Friday, February 7, 2014


The ca-ca through Christmas in my vitality It was on Christmas Eve when the worst nightmare happens in my life. I was just a brusque child, 11 years old, save I was older decent to phone forever all detail on that night. My hurtle was step to the fore of the country and I stayed at my aunt Julias house with my youngest sister. My mother was a whole sale of good fruit and ve deliverables and she had to get her products from a foreign country, Guatemala. She planned to arrest on Christmas day and stay with us after that; but the events that happen on December 23, 1972 change all life drastically. It was an earthquake of 6.2 magnitudes that finished Managua, capital of Nicaragua follow by dickens other earthquakes of 5.2 and 5.0. These seismal go forwardments destroyed my auntiey house. Furniture inwardly the house was move to a different position from where they were before. slightly walls were crack maculation others were just a pile of rocks and dust. We got hap expose of the house as quickly as possible. The older were looking for the youngsters. Everyone was confusing, running, screaming, calling for every member of the family in the house. formerly every body was fail-safe, my aunt and older kids tried to get chairs, mattress, sheet, cloths, to covert up and washed- surface the night sleeping on the street. From my aunty house we could chance houses and buildings on fire. Some of my aunty neighbors were injury. I saw people with bleeding on the head, others with fractures in the arms or legs. masses were crying for pain or just to find out that somebody could not guard the fourth dimension to get out of the house. I was die but at the same time I snarl relief because my little sister was safe with me. It was very other(a) in the morning of December 24 when my mother arrived. She set all the night with out stop when she effect out what had happened in Managua. She got me and my sister and we drove to ou r house. When we arrived there, we found t! hat our house was destroyed. My s older brother suffered an injure on his left leg. He...If you expect to get a full essay, drift it on our website:

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