Saturday, February 8, 2014

Imperialism in Africa

In the 19th centurie europiuman imperialism Forced its countries to split up the occupy of the world each country Getting picayune split of it. because of  its large amounts of resources. Africa was one of the areas in which atomic number 63an nations fill colonies. Imperialism in Africa had both substantiating and controvert results not exclusively for the Africans in the colonies but the European colonizers also Some corroboratory effect on Africans were that they were provided with security and new technology. Some interdict personal effects were the Africans lost their immunity and slavery. the loss of their land and a drop-off in African nationalism. Some positive effects on Europeans were that they were able to make money from Africas resources and were able to make more money because they did not pay the africans. A prejudicious effect for the Europeans was that European rulers lost money from their colonies. Imperialism in Africa had positive and disconfirmi ng things on both the Europeans and the Africans. European imperialism caused Africans to suffer. A cast out for Aficans was that they lost Al close all of their immunity. Some of them were freedom of speech religion. and the chance to live a full heart (Doc. 3). Also the Africans lost the right to work for themselves and were forced by the Europeans to do labor and collect rubber and many several(predicate) plants from the jungle. If the Africans were unable to complete the demands of the European soldiers, they were punished this is severely. many had their workforce or ears cut off and some were killed. Another negative effect was that Africans were brought to america to work as slaves. The long slip-up that they had to take was very packed and uncomfortable on that point was no room. Another negative effect which imperialism had on Africans was that a abundant part of their land and resources were taken by the Europeans (Doc. 1). During the Berlin Conference Europe divided up Africa as if no one had lived th! ere and the land was free to take(Doc.1). the aficans received little or around of the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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