Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Future Role of Nursing in Health Promotion Essay

The Future Role of Nursing in Health forwarding - Essay ExampleAccording to World Health Organization, wellness promotion is the address of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their wellness...In extension to that, Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion further illustrates health promotion by stating that in order to develop a holistic wellbeing, a person or a community is required to be capable of identifying their needs and realizing their aspirations. In asset to that, satisfying their needs and coping with the surround is also another prerequisite for suitable health wellbeing. Hence, health can be perceived as a tool assisting in a better prime(prenominal) of life and not a purpose of living. This concept further encompasses resources borne by individuals and society along with their somatogenetic capacities. Therefore, health promotion is a combined responsibility of society as well as individuals in order to have a long-lasting impact (Keleher, MacDouga ll, Murphy, 2007).There are five distinct health plan actions outlined by Ottawa Charter (1986). Firstly, developing an extensive public policy is an implicit in(p) foundation for further health promotion strategies. Followed by it, developing personal skills, strengthening community actions repair how individuals, as well as groups, can play their role in promoting health. Lastly, creating a supportive environment and reorienting health services provide cornerstones of further strategies required to be followed for health promotion.

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