Friday, January 24, 2014


Tal Afghanistan and the Taliban:1979 -Present Khadeja Ross-Palmore Chamberlain College of Nursing Devry University HUMN410 Jan. 2012 Dr. Cook Afghanistan and the Taliban:1979-Present Following the terrorist efforts of 9/11, President render declared, and subsequently launched an attack on the axis of Evil. The slur shifted to Afghanistan, where Osama salt away Laden, the presumed flair behind the September 11th attacks, was believed to be harbored. In the future(a) months, Afghanistan became embroiled, for the second time in a century, in notwithstanding a other major warfarefare. The terrorist attacks of September 11, all told blow out of the water and terrified the Statesns, many of whom had antecedently felt themselves immune to such unthinkable acts of violence. It too, had the effect of ski lift questions, questions like: Why America? Who were these terrorists and for what reason would they sacrifice their allow birth lives? What is the natur e of Afghanistans exp onenessntiation in these attacks and who, exactly, is Osama Bin Laden? In the aftermath of these attacks, I found myself among the majority of Americans struggling to find answers to these questions. Like close to Americans, I pertly little almost the people or the country of Afghanistan, and the unite States involvement in its civil war during the years of 1979-1988. At this time I was a new Army be restored and I can recall having a briefing about this country and some of the crimes it had committed against its own people. No one could have foreseen the devastation of the future in regards to Afghanistan civil war and the United States mishaps made in the alien policy during these years. These acts were, in part, responsible for fostering the anti-American plan which so tragically culminated in the terrorist attacks of September 11th.If you want to thrum a abounding essay, order it on our website:

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