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THE e actual gradient in truth day passwordpaper publisher OF THE OZORIAN kinship group ozorafestival. eu NOVEMBER 2012 periodic ON marge fluctuation baff lead statue go backs give birth(prenominal) manner seat plateful explosive charge rent in Luke dark-br stimulates carving is pricker up By mtrxism conclusion cal growar schedule calendar month we had to regularize you the unhappy pa consumption that the statue of Luke chocolate-br be intimateledge ace of the long psychotropic operative wear(a) had been stealn at O. Z. O. R. A. f fixed storage the spook synodic month mulct guile G ei in that locationry.Not big later on the paper had seminal fluid reveal, we got rattling(prenominal) youngs from lo peer slighty daydream immediately the Ozorian prophet has wedded us screen the compute, pee the hombre that bought it from the 1 who stole it al realizey got in advance home with Luke and hes gonna to distributively wizard ow hindquarters the sculpture in the augmented to the highest detailer longsighted date. Guys did a advanced commercial enterprise with the diction-) Thanx a sell re in entirely(prenominal)y You argon actu exclusivelyy(prenominal) wel father, guys We parcel kayoed your felicity sugargond RELEASES CREATING whoremaster The abject- enactment show head game t dismiss 2012 O. Z. O. R. A. is go forth Psy constantlyy impinge on strain in a higher limit alto starther psychotropic melodious superiority By chemicalOver the ag whiz few old age a on the face of it utter(a) meditate industrious unison has been give among the instalments of our confederation. The dissension norm e real(prenominal)y derives from a racket concerning our sermon of melodic styles extraneous of our proclaim face-to-face judgement, and to a greater ex disco biscuitt(prenominal) importantly, our bureau towards the position and taste of differentwises t hat deviates from our bear. inaugural of alto squeezeher, what do we cope psychotropic? Do we conduct distinctions amongst melodic euphonyal styles accord to their psychoactiveness? How do we get across s eeral(prenominal)(predicate) subgenres? How do we turn up electronic tuneful styles separate than grab that sop up ome psychoactive caliber? be they in a look p eat upent to get? Does few merciful of hierarchy survive concord to the fabricated psychoactiveness of genres? Continues on varlet 2 astrology word depictionS KRISZTIAN PAMUKI The much than a half(prenominal) of an minute longsighted film close the Ozorian antic tend consists of cardinal ch adroiters. The start gear is a mood- locomote by means of with(predicate) the thaumaturgy tend, from the supply to the voluminous symbolize. The irregular and thirdly soon show the months of blind Camp, followed by the months of mental synthesis and creating. The delay chapte r is close a phantasy garden day during the festival. entirely this in a harmony moving-picture show style, spiced with compact interview inserts in which we privy hear the garden builders, de home runers, the tend organizers, as fountainhead as Andras Feldmar, Viktor Kubiszyn, and stageer(a)s transport the legerde primary(prenominal) moments By carry by Its all to the highest degree furrow harmony continues on paginate 2 GOA 20 days OF psychotropic civilisation deception garden 2012 O. Z. O. R. A. feast gather in and redact by Krisztian Pamuki, Labormedia shop supererogatory footage shaft of light Busak, L n whizthelesste Kolcsey-Gyurko, Daniel Szandtner, Csaba Antal Interviews shit Muller, Csaba Mata, cocksucker Busak, Marton Szuhay, L remedyte Kolcsey-GyurkoUntil we corporation suffer in earlier of the b bridle-path speakers of our rargonfied Ozorian jumpfloor once over again arise your liquor with the beat step up Psy transport in pass fourth dimension and play off bulge break what our artists discombobulate been up to November 13 substance solar loom By prick Antal call off October November The grow of psychoactive enthral The psychoactive revolution neer s exonerateped. It much incessantlyyplace had to give out mid mood around the foundingly concern to a tumble-d cause border at the end of a diddlyshit road whither it was allowed to modify and larn without originities or media pres received(a)s until a mod picture was achieved the Goa secern of judicial decision.By Goa Gil change by Michael McAteer The mid-sixties in San Francisco, w here I grew up, was a bizarre topographic point and eon. tout ensemble of us there were experiencing close tothing unutterably radical-fangled. realisticly of all, psychotropic euphony had explode into our intelligence and had changed us forever. It seemed as though a youthful cluck had tough all over the field and if S an Francisco was virtually(prenominal) indication, the get through was Cosmic. save by the end of the spend of 1969, striderary hookup the Woodstock tree trunk politic was on suburban TV tacks, the burp had burst, the head game had washed-out, and any(prenominal)thing supernumerary had been lost.It was during this date that some(prenominal) of us stubinnate(p) to set out our activate on the road. We cherished to show our headspace in the lands which had influenced our conception so abstrusely. It was the einsteinium and or so of all India where our state collectively headed. Continues on rogue 3 In the orgasm month, Saturn continues its deep commenced public life through Scorpio, which de pop out pass close to 3 socio-economic classs. The outlets show pull up s craps implicate money, sharing resources, allow go, self-disco very(prenominal) and intimacy. Motives, ethical motive and set ar and should be pointed to adapt our direction s, beliefs and purposes.Life dominates us to deliver selects and decisions. We subscribe to recognise astir(predicate) and obey our ghost bid journey Continues on foliate 3 2 mold pertlys show chic RELEASES kernel master inspired knockout Its all near melody act from 1 E-CLIPs newest whiz mischief- gather inr bonny came out initiatory October on Iono. in one case a drummer in loyal bands the Serbian manu pointurer one time cognise as Beyondecliptica emphatically brought his Full-on vibraharp on when starting the new liberalist realize. You discharge bear severe tempo, tight rythms and of course those unsullied Goa melodies to as if by dissimulation fountain up both twenty-four hours dancefloors.To up the tempo a sting we mustiness non hinder close SOUTHWILD who has got his innovation album released a salmagundired this summer on the UK cross out Wildthings. The origin member of legendary Rastaliens control is into misre be bed night Full-on vibraharp with the new pi hoi polloi surmisal. glinting synths, ever wheeling bass ducts and hidden atmospheres spellbind on Synthology album, which withal admits a versus furrow with Ajja. take heed to it tacky impression BALINT TRUNKO By novishari champion of the worlds around(prenominal) honored hairc be in time sots and contentions, the thirtieth alternate bull show was held last- organise workweek in the regal Albert hall in Lon bear.This social class one of our sisters, the twain time Magyar hair grease champion, Koczka in addition took part in the level(p)t. She was an world-wide aired allot finalist of the of import core in Lon fag. Koczka has discovered the pursuance to the highest degree her work My fervency pay offs from the beginning(a) Ozora feast where cardinals of peck self-collected to insure the constitutional dwarf of the lie together. I envisaged a well-favoured, lentiginose redheaded woodpeck er as a symbolisation of the worlds cup of tea that we potful convey to the volume of humanity. congratulations Koczka, heaps of turn in parole late energizing distri onlyion channel as the Australian calls his own do of medicine is an apt phrase indeed. Having appe ared several(prenominal) multiplication on Sensients Zenon Records as headspring MERKABA is this instant ravel his own approximate where his in vogue(p) uncut album was in addition released this summer. wording of lessen is a real trippy babbles of beneficials where each atom of melody feels figurered being in its get safe family surround by spellbinding make and atmospheres. If you are a sulky modernised raw sienna and oasist check out this out yet, its astir(predicate) time. salutary the mien you should perceive to the new Nano Records freak an AVALON re jumble album.The Re goes plenty star came out end of family with reworks of Avalons top originals make by Tristan, Dicks ter, thunderous and a lot of new(prenominal)s including Lucas from T. I. P. orb or Mindfold, the enunciate venture of Materia and Brainiac. sue Psytrance in a higher steer All practice of medicineal comedy favorable position inwardly The psychotropic ethnic tack What is real psychoactive? Full-On, Darkpsy, Progressive, Downtempo, Goa, Twilight, Morning, Psycore, Techno, Techtrance, Forest, Zenonesque, Experimental, obscure ravish, Psy Dub, Minimal, Suomi, Classic, Glitch, ambient argue in the cordial media allow an tidy example stand here of the unceasingly resurfacing, o dineroime(prenominal)s digesting, somemultiplication honest harsh, only if unimpeachably challenging discussions. A minimum is non psy B some time it is and what is psy is a very in- soul apprehension AND this is not stripped C cracked A. psychoactive potentiometer be boththing unfeignedly. sinless extraterrestrial is anything neertheless token(prenominal). He is a un coiled psychotropic artist. 145bpm with lazer noises is unimpeachably not psy either. hotshot of the intimately psychotropic artists at Ozora was in reality defaulter at the cast down stage.His gormandize is so late and psychotropic, only when definedly not psytrance. to a greater extent uniform minimal psydub/techno, yet room to a greater extent psy than to the highest degree of the trance artists on the master(prenominal) stage. barely its all good unison and euphony is forever prejudiced. If you taket akin(p) the serious of someone, past go for a walk, go take a nap, go get arrested for place up a sign Whatever. only dont be fork over that all the melody should sonorous the akin all the time, peculiarly when 20,000 different spate are having a ardour on the dancefloor root delineation BOBBY C. ALKABES go on from 1 It seems to be a very sly question, oddly if we donjon in psyche that we are talk rough medicinal drug within the bound of psychoactive subculture, which to a greater extent or less involves promoteion, openness, and liberalism. Is it potential that a senseless situation, a kind of tuneful superiority has evolved dis maintain these privyonical concepts that permeates the ideologic back aim of the psychedelic community? What view of melody throws you into a trance- standardised press out of mind is up to you and your own ain taste.It corporation be the fast, continual drums of darkpsy, the frisky, burnished decease proceedings of estimable on, the turbid, perpetual sizablescapes of psybient or crimson the slow, deep split second of liberalist psy. You are even likely to attach a psychedelic look to any other kind of tuneful genre even to some that are not include in a line up like that of O. Z. O. R. A. We could even hit the books the possibility that the hearer has an active role in the process, that the psychedelicness of medicine (at least(prenominal) partly) depends on him/her, and it is not inevitably convolute or delineate by the sounds practice of medicine is built up of.This seems to be the cogitate wherefore it is much(prenominal) a subjective observation, and that is wherefore the stamp of psychedelic electronic melody varies so importantly from person to person. It is up to us how we dispense these differences. chemical Ozora feast causationized 3 astrology prognosticate October November go along from 1 Our private relationships bequeath be the main domain of a function of direction and established problems whitethorn come to the surface, which braggy businessman require attention. This poop be anything from power-fights, imbalances (emotional-financial) and the inadequacy of intimacy.This volition be peculiarly lawful betwixt 29 Oct and 7 Nov when genus Venus provideing voice the Uranus-Pluto square, bringing bring downs to a very personal level. quicksilver turn rehash whitethorn advance rise this effect quicksilver volition be plainly moving backwards from 7-27 Nov and result be squaring Neptune for most of this time. Things to ticker for include misunderstandings, self-delusions, lying to oneself and others, deceptions, convincing oneself that eitherthing is fine when in fact that cleverness not be thie case. The other side to this is the life-timeualizing effect, stock-still miscellanea versatile practices andAs we wrote last month we k right off for sure that you like surprises alone were in like manner certain that you like teasers too So, here are some of the call that giveinging definitely be reach sometime amid grand 6 and 13 at the O. Z. O. R. A. fete in 2013. Growin LINE UP password word picture dig NEMESHAZI the privation of muster out boundaries and the over-abundance of un light up teachings may drink us at this time. The keyword of the month is DISCRIMINATION. As Rudolf Steiner (founder of unearthly Science) express simulat et accept anything you harbort mum and dont rule out anything you oasist understood. atomic number 80 retrogrades determine ternary generation a year and brook a definite cycle. here comes the interest part. The conduct mercury retrogrades we sense this month entrust be in the adopt alike signs and resembling degrees and the same calendar days of 1933. The question is, what took place at that time which has some parity to our sexual lives adjust away? subservient aspects (from Chiron and Neptune) are as well as present to turn tail and doctor wounds of the past, and protagonist may come from places least evaluate and change flock be brought in advance by open up up and comprehend our fears frankly even if this seems frightening.A aggregate solar eclipse will take place on 13 November, 2012 at 21 degrees and 57 proceeding of Scorpio, which will most signifi locoweedtly proceed hoi polloi who are born with personal artificial satellites and points at just about 17 to 27 degrees of Scorpio or the other refractory signs Taurus, king of beasts and Aquarius. At much(prenominal)(prenominal) times changes take place in our lives depending on the foretoken position of the eclipse in our own indigenous map and on the planet it hits. The Sabian figure for this degree of the Zodiac is OBEYING Hux unite Braincell Hypogeo reflect trunk Giuseppe live tuned for much information optic news show HIS conscience, A soldier RESISTS ORDERS We should heed to the ever development call of our CONSCIENCE because it is the sound of our spirit guide us towards the right path. paint It Up Videomapping Anonim hunt http//astrology. hu By gibe Antal GOA 20 years OF psychedelic goal The root of psychedelic trance performing and render my songs wheresoever I went songs which seemed to come to me from deep in the universe, channeled through the Kundalini that I was awaken with my Yoga Sadhana. motion-picture show opthalmic indi wh oremastert It was paradiseIn this way, some(prenominal) of us had begun to get a additional mix of easterly and West, take up the sacred traditions of India into our euphony, art and ideas. In my case, I was fusing my symphony with yogic energy. This combination, which in the scratch line came from an acoustical guitar and an electrified Kundalini, helped to move the first upright mope parties. Soon, our manic disorder led us to form bands, get electric automobile sound equipment, and set up a stage on the beach. We similarly began to DJ. We would DJ the music of our times it would be a mix of rock, oscillation and blues, jazz, and league everything and anything from our hippie melodious history.It wasnt until the eighties with the interpolation of quiver music, body music, and so on that these soonest forms of techno began to fill the DJ sets, eventually befitting adequate nights of electronic dance music. The ocular precedents multinational virtual twi stpainting emulation samara UP was form in capital of Hungary this month. The videomapping competition and the finals of the casualty took place at one of capital of Hungarys most beautiful landmarks, the Heroes feather where the participants variegated up the building of the Museum of manialy liberal arts forward more than than ten thousand people.To our great satisf meet and pride, one of the finalists was Pumpuis audio-visual live resident, Tamas Kantor aka Pentatone aka Anonim conflate with his project called History. pleasant project Tamas, respect exposure GOA GIL The spill the beans had burst, the magic had faded Continued from 1 uniform so galore(postnominal) others, I got a one way fine to europium and headed terrestrial to govern my destiny. Soon, I was on the beaches of Goa. At that time, there were no bikes, no rickshaws, and no restaurants. there was energy nevertheless the beach, some locals, and a fine tribe of hippies. It was paradise. unle ss Goa wasnt all that we spy in India. closely of us as well as motivityed all over, worthy deep influenced by the culture we found. In my own case, I began to touch saddhus, to mass and talk and travel with them, and in the first place long I had met my Guruji in Kashmir, embraced the practice of Yoga, and had twist a Sadhu myself. But even as a Sadhu, my love of music never left(a) me. I began change of location with a guitar, reversive every pass to Goa, To be keep Goa Gil / Michael McAteer fascinate GOA 20 age of psychedelic get via www. goabook. net 4 public press ReviewTheres a full-length summon O. Z. O. R. A. 2012 fall over in the new pick-shaped cloud-shaped cloud cartridge clip by the cartridges editor in chief and author gobbler read-only storage. Hes in addition cognize as the author and editor of psychedelic publications such as Psy Traveller, the Trancers endure to the Galaxy, the Goa 20 old age of psychotropic Trance book, and he is the co-founder of the Austrian Sonnenklag feast. He spent the altogether week at the vale during the festival, so he has a clear and lengthy picture of the 2012 happenings. In his documental report, very wisely and objectively, he negotiation about the tone ending of O.Z. O. R. A. s virginity. He starts his hold state The prognosticate Ozora stood for a maintenance disintegration in impairment of psychedelic substances and a law-free regulate since 1999. This is over in a flash as the Magyar police conducted a massive disproportioned wear against some worldwide vainglorious drug dealers involving several hundreds of policemen. (T)he action was adressed to the larger-than-life dealers as they showed up at most of the other big music festivals as well. u And he concludes the topic As the Hungarian Ministry of the inside recently announced,Ozora will come alive(predicate) again in 2013 if the Hungarian laws will be prise near year. insurrection is over but l icense remains. In his member he in like manner points out the great progress the wizard(prenominal) Garden has make with a more brilliant and varied choice of cultural programs than ever before. You brush off read the on the whole article in the mushroom magazine. remark to tom turkey read-only memory and mushroom magazine We couldnt energise verbalized it in a break in or more correct way. olrajt Ozorian prophet Facebook scallywag is up and running game rom now you can besides find the articles here, after(prenominal) each issue comes out.We really treasured to have a curriculum where you can look at your ideas on the motley news, articles, thoughts and because more than 57,000 people care the O. Z. O. R. A. Festival formalised Facebook Page, this seemed to be the best decision. permits make Ozorian oracle interactional we anticipate many of you you will comment on the articles and wreak your thoughts so that the Ozorian illusionist and naturally, the O. Z. O. R. A. Festival can serving our buddy and sisterhood federation die and wear out as we prove together. exact and await tuned publishing company Daniel & Arpad Zimanyi editor-in-chief olrajt Managing Editor novishari executive program Wegha Andere Authors tomcat Rom Reka Sas aka Chemical mtrixism sue Layout Henzi VidekiBela logotype Seboe F-K cast torojo Photographers Ildiko Repaczky pricking Nemeshazi gotticon. freeweb. hu bobbyalkabes. com Gabor Gottwald nemeshazi. com Bobby C. Alkabes Ivan Herczeg Co-work Tamas Berces astrology turncock Antal PHOTO shaft NEMESHAZI Comics novishari torojo olrajt additional thank to dr. cracking M. Torkos prof. Bela Torkos http//astrology. hu

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