Monday, March 25, 2019

Free News in a Linked World Essay -- Internet Web Media Papers

Free News in a Linked mankindWe usually classify communication media in three categories published media, channel media and what Chris Chesher calls invocational media.1 The published media include newspapers, magazines and books. Radio and television are broadcast media I would add speech as a nontechnological broadcast medium also. Invocational media map communication tools used on interactive and networked digital computers.2 News pitch is pre direct on every communication medium. I will tactile sensation at the difference in value of the study between the media. And I will explain how the World Wide Web as a new invocational medium will bring back a unrestricted discourse based on logic and reason. And how it will re-democratize the libertarian press. Comparative DescriptionsIn published media the ol stilboestrolt technological news distribution method news is provided on a physical put up on which alphabetical characters and images are printed. The support a newspa per for example mustiness be distributed, and the user must acquire it. There is a sense of possession, of ownership evoked by the object. The content is made of texts, photographs and illustrations. It is self contained and throne be consulted some(prenominal)where, at any time and in any way. Broadcast media are part of new-fangled nineteenth and twentieth centurys technological innovation. The technology butt joint broadcast news is based on linear streams of communicative content emitted from a base and transmitted through different means bruiser cable or wave for example. To be able to view or hear the news, the user must acquire a receiving machine. Content is sent in real time and has no physical representation. News can be transmitted as it happens, but the user must be avai... 14. From ReferencesChesher, Chris Why the Digital Computer is Dead 04-04-2002http// Howe, Denis editor, Free on line Dictionary of Computing http// Mann, Steve http// Mann, Steve with Hal Niedzviecki, Cyborg Digital Destiny and Human orifice in the Age of the Wearable Computer Double Day Canada, 2001 Markoff, whoremonger Chapter 23 The Scribe in John Brockman, Digeratihttp// Negroponte, Nicholas Being Digital vintage Books, 1996 Postman, Neal Amusing Ourselves to Death Public Discourse in the Age of appearing Business Penguin Books, 1986 Sormany, Pierre Le mtier de journaliste Guide des outils et des pratiques du journalisme au Qubec Boral, 1990

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