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Mind and Body

Throughout our class discussion and reading we have learned more than about philosophical theories and the many contradicting views people have against them. The psyche and corpse paradox has been in existence for centuries. Philosophers from all measures have contemplated this problem deuce of which argon Rene Descartes and John Searle. The problem is how the automobile trunk and intelligence interact with each other if they be separate. The drumhead and be are state to be cardinal different entities that have different characteristics.At present we dont normally take this view seriously, we still tend to believe that we substructure non be what we are if we are simply cells, tissues, organs. many an(prenominal) have surroundd that each holds its receive properties and can be without the other. The capitulum and personify are distinguishable in their properties entirely are derived from one another. The mind and ashes are co myrmecophilous on each other and need one another in making decisions. The mind requires the body to learn and experience in hunting lodge to make accurate judgments, while the body requires the mind to make its decisions for it. Without one or the other, they would not be able to perform.We have a conception of at least twain different kinds of properties that exist in the world, mental and natural. Mental in which is pain, desire, belief, kindness and bodily which is hydrogen, pencils, mass, size and location. I believe the physical household would not exist if it was not for the mental category, in which is directly correlated with the mind and body, one cannot exist if it was not for the other. Parallelism says that there is no fellowship between any mental phenomena and any physical phenomena. The mind and the body coexist together and thrive on the other by using the others traits.Many argue that a homos d feedh is not death until the wag or mind has stopped. Once the humour is stopped there is no live to control the body and cannot be revived. By that same statement, some argue that the same body that ends with the minds death does not begin until the brain is functioning or until the mind is able to make decisions. A young has a mind that is capable of making decisions, it does not know how to implement the decisions. It is through experience and succession that the mind learns. The mind learns from the body, through the experiences that the body has.From touch to sense of taste to sound, every experience is a new experience to a new mind. A newborn does not know what is around it nor does it know the sounds and smells that surround the hospital. The newborns mind uses the body to determine and make interpretations as to what the surroundings are. In that aspect the mind is dependent on the body. It needs the body to experience. The mind cannot receive a desk or smell a flower. It needs the body to relate those findings so that later it can make a judgment or decision on pri or knowledge. The mind later can use its prior experiences and knowledge to make decisions that are relevant for that time.A quick example of how the mind and body are dependent is in the new technological revolution. A. I. or artificial intelligence is a estimator that learns on its own. A. I. is able to experience and learn. The computer learns from using its senses, may they be wheels not legs, or sensors rather than eyes, to teach it self. For example, a computer could hit an objective that is obstructing its path. Since the computer, handle a mind, learns through its experiences by using the body it now knows that when there is an obstacle in its path to go around the object and not through it.With the mind being dependant on the body one could argue that without the body the mind would cease to exist. This is aline but it is in any case true for the body not existing without the mind. It uses the body to make decisions almost same a puppet. If the mind feels the body need s food it makes the decision to have the body walk from point A to point B and eat an apple. The body however needs the mind to make those decisions. How would the body know to eat if it was supperless or drink when thirsty? It would not. It would die of dehydration. The body depends on the mind to make decisions.It only relates the experiences to the mind so that the mind can make scruples elections that will help both the mind and body to coexist. It is in this aspect the mind and body are codependent. If one day I was given a choice to choose between keeping a healthy mind, or a healthy body I would chose keeping a healthy mind. The brain is where all bodily sensations, emotions, and functions come from. I would rather have my consciousness (mind) than just a lump of matter (body) running around. If you exchange your brain with George Bushs brain and do not change the body, what will you feel?You have Bushs mind or Bushs body? Definitely youll see you have your own body with G eorge Bushs mind. In my opinion, a mindless person means a nonliving matter. I believe that we see with the mind and feel with mind. Our eyes just receive the keen facts but we dont understand it until it clear upes our mind through the restless system. Imagine a toy robot as a nonliving thing because it has no mind. A computer does not have a mind it just uses electricity through a logic circuit to do calculations. In the worse case scenario, imagine someone cut off your head from the neck and you are still living.Which part of you is real? Is it the head or the body? I dont think a person would care what happens to his or her body because they wouldnt feel that the body is theirs. You will definitely feel that the head is yourself because it is where your mind is located. And if you separate your brain from it, you will definitely feel that your brain is yourself. A bodiless person can still feel the taste of being able to live, but a mindless person is a toy robot. The body i s very a machine that is attached to the mind and whole kit according to your command.The mind and body problem can be observed in many situations, for example sympathetic melody. Stress in the mind connects to stress in the body. Stress has an impact on the body because it is the mind that regulates the activity of hormones in all organs, and other chemical substance processes. Similarly, the mind (brain) is the control center of the nervous system, which also regulates the activity of the organs (can shut down digestion, cramp muscles, etc). When the mind is healthy, it will keep the body healthy by telling it not to be stressed, just what you are asking.Yes, it is possible to cure yourself just by having the right mind processes. Two people in the same stressful external civilize or with the same illness can have cardinal drastically different results because of having different minds. The body can be more powerful than the mind if you allow it to be that is if you dont dis cipline the body and let it loose. Otherwise, it is the mind and your spirit that are meant to be the true masters of your physical existence. Stress is a powerful factor, many individuals do not give it enough credit.In past times, people needed to be kept calm in times of illness, in more recent days people work through illnesses. When the mind is sick the body becomes sick. mess experience, for instance, elevated heart rate and blood pressure. People can learn to try to counter these bodily forces, but high-pressure jobs do not have high heart-related illness and fatality rates for no reason. The brain controls it all, but it cannot heal everything. When we constantly endure stress and the effects take a toll on dimensions of the heart. It is like doing too many uppers like caffeine or speed, it just shortens your life and ages you.It takes away from the elasticity and resilience of the bodys ability to cope with the stresses or hardships it endures. The mind can do what it can, but we also have to exercise and eat healthy to keep our bodies in prime condition. In our non stop lifestyles some often do not take the time to treat their bodies correctly. We do not always have the time to go have a picnic and a day of no stress, theres always something that has to be dealt with in the near future that makes it harder to find real peace and to let our bodies slow down.For example, taking the time to smell roses or listen to a cats purr, which actually decreases our heart rates and lowers blood pressure. The mind hears what the body says, so it knows when we are in pain. The sickness of the mind can create physical ailments because everything is affected by the mind and its ability to rule the vast network of the merciful body. Alternative medicines believe in using the mind or foods to heal the body, and see the foods we eat and the ways we think and cope with stress as having direct relation to many of the illnesses of the body.Everything is connected, for ev ery action there is a reaction, and so it is with the body, which the brain is in charge of. A stressed individual can utilize relaxation techniques to ease the stress on the body. For example, drink green tea, eat certain foods, or even just a bath. Easing the stress of the mind is not as easy. Drug addiction is another example where the mind and body problem is exemplified. Drug addiction is a mind problem because the chemical that the addict is devoted to has changed their brain chemistry that makes them need the drug to feel good.It is also a mind problem because addiction is usually caused by some dysfunction or unhappiness in a persons life that causes them to use a chemical to cover it up. Its a body problem because the drug is harming many parts of the addicts body and may require medical intervention to detoxify. mental addiction is the way the drug makes a person feel, if it relaxes an individual then it makes them want more. Physical addiction puts you through a withdra wal phase like heroin and you need more often just to feel normal. One can be addicted to numerous things. Some people are addicted to food to satisfy their emotions.Caffeine is often addictive. Whereas amphetamine is very harmful it does give a person a sense of feeling superior, but it also has wicked consequences as destroying your teeth and it can bring on a drug induced psychosis, which is a serious break with reality addiction occurs in two types, physical and psychological. Physical addiction is caused by the brain, the brain produces fewer chemicals or to make up for the extra chemicals, therefore the brain needs the chemicals from the drug to reach the correct balance and the individual becomes out of touch with reality. Psychological addiction is much simpler.The individual simply likes the way a drug makes him/her feel and must(prenominal) have it, therefore becoming addicted. No matter what kind of drug you are dealing with, most of them are going to contain a physical addictive quality, which means that your body is actually going to end up needing the drug. Also, along with the physical addiction, your mind might become dependant on the drug, which is called a psychological addiction. The mind and body need each other to operate. This explains why people having emotional difficulties can develop physical problems such(prenominal) as cant over loss or weight gain.Food, no doubt, greatly impacts the health of our mind and the health of our body. For instance, take an example of a tiger and an elephant. A tiger take a lot of flesh or unhealthy food and is ferocious. An elephant, on the other hand, is a vegetarian and is generally calm. An elephant will never attack unless it gets attacked. This implies that food sustains the physical body and impacts the state of the mind as well. This further enforces that mind and body are interconnected. Rene Descartes the famous French philosopher and mathematician is whom we owe the first account of the min d/body relationship to.Descartes can be seen as a duelist, someone who believes that the mind and the body are not only separate, but competent of independent existence. What I find most appealing about dualism is the belief in the soul and body, spirit and matter. His most famous words are I think, therefore I am. The dictum I think, therefore I am succinctly reflects Descartes dualist principle. I am what I am because I am able to think. For him, the physical body and the non-physical mind coexist in the person. Descartes asks us to think of the following situation, I can imagine myself existing without the body.But I cant imagine myself existing without my mind. Therefore, the incumbrance of me is my mind. Descartes has two theories in which he tries to establish his mind-body theory. This first of his theories is the conceivability strain. Through various premises and conclusions, he feels he is able to firmly state that we are not just a body. So how can the Eliminativists ar gue against this? Second, he states his indivisibility argument, which states, the body and mind are two different things. He uses his properties argument to support his claim with X=Y as his example.With this, Dualist says how can Eliminativists account for these assumptions? There is a vast difference between the mind and the body, in that the body is always divisible, while the mind is completely indivisible (Strathern 67). Although Descartes claimed that the mind and body were totally separate beings, he also found that they were closely intertwined. Descartes concluded that because a body part could be removed without taking away from the mind, the body was a separate being (Cottingham 36). The interdependence of the mind and body was what Descartes considered a human being the mind and body formed a unit.Descartes found that because you sense things occurring to the body through the mind, then if the body and mind were not intertwined, one would not have any feelings in the bo dy. These feelings in the body are what Descartes called confused thoughts (Cottingham 40) because they could not be explained through equations or logical connections. The confirmation for the idea that the mind and body were closely connected was the fact that one can never separate from his body, and can feel and sense things only through his own body. Searle differs from Descartes in that he is not considered a dualist.Searle believes that the mind is caused by the brain and that the mind is merely a feature of the brain. According to Searle, animals have conscious mental states such as visual experiences, feelings of pain, sensations of thirst, hunger, cold, and of heat. John Searle argues that the connection is between the mind and the brain and disregards of the action of the body. Plato believed that the mind is separable from the body and continues after the body dies. He said our minds forget everything they knew from when they existed before being connected to our bodies. As we age our minds remember everything they knew from before they were connected to us at birth. This assumes that minds live independently from the body. If we accept this premise, then the choice is clear. When the body and soul are separate, according to Plato, the soul can recognize things even more clearly than before. He also believed that the soul faces judgment in brief after death. I believe that when we die our bodies will go back to dust and our souls will go to wherever we will go, according to our choice in this life.The mind and body problem cites two major aspects of the relation between mental and physical theories. For this system it is necessary to include both the mind and the body matter as individual substances. The influence that the mind has over behaviors of the body demonstrates the combination and varieties of functions between the two parts. The dependent mind shares a common independency with thought. On the other hand, the dependent body bonds a mutual dependence with action or behavior. To further explain, most modern philosophers have theories of dualism.The state of having two aspects are often opposites in human beings. One reason being, the mind and the brain share unique qualities that influence the behavior of the body yet human beings are build up of two independent parts, the body and the mind/soul. The reasoning is that the mind and body are separate components that build up human beings. Therefore, the commonness between mind and body create the necessary qualities the mind and body need in order to function and accomplish each of their own separate responsibilities. The mind and body differ in makeup and characteristics but need one another to exist.Without the mind our body cannot fulfill its purposes and without the body our mind is left useless. The mind needs the body to learn, experience, and to gain knowledge so that it may make conscious assessments. The body also thrives on the mind. It needs the mind to make its decisions for it. It needs for the mind to know as much as possible so that the choices that it makes will affect the body in a official way. The human body is healthy only when both the mind and the body are healthy. The mind and body appear to be different by their characteristics but one without the other would cease to exist.

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