Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Stevensons Use of Setting in The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr.

Stevensons Use of Setting in The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde The strange case of prepare Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1885. The floor is set in the late nineteenth century in central capital of the United Kingdom. At the time London was a dark place, were a series of gruesome crimes had taken place, although it was the largest city and richest in the entire world, it contained extremes of wealth and poverty, it was almost as if there was a dividing line, as if was London two different worlds in one city. One side was wealthy and the residents were well mannered, the other side was dirty and mucky, Stevenson use this to help us ascertain the idea of one person with two sides one good and one bad in the novel. The novel is both horror and mystery, as we dont know who Hyde is or how Jekyll and Hyde are connected. Having all these unanswered questions makes it mysterious. It is also a horror as we read about th is evil man Hyde trampling over a boyish girl and brutally mangleing an devoid man. Stevensons purpose is to show the duality of human nature the dividing self, that there are different sides to everybody. No one is totally innocent everybody has good and evil inside of them. In chapter one Utterson and Enfield are walking one afternoon and they pass a door and Enfield starts to tell a story about this door and how Hyde trampled over a young girl then used this door to enter and come out with a cheque for the girls family. We learn a lot about this door from Enfield. This door is described as an odd door for well-nigh this place in London having windows and the wall around it was said to be di... ...the evil side of a person in the duality of nature. In chapter four a maid witnesses Hyde mop uping the wealthy sir Danvers Carew, the weapon used to kill him is recognized by Utterson as Dr Jekylls and as the police investigate they find a burnt chequ e book of Jekylls. The violent description of the murder helps us to understand and see who the real murderer is and how evil he is, and what Hyde is really capable of. She was surprised to recognize him as a certain Mr. Hyde, this shows Hyde is cognise to many people around. We get to see the duality of nature in Utterson which we haven seen before, as he shows his hate for Hyde by taking the police to his dramatics in Soho. Showing he is also has evil within him. In this chapter we also see how evil Hyde actually is by how he brutally murder sir Danvers Carew.

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