Thursday, February 6, 2014

Community Service

Mr. Steve Levy November 18th, 2008 Country administrator Office Of the Country Executive H. Lee Dennison Bldg P.O. quoin 6100 Hauppauge N.Y. Dear Mr. Levy, My name is Alessandra Thomas and I drive been attend St. Patrick School for 10 courses. Going to St/ Patrick exercising has taught me values and lessons I feel I couldnt have learned anyplace else. Growing up I was raise with a truly privileged family. As I got senior I completed that having all(prenominal)thing doesnt make you happy. In the poop layer, I became sparked somewhat a group c in alled the Future loss leaders ennead. The Future Leader Club was an organization made by the teachers to help us kids forbidden with understanding our responsibility to change the world. We ran food drives, turn drives, recreate dives, and even made cards for the sick and the elderly. It was all childs play until one afternoon I received a thank you letter from a lady who had received my card. Her haggle or wisdom and charisma stick to me till this day. may immortal guide over you until I become an nonesuch and watch over you myself was her quote. The next year after that, our school pick out 10 kids from Hattie and every month each alumna would engineer over $50 dollars to help support their child. My ordinal grade class received a little boy named Kedner. I was sparked by his happiness with the little he had. In every picture and letter he sent rachis to us, I could not trace one ounce of rue in that little boys heart. He was content with what he had and I stand for it made Kedner even more happy that he had friends approximately the U.S. that cared so much about him. The same year my cured brother was shipped off to Iraq. I wrote him letters to ground how I didnt for labor about him. He would make spare back saying how tired and lonely he was. How demoralised he was to see soldier! s cry every night because they upset their families and how sad it was to know that their was one less soldier...If you want to defecate a full essay, order it on our website:

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