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Running Head : Determinants of Academic executing Title : To tendency into the do of home environment and learnedness penury on academicianian performance amongst girlishsNameUniversityCourseDateTable of contents1 .0 Introduction1 .1 literary argument of the business1 .2Literature Review2 .0 Significance of the discipline2 .1 . Limitations of the study3 .0 field of the study4 .0 Methodology5 .0 Conclusion6 .0 vermiform appendix6 .1 addendum A p 6 .2 Appendix B6 .3 Appendix C1 .0 Introduction1 .1 Statement of the problemThere has been a general concern in US regime and the public ab place the in high spirits adolescent drop out of naturalize . This has been coupled with unfortunate academic performance , conf practice sessiond learn motivation , drug use and abuse among the adolescents , aboriginal pregnancies b ig(p) morals and ethics resulting to poor discipline and poor social relationships as well as harbouring violent conduct . In spite of the government and the public are consequently give to establishing the causes of these problems and how they can be addressed . They have do this by giving incentives and quite recommendable support to the seekers who have pull their efforts to research on these problems1 .2 Significance of the studyThe study is well-timed oddly in the advent of poor academic performance and high falling from the school by adolescents . In the advent of these challenges , the results of the investigation into the problem will provide crucial information and entropy to educational officers and policy makers who will in turn use the results to stimulate up with new policies to address the problemThe study is alike pregnant to the school Heads , teachers and parents who may use the data collect so as to strategize on how to encourage and motivate the adol escent students in learning to improve their! academic performance and slapdash grammatical construction the challenges that comes their way1 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
3 Limitations of the studyThe study will be limited in that it shall draw a lot from existing data often of which may not be reliable . It is likewise render that lack of previous research in the field cleverness to a fault pose challenges to the researcher . The researcher may also receive untrue information from some of the interviewees and this may crack down to lack of truth and validity in his findings1 .4 image of the studyThe study shall restrict itself to the factors and effects surrounding the poor a cademic performance among adolescent students in the US . It will specifically look into factors and effects that arise from the home environment and the learning motivation of the learners . The study shall restrict itself to the specific schools in the US with a possibility of generalising the findings to other schools of the USThe study shall target on the effects of home environment and learning motivation on academic performance of adolescents because it is an area which has not been well researched , and wherefore all study focused specifically to that category would final payment into timely resultsLiterature...If you want to get a full essay, gear up it on our website:

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