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Religious And Philosophy Have Been Major Emphases Of The Textbook To This Point. Describe And Compare The Characteristics Of Both As They Pertain To Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek And Hellenistic And Early Chritian Culture. How Did Religions And Philosophy

Running head : HISTORY OF WESTERN SOCIETYHistory of Hesperian Society[Name][Institution]Histories of antique politenesss , namely those of Mesopotamia , Egypt and Greece - covering both the Hellas and the Hellenistic periods reveal that unearthly legal opinion and philosophy were invariably tied to the kind of geographics where these refinings piss been founded . Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations , prospering mainly because of nigh whacking water tributaries , took a unlike path in their schooling than that taken by the Greeks . While the former took consequence of rivers to centre tribes and villages , and therefore fashi unmatch fitd the brand of religious ideologies and philosophy to snuff it the peoples , the latter leaned much to contendds philosophy to bring different finiss together . In addition unlike t he religions of Mesopotamia and Egypt , the Greeks had to strike a proportionateness among a variety of gods and idols . As often(prenominal) , Greek mythology was a number of combining gods of individual tribes into one literature so that to for each one one tribe had its own representative in a doctrine ashes sh ard universally in all(prenominal) city-state (McKay , 2002Mesopotamia lies between two smashing rivers , the Tigris and the Euphrates It has been home to one of the earliest and most influential civilizations in history . At slightly 3000 B .C , small villages and tribes founded a number of cities which grew and combined ulterior to form the large Sumerian society and thus do Mesopotamia the cradle of civilization (McKay , 2002 . but because of these two smashing rivers , profession and free exchange of ideas and candids were workable . Its geographical advantages allowed the civilization to blast as a straightforward society for the longest clock timeEarly forms of pictograph makeup enable! d its citizens to develop crude cultivational institutions , literature , religion , maths and philosophy . Sumerian cuneate , as it is commonly referred to , evolved from such pictographic system to an ideograph system and then by and by , a phonetic system (McKay , 2002 . in any case , scribal schools used penning to preserve and cultivate belief , and as such , became centers for education and culture . In terms of religious ideology and buffer Sumerian civilization believed in reputations and created a mythic system to explain natural events . Later , religion was corporate in its laws to govern the actions of men . They too employed myths to incident upon how the universe began (McKay , 2002 . For instant , the ancient epic of Gilgamesh was used to explain the origins and mystical history of Earth . Sumerian civilization had unquestionable a field in mathematics as a practical tool for construction and free market as well(p) (McKay , 2002 . On the al ike(p) note , Egyptian civilization flourished because it was situate near the Nile which had a significant impact on Egyptian life society and history (McKay , 2002 . Egypt subsisted and prospered coarsely from the seasonal glut of the river (McKay , 2002 They had microscopical need for irrigation since they only had to time crop revolve to fall within the fertile seasons of the land . Other than the agriethnical benefits that Egypt derives from the Nile , it has also benefited from the fact that the river spanned the whole extent of the land thereby fashioning it easier to unify the entire citizenry under one regulate . In other wrangle , the Nile became the super oceanic roadway of business , politics and culture (McKay , 2002 . Consequently , inasmuch as the worry of distance was immediately solved by the aim of the great river , the kings or Pharaohs were able to bring together different tribes in Egypt under one leadership (McKay , 2002 . This political and cult ural spinal fusion paved the way for the establishme! nt of the old nation of Egypt at around which time the land was bountiful and successful (McKay 2002The realm of Egypt heavily relied on the seasons for their harvest This explains the reason why the civilization had learned to use mathematics to predict the seasons . Likewise , they developed means to map out the stars in to transform changes in the season .
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They also studied geometry and construction to be able build storehouses to hold the fruits of their harvest as well as religious monuments to appease the Gods to give them a good class for harvest (McKay 2002However , in contrast to the geographical advan tage enjoyed by Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations , Greeks and the Hellenistic civilization , which came after , had little patches of fertile and arable lands suitable for agriculture (McKay , 2002 . bondage of mountains iso freshd the tribes which came vote out from northern parts of Europe to drop elaborate down (McKay , 2002 . Unification of different city-states was a big dispute to whelm . Consequently , the city-states were either constantly at war with each other to unite the land or politicians orators and philosophers took the hurry of set the Greek culture by means of a painstakingly gradual amalgamation of the tribes through education and thought (McKay , 2002 . At any rate , the Greeks and the Hellenistic civilizations learned how to sail the seas as an alternate route to reach other city-states and craft with their inhabit nationsReligion and philosophy , examined under closer scrutiny , get a line the spread of a particular culture among civilizations wh ere its tenets are compatible . The spread of Christi! anity , for instance , had been more successful in late capital of Italy than it had been in other pl angiotensin-converting enzymes Notwithstanding the insecure routes archaean Christians had to traverse to reach Egypt and Mesopotamia , Christianity merged with Hellenistic culture much faster than any other nation (McKay , 2002 . Hellenistic civilization welcomed Christianity as a change in their belief system simply because the extant mythological ideologies at this time were more divisive than they were helpful . Going back to the dissertation that Greeks had to crap some(prenominal) representative gods from different states , the motley Greek mythology no longer suited its political and social purpose when capital of Italy was on the verge of collapse (McKay , 2002 . The religion and philosophy of Egypt and Mesopotamia were hard established as a way of life among its peoples , break of in contrast with the Greeks , where both were used to diffuse several(prenominal) idea s in one body of literature as a flimsy unifying factor . In other oral communication , religion and philosophy for Egyptians and Sumerians were easily identifiable to a ace ruling power in the kingdom , while these same ideologies are jointly and severally diffused in the spirit of the Greeks (McKay , 2002ReferencesMcKay , J , Hill , B .D Buckler , J (2002 . A history of western society (7th ed . New YorkHoughton Mifflin CompanyPAGEHistory of occidental Society PAGE 6 ...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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