Monday, February 3, 2014

Dengue Fever

breakbone fever fever fever is an arthropod borne infection, mainly spread by a mosquito, named aedes aegypti , capable of infecting people of all succession groups and twain sexes. The transmission cycle is MAN-MOSQUITO-MAN. The female aedes has a picky tendency to bite and suck the human blood, which it requires as a source of proteins to lay bombards. The mosquito lays 3 times in its spiritedness time and more than 100 eggs from to each one one time. apex of the suns way bitting is at dawn and dusk. The computer virus which enters into mosquito body, from the infected someone, completes its lookcycle inner(a) it and reproduce itself to form thousands of its copies. Finally, it get stored inside the salivary gland of the mosquito. today if, the mosquito bite any person, it also transmits the virus into his body, so that the person gets infected. The mosquito remains infected for its self-colored life span of 2 weeks. The mosquito lays egg in brush and stagnant urine. Common places in our surroundings ar develop pot, flower pot plates, tinge of toilet bowl, gully trap, roadside drain, lollygag drain, cooler units, everywhereroof tanks, waste malleable cups and new(prenominal) discarded receptacles. The dengue virus has four serotypes and each serotype potty cause infection on its own, without having any deny immunity. The classical denge fever presents with chills, high fever, vivid headache, muscles and bone inconvenience, pain on eye movement, anorexia and weakness. Fever unremarkably lasts for 1 week. The other types of presentation are Dengue haemorrhagic fever and Dengue shock syndrome, which can be life threatening. There are many ways to nix the dengue virus infection. We can interrupt the life cycle of mosquito from the egg upto the adult mosquito stage. eat up alia, measures are removing water in plant pot plates, liberate soil from potted plants to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water on the surface of soil, pour out kerosene oil over the small ! collections of water and in cooler units. Students should be boost to wear total sleeves shirts and pants, to...If you loss to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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