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The Pros and Cons of Charter School Environment

The Pros and Cons of subscribe School EnvironmentAlternative Education is emerging from world a sm every last(predicate) community to becoming the standard of posting educational human bodyes. The No Child Left Behind implemented by President Bush has given students the chance to acquire their noble instruct diploma. By this statement I mean to say that the students do not keep up to fall between the cracks, they so-and-so afford to go to an substitute inculcatedays and get their diploma since alternative schools offer their run to students up until the age of 21. Alternative Education as well known as affiance Schools ar becoming the norm for pargonnts to enroll their children in. Most of the remove schools were veritable by p arnts, teachers, students, community members and government entities to restructure the educational standard. both(prenominal) of the p arnts matte that their children were not getting the proper education for their children. Others f elt that the educational fit was not a safe one. Some parents felt that their children were being discriminated upon by teachers not taking the time to teach the students that were falling behind. Others had no solitaire what so ever to teach the students that were slow interpreters or were considered a nuisance. equal pressure, gangs and other parable ca mappingd concerned for parents and community members to petition for charter schools. The main goal of charter schools is to let the students with the education they deserve. jibe to tea rules and regulations, Charter schools purposes are to provide a free learning environment, an opportunity to nicety high school and a choice they want to find a Charter school unlike public school that they essential attend the district that is in their jurisdiction. What is the requirement for admission? According to the rules and regulations under TEA charter school must allowed all students regardless of learning skills, mixer econom ics, demographics and or family matters to apply to charter school. Since charter school typesetters case a magnitude of problems concerning space. Many of the students are on a waiting amount for the meeting year until space is open. Under any other part charter schools commodenot deny services to a student.All charter schools must adhere to the curriculum regulations that school districts must follow. Charter schools besides follow the Texas Essential Knowledge Skill or TAKS, that public school are accountable for. Students are accepted regardless of their educational level as long as they follow the rules they sign at the beginning of orientation. Many environmental factors that charter schools face is the size of the schools. Many of the charter schools are held in small buildings that plundernot accommodate a population of 300 at a time. In order for the school to accommodate 300 students some charters schools offer a.m. or p.m. classes. A.M. classes are held from 755 u ntil 1205. P.M. classes are held from 100 till 505 in the afternoon. Some charter schools offer tutorial afterschool or super Satur mean solar day to befriend students with the passing of the TAKS.Furthermore some other factor that some charter schools face are that most of the students are considered at risk or drop outs. (Terry) The motto of our school is that all students are capable of learning as long as they use ego discipline and are meticulous in attending classes. The teachers and rung are willing to go beyond their call of duty to assist the student accomplish their dreams of getting a high school diploma. In the process of helping the students educators must learn to handle their emotions to deal with conflict. (Moore) Having teachers tame in collabo proportionalityn instead of isolation from one another is also a great way of getting the students to learn from one class to another. Teachers offer tutorials for students that do not pass the TAKS. During the summer t he school offers day care services while the mothers and fathers are having tutorials at the school.Many of the appli stoogets are not able to receive service because the deficiency of space and the correct were required to service. Some of the contextual factors the school faces are a lack of text books. The school uses research based methods of keeping track on the objective the students unavoidableness help on. The school uses DMAC. DMAC is web-based software program knowing to calculate the percentages of the students progress. Teachers and staff can have the developmental and assessment information accessible for each of the individual student in the school. The school also has available PLATO, America Preparatory Instruction (API) and C-SCOPE all of these program help students recover credits and or work on a self pace curriculum. The math department hires a consultant to help the teachers learn strategies to help the students pass the TAKS. The Language Arts department has the literature available. The school does not have a library on the premises, but the students have access to computers with internet availability. The social studies classes have an abundance of documentations of the Wars, Civil rights parkway and other educational and anti gang documentation. The science department has labs available that student use to have actual hands on cognition of the content. The students use the TEKS based curriculum.The school also offers a different onset to learning. The school does not have traditional setting implementation. Teachers are at their discretion to use whatever setting they wish to use. TeachersThe curriculum being used is student-centered and competency based. The classrooms have a small group student-teacher ratio with individualized assistance. The school hours are flexible. Students can either go in at 900 a.m. or 200 p.m. if they are not absentminded that many credits. The environment of the school is safe and respectful, the school has three bail guards available and all the classes have cameras. Depending on the enrollment year seniors need a minimum credits, or recommended to receive a high school diploma once all state requirements have been met. The students have an opportunity to learn from teacher directed instruction, and since the classes are small the students have a more interactive opportunity with the teachers. The school where Im at, four counselors are available for all students. Community in Schools program is also offered at the school, they provide bus tickets, monies to help pay for prescription glasses, and or help the family with rent. According to TEA and the accountability report card from TEA about, 50% to 90% of the students enrolled in an educational programs administered by SAPI are defined as at-risk and/or of dropping out of school as defined in tec Section 29.081(d) (1). Most of the students we provide services to are students with poor self-concept, family difficulties, s ocial misconduct, and poor decision-making, below grade level reading and verbal skills, the in availability to adjust to traditional method of classroom instruction at the middle and high school levels. (SAPI)Poor academic accomplishment can generate a magnitude of problems for the students behavior towards school-related areas, such as sputum from extracurricular activities tardiness and truancy inappropriate school conduct resulting in commonplace absences via suspension, the loss of academic credit apathy and poor peer/ bad relationships.In conclusion charter district offered an opportunity for all high school students to attend a school of their choice. Many students enjoy the fundamental interaction they get at a charter school. At a charter each student is treated equally and with respect. The teachers believe in the students that they can succeed and charter schools have the capability to offer many services not offered in a public school setting. The teaching philosophy at charter schools is that the students are given the benefit of the doubt that they can achieve their full potential as successful, productive and caring members of the world. Students are teacher understand that regardless of their problem the student will hold the line in achieving their goals of getting a diploma. One of the perks that charter school face is that if they get unacceptable performance for two consecutive years it can and will be shut down. Whereas, a traditional public schools are allowed to have five consecutive years of unacceptable performance in front being shut down.

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