business relationship relates to a description and classification of accounts into assets, liabilities, capital, revenues and expenses and their summarization on the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Management accounting deals with the development or interpretation of accounting information to aid management in making decisions that help in running the business. Tax accounting deals with determining the tax income effects of transactions, preparation and filing of tax returns in conformity with the applicable tax laws and procedures.The int turn back of a balance sheet is to show the financial position of a business endeavour on a specific date, usually the end of the year. Accounts are typically classified as be either to the income statement or the balance sheet. Usual balance sheet accounts are assets such as Cash, liabilities such as Accounts Payable and owners equity such as the Capital account.The purpose of an income statement is to determine whether the business made a profit or loss from its operations everywhere the period, usually a year. Both the income statement and the balance sheet are prepared at the end of the financial year. Usual income statement accounts are revenues such as Sales and expenses such as announce Expense.The statement of cash flows shows how the cash in a business was generated and how it was spent over the financial year. This give the axe be the result of operating, investing and financing activities. Some examples of typical cash flow accounts are Depreciation, pertain and Dividends Received and Cash Paid for Interest and Income Taxes.7. Based on the financial information below, prepare an income statement and a balance sh eet for Joes-Fly-by-Night Oil Company for the year ended

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