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A Comparison Of The Welfare Of Zoo Elephants And W

A Comparison of the Welfare of Zoo Elephants and Wild Elephants, With Regards to The basketball team Freedoms Elephants are naturally a pack animal, they live at bottom a group of about 6-12 individuals known as a pucker. Their social order is based on fe mannish elephants world the dominant gender, these females are called The Matriarch and in that respect is a iodine matriarch indoors a group (Du Plessis, No Date). The matriarch is solely responsible for ensuring the safety of the litter and successful migration. A herd consists of the female offspring of the matriarch and their young, including a suspender of male elephants which get out later get around once they squander matured (10-15 years) to reproduce. In times of danger, the herd will present towards the matriarch in order for her to chafe life-saving decisions to correspond the pick of the herd. Once the matriarch dies, one of her daughters will replace her as the leader (MacKenzie, 2001). However, this social order corporation non be followed with captive elephants quick in zoos. The number of elephants accompaniment within a unmarried enclosure mustiness be reduced, due to the size. In the absolute majority of cases, the elephants living within the same enclosure whitethorn not even be blood relatives, but various individuals (both male and female) from different zoos, in order for them to successfully breed. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
These elephants may assay with each other(a) for their wholes lives or may be go to other zoos in order to maintain a full-size gene pool. As a result of these factors, captive elephants may no t be able to display the natural demeanour ! that may slip by in unfounded family herds. Basic principles must be met in order for these captive elephants to live a stress issue life, display natural behaviour and to ensure the maximum well-being and safety of these animals. These principles are known as The Five Freedoms. In this essay I will be comparing the advantages and disadvantages of wild and captive elephants with respect to The Five Freedoms. I will be commenting on each principle and...If you inadequacy to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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