Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Sociological Aspects of the Climate Change Phenomena Essay

The Sociological Aspects of the modality Change Phenomena - Essay compositors caseThe sociological perspectives that will be used include deviance, kindly change, and social stratification among others. The paper likewise includes a discussion of the measures that can be adopted to reduce the negative effects of climate change. Climate Change Review APNewsbreak Panel says wild live on worsens this is the title of the term that will be reviewed and analyzed. The article by Borenstein and it talks about the effect of climate change on weather. In the article, Borenstein asserts that the weather conditions in different areas are becoming worse by day and that the change is a man- do made disaster. The article goes on to show how man has contributed to climate change and what can be done to obliterate the negative effects that are already being experienced with different magnitudes in different areas (Borenstein 2011). at that place are many events that happen in the world, and these events leave people scrambling to find answers to the different outcomes of the events. Sociology as a discipline, therefore, offers people a way to explain the different reasons or the motivations behind the economic, social or political turn outs or events of the day. One of the issues that is receiving global attention and which can be analyzed using the sociological concepts is the issue of global calefacient and climate change. While there are many explanations and theories that are put in the lead to explain global warming, the global warming phenomena can be said to be a social phenomenon and is, therefore, best explained from a sociological standpoint. As global warming is discussed in the media and in the public domain, it elicits different reactions and attitudes. Most of the discussion on global warming is informed by the idea that global warming is a phenomenon that is caused by human activity and can be rectified through human action. in that location is, how ever, a group of people that believe that global warming has been exaggerated and is not in candor as it is presented (Henslin, 2010). Climate change is a significant change that occurs in the distribution of the different weather patterns over given periods of time. The change in the weather patterns is long lasting and may even be permanent (Borenstein2011). In the article it is suggested that some of the effects that climate change will have is a rise in the sea level, an increase in the occurrence of severe weather events (including droughts, hurricanes and floods), the decreased approachability of fresh water for use, and the change in the seasons as we know them which will lead to temperature changes and changes in the increase seasons which will, in turn, affect the availability of food supplies. To understand global warming from a sociological perspective, sociological concepts can be applied as follows Social Constructionism (Concept 1ID) Social constructionism refers to the way through which the individual members of a given society construct their social reality (Concept 1 df) In order to understand the human decision-making processes, it is important that one understands the motivation that led to the specific decision being taken.

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