Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Integrated design Essay Example for Free

Integrated design EssayThe mower in production has a problem which flock be solved in multiple ways. The problem is not receivable to the design inefficiency but delinquent to the salmagundi of cigarette consumers (the consumers range from owners of flats to owners of tetrad bedroom houses). It is about the aloofness of the flex bring. The problem very has two plowshares. The committee was of various opinions. A final decision has to be made regarding this. The second part is that supposeing on the decision the design and technical aspects are settled. The first problem is a managerial problem.The diversity of opinions basis be due to various reasons. The reason for this has to be found out and a certainty has to be drawn from this. The second part is the design. It depends on the solution of the first part of the problem. Various opinions depend on the nature of the basis on which the opinions are based. Opinions drawn on vague guesses of the nature of the target c ustomers will result in difference in opinions. In this case if there is no statistical data about the percentage of the type of customers then the opinions of distributively can be different from other. as yet if there is a firm statistical data there can be different opinions due to difference in view points. Glass which is half full is half empty. The opinions about this change depending on whether one considers it as half full or half empty. The design of the mower as verbalize before depends on the decision about the length of the flex. The technical issues like surge suppression and existence breaking are to be considered depending on the decision of the board. A decision has to be made regarding the length of the flex lead.A committee can be setup to survey the number of houses which are flats, four bed room houses etc. The percentage of each type of houses is then found. This work can be done either by the company itself or it can be outsourced to some agency or company w hich has some considerable expertise in this. After categorizing the houses into different categories the houses the length of flex lead required for each type of house should be found. It will be good if a some customers are involved in this and their opinion is taken into consideration regarding the length of the flex lead.The customers will write out the specific problems regarding these things which can be a great asset to the company in designing the product. At this point we have percentage of each type of house and the length of the flex required for each type of house. The company can take different courses based on this data. The company can secern the type of houses which form the major percentage of total houses and can design the mower accordingly and trade them. It can produce different type of mowers in amounts corresponding to the number of that type of houses.This depends on the potentiality of the company whether it can afford to profess different type of mowe rs or it can only make a single type of mower. The above methods can be used or new engineering can be used to solve this problem. A mower with variable flex lead can be designed using new technology to prevent surge suppression and earth breaking. A single mower would cater to the need of every type of house. This would be an innovative solution. The company has to decide upon it course of its action depending the constraints of the company.

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